Overwatch 2 Crosses 25 Million Players Just 10 Days After Launch

It seems going free to play was the right move after all.

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch is a multiplayer and action filled fps title with a roster of a Whopping 35 playable characters that have extremely unique play styles, these characters are what are known as heroes.

Each class features a unique skill set and givew players a distinctive playstyle which changes how the overall game performs. This in turn keeps Overwatch’s gameplay style fresh and captivating all the while it keeping it from getting stale.

Apex LegendsValorant, and Fortnite are three other games that share many similarities to OW. From having a seperate Legend or Agent system, to being similar in gameplay at times. These titles more or less have overlapping features with Overwatch. Nevertheless, every title is unique in its own perspective and strives in that segment.

Just like most team-based games, you can choose from a huge array of playable heroes, from tanks to DPS, it feels extremely unique. Many playable classes in Overwatch change the  gravity of each online match as winning depends on how well your team synergizes with each other and their specific agent picks.

Well, this success leads the team to work on its sequel, and after its release, it has been garnering a large amount of popularity, all for the right reasons. After the title was launched, it hit high numbers, and now it’s at 25 million players worldwide.

The main story and setting of Overwatch 2 greatly benefit from the foundation laid out by the first game. As most players know or might not know, the lore and storytelling of the franchise were, and still are, mostly told through animated shorts and comics that were uploaded to their YT which Blizzard periodically releases.

The story, as it has been carried over seamlessly has had no real differences, but seeing as the title is only multiplayer, it will not end up being more story-focused, as was its predecessor.

The original game supported six versus six combat but what’s different this time around is that the game completely abandons that in favor of 5 versus five teams. It is one of the more noticeable changes between both games. This path might have to do with how some other titles bank on a 5 player cap as well.

Overwatch is a great game, but with how many glaring similarities it has to its last iteration, it might fall short in the near future. Many critics gave the game good scores by viewing the title as a standalone, but players looked more into the similarities between its prequel.

In other news, Overwatch 2 has also pushed out a patch recently to compensate for all new players hopping into its chaotic lobbies. Without any other explanation, now is the absolute best time to join the OW train, and see where this adventure takes us.

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