Awaken Chaos Era Tier List: BEST Heroes Ranked [2023]

From William to Tia, Joseph, and Abbadon, This Ranking Covers Them All!

Get ready to brawl between the rages of light and dark as you tour through the fantasy realms of the Awaken Chaos Era. You first need to assemble a superb winning team, however, and therefore here’s a complete Awaken Chaos Era Tier List for that. 

Key Takeaways
  • Awaker Chaos Era features 130 characters divided into nine factions.
  • Characters are ranked based on vital stats, skill balance, and overall offense, defense, and support potential.
  • Rarity and Affinity also influence the rankings.
  • Top-performing heroes include Rodira, Mytheasia, Blackhorn, Hakrin, Charles, Flarence, Nathalia, Valuk, Santis, Gangelo, Zatlux, and Rogge.
  • Lower-ranked heroes like Helmar, Asrina, Lyerly, Nicklaus, Gubeg, Abaddon, and Mulago lack the efficiency required for success.
  • Investing time and effort into higher-ranked units is recommended for success in Awaken Chaos Era.

Here are our picks:

Awaken Chaos Era Tier List Heroes Ranking Table
FactionS-TierA-Tier B-TierC-Tier
SoulplundersValuk, Santis, GangeloCiara, AubryRavyn, Agzul, Andre, AgustinShark Soul Andre, Jabez, Balberith, Abaddon
Free CitiesFlarence, NathaliaEvera, Yolanda, Joseph, Mary, JonathanElson, Zachary, Tia, Tashir, Crixus, Lightwing Zachary, Opal, ImogenVught, Geironul, Harbeg, Ghajar, Darcy, Borden,
Holy Light EmpireCharlesWilliam, Jacob, Connor, EdicrisUrion, Garnet, Fianna, Imperial Guardsman , Abbott, Thomas, Hazel, CelineDulov, Imperial Archer, Lydia, Barack, Imperial Swordmaster, Vidar, Imperial Lancer, Nero, Imperial Crossbowman 
Titan IcelandsHakrinIce Wolf, Brand the BrilliantMyla, Rick, Lordrec, Hassel, Rickard, Epena, AureaMulago
Sylvan WoodlandsRodira, Mytheasia, BlackhornWindstrex, Lunar Melizza Earendil, Celestial Kane, Siress, Antinua, Bachelard, Holy Armor Virgil, Cece, Orchi, Melizza, Virgil, Kane, KalukThor, Maluk, Helmar
Dragonscale MarshZatlux, RoggeHydrissea, MulhexFahim, Ztlin, Hayyim, RujagoRourke, Savanna, Muudos, Elune, Dark Dragon Asrina, Asrina
Visitors by SeaHaliaBeranLyerly
LasirValeria, Evelyn Firstdawn, Vance, Marian ShadowbloodFreya, Evelyn, Scarlett, Anna, Marian, TristaNicklaus, Kyle, Hugh, Darkened Nicklaus
CrisasOrakh, Crazed Urzag Sylan, Hector, MogNar, Garrell, Bruszakk, Jocasta, UrzagTuzago, Kasim, Gubeg

With our official ranking revealed, let us now have a look at the comparison between these Heroes:

FlarenceSFree Cities939.07,488582125.0
NathaliaSFree Cities1,3444,626468100.0
CharlesSHoly Light Empire751.06,799676100.0
HakrinSTitan Icelands956.07,057990110.0
RodiraSSylvan Woodlands724.04,939432116.0
MytheasiaSSylvan Woodlands997.07,120651116.0
BlackhornSSylvan Woodlands955.07,218712116.0
ZatluxSDragonscale Marsh1,2704,719498108.0
RoggeSDragonscale Marsh668.05,53263290.0
EveraAFree Cities1,4405,989632100.0
YolandaAFree Cities997.07,213672128.0
JosephAFree Cities670.04,952469112.0
MaryAFree Cities637.04,762518108.0
JonathanAFree Cities1,2225,090488100.0
WilliamAHoly Light Empire913.07,530852113.0
JacobAHoly Light Empire1,3694,789502105.0
ConnorAHoly Light Empire940.05,346506113.0
EdicrisAHoly Light Empire1,4234,789483109.0
Ice WolfATitan Icelands1,3766,456634109.0
Brand the BrilliantATitan Icelands1,1147,080709101.0
WindstrexASylvan Woodlands847.05,996499128.0
Lunar MelizzaASylvan Woodlands864.07,057776103.0
HydrisseaADragonscale Marsh1,5555,27459695.0
MulhexADragonscale Marsh1,2487,218696118.0
HaliaAVisitors by Sea912.06,805648134.0
Evelyn FirstdawnALasir960.07,488648103.0
Marian ShadowbloodALasir1,1205,205426117.0
Crazed UrzagACrisas1,5786,518694121.0
ElsonBFree Cities1,0063,65638594.0
ZacharyBFree Cities1,0454,00040287.0
TiaBFree Cities1,3786,805648115.0
TashirBFree Cities847.07,440828115.0
CrixusBFree Cities1,2075,924616125.0
Lightwing ZacharyBFree Cities1,0686,072610119.0
OpalBFree Cities1,4675,389562105.0
ImogenBFree Cities1,5545,443576105.0
UrionBHoly Light Empire1,6115,863618110.0
GarnetBHoly Light Empire1,3996,174584141.0
FiannaBHoly Light Empire1,4776,596567124.0
AbbottBHoly Light Empire751.05,139506113.0
ThomasBHoly Light Empire1,4234,988547112.0
HazelBHoly Light Empire964.07,171591133.0
CelineBHoly Light Empire1,1054,11043292.0
MylaBTitan Icelands1,1205,20542694.0
RickBTitan Icelands1,5125,443562105.0
LordrecBTitan Icelands1,0966,134608106.0
HasselBTitan Icelands996.06,134660106.0
RickardBTitan Icelands796.06,784762101.0
EpenaBTitan Icelands1,3324,766502100.0
AureaBTitan Icelands937.06,452673109.0
EarendilBSylvan Woodlands1,2704,442468116.0
Celestial KaneBSylvan Woodlands812.06,784732104.0
SiressBSylvan Woodlands1,3155,644482144.0
AntinuaBSylvan Woodlands1,3344,442450102.0
BachelardBSylvan Woodlands1,4105,552576103.0
Holy Armor VirgilBSylvan Woodlands1,5496,010582122.0
CeceBSylvan Woodlands642.04,573398104.0
OrchiBSylvan Woodlands1,2074,708468107.0
MelizzaBSylvan Woodlands1,3084,908516107.0
VirgilBSylvan Woodlands1,1175,551578123.0
KaneBSylvan Woodlands1,1196,490634107.0
KalukBSylvan Woodlands842.05,20246083.0
ZtlinBDragonscale Marsh1,0367,218685125.0
HayyimBDragonscale Marsh1,4965,664627101.0
RujagoBDragonscale Marsh691.05,00451290.0
BeranBVisitors by Sea1,2224,766488104.0
Shark Soul AndreCSoulplunders1,3286,936699120.0
VughtCFree Cities848.04,114322117.0
GeironulCFree Cities1,5966,388624110.0
HarbegCFree Cities1,2224,626488100.0
GhajarCFree Cities859.06,120484119.0
DarcyCFree Cities1,4596,962640120.0
BordenCFree Cities1,2704,626488109.0
DulovCHoly Light Empire1,0304,31745296.0
LydiaCHoly Light Empire1,6115,626592120.0
BarackCHoly Light Empire906.04,935519105.0
VidarCHoly Light Empire751.06,147682100.0
NeroCHoly Light Empire1,4596,229951112.0
MulagoCTitan Icelands672.05,81061980.0
ThorCSylvan Woodlands1,3766,456634.0109.0
MalukCSylvan Woodlands1,0204,040438.076.0
HelmarCSylvan Woodlands1,2705,664547.095.0
RourkeCDragonscale Marsh872.04,858528.099.0
SavannaCDragonscale Marsh1,4965,552524.0109.0
MuudosCDragonscale Marsh1,0263,886409.089.0
Dark Dragon AsrinaCDragonscale Marsh1,4266,496564.0116.0
AsrinaCDragonscale Marsh1,3464,908506.0100.0
NicklausCVisitors by Sea1,3786,805720.0115.0
Darkened NicklausCLasir1,6115,443603.0112.0


S Awaken chaos
Awaken Chaos Era S-Tier

This tier is occupied by the best heroes, mostly belonging to the Legendary and Epic classes. In the current game meta, these picks are undoubtedly the sturdiest there can ever be. Their vital stats and well-balanced skill sets will give you a lot of advantages along the journey. 

Overall, players stand the most chance of thriving with the S-tier units and are worthy of your time and effort. Climb all levels in Awaken Chaos Era like a pro with a team heavily made of the following characters: 

Awaken Chaos Characters FactionRarity Role Affinity 
BlackhornSylvan WoodlandsLegendarySupportWater 
Hakrin Titan IcelandsEpicDefenseWater
CharlesHoly Light EmpireEliteDefenseWater
MytheasiaSylvan WoodlandsLegendarySupportPlant/Wood
Nathalia Free CitiesEpicOffenseWater
Rodira Sylvan WoodlandsEliteSupportPlant/Wood
GangeloSoulplundersLegendaryOffense Fire 
Santis SoulplundersEpicOffenseWater
Rogge Dragonscale MarshEliteDefensePlant/Wood
FlarenceFree CitiesLegendarySupportFire
Zatlux DragonscaleEpicOffensePlant/Wood


A Awaken chaos
Awaken Chaos Era A-Tier

The heroes in A-tier own less damage potential and skill effect than those lurking in the above tier. They are still worth investing your effort into as the strength onboard makes A-class units a great addition to the team, ultimately helping you accelerate to the top. 

Awaken Chaos Characters FactionRarity Role Affinity 
AubrySoulplundersLegendarySupport Dark 
Edicris Holy Light EmpireEpicOffensePlant/Wood
Connor Holy Light EmpireEliteSupportFire
Jacob Holy Light EmpireEpicOffenseFire
Brand the BrilliantTitan IcelandsLegendaryOffenseLight
Jonathan Free CitiesEpicOffenseWater
Hulens SoulplundersEliteOffenseDark
Mary Free CitiesEliteSupportLight
Lunar Melizza Sylvan WoodlandsEpicControlLight
Joseph Free CitiesEliteSupportWater
Crazed Urzag CrisasLegendaryOffense Light
Marian Shadowblood LasirEpicOffense         Dark
Ice Wolf Titan IcelandsCommonDefenseWater
Evelyn FirstdawnLasirLegendarySupport Light
Orakh CrisasEpicOffenseFire
YolandaFree CitiesLegendarySupport Plant/Wood
EveraFree CitiesLegendaryOffense Plant/Wood
Vance LasirEpicOffensePlant/Wood
Halia Visitors by SeaLegendarySupport Water
William Holy Light EmpireEpicSupportWater
Windstrex Sylvan WoodlandsEpicSupportPlant/Wood
MulhexDragonscale MarshLegendaryOffense Water
HydrisseaDragonscale MarshLegendaryOffenseWater


B Awaken chaos
Awaken Chaos Era B-Tier

Well, not as the main hero, though, B-tier units are excellent support for the rest of the team, especially the actual main heroes. In fact, B-tier units might even excel brighter than expected if utilized by the right hands. 

Meaning that despite not being very sturdy, the following characters can be considered in the time of need. However, don’t rely a lot on these. We recommend trying them only at less complicated stages. 

Awaken Chaos Characters FactionRarity Role Affinity 
Boolin Free CitiesLegendaryOffensePlant/Wood
Abbott Holy Light EmpireEliteSupportWater
Imperial Guardsman Holy Light EmpireCommonOffenseFire
Marian LasirEliteSupportFire
Agustin SoulplundersEpicOffenseDark
Corrupt Orakh CrisasLegendaryOffenseDark
Andre SoulplundersEpicOffenseWater
Bachelard Sylvan WoodlandsLegendaryOffenseFire
Antinua Sylvan WoodlandsEpicOffensePlant/Wood
Ice WolfTitanCommonDefenseWater
Agzul SoulplundersEliteOffenseDark
Aurea TitanEpicControlDark
Fianna Holy Light EmpireLegendaryOffensePlant/Wood
Beran Visitors by SeaEpicOffensePlant/Wood
Garnet Holy Light EmpireLegendaryControlDark
Bruszakk CrisasEpicDefenseFire
Siress Sylvan WoodlandsLegendaryOffenseFire
Celestial Kane Sylvan WoodlandsEpicDefenseLight
Garrell CrisasLegendaryOffenseFire
Crixus Free CitiesEpicOffensePlant/Wood
UrionHoly Light EmpireLegendaryOffenseLight
Godfery Sylvan WoodlandsLegendarySupportPlant/Wood
Tashir Free CitiesLegendarySupportWater
Earendil Sylvan WoodlandsEpicOffensePlant/Wood
Ravyn SoulplundersEliteOffenseDark
Melizza Sylvan WoodlandsEpicOffenseFire
MogNar CrisasEpicOffenseFire
Anna LasirEliteDefensePlant/Wood
Okubi CrisasEpicSupport Plant/Wood
Orchi Sylvan WoodlandsEpicDefensePlant/Wood
Rujago Dragonscale MarshEliteDefenseWater
Epena TitanEpicOffensePlant/Wood
Hayyim Dragonscale MarshLegendaryOffenseWater
Cece Sylvan WoodlandsEliteSupportPlant/Wood
Hector CrisasLegendaryOffenseFire
Tia Free CitiesLegendaryControlWater
Zachary Free CitiesEliteOffenseFire
Holy Armor Virgil Sylvan WoodlandsLegendaryOffenseFire
Rickard TitanEpicDefensePlant/Wood
Celine Holy Light EmpireEliteOffenseWater
Elson Free CitiesEliteOffenseFire
Scarlett LasirEpicOffenseFire
Sylan CrisasEpicControlPlant/Wood
Evelyn LasirEliteOffenseFire
ImogenFree CitiesLegendaryOffenseDark
Ztlin Dragonscale MarshLegendarySupportFire
Hassel TitanEpicDefenseFire
Freya LasirEliteSupportPlant/Wood
Lordrec TitanEpicDefenseWater
Fahim Dragonscale MarshEpicOffensePlant/Wood
Jocasta CrisasLegendarySupportPlant/Wood
Opal Free CitiesLegendaryOffenseWater
Hazel Holy Light EmpireEpicSupportWater
Kaluk Sylvan WoodlandsEliteOffensePlant/Wood
Kane Sylvan WoodlandsEpicDefensePlant/Wood
Myla TitanEpicControlWater
Thomas Holy Light EmpireEpicOffenseFire
Trista LasirEpicControlFire
Lightwing Zachary Free CitiesEpicOffenseFire
Urzag CrisasEpicOffensePlant/Wood
Virgil Sylvan WoodlandsEpicControlWater


C Awaken chaos
Awaken Chaos Era C-Tier

The weakest heroes of our tier list dwell here. C-tier units’ weak stats in the current meta make them not worth your effort. Nevertheless, players can always avail these whenever they are in the mood for experimenting or as simply a preserve for the main hero.  

This is because despite being the weakest of all, C-tier heroes can still help clear, easy chapters or the not-so-tense dungeon stages. Anyways the C-tier characters in Awaken Chaos Era are: 

Awaken Chaos Characters FactionRarity Role Affinity 
AsrinaDragonscale MarshEpicOffenseFire
BordenFree CitiesEpicOffenseFire
DarcyFree CitiesLegendaryOffenseFire
Ghajar Free CitiesEpicOffensePlant/Wood
Dark Dragon AsrinaDragonscale MarshLegendaryOffenseDark
HarbegFree CitiesEpicOffenseFire
Darkened NicklausLasirLegendaryOffenseDark
HelmarSylvan WoodlandsEpicOffenseWater
EluneDragonscale MarshEpicControlWater
Geironul Free CitiesLegendaryOffenseFire
Barack Holy Light EmpireEliteOffenseWater
BarackHoly Light Empire EliteOffenseWater
LydiaHoly Light EmpireLegendaryOffenseWater
Imperial ArcherHoly Light EmpireRareOffensePlant/Wood
Dulov Holy Light EmpireEliteDefensePlant/Wood
LyerlyVisitors by SeaLegendaryDefenseWater
Maluk Sylvan WoodlandsEliteOffenseFire
Imperial Crossbowman Holy Light EmpireCommonOffenseFire
NeroHoly Light EmpireLegendaryOffenseWater
Imperial LancerHoly Light EmpireCommonOffenseFire
Mulago Titan IcelandsEliteControlWater
Muudos Dragonscale MarshEliteOffenseFire
Savanna Dragonscale MarshLegendaryOffensePlant/Wood
Tuzago CrisasEliteControlPlant/Wood
Shark Soul AndreSoulplundersLegendaryOffenseDark
Rourke Dragonscale MarshEliteDefenseWater
ThorSylvan WoodlandLegendaryOffenseWater
Vught Free CitiesEliteOffenseWater
Vidar Holy Light EmpireEliteDefensePlant/Wood
Imperial SwordmasterHoly Light EmpireCommonOffenseFire

Ranking Criteria 

We have included four ranking levels in our tier list ranging from S to C. There’s no D tier, given the in-game mechanics where no characters fall too weak to be there. As far as the rest of the tiers are concerned, they house deserving units depending on their performance output.

Our team invested a lot of time comparing heroes of the same rarity to decide who’s more usable amongst them. Their potential for synergizing within a team in terms of debuffing and buffing was also considered.  

And, of course, it goes without saying that we played Awaken Chaos Era of HOURS, that too, across a variety of modes in order to make the above criteria work. This includes Guild Boss, Arena Offense, Arcane, Adventure Dominator Dungeons, Arena Defense, and No Man’s Land Dungeons. 

The topmost S-tier ranks heroes that are viable for most parts of the Awaken Chaos Era, whereas the last tier, C, houses every niche-specific unit of the roster. As a result, the ranks above do not by any means judge heroes on what they are best at; instead, all of them are placed as per their general effectiveness only.

That said, curating a tier list that caters everyone’s view is not practically achievable since the exemplary character for you won’t necessarily prove similar for someone else. But know that we have tried our best to induce the general view, and most of you return happy with our post. 

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