Overwatch 2 Echo: Abilities, Playstyle & Tips

Our guide on Echo will help you learn more about her abilities and the best play style for her in Overwatch 2.

Echo is one of the best damage heroes in Overwatch 2 with versatile attacks and highly damaging abilities. In my guide today, I will discuss in detail the abilities of Echo in Overwatch 2 along with her suitable play style and the best tips and tricks for mastering her. 

Key Takeaways
  • Overwatch 2’s Echo is a damage hero, excelling in securing kills and engaging in battles.
  • Known for versatility, strong flanking, and high mobility, she focuses on breaking enemy shields for her team’s DPS units.
  • Vulnerable to hit scan heroes during flight and glide, such as Widowmaker or Cassidy.
  • Abilities include Tri Shot, Sticky Bombs, Flight, Glide, with an ultimate ability called Duplicate, allowing her to copy an enemy hero’s abilities and appearance.
  • Weak against heroes with potent crowd control abilities.
  • Unlock Echo in the game by completing 150 matches.

Who Is Echo In Overwatch 2

The evolutionary robot, Echo has a personality just like her creator and can be a very versatile unit if played the right way. You will be able to unlock Echo after completing 150 games.

Echo in Overwatch 2
Role Health Abilities
Support 200
– Glide
– Tri-Shot
– Sticky Bombs
– Flight
– Focusing Beam
– Duplicate


Echo is a damage hero in the game which means she will be playing in the front lines and engaging actively in battles using her different abilities and skills.

Being a damage hero it is your responsibility to secure as many kills as possible as the tanks ahead will protect you from incoming attacks.


Echo in Overwatch offers diverse and flexible abilities that prove effective in clutch situations, allowing players to turn the tide of battles. Notably, Echo synergizes well with any tank choice, excels in flanking, and can engage targets from elevated positions.

A recommended strategy for Echo involves prioritizing the destruction of enemy shields, clearing the line of sight for your team’s DPS units. Leveraging her high mobility and Omnidirectional skills, players can threaten and attack enemies from various angles.

Utilizing Echo’s flight ability is crucial; players should focus on dismantling the backlines or enemy shields first, facilitating the easier elimination of key heroes.

For those seeking efficient XP farming methods in Overwatch, a comprehensive guide provides insights into seven different approaches to accelerate XP gains.


If the enemy beam has heroes like Widowmaker or Cassidy, then it is basically game over for you in case you haven’t mastered her abilities.  

Whenever you are using abilities like flight and glide, these heroes will be able to use their Hit Scan on you. This will make you quite vulnerable as in a flight position, dodging attacks can be quite hard.

Make use of the covers around you and fall back to your team from time to time so that the enemy team cannot take advantage of the situation. 

Abilities Of Echo 

Echo abilities in Overwatch 2

Tri Shot Ability 

Type Weapon
Effect Type Projectile
  • Per Pellet: 17 Dmg
  • Per Shot: 51 Dmg
Projectile Speed 75 m/s
No. Of Pellets 3
Rate Of Fire (ROF) 0.3 secs
Ammo 12
Reload Time 1.5 secs

The weapon that Echo will be using throughout the battle is called Tri Shot. The weapon is able to fire three rounds at once at the targeted enemy, and it will follow a triangular pattern. With this weapon, you will be able to deal a decent amount of damage if you are at a mid-range.

Tri Shot Ability
Tri Shot Ability

The veteran players of Overwatch will know that any weapon that shoots multiple projectiles at once will not be able to deal a lot of damage at long distances.

Therefore it is important that you keep her in mid to close range to get the maximum damage out of the ability. However, they won’t separate much, so you won’t have to stand at the enemy’s face to attack them. 

Sticky Bombs 

Type Ability
Effect Type
  • Projectile
  • Area Of Effect
  • On Direct Hit: 5 dmg
  • On Explosion (Enemy): 25 dmg
  • On Explosion (Self): 12.5 dmg
Projectile Speed 50 m/s
Area Of Effect 2 meters
Rate Of Fire (ROF)
  • 1 bomb/0.064 secs
  • Recovery: 0.3 secs
Ammo 6
Casting Time 0.064 secs
Cooldown 6 secs

When the ability is active, Echo will be able to shoot a lot of bombs that will stick to your enemy target. These bombs will go off after a short period of time and deal damage to the enemies.

  • Moreover, the sticky bombs are quite similar to the weapon that Echo uses when it comes to range.
  • The damage that it deals is fairly high; however, it Is important that you aim perfectly; otherwise, the opponent will dodge your attacks easily.
  • Therefore, a good strategy for the sticky bombs is to use them at multiple enemies so that you won’t miss any bombs. 

Flight Ability 

Type Ability
Effect Type Movement
Move. Speed 8 m/s
  • Min Duration: 0.2 secs
  • Max Duration: 3 secs
Cooldown 6 secs

With Echo, you can glide by holding the Jump Button, and you will be able to use a flight ability as well. When the ability is active, Echo will launch straight forward and can be controlled in every direction by the player.

You can use the flight ability when you are looking for an escape. 


Type Passive Ability 
Effect Type Movement
Move. Speed
  • Horizontal: +50% Buff
  • Vertical: Downward 4 m/s

In order to perform a glide, you will need to hold the jump button whenever you are falling. The players tend to use the ability whenever they are descending from a flight. Furthermore, you can also use it when performing a normal jump. The flight ability can be utilized whenever you are descending from a high platform or a building. 

Focusing Beam  

Type Ability
Effect Type Beam
  • 50 Dmg Per Second
  • For Target With Less Than 50% HP: 175 Dmg Per Second
Max Range 16 meters
Casting Time
  • 0.16 secs
  • Recovery: 0.24 secs
  • Min Duration: 0.24 secs
  • Max Duration: 2 secs
Cooldown 8 secs

Using the ability, you will be able to take out a lot of HP on your enemy target, and you can even kill them if you perform the right combo with the ability. So whenever you are using the ability, make sure to target enemies that have low health on them to take them out. 

Duplicate ultimate ability 

Type Ultimate Ability
Effect Type Targeted
Max Range 40 meters
Casting Time 1.24 secs
Duration 15 secs
Ultimate Cost 1,691 points

The ultimate ability used by Echo is called Duplicate. Whenever the ability is active, Echo will be able to duplicate an enemy hero along with all their abilities and weapons. But that is not all Echo will also be able to copy the HP.

  • The best strategy here is to use the duplicate ability on tanks.
  • However, you can use the ability to duplicate other powerful heroes as well, depending upon the battle situation at hand.
  • Keep in mind that as soon as the duration of the duplicate ability ends, Echo will get her previous health back. 

Tips And Tricks For Playing Echo 

Echo playstyle in Overwatch 2
Mastering Echo

Use The Flight Ability When Necessary 

It is important only to use the flight ability when absolutely necessary. Because whenever Echo is in a flight state, she will become extremely vulnerable to incoming attacks.

So it is important that you cancel the flight as soon as you are done using it. Doing so will also start the cooldown so that you can use the ability again. If you want to use the flight ability to reposition yourself in the battle, a good strategy is to use the flight ability for a short period and use a glide after.

By doing so, you will be able to reach your desired position in an effective way. I recommend that you practice the flight and glide combo on different maps to master it. 

Use The Ultimate With A Strategy 

Echo’s ultimate ability, Duplicate, can be a potent asset when used strategically. Before activating Duplicate, ensure that your HP is not critically low, particularly if you are currently a target. Timing is crucial, as enemies have a brief window during your transformation to inflict damage.

  • To optimize Duplicate, use your cooldowns before activating the ability.
  • This allows you to absorb additional damage during the transformation.
  • Additionally, when the ultimate concludes, all your abilities are refreshed.

For an effective Duplicate, consider copying tank heroes due to their high HP pools. Tanks’ ultimates can be game-changing, making them valuable choices. If a tank’s ultimate typically takes time to charge, duplicating them as Echo accelerates the charging process.

Positioning Matters A Lot 

If the mid-range is where you excel, then Echo is the best fighter for you. The reason is that the primary fire she uses works best at mid-range, and the longer the distance increases, the weaker it becomes.

  • For instance, when it comes to her focusing beam, it will work best In a 16-meter range.
  • When it comes to her sticky bombs, on the other hand, landing them is quite easier, thanks to the range they can cover.
  • Make sure that you avoid turrets as much as you can.

My Echo Experience

DPS may not be my specialty in Overwatch 2, but of course, as an FPS hardcore, I have to try them out despite their role. As for my thoughts and experience with Echo, I don’t have that much play time with Echo, but I believe that in order to get better with Echo, there are two things every player should get better at.

naqib overwatch 2
My Overwatch 2 hours on Steam

The first is indeed positioning, as a player’s positioning as a DPS highly influences their gameplay. The second thing that every Echo player should focus on is unleashing as many combos as possible on the enemies.

Players can initially damage the enemies with Tri Shot, and then once their health is below 50%, players can use the Focusing Beam to deal instant damage. Focusing Beam deals more damage when the enemy’s health is below 50%.

Summing It Up 

With this, my guide on Echo in Overwatch 2 comes to an end. The damaged hero is capable of producing a lot of damage if played the right way. What makes Echo so special is her ultimate ability called Duplicate, where she is able to mimic the abilities and health of all characters.

Hopefully, after reading my guide, you will be able to make use of her abilities in the best way possible. If you have any queries regarding my article, make sure to leave them in the comment section below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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