Overwatch 2 Reinhardt: Definitive Hero Guide

Master Reinhardt & soak all the damage you can to give your teammates a chance to fight back

Reinhardt is a tank hero in Overwatch 2, and he is best at dealing hand-to-hand melee damage. As a tank character role, he is perfect at blocking damage and giving space to teammates to advance and assault.

Key Takeaways
  • Reinhardt is a tank hero, known for his powerful melee attacks with his Rocket Hammer and his ability to absorb damage with his Barrier Field.
  • His Charge ability allows him to quickly close the distance between himself and his enemies and knock them off balance.
  • His Fire Strike ability allows him to hit enemies from a distance with a blast of fire.
  • His Earthshatter ability allows him to create a shockwave that travels along the ground, stunning any enemies it hits.
  • Reinhardt excels at disrupting enemy teams and creating openings for his allies to attack.
  • Reinhardt should be played aggressively, using his abilities to disrupt enemy teams and create openings for his allies.
  • His primary role is to absorb damage and protect his allies.
  • In team fights, he should focus on protecting his allies and disrupting the enemy team.

The greatest heroes in Overwatch 2 for taking and absorbing damage are the tanks. They are very skilled at opening up space for the rest of your squad, allowing them to move forward securely alongside you and unleash attacks on adversaries.

Heroes who play tanks are also renowned for their ability to breach choke spots and dismantle fortified positions, such as tightly-packed enemy groups.

If you want to play as a tank character in Overwatch 2, the ideal tactic would be to charge instead of slugging behind flankers or support heroes.

Here’s a summarized information on Reinhard: 

Tank200 (Open queue), 350 (Role queue)250
Rocket Hammer, Charge, Barrier Field, Fire Strike, Earthshatter (Ultimate)

Reinhardt Abilities

Reinhardt Abilities (Image Captured by eXputer)

Reinhardt’s abilities are more or less the same as you’ve experienced in Overwatch. However, there are subtle changes to how his attack, cooldown, and AoE impacts other enemies around him & the team of the character. We have listed below all abilities along with new stats.

Rocket Hammer

The Rocket Hammer that Reinhardt wields is an excellent example of a melee weapon since it can deliver significant damage in a broad arc with each swing. Reinhardt, decked out in powered armor and wielding his hammer, leads a rocket-propelled assault across the battlefield while simultaneously protecting his fellow soldiers with a gigantic energy barrier.

When you press the main fire button, Reinhardt will swing his hammer, causing damage to any foes that are in front of him and extending outwards in a cone. Because of the enormous damage that this hammer does, you should not be scared to start swinging it when you are near an opponent. If you want the Rocket Hammer to be as effective as possible, you should look for situations when you can attack more than one foe at a time.

Despite the fact that it is a melee weapon, the range is far further than that of a standard rapid melee assault. Unlike the other heroes, Reinhardt does not have a regular rapid melee attack at his disposal.

Rocket Hammer has just enough power to push foes back in any direction, even while they are airborne, based on which way the hammer is being thrown. This is particularly true when they are in the air. This ability weapon has the potential to cause environmental kills also.


When used, Reinhardt will drive himself onward using rocket boosters, which will let him move faster. He experiences a substantial boost in speed, but at the expense of his turning skills. Reinhardt’s charge will be stopped either when a certain amount of time has passed or after he has made contact with a solid surface, whichever occurs first.

The first foe that Reinhardt collides with while on his charge will get pinned to Reinhardt, and they will take significant damage if Reinhardt then collides with a surface and stops. If Reinhardt hits a solid surface, he will continue his charge.

It will be impossible for any of his other foes to approach him. The Charge may be promptly put to a stop by stuns, such as those delivered by other tank heroes in Overwatch 2.

Because Reinhardt is unable to turn very effectively while charging, it is simple for foes to avoid him while he is using Charge. Despite the fact that it may be enticing to utilize Charge to rush into the fight, this strategy is not recommended. When used against foes at close or medium range, when they have less time to react, Charge is at its most effective.

The Charge is an ability that may be used after spawning that has a reasonably short cooldown and can be utilized to get closer to the combat.

It is possible to do immense damage to a trapped victim by crushing them against a wall. This damage is sufficient to kill virtually any non-Tank character quickly.

Watch where you’re aiming! Because Reinhardt cannot cancel his Charge early until he collides with a wall, it is relatively simple to Charge straight into an open pit on some maps. The only other method to cancel his Charge is to collide with a wall. In addition, charge will immediately and instantly demolish any fences that are in its path.

When you eliminate an opponent from the game by catching them in the act of charging and taking them off the map, you will perish before they do.

  • Type: Ability
  • Cooldown: 8 secs
  • Damage: 300

Barrier Field

A large energy shield that faces forward and is projected by Reinhardt. This shield is able to take a significant quantity of damage before it is shattered. Reinhardt is able to defend himself and his allies inside the shield, but he is unable to attack while it is being maintained.

There is a movement of at least 0.075 meters to the left of the center of the shield in relation to Reinhard. It takes time to change the direction that a character is looking in. It takes roughly 0.14 seconds to block anything that was directly behind you when it comes at you from behind.

Reinhardt carries a massive, rectangular barrier known as the Barrier Field around with him like a shield. This barrier deflects the majority of missiles and bullets that strike it. Simply depressing and maintaining pressure on the secondary fire button will allow you to activate it.

The barrier has its own distinct pool of Health, and the Barrier Field will be rendered ineffective if the barrier’s Health reaches 0. After a few seconds in which Reinhardt does not use Barrier Field, his barrier health will begin to rebuild itself.

Make use of Barrier Field to prevent damage from being dealt to you by your adversaries. This is particularly beneficial for your squad since it enables you to employ Barrier Field to allow them to traverse across disputed territory without suffering any harm. If you want to keep your team safe, you should make it a point to be in the lead position constantly.

Examine and see whether any of your comrades are hiding under the cover you’ve provided. While you are holding the barrier, you are able to keep an eye on everything around you. Maintain vigilance with regard to your level of health. If your health bar begins to go low, seek for a spot to take shelter so that you can give your barrier some time to heal back up.

Because the Barrier Field can only stop assaults coming from one direction at a time, you should be wary of strikes coming from above or behind you. Even if it might put your life in risk in some circumstances, having a shield allows you to travel more quickly to safety or to where you are required.

You are able to do this by first disabling it for a brief while, then leaping in any direction, and then activating Barrier Field when you are in the air. It is important for players to keep in mind that Reinhardt’s mobility speed is not affected by the Barrier Field ability if it is engaged during the jumping animation.

  • Type: Ability
  • Shield: 1200

Fire Strike

  • Type: Ability
  • Cooldown: 6 secs
  • Damage: 90

Reinhardt may attack his foes by hurling a fiery missile forward with his Rocket Hammer, which can penetrate and do damage to anybody it comes into contact with.

Once this ability is engaged, Reinhardt will launch a fiery missile ahead that will do a significant amount of damage to any opponent it strikes. Because this projectile is able to travel through both adversaries and obstacles, it has the potential to damage numerous foes with a single shot. When it collides with a solid object, it comes to a halt.

Fire Strike is the only weapon with a range that Reinhardt has. You may use it to strike distant, immobile objects like Bastion, as well as to throw down bottleneck spots to prevent opponents from passing through certain areas.

Fire Strike inflicts significant damage at any range, despite the fact that it is common to view of this skill as belonging only to the category of ranged attacks. Don’t forget to utilize it in melee encounters as well.

Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer swing may cancel the use of his Fire Strike ability. Use Fire Strike on a target as soon as the Hammer hits them to inflict a large amount of burst damage on them quickly. This is helpful against elusive targets like Tracer or any other quick-moving adversary when you may only have a short opportunity to strike them since this increases the chance that you will hit them.

Additionally, this helps in killing out tanks, such as Winston, more rapidly once they have been charged. A few pro tips while using this ability are:

  • The ability can penetrate boundaries, adversaries, and other things that may be damaged.
  • In the event that the core of the projectile does not make contact with the wall, the projectile will not detonate when it collides with the wall.
  • This ability has the potential to cancel the animation of the Rocket Hammer ability, so enabling speedier assaults.

EarthShatter Ultimate

Reinhardt uses all of his might to crash his rocket hammer into the floor, causing all of the opponents ahead of him to fall down and take damage. Earthshatter has a small amount of vertical height, which enables it to do damage to foes that are flying in the air. The distance between the two parties is determined by subtracting the height of the adversary from the height of the surface that is above them.

Reinhardt smashes the ground with his hammer whenever his ultimate power, called Earthshatter, is used. When used, the hammer smash generates a cone of force that does damage and stuns foes who come into contact with it. Because this ability takes into account line of sight, those who Reinhardt is unable to see are immune to its effects.

A straightforward ultimate that, when performed appropriately, has a devastating amount of power. An opponent who has been shocked is unable to do any action, leaving them defenseless and simple to eliminate.

It is important to try to strike as many targets as possible with Earthshatter since it has the potential to swing the conflict in your allies’ favor quickly. When an opponent is stunned, they are open prey for your AoE strikes, and you also have the potential to set them up for a powerful Charge assault in the future.

If possible, use Earthshatter at a location with very little cover since your foes will be able to hide from your line of sight and totally escape being hit by the ability otherwise. Earthshatter has just a small amount of height in the vertical dimension. Even adversaries that are jumping may still be struck by it.

Earthshatter will not be used by Reinhardt until after he has landed on the ground if he is launched into the air while activating it. It is important to use caution while utilizing Earthshatter against tanks since the ability cannot penetrate barriers created by Zarya, Winston, or other tank heroes.

Ultimate Damage Output: Damage: 250 (within 1.75m of impact area), 50 (outside of impact area)

Reinhardt Changes From Overwatch To Overwatch 2

Reinhardt Changes

The enhancement that was made to Reinhardt’s Charge ability is perhaps the upgrade that benefits him the most. Simply having the power to cancel Charge will be the deciding factor in whether or not this Tank hero is successful. In order to compensate for the “nerfs” that were applied to Reinhardt’s Barrier Field in Overwatch 2, these balancing adjustments have given him much greater control.

The new Tank Passive replaces Reinhardt’s previous passive ability, Steadfast, making him more tanky overall. This also has an influence on the management of his knockbacks, which results in a reduction of those effects. When compared to the original game, the amount of the hero’s ultimate ability that is created via healing and damage taken has been decreased in Overwatch 2.

In addition to the balance adjustments, the base armor has been improved by having its value raised from 200 to 300. Additionally, the base health has been raised from 300 to 325 points.

The skill Fire Strike that Reinhardt has in Overwatch 2 now has two charges that may be used to do damage to adversaries. However, the damage that is dealt by Fire Strike has been lowered from 100 to 90, making this ability a bit less powerful overall.

In comparison to the first game, the health of Reinhardt’s Barrier Field has also been reduced by a small amount. This time, instead of 1600, it will be decreased to 1200. The second change that has been made is that the Barrier Field’s regeneration rate has been lowered from 200 health per second down to 144 health per second.

The fact that Reindhart’s ability, “The Charge,” may now be canceled is perhaps the most positive modification introduced in Overwatch 2. In addition, the steering turn rate of the Charge was raised by a factor of 50%, providing players with a greater degree of tactical flexibility.

The consequences of this, or the influence it has, are how you might corner an adversary. The amount of damage that is dealt as a result of using Charge to pin an opponent has been lowered from 300 to 225.

The recharge time for The Charge has been cut from ten to eight seconds, despite the fact that other aspects of the ability have been significantly altered.

Best Reinhardt PlayStyle

Reinhardt playstyle

Reinhardt is one of the most versatile heroes in Overwatch 2, and he has the capacity to take the most damage of any of the Tanks in the game. Unfortunately, he is hampered by the fact that most of his assaults must be done at close quarters. As a consequence of this, Reinhardt functions most effectively when he is part of a team.

If you want to main this character, you should position yourself at the front of your squad and utilize your Barrier Field to deflect offensive strikes as you get closer to your adversaries. Using this method, your squad will be able to maneuver through a dangerous location without taking damage and safely shoot back without being hit.

The next aspect of the game’s playstyle that you need to become proficient at is employing Barrier Field to navigate between different areas of cover rather than approaching your foes head-on. Even though Reinhardt is a strong opponent, he is not unbeatable.

The most beneficial aspect of Reinhardt, or one of his advantages, is that he can shield teammates who do a significant amount of damage. It’s possible that Reinhardt will be less effective for your squad if the majority of your players are flankers. This is due to the fact that the flankers do not often want to position themselves behind Reinhardt’s shield.

In addition, making effective use of the Charge ability may be a difficult task that ultimately results in a satisfying feeling. In general, keep an eye out for objectives that are close to corners or barriers and are being distracted by your group.

If you are looking for simple targets or heroes to compete with in Tanks, Winston and Roadhog are two of your best options. Because of their bigger hitboxes, they are simpler to strike with Charge, which is the reason why. Because Reinhardt’s Charge ability can only immobilize foes that are immediately in front of him, you shouldn’t be startled if you fly right by an adversary who is leaping.

When you charge toward an opponent, you need to keep in mind that the closer you are to them at the moment of the charge, the less time they have to get out of the way. By a wide margin, this is the most effective tactic for linking an opponent to the Charge ability.

If you want to use The Charge effectively, you should aim to avoid charging in a direction that will take you deep behind enemy lines. This is a pro tip that you need to learn and perfect. You will be left alone and vulnerable to being cornered by one or more of your foes if you choose to proceed in this manner.

Realize that even though Reinhardt’s shield is an effective barrier, any foe may easily bypass it by walking straight through it. When using a shield, you should make every effort to maintain a distance of at least a few meters from your foes.

For this tank hero’s protection to work properly, all of the adversaries need to be facing approximately the same direction. If you want to become an expert user of Reinhardt in Overwatch 2, you absolutely have to remember to keep an eye out for flankers at all times.

The shield that Reinhardt equips is very useful when defending against certain ultimate attacks, such as Graviton Surge, Deadeye, or Self Destruct. In addition to this, it is very useless against other attacks, like as Mei’s Blizzard, Genji‘s Dragonblade, or Junkrat’s Rip Tire. His barrier may mitigate a significant portion of the damage that your squad takes from Barrage, but he is very certain to perish in the process.

When utilized as a part of a combination against an adversary, Earthshatter unleashes its full potential. Earthshatter, followed by Fire Strike, is a typical Earthshatter combination. After that, either Rocket Hammer strikes or a Charge may be used to finish out any enemies who have managed to live.

When using Fire Strike, you need to bear in mind that it may strike several foes; aim it so that it hits as many opponents as possible and stuns as many of them as feasible. When using Earthshatter, you should also check to ensure that all of your cooldowns have expired.

Because Reinhardt can use his shield to cover Bastion or Torbjorn‘s immobile fortifications, he is most effective when used in conjunction with one of these two heroes.

If you want to become an expert with Reinhardt, you need to understand that he performs very well in any circumstance since he can use Barrier Field to safeguard the resources that belong to his team defensively. At the same time, he has the ability to charge headfirst into the fray of his adversaries and wreak devastation on them.


Overwatch 2 is here now, finally, and millions of players jumped to the sequel after the first game was killed. There are so many similarities between both games and, at the same time, too many subtle changes to character designs and abilities. This all comes into play & shapes how you can now play with each of the game’s characters. Reinhardt in Overwatch 2 is an excellent pick if you want to focus on team playing, saving your allies from incoming fire & providing them the cover they need to launch an assault.

Our guide discusses the role, tips, and tricks of Reinhardt in the sequel, how his abilities are nerfed/buffed, all changes from the first game to the sequel, and the best playstyle to go with. We recommend reading the entire guide if you’re going to main this hero in Overwatch 2.

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