Overwatch 2 Reinhardt: Abilities, Changes & Playstyle

Master Reinhardt & soak all the damage you can to give your teammates a chance to fight back

Reinhardt is a tank hero in Overwatch 2, and he is best at dealing hand-to-hand melee damage. As a tank character role, he is perfect at blocking damage and giving space to teammates to advance and assault.

Key Takeaways
  • Reinhardt is a tank hero with a Rocket Hammer and Barrier Field.
  • His Charge ability closes gaps and knocks enemies off balance.
  • Fire Strike offers a ranged attack with fire damage.
  • Earthshatter creates a stunning shockwave along the ground.
  • Play him aggressively to disrupt enemies and protect allies.
  • He excels at absorbing damage and should prioritize team protection in Overwatch.
  • Author’s Note: I’ve immersed myself in Overwatch 2 for over 800 hours, guaranteeing trustworthy guidance.

Here’s a summarized information on Reinhard: 

Role Health Armor Abilities
Tank 200 (Open queue), 350 (Role queue) 250
Rocket Hammer, Charge, Barrier Field, Fire Strike, Earthshatter (Ultimate)

Reinhardt Abilities

Reinhardt Abilities (Image Captured by eXputer)

Reinhardt’s abilities are more or less the same as you’ve experienced in Overwatch. However, there are subtle changes to how his attack, cooldown, and AoE impacts other enemies around him & the team of the character. I have listed below all abilities along with new stats.

Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer is a powerful melee weapon that deals significant damage in a wide arc with each swing. In his powered armor, Reinhardt leads a rocket-propelled assault on the battlefield while shielding his comrades with a massive energy barrier.

When you press the main fire button, Reinhardt swings his hammer, damaging enemies in front of him and in a cone extending outward. Due to the high damage output, don’t hesitate to swing it when near opponents. To maximize its effectiveness, target situations where you can hit multiple foes at once.

Despite being a melee weapon, the Rocket Hammer has an extended range compared to standard rapid melee attacks, and Reinhardt doesn’t possess a regular rapid melee attack like other heroes.

The Rocket Hammer has the ability to push foes in any direction, even while they are airborne, depending on the hammer’s swing direction. It can also lead to environmental kills.


Reinhardt’s “Charge” ability propels him forward with rocket boosters, increasing his speed but reducing his turning ability. It stops after a set time or upon hitting a solid surface. When he collides with an enemy during the charge, they take significant damage if he hits a surface.

Stuns can halt Charge. Reinhardt’s limited turning during Charge makes it easy for foes to evade, so it’s most effective at close or medium range.

It has a short cooldown and can help Reinhardt close the gap quickly, potentially dealing massive damage when pinning enemies to walls, killing non-Tank heroes.

Be cautious not to charge into open pits, as you can’t cancel it. It also destroys fences instantly. Eliminating an enemy with Charge may result in your own demise.

  • Type: Ability
  • Cooldown: 8 secs
  • Damage: 300

Barrier Field

Reinhardt’s “Barrier Field” is a large forward-facing energy shield that absorbs significant damage. It protects Reinhardt and allies within but prevents him from attacking.

It slightly shifts when turning, takes 0.14 seconds to block incoming attacks from behind, and has its own health pool. It regenerates if not in use.

Use the Barrier Field to protect your team in contested areas. Check for teammates under the shield and monitor your health. Seek cover to let the barrier recharge if low.

Watch out for attacks from above or behind. You can briefly disable the barrier, jump, and reactivate it mid-air to move quickly without affecting your mobility speed.

Type: Ability Shield Health: 1200

Fire Strike

  • Type: Ability
  • Cooldown: 6 secs
  • Damage: 90

Reinhardt’s “Fire Strike” is an ability with a 6-second cooldown that deals 90 damage. He hurls a fiery missile forward, damaging anyone it hits.

The projectile penetrates enemies and obstacles, making it effective against multiple foes. It stops upon hitting a solid object. Use it to target distant enemies like Bastion or block narrow passages.

It deals significant damage at any range, not just for ranged attacks. Use it right after a Rocket Hammer swing to quickly burst down agile foes like Tracer or finish off charged tanks like Winston.

Additional tips:

  • The projectile can pierce barriers, enemies, and objects.
  • Ensure the core of the projectile hits the wall for it to detonate.
  • Fire Strike can cancel the Rocket Hammer animation, allowing faster attacks.

EarthShatter Ultimate

Reinhardt’s ultimate, “Earthshatter,” involves him smashing his rocket hammer into the ground. It damages and stuns all enemies in front of him, including airborne foes, within a certain height range.

Earthshatter generates a cone of force, but it requires line of sight to affect enemies. Stunned enemies are defenseless, making it crucial to hit as many targets as possible.

Using it in open areas with little cover is ideal, as foes can escape line of sight to avoid its effects. Earthshatter has limited vertical height, so even jumping foes can be affected.

Be cautious when using it against tank heroes with barriers like Zarya and Winston, as it won’t penetrate their shields.

Ultimate Damage:

  • Damage: 250 (within 1.75m of impact area)
  • Damage: 50 (outside of impact area)

Reinhardt Changes From Overwatch To Overwatch 2

Reinhardt Changes

Reinhardt’s changes in Overwatch 2 bring notable enhancements and adjustments:

  1. Charge Enhancement: In Overwatch 2, Reinhardt gains the ability to cancel his Charge, providing more control.
  2. New Tank Passive: Reinhardt’s passive ability, Steadfast, is replaced with a new tanky passive that reduces knockbacks.
  3. Ultimate Generation: The ultimate ability generation through healing and damage taken is reduced compared to the original game.
  4. Base Armor and Health: Reinhardt’s base armor is increased from 200 to 300, and his base health is raised from 300 to 325 points.
  5. Fire Strike Changes: Fire Strike now has two charges but deals slightly less damage, reduced from 100 to 90.
  6. Barrier Field Adjustments: The health of Reinhardt’s Barrier Field is reduced from 1600 to 1200, and its regeneration rate is decreased from 200 health per second to 144 health per second.
  7. Charge Steering: Charge’s steering turn rate is increased by 50%, offering more tactical flexibility.
  8. Charge Damage Reduction: Damage dealt when pinning an opponent with Charge is reduced from 300 to 225.
  9. Charge Cooldown: The Charge ability cooldown is reduced from ten to eight seconds despite significant changes to the ability.

Best Reinhardt PlayStyle

Reinhardt playstyle

The best Reinhardt playstyle in Overwatch 2 involves a strategic and team-oriented approach:

  1. Frontline Protector: As a Tank hero, Reinhardt excels at absorbing damage for his team. Position yourself at the front of your squad and use your Barrier Field to shield allies from enemy attacks as you advance towards adversaries.
  2. Barrier Navigation: Instead of charging head-on, use your Barrier Field to navigate between areas of cover strategically. This allows you to control the battlefield while minimizing damage to your team.
  3. Support Damage Dealers: Reinhardt’s shield is most effective when protecting teammates who deal significant damage. Ensure your squad composition complements this strategy.
  4. Effective Charge Usage: Use Charge judiciously, focusing on larger hitbox targets like Winston and Roadhog. The closer you are to your target when charging, the less time they have to react.
  5. Charge Direction: Avoid charging too deep into enemy lines, as it can leave you isolated and vulnerable. Charge with caution to maintain your positioning.
  6. Flanker Awareness: Always be vigilant for flankers who can disrupt your shield protection. Keeping an eye on all directions is crucial.
  7. Ultimate Combos: Coordinate with your team to maximize Reinhardt’s ultimate, Earthshatter. Follow it up with Fire Strike and close-range attacks to eliminate stunned foes.
  8. Fire Strike Efficiency: Aim Fire Strike to hit multiple enemies and maximize its stunning potential.
  9. Ultimate Defense: Use Barrier Field strategically to counter specific enemy ultimates like Graviton Surge but be cautious against others that can bypass the shield.
  10. Synergy with Bastion or Torbjorn: Reinhardt pairs well with heroes like Bastion and Torbjorn, as he can protect their immobile fortifications with his shield.
  11. Versatile Playstyle: Reinhardt can adapt to various situations, providing both defensive and offensive support for the team.

My Personal Experience With Reinhardt

My experience with Reinhardt in Overwatch 2 has been mixed. He remains a compelling tank hero with essential utility, using his Barrier Field to shield his team and the Rocket Hammer for close-range damage. Nevertheless, Overwatch 2 introduced nerfs to Reinhardt, reducing his Barrier Field’s health, slowing his Rocket Hammer swing speed, and extending Charge’s cooldown.

overwatch 2 hours
My Overwatch 2 hours (PSN ID: LionTamer)

Despite the nerfs, I believe Reinhardt remains a viable tank hero in Overwatch 2. He excels at protecting and creating opportunities for his allies. In one match, I skillfully utilized Barrier Field to guide my team through a chokepoint and used Charge to disrupt the enemy, securing a win. However, in another match, a skilled Sombra consistently hacked me, reducing my effectiveness and causing defeat. Overall, Reinhardt is still a powerful presence but demands increased skill and awareness to succeed.

Ending Words

Our guide discusses the role, tips, and tricks of Reinhardt in the sequel, how his abilities are nerfed/buffed, all changes from the first game to the sequel, and the best playstyle to go with. I recommend reading the entire guide if you’re going to main this hero in Overwatch 2.

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