Dragon’s Dogma 2: How To Increase Carry Weight [Our Expert’s Opinion + Experience]

Learn how you can carry more weight in Dragon's Dogma 2 without sacrificing the Arisen's movement speed.

If players carry too much equipment in Dragon’s Dogma 2, then they will overweight their character, which results in slow movement. While out there exploring the open-world RPG for various equipment and resources, players have to keep a check on the weight of the items they are carrying and make sure that their character is not carrying too many heavy items. 

Key Takeaways
  • Players can carry a limited number of items in Dragon’s Dogma 2.
  • Carrying too many items can increase the inventory’s weight, resulting in the character’s slow movement.
  • Dragon’s Dogma 2 currently features four different methods, which allows players to carry more weight.
  • Two of these methods increase the weight players can carry permanently, while the other two are temporary and can be used if needed.

How To Increase The Carry Weight In Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Players can use various ways and items to increase their inventory size and carry more weighted stuff.

Currently, Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers four different methods, which allow players to carry more weight.

All the four methods are summarized in the table below:

S.NoMethodMethod TypeDescription
1Consuming Golden Trove BeetlesPermenantIncrease the weight players can carry by 0.15kg
2Leveling Up CharacterPermenantLeveling up the Arisen also increases the carry weight
3Ring Of AccrualTemporaryBy Wearing the Ring of Accrual, players can carry 5kg more weight
4Managing InventoryTemporaryCarefully distributing the pawns accross the Arisen and Pawns also allows players to carry additional weight

1. Golden Trove Beetles

Golden Trove Battle in my inventory
Golden Trove Battle in my inventory [Image by: eXputer]
This first method to increase carry weight in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is permanent. You have to consume the Golden Trove Beetles. Consuming these beetles allows you to carry more items in your inventory, increasing the weight that you can carry.

Once you consume the Golden Trove Beetles, you can carry 0.15kg more weight. The increase in amount may seem less, but you can consume as many beetles as you want. There is no limit to it. 

Golden Trove Beetle Locations

Location of the Golden Trove Beetle
Location of the Golden Trove Beetle [Image by: eXputer]
I found the Golden Trove Beetles in various locations while continuing my journey in Dragon’s Dogma 2. The most common places where I found these beetles were on the trunks of trees while traveling through the forest section. Apart from that, I also found them on the walls outside Harve Village.

However, I recommend that you keep a keen eye as you travel along dirt paths and near the main roads, and you will come across the Golden Trove Beetle. They have a Golden Glow and are very hard to miss, especially at night. 

2. Leveling Up The Character

Leveling Up Arisen (at level 10)
Leveling Up Arisen (at level 10) [Image by: eXputer]
Another easy way to increase the weight you are carrying is to level up your character. I believe the higher your character level, the more weight you will be able to carry. At specific level thresholds (such as levels 10 and 20), you will observe a rise in your weight-carrying capacity. This is represented as Max Enc +3.0, indicating the enhancement to encumbrance.

3. Ring Of Accrual

Buying the Ring of Accrual
Buying the Ring of Accrual [Image by: exputer]
Wearing the Ring of Accrual also allows you to increase the amount of weight that you want to carry. However, this is a temporary method and can be used whenever you need to carry more weight than usual. One Ring of Accrual allows you to carry 5kg more weight. So, if you were to wear it in both hands, you would be able to carry 10kg more weight than usual. 

Where To Find Ring Of Accrual

The Ornate Box Side Quest
The Ornate Box Side Quest [Image by: eXputer]
As per my experience, I got the Ring of Accrual from the Bjorn’s armory at Vernmoth. It will cost you 6500G. However, if you think the price is too much for this item, there is another way to acquire it. 

Follow the instructions below to get the Ring of Accrual without buying it:

  1. Complete The Ornate Box: You can acquire the Ring of Accrual by completing the quest known as the Ornate Box.
  2. Lend 1000G to Svern: As you reach the fountain in the center of Vernmoth, you will come across an NPC, Svern. Lend Svern a 1000G (in-game currency) and then wait a few days.
  3. Collect The Ring of Accrual: After a few days, encounter Svern at the same place. On the first encounter, Svern will reward you with a Jasper Jewel, while on your second encounter, you will get the Ring of Accrual as the second reward for helping Svern.

However, there are two other rings to wear which can also increase the amount of weight you can carry; these rings are listed below:

  1. Ring of Triumph
  2. Ring of Profusion

4. Managing Inventory

Managing the Inventory by giving items to pawns
Managing the Inventory by giving items to pawns [Image by eXputer]
The fourth and last way to increase the weight you can carry is to manage the inventory correctly. Make sure to distribute the items across the Arisen and the Pawns to balance the items and not overweight any of the Dragon’s Dogma 2 pawns or the Arisen. Apart from that, you can also deposit unwanted items at inns to keep your inventory light. 

With all of the information provided above, my guide on Dragon’s Dogma 2 Increase carry weight finally comes to an end. In this guide, I have mentioned all methods that players can use to balance their inventory and not overweight the Arisen in Dragon’s Dogma 2. 

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