Overwatch 2 Kiriko: Role, Abilities & Playstyle

This article entails Kiriko's role, skills, playstyle, and character combination in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 launched with some old fan-favorite heroes and some fresh new faces. Heroes are mainly divided into three roles: Support, Tank, and Damage. Kiriko in Overwatch 2, is a brand-new hero in the support category alongside old faces like Lucio and Ana. Kiriko’s lore also shows her back story with one of the best DPS heroes in Overwatch 2, Genji, and his bother Hanzo.

Key Takeaways
  • Kiriko is a brand-new Support character in Overwatch 2.
  • Kiriko’s weapon of choice is her Kunai and her primary fire is her healing ofuda
  • Her abilities let her teleport to allies in need and provide them with healing and invulnerability.
  • She is an agile healer with a small hitbox, who can easily escape enemies and protect her team. Her all-range attack allows her to deal damage from behind her tanks and stay close to the team so she can heal them.

Kiriko In Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 support character Kiriko In Overwatch 2
Support Character Kiriko – [Image Credit: Exputer]
Support200.0Wall Climb
Healing Ofuda
Swift Step
Protection Suzu
Kitsune Rush

Kiriko’s mother and grandma reared her. Her mother was a fierce ninja, while her grandmother was the caretaker of the fox shrine. They both taught her their ways and wanted her to follow in their footsteps. She found a middle ground and formed her own path.

The newest addition to the Overwatch 2 roaster is Kiriko, she is the poster girl for Overwatch 2, and for good reason. She is a ferocious but kind-hearted ninja who protects those unable to defend themselves. Her ninja training alongside Genji and Hanzo, under her mother’s wing, allows her to climb walls and have a precise aim. Meanwhile, her grandmother’s teaching helped her form a bond with the fox spirit.

Kiriko’s Role And Abilities

Role And Abilities Of Support hero Kiriko
Support Character Kiriko’s Support and Abilities – [Image Credit: Exputer]
Kiriko is the newest support hero and could be the best. She has high mobility, is hard to hit, and deals heavy damage if used correctly. She protects her allies by healing or phasing them out of the game, making them invulnerable. Apart from that, she can climb walls for a tactical advantage and teleport to allies to heal or escape a sticky situation. 

Her support role comes with a passive as well. You heal if you are not taking damage. Passive healing allows you to support your team in fights, escape to heal, and then get back into the fray. Passive Heal is one of the most welcomed changes added to the support role in Overwatch.

Kiriko’s kit perfectly complements her support role. Your main objective with Kiriko is to heal your team and help them stay in the fight. Her healing nurses her friends back to maximum health plus she can help her team to escape deathly ultimates and provides buffs to make them faster. She can cleanse herself and her allies to remove negative status from them. Kiriko has six unique abilities at her disposal. 

  • Wall Climb.
  • Healing Ofuda
  • Kunai
  • Swift Step
  • Protection Suzu
  • Kitsune Rush

Wall Climb

Support Character Kiriko's Wall Climb Ability In Overwatch 2.
Wall Climb Ability Of Support Character Kiriko – [Image Credit: Exputer]
Kiriko’s ninja training paid off, giving are the ability to climb walls as a passive. Wall Climb helps you escape enemies who are not as agile as you. Her passive can help her hit enemies from unexpected locations and reach teammates positioned on top of buildings. 

Wall climb increases Kiriko’s agility and gives her a movement advantage not available to most heroes in the game. With her wall climb ability, you can climb buildings and flank enemy snipers. Wall Climb makes you unpredictable. 

Healing Ofuda 

Support Character Kiriko's Healing Ofuda ability
Healing Ofuda Ability Of Support Character Kiriko – [Image Credit: Exputer]
TalismanBurstsHealTotal HealRange
10 total every 1.65 second513 per talisman13035 meters

Kiriko’s primary fire in Overwatch 2 is her Healing Ofuda. She shoots homing talismans in bursts of two, tracking her allies after being shot. The Talismans turn yellow when following a target or blue if flying straight. 

The tracking feature allows you to fire, forget, and focus on the enemy or other teammates. Even though the talismans shoot in bursts, you will want to use all ten to get the most out of them. 

The talismans need a line of sight to work and have a medium range. Swift Step and Healing Ofuda have the same radius, so you can use the teleport indicator as a guide to know if you are close enough to your allies. The talismans travel in a straight line when they are not tracking. They will break when they come in contact with walls, enemy shields, and blocks.

  • Talisman: 10 total every 1.65 second
  • Bursts: 5
  • Heal: 13 per talisman
  • Total Heal: 130
  • Range: 35 meters


Support Character Kiriko's Kunai Ability In Overwatch 2.
Kunai Ability Of Support Character Kiriko – [Image Credit: Exputer]
Body DamageHeadshot DamageRate Of FireAmmoReload
40 per shot1201 shot per 0.55 second121 second

Her weapon of choice is her kunai. The kunai is a good weapon, but in the hands of the right player, it’s lethal. The kunai delivers low body damage but heavy headshot damage. The 3x headshot multiplier is no joke and makes her a dangerous hero to duel. 

The kunai have no damage dropoff, allowing you to snipe enemies from behind your tank.

Though your main objective is healing and saving your team, the kunai provide you with a perfect weapon to defend yourself against the enemy. The kunai is a balanced weapon considering she is a support hero. You can use kunai with wall climb to gain an advantageous position and snipe the enemy.

  • Damage: 40 per shot (body)
  • Headshot Damage: 120
  • Rate Of Fire: 1 shot, per 0.55 second
  • Ammo: 12 
  • Reload: 1 second

Swift Step

Swift Step Ability Of Kiriko In Overwatch 2
Support Character Kiriko’s Swift Step Ability – [Image Credit: Exputer]
35 meters7 seconds

Swift Step allows you to teleport to teammates after a quick animation. The teleport also cleanses Kiriko of some debuffs and can even be used through walls. You cannot use her teleport if you are under a movement lock, such as Gravitation Surge or Steel Trap. You even gain invulnerability for a swift moment. 

Moreover, you can use this ability for numerous uses, just aim at an ally who is within range and teleport to them. You can use the teleport to get back in fights after respawning or teleport to a teammate on critical health. You can use it to escape a losing duel with the enemy or to aid your team in battles. 

The Swift Step ability is unique, but it works even well when paired with her wall climb or Healing Ofuda. It can even help you get back on the map if you get pushed off the map.

  • Range: 35 meters
  • Cooldown: 7 seconds

Protection Suzu 

Support Hero Kiriko's Protection Suzu Abilitiy In Overwatch 2.
Protection Suzu Ability of Kiriko – [Image Credit: Exputer]
50 per second0.755-6 meters14 seconds

Another ability in your arsenal is the Protection Suzu. With this ability, you can heal yourself and your allies while making them invulnerable. The healing projectile knocks enemies within its small radius. It rids the heroes of any negative buffs. However, even though you are immune, you are free to deal damage.

Using the Protection Suzu at the right time can be the difference between life and death. When timed correctly, Protection Suzu allows you to walk away from deadly ultimates unphased. Combine it with your healing to assist teammates. Combine it with your kunai to deliver the final blow to the enemy in a 1v1. 

  • Heal: 50 
  • Duration:0.75
  • Radius: 5-6 meters
  • Cooldown: 14 seconds

Kitsune Rush

Support Character Kiriko's Kitsune Rush In Overwatch 2
Kitsune Rush Ability of Kiriko – [Image Credit: Exputer]
RangeMovement BoostFire Rate IncreaseReload Speed BoostDurationCooldown Reduction
25 meter max50 percent50 percent50 percent10.5 seconds3x Multiplier

Kiriko’s bond with the Kitsune allows are to summon a Fox Spirit. The Fox Spirit sprints forward in a straight path leaving behind a trail for Kiriko and her allies. Any ally who steps into the trail is blessed by the fox spirit and receives multiple buffs. Kiriko gains these buffs instantly on activation of the ultimate.

Kitsune Rush allows you and your teammate to become faster and deal more damage in less time. Their cooldowns are reduced, making the team an unstoppable force. The paths stay for quite a long time and can help you hold points and push objectives with your team.

The Fox sprint rushes forward in whatever direction you are facing and runs for a short distance. The Fox Spirit will vanish if it hits a wall, even if it is a friendly Ice wall or Cryo-Freeze, so be careful not to get ultimate blocked by your teammate. 

  • Range: 25 meter (max)
  • Movement Boost: 50 percent. 
  • Fire Rate Increase: 50 percent
  • Reload Speed Boost: 50 percent
  • Duration: 10.5 seconds.
  • Cooldown Reduction: 3x Multiplier.

Playstyle Of Kiriko

Support Character Kiriko Playstyle In Overwatch 2
Playstyle Of Support Character Kiriko – [Image Credit: Exputer]
Kiriko is notable at healing while staying out of trouble herself. She can take her teammates out of a tough spot and gives them the time they need to win fights. You may desire to go after enemies, but as a support, your top priority has to be your team. Here is what you need to know about her playstyle. 

You Are A Healer

As support, your primary focus is to heal and support your team. You can go for kills and dispense damage but make sure your team is on max health. In your ultimate, you not only attack faster but also heal faster. Use the faster fire rate to heal teammates. Only healing may seem like a waste of her potential, but it will help you win more team fights. 

Practice Your Aim

Even though you are a support hero, you can aid in fights. You might have to protect yourself in a solo fight against an enemy hero or deal the last hit on an enemy who is running away. Your precise aim will help you get shots in when you needed. Being accurate also allows you to protect yourself. 

Stay Close

Like most support heroes in the game, you do not have much health, but this is not a problem for Kiriko. Due to having no damage dropoff, you can land shots across the map while staying close to your team. Staying close to your team allows you to heal them while being protected. You can snipe enemies from behind your tank when you get the opportunity. 

Keep moving

Even if you are behind your tank, you are not safe. Your low base health allows you to be one-shot by some heroes. To have a better chance at survival, keep moving and stay behind your tank. The enemy sniper may be in a high altitude position and have a clear shot on you, but they can not hit you if you keep teleporting to your teammates.

Combine your abilities

Even if you are in against the whole enemy team solo, do not panic and spam your abilities. You can Wall climb, become invulnerable and teleport to teammates to escape the enemy team. Kiriko can use teleport and Protection Suzu and heal your damaged and support heroes to max health. You can combine your ultimate with your melee attack to deal 500 damage with the enhancements.

Combos With Other Heroes

Kiriko is one the best heroes in the game, but she works even better when you combine her with other heroes. Heroes with high DPS are highly effective in their ultimate and can mow down enemy teams. Tanks who are relatively slow but deal heavy damage close-up pair well with her. You can heal your tank and snipe the enemy while they are distracted.  

Soldier 76

Soldier 76 has one of the highest damage-per-second heroes in the game. His ultimate gives him aimbot plus nonexistent reload time. This could only be made unstoppable by one hero, Kiriko. Combining both ultimates makes soldier 76 ruthless. He can laser through the whole enemy team without a sweat. Pop both ultimates on site, through a Biotic Field, and no one is getting near the objective. 


Another hero with a high DPS is a bastion. Due to his ability to turn into a turret and drill through enemy defenses from a range, Bastion works perfectly with Kitsune Rush. Kitsune Rush turns Bastion into a killing machine, literally. He can easily do crowd control and hold back enemies. The ultimate combo helps you take points and objectives while the enemy is defenseless to come near you.


Roadhog is a great tank but due to his close-range weapons and abilities has to get a little up-close and personal. The short-range can get him into some tricky situations with no way out. Kiriko helps him not only escape and get his health back, but she can also easily snipe the enemies while he hooks them. Due to his health bar and close-up playstyle, he is the perfect distraction for Kiriko to get in some easy head-on enemies.


Reinhardt is an exceptional partner for Kiriko. His shield Provides the perfect cover for her to be protected and move around the team. His ultimate turns the enemies into sitting ducks Kiriko can headshot as much as she likes. Combining their ultimates makes Reinhardt a rampaging madman plus, with the help of her Protection Suzu, he can solo the enemy team.


Kiriko and Genji’s ninja training cooperatively allows them to have synergy. You can climb after Genji and teleport after him when he dashes into enemies. Protection Suzu gives Genji the extra aid needed to win fights and escape from enemies. 

Their ultimates combined allow Genji to become the fastest ninja assassin. He instantly two-shots players and can run through the enemy team effortlessly, while the reduced cooldown permits him to dash multiple times. Their teamwork makes one of the most unassailable combos and even works with the lore.

My Tips And Experience Using Kiriko

Personally, I would consider Kiriko an S-tier support in Overwatch 2. Her versatility is a huge strength, and she can be played as a traditional healer or as an aggressive support with Kunai and Swift Step. 

Overwatch 2
My Overwatch 2 hours (Steam ID: ;-;)

On Circuit’s Royale attack, an aggressive Genji threatened my team. I utilized Suzu Protection to shield my teammates from Genji’s Blade and Healing Ofuda to heal them, securing an effortless point capture. On the contrary, while defending Lijiang Tower’s first point, a persistent Sombra hindered my abilities, preventing me from using Suzu Protection or Healing Ofuda. Sadly, my team lost the point due to the lack of support and healing.

Final Words

All and all, Kiriko is one of the best support heroes on the roster. She is the first healer who can escape and deal an immense amount of damage. She will become a must-pick in competitive play when she is finally let in. 

Her ultimate combos are the strongest in the game and can turn the tide in your favor. You should give her a try and focus on making her your main. She is a brand new hero, so most people are unaware of her abilities and how to counter them, making Kiriko one of the best picks at the moment.

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