Overwatch 2 Baptiste: Abilities, Tips & Playstyle

Play as Baptiste & master the art of keeping your squadmates alive!

Overwatch 2 packs the same punch as its prequel, but the overall experience is much more balanced and polished. You still have to unlock all heroes to experience the full roster and get to play with the best characters in the game. That is why I have curated the Overwatch 2 Baptiste guide so that you get to learn all the bells and whistles of this hero in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Baptiste is a supporting character in Overwatch 2.
  • Baptiste’s abilities include a biotic launcher that can throw healing grenades and Exo Boots that allow for long jumps.
  • The biotic launcher has a primary mode that fires a three-round burst and a secondary mode that launches healing grenades.
  • Baptiste’s Regenerative Burst ability allows him to heal himself and nearby allies and his Immortality Field ability creates a field that revives any allies who are killed while within it.
  • Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix ability allows him to double the damage and healing output of any friendly projectiles that pass through it.
  • Having a team composition that includes Mercy, Bastion and Orisa will provide strong damage output, healing, and tanking capabilities when playing as Baptiste in Overwatch 2.

Baptiste Role

Baptiste Role [image credit: eXputer]

Support200.0-Biotic Launcher, Exo Boots, Regenerative Burst, Immortality Field, Amplification Matrix

Baptiste makes a return in Overwatch 2, and thanks to a few tweaks that Blizzard implemented, he is now a lot more fascinating support character in this edition of the first-person shooter that the developer has created. In addition to its capacity to cause harm, it also has the ability to throw healing grenades across considerable distances.

In comparison to the first iteration of Overwatch, Blizzard made considerable improvements to his damage output. As a result, it is now possible to use Baptiste as a damage-dealing hero if you wait for his healing skills to regain their full capacity.

Baptiste’s abilities give him the ability to heal himself and others while still doing damage. The launcher has significant recoil, but it reloads quite quickly, which is a significant bonus. Baptiste is the healer counterpart to Soldier 76. He is able to carry out a little bit of everything, even staying alive, but his biotic weapon is what makes him the most valuable.

Baptiste Abilities

Baptiste Abilities [image credit: eXputer]

Because of his biotic launcher, Baptiste ranks among the support heroes with the greatest amount of flexibility. The secondary firing mode of the gun is capable of throwing healing munitions that have a large area of effect and recovering the target’s health twice: first, when the munition hits an ally, and later when it detonates.

The explosives do not have a cooldown period like the normal shots from the biotic gun, and they even provide a limited area of impact like the ordinary shots. Even if Baptiste is unable to use his Regenerative Burst to heal a teammate, he may indeed ensure their survival by throwing healing munitions at them.

Exo Boots

Exo Boots [image credit: eXputer]
Type Passive Ability
Effect Type Movement
Movement Speed In Full Charge: 17.44 meters/sec
Max Range In Full Charge: 9.1 meters

The Exo Boots is by far the best and most versatile ability of Baptiste that players can utilize for defensive or offensive purposes in the field. It allows the hero to make a very long jump that could possibly allow him to reach certain platforms most Damage and Tank heroes can’t. 

This, in turn, will open many possibilities for Baptiste to attack enemies from the high ground. At the same time, you can also heal your allies using Biotic Launcher’s secondary firing mode that basically launches healing munitions wherever your aim is. 

Even if the crouch position is abandoned, the boots will keep their charge for one second. You must keep this in mind that it will be reset, though, if the crouch button is pushed again while this timer is active.

Biotic Launcher

Biotic Launcher [image credit: eXputer]
Type Weapon (Primary Fire)
Effect Type Hitscan
Damage 7.2 x 3 Rounds – 25 x 3 Rounds
Falloff Range 25 – 45 Meters
Rate Of Fire 1 Burst/0.588 secs
Ammo  45
Reload Time 1.5 secs
Casting Time Instant Plus 0.144 secs Recovery (Secondary)

Biotic Launcher is the go-to assault weapon of Baptiste, and the weapon basically comes in two firing modes. The first mode fires a three-round burst on a target, and the aim recoils up as you continue to fire back to back. The aim settles down when you stop firing, and the crosshair will be back to its actual position.

The primary fire mode deals 7.2 – 25 per round of damage and has a 45 ammo clip size. Of course, the headshot damage will be much higher than the body count, and you can pretty much kill enemies faster if you consistently land headshots. You can manually reload and refill the mag with full rounds, or Baptiste will reload automatically when the clip runs out of bullets.

Biotic Launcher Secondary Mode

Biotic Launcher 2ndary mode [image credit: eXputer]
Type Weapon (Secondary Fire)
Effect Type
  • Arcing Projectile
  • Area Of Effect
  • Direct Hit: 20 HP
  • Ally Splash: 50 HP
Projectile Speed 60 m/s
Area Of Effect 3 meters
Rate Of Fire 1 Shot/0.9 secs
Ammo 13
Reload Time 1.5 secs
Casting Time Instant Plus 0.144 secs recovery (Primary)

The secondary firing mode of the hero’s weapon is basically a grenade launcher that heals allies. If your projectile hits an ally directly, it will receive 70 health regeneration instantly. On the other hand, nearby allies who are near the healing aura of the weapon will get 50 HP back. 

Even though this is an excellent utility to heal allies in a small radius, Baptiste can’t get his health back using this ability. 

Regenerative Burst

Regenerative Burst [image credit: eXputer]
Type Ability
Effect Type Area Of Effect
  • Under 50% HP: 50 – 100 (Instant)
  • 50 In 5 secs (HoT)
Area Of Effect 10 meter
Casting Time 0.160 secs + 0.160 secs 
Duration 5 secs
Cooldown 15 secs

This is the go-to support ability that you will rely on should you decide to main and master Baptiste in the game. Triggering the ability will allow you to heal yourself and other squadmates in a 10m radius. Once the allies have received the healing effect, they can run away or out of the healing radius and still continue receiving the health back.

The healing is not hindered by incoming fire and stun attacks. Regenerative Burst comes with a 15-second cooldown, so you need to use it wisely and play safe while it’s on cooldown.

Immortality Field

Immortality Field [image credit: eXputer]
Type Ability
Effect Type
  • Arcing Projectile
  • Area Of Effect Of Field
HP 150 HP
Healing Lower Than 25% HP
Projectile Speed 60 m/s
Area Of Effect 6.5 meter
Casting Time 0.8 secs
  • Generator: 5 secs
  • Field: 5.5 secs
Cooldown 23 secs

The Immortality Field ability allows you to help teammates not die should their HP fall to 10 or less than 10. This only works if you throw an Immortality Field device and all squadmates with very low HP are inside its 6m radius. They will not die even though they get hit by fatal gunfire or any other attack. 

This is an extremely useful support class ability that allows you to keep up with the offense and not let your teammates die. Since it is a very powerful ability of Baptiste, it also has a 25-second cooldown, which is a lot. 

Other players, such as Sombra, can hack the Immortality Field, and its effect on keeping teammates alive will not be applicable anymore. The device can also be destroyed, so make sure you place it in a position where enemy fire is not reachable. 

The field doesn’t work beyond walls. If your ally is standing behind a wall, the field will remain effective on the other side of the wall. In other words, the effect applies to squadmates who are in the line of sight of Immortality Field. 

Amplification Matrix

Amplification Matrix setting up [image credit: eXputer]
Type Ultimate Ability
Damage Damage Amplification: +100%
Healing Healing Amplification: +100%
Max Range 35 meters
Area Of Effect
  • 9 x 5-meter rectangle
  • 1 meter underneath the ground
Casting Time Instant + 0.24 Secs Recovery
Duration 10 secs
Ultimate Cost 2,310 Points

The Amplification Matrix offers 2 effects at once when you deploy it in front of your teammates. All hitscan projectiles that you and your teammates fire through the field will deal 100% extra damage and you will also get 100% amplified healing. The Amplification Matrix does not increase the damage output of melee attacks so use your guns only while it is deployed.

Amplification Matrix deployed [image credit: eXputer]

This is an excellent ability, should you use it wisely. Deploying the ability in narrow passageways or corridors will allow you to be behind it and your enemies at the front. This, in turn, will give you and your teammates a maximum time to fire through the Amplification Matrix and utilize the extra damage and healing effects it offers. 

Baptiste Best Team Composition

Having a perfect team composition can turn the tide of a fight. Bringing incompatible heroes will result in a repeated squad wipe unless you don’t bring heroes or players who are good at playing their roles. Here is my suggestion for the best team comps of Baptiste. 


The best part I think Mercy adds value to the team composition consisting of Baptiste and others is her Damage Boost ability. If you use her ability along with the Amplification Matrix of Baptiste, you will not get a 100% Damage Boost but a 130% increase. The 30% of Mercy’s Damage Boost stacks with Baptiste’s ultimate ability, and this is the perfect combination to do an insane amount of damage all at once.


Bastion is one of the best Damage heroes in Overwatch 2, which comes with a large health pool. This makes him an ideal candidate for best Baptiste’s team composition as you can heal him frequently whenever his health drops a little. Besides, if you’re too main Baptiste, you will need a strong Damage role hero to stick close in the field. Your support hero will be ineffective if you don’t play the role. 


Besides having a Support and Damage hero by your side, you also need an excellent tank hero to get the best Baptiste’s team composition. I can’t think of any other tank but Orisa. Even though Reinhardt is also an excellent hero for the team comps, Orisa will make a better match due to her abilities. 

My Experience With Baptiste

Baptiste, in my playing experience, is one of the S-tier support agents in the game as of now, excelling in healing, dealing a heck of a lot of damage as well as disrupting enemy forces. His Biotic Launcher and Regenerative Burst abilities provide multiple ally healing, while Immortality Field prevents deaths.

Overwatch 2
My Overwatch 2 hours (Steam ID: ;-;)

As a defensive player, I used Baptiste’s Immortality Field to protect my allies at the chokepoint, averting deaths and thwarting the enemy’s advance. But, Before I could use Immortality Field on offense, a Genji eliminated me, which hindered my team’s offensive effort and led to a defeat.

In my eyes, Baptiste remains a great support hero, offering a good balance between versatility and power.


That is all that I had to discuss about Baptiste’s abilities, tips and tricks, playstyle, and the best team compositions in Overwatch 2. Do you find this support hero decent enough to main the sequel? Do you think Overwatch 2 is Good Or Bad? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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