8 Best Ways To Get XP Faster In Overwatch 2

This Overwatch 2 How To Get XP guide will uncover the best ways to progress further and get as much XP as possible!

Overwatch 2’s XP progression is required to get further into the game; therefore, gaining XP might seem daunting. However, our Overwatch 2 How To Get XP guide tells you all you need to know about it!

Key Takeaways
  • XP or Experience Points are used to progress further and unlock rewards in Overwatch 2.
  • Completing all Daily Challenges every day can grant you a total of 9000 XP on completion.
  • Weekly Challenges grant you 5000 XP on completing a single one as compared to 3000 XP awarded by daily challenges.
  • Seasonal Challenges remain throughout the season and grant 500 or 1000 XP points for different challenges based on the difficulty.
  • Lifetime Challenges award you with icons or 500 XP on completion.
  • Playing Simple Matches will earn you XP fast enough to progress further into the game.
  • Playing Specific Role Queue can grant you extra XP, especially after queuing with the Support class.
  • Other methods to gain more XP include playing matches together with a friend and buying the Premium Battle Pass, which rewards you with a 20% XP boost.

Daily Challenges 

Overwatch 2 Dailies
Dailies (Captured By Us Exputer)

Let’s start by discussing the first way you can get into the higher tiers of the game, which will be done by getting through as many daily challenges as you can. Players will need to log in to the game at least once every 24 hours so they don’t miss out on the rewards. 

Once the daily challenge resets and you finish one, it will grant you a total of 3000 XP as a reward, which already helps a new player get a massive jumpstart. Players will be limited to 3 main challenges a day, and no more than that so they can get around 9000 xp in total. 

As seen from the image we captured, the daily challenges will be listed to your right and will showcase a progression chart. Apart from the three challenges that provide xp, you can also do 6 main challenges that will allow you to fill the void that your completionist heart so desires simply. Below are the daily challenges players can take part in and get rewards with the so-needed XP. Make sure to read up on our Overwatch 2 Baptiste guide!

  • First Win of The Day: This challenge will require players to log onto any match and have their first victory, ultimately granting them the 3000 xp. 
  • A Classy Flex: Being a permanent challenge, it will have players finish off 3 games while being allowed to play any role they want. 
  • Arcade Night: If you would rather take part in the arcade aspect of the game, you can get done with 3 games in arcade modes; however, the good thing is that you don’t need to achieve victory.
  • Lifesaver: If you’re in a match and manage to get 12 saves, you heal an ally who was about to die or take out any opponent near death. 
  • Better With Friends: Pair up with any group, and start on a match with them, despite having them in your friend group or not, and fully get through 3 games. 
  • Farsighted: This challenge will require players to move away 15 meters by hitting any enemy and then getting away from them, so they get eliminated. 
  • Someone Has To Carry Us: For matches with an objective, you can fulfill/ “capture objectives” within a 30-second timer without being eliminated by an enemy. 
  • Stayin’ Alive: If you’re playing with other teammates, you must heal 1500 of their HP without dying yourself. 
  • I Win Button: Charge up your ultimate and cast it a total of 15 times if you dare to. 
  • Not So Thankless: If there is a support hero in your team, you will need to emote the communication “thanks” to them. 

Weekly Challenges 

Overwatch 2 Weeklies
Weeklies (Captured By Us Exputer)

Moving on, let’s take a look at the weekly challenges that can be offered up to players, and as the name suggests, it will take 7 days for each weekly challenge to reset. When it comes to weeklies, typically, most players will complete them simply if they want to get XP as fast as possible. 

Compared to dailies that used to grant a total of 3000 xp, weeklies will provide the players with 5000xp each for each week they complete, which will directly be used to level up the battle pass and upgrade that too. Do not miss out on our Overwatch 2 Mercy guide!

The catch is that wellies will also be tough to complete, but it’s worth it for those grinding XP fast in Overwatch 2. Weeklies are listed as follows: 

  • Playing To Win: For this challenge, players will need to win a total of 10 games each week, and it can be a match you play in unranked, ranked, or even competitive matches or even in an arcade. 
  • Flex Your Power: When you’re playing in Quickplay or competitive matches and queued up to play any role available, you will need to win 10 games to get the challenge done and get 5000 xp. 
  • To The Victors Go: Whenever you’re in unranked matches, you will need to win a total of 20 games, and as for unranked, you can win in Mystery Heroes mode or even in Deathmatch. 
  • Coin Line: While playing in the arcade mode, go for any game in that mode, and win up to 7 games to achieve Coin Line. 
  • Role Mastery: Select two roles, head up into the quick or competitive matches, match up with other players, and win 10 games to get Role Mastery done and over with. 
  • The Best Defense: When you’re in a match, head over to your opponent and ensure that you are attacking them and dealing 125000 damage. 
  • Hold The Line: You will need to mitigate 40000 damage for any kind of match, meaning that you will need to gain a percentage of damage reduction. 
  • The Real Heroes: Whether you heal up yourself or any other players, you will need to heal up to 65000 in total. 
  • Play of The Game: Elimite 50 enemies using your ultimates in any match except for Total Mayhem. 
  • Cleaning House: Players will need to get a total of 20 team kills to complete cleaning house. Team Kills essentially mean that opponents need to be taken out at the same time. 

Seasonal Challenges 

Overwatch 2 Seasonals
Seasonals (Captured By Us Exputer)

Now, let’s discuss seasonal challenges since they are a little more detailed. As compared to dailies and weeklies, seasonal challenges will require a lot of time from the player’s end, and they will also be specific to a certain location and require players to traverse from one map to another. 

Therefore, seasonals will typically be useful for those players who want that little bit of extra XP for personal growth. These challenges can be accessed at any time and will be available for the entirety that the season remains up. Let’s discuss the challenges that are available to you. You might find our Overwatch 2 Bastion guide helpful!

  • Grand Prix Champion: Players will need to win 3 games in the Circuit Royal mode and be rewarded 1000 xp. 
  • High Roller: Get 5 eliminations from the main balcony of the Maison Borsa in the Circuit Royal to get 500 xp. 
  • Veni Vidi Vici: Win any 3 games in Colleseo, which will be a map-specific area, and gain 1000 xp. 
  • Te Salutant: While being inside Colosseo, get a total of 5 eliminations and gain 500 xp. 
  • Hoping for Victory: Yet another map-specific area will allow you to win 3 games in Esperanca and gain 1000 xp. 
  • Big Apple Aspirations: Head over to Midtown to get 1000 xp when you win 3 games. 
  • Staying on Track: Players will need to get a total of 5 eliminations while being on the train in Midtown to gain 500 xp. 
  • Concrete Jungle Playground: While being present in the Midtown Tunnel in Midtown, get 5 eliminations and 500 xp. 
  • Welcome To The 6ix: Go to New Queen Street, and win 3 games to get 1000 xp. 
  • Double-Double: While in New Queen Street, gain 5 eliminations in the Hotel Montebianoc and get 500 xp. 
  • Cidade Maravilhosa: Go to Paraiso and win 3 games to get 1000 xp. 
  • Hometown Advantage: While on the neighborhood rooftops in the Paraiso area, get 5 eliminations and 500 xp. 
  • Divine Protection: After using Kiriko’s Protection Suzu, don’t die for 5 seconds, and gain 500 xp. 
  • Literal Wall Hacks: While being Kiriki, heal up any teammate using Swift Step and gain 500 xp. 
  • Ancestral Empowerment: While being one the Kiriko’s ultimate, get 5 eliminations to get 500 xp. 
  • As The Queen Commands: Under Junker Queen’s Commanding Shout, get 5 eliminations to gain 500 xp. 
  • Never Saw It Coming: While being the hero Junker Queen, deal damage to any opponent and get 500 xp. 
  • All Hail The Queen: Cast Junker Queen’s ultimate, and get 5 eliminations to gain 500 xp. 
  • Railgun Mastery: While using your alternate fire, gain 5 eliminations by being Soujorun to get 500 xp. 
  • Disruptive Behaviour: Eliminate 5 opponents while slowing them down using Sojourn’s Disrupter Shot and get 500 xp. 
  • Denied: Cast Sojourn’s ultimate and get an elimination to gain 500 xp. 
  • Cease Your Resistance: Use Orisa’s abilities to get 5 eliminations to get 500 xp. 
  • Javelin Master: While being Orisa, you must pin any 5 enemies to a structure to get 500 xp. 
  • I Make My Fate: Escape Orisa’s ultimate success to be rewarded with 500 xp. 
  • One-Two Punch: use Seismic Slam on five enemies in 5 different games while being Doomfist
  • Finish Them: Kill an enemy by being Doomfist and launching a punch against them to get 500 xp. 
  • Trigger Discipline: Using 5 games, Kill off a doomfist within the timeframe of 5 seconds after they use his Power Block to get 500 xp. 
  • Tankbuster: Get rid of a barrier a total of 5 times while being in the Configuration: Assault mode while playing as Bastion tog et 500 xp. 
  • System-Wide Malfunction: Mitigate a total of 1000 damage while playing as Bastion tog et 500 xp. 
  • Horseshoes, Hand Grenade, and Ultimates: Get rid of 3 opponents who were hurt by Bastion’s ultimate to get 500 xp. 
  • No No No Yes Yes Yes: Without dying yourself, play as Reinhardt to successfully get an environmental kill to get 500 xp. 
  • Hook Line and Sinker: While playing as Roadhog, hook onto an enemy to get 500 xp. 
  • In For A Shock: Using your secondary fire while playing as Winston, deal 1000 damage to get 500 xp. 
  • Hacksecution: When you play as Sombra and use her hack and gain 5 eliminations, you will be rewarded with 500 xp. 
  • Wombo Combo: Play as Brigitte and get rid of 3 enemies using Shield Bash and Whip Flail to gain 500 xp. 
  • Never Skip Leg Day: Use Zenyatta’s Snap Kick to gain an environmental kill and get 500 xp. 

Lifetime Challenges 

Overwatch 2 Lifetimes
Lifetimes (Captured By Us Exputer)

Now, moving on to a few lifetime challenges that will be able to grant players XP as well. Please note that all life challenges will quite possibly only reward you with icons, and the below listed will tell you Overwatch 2 How To Get XP. Consider reading our Overwatch 2 Moira guide!

  • First Tank Win: Play any match while being a tank and win the match to get 500 xp. 
  • First Damage Win: Play as a damage-dealing hero and win the match to get 500 xp. 
  • First Support Win: Play as support and win any match to gain 500 xp. 
  • First FFA Deathmatch Win: Gives 500 xp. 
  • First CTF Win gives 500 xp. 
  • First Elimination Win: rewards 500 xp after achieving victory in an elimination match. 
  • First Duel Win: Will grant 500 xp. 

Regular Matches 

Overwatch 2 Playing Matches
Playing Matches (Captured By Us Exputer)

Moving on, another way that players might be able to gain xp will be through simply playing matches and just playing the actual game. There will be 7 different game modes that will be offered up to players, as listed below. If you want to collect charms for decoration, then you can read our Overwatch 2 Weapon Charms guide!

  • Control: There will be a best-of-three format, and two main teams will need to figure out one capture point and try to get their hands on it. Control maps will include Busan, Illinois, Nepal, Oasis, and Lijiang Tower. 
  • Escort: There will be the main delivery point, and the attacking team will have a payload that they need to take to the main delivery point, and as for the defending team, they will try to stop the attacking team. Maps include Dorado, Havana, Rialto, Junkertown, Circuit Royal, Route 66, and Gibraltar.
  • Hybrid: as the name suggests, a hybrid game mode that will begin with the assault mode and continue with the escort. Maps include Blizzard World, Hollywood, King’s Row, Midtown, Numbani, Paraiso, and Eichenwalde. 
  • Push: Two teams are allowed to battle it out over a robot that will have a certain objective for the game mode. The main maps that will be available will be Colosseo, New Queen Street, and Esperanca. 
  • Mystery Heroes: The game mode will send you to a random match, but players will not be given the freedom to choose what role and hero they play. 
  • Deathmatch: 8 players that attempt to murder each other essentially. That’s basically it. Maps include Castillo, Blizzard World, Black Forest, Eichenwalde, King’s Row, etc. 

Role Queue For Support Or All

ow2 Role Queue XP farm
The Role Queue providing giving extra XP (Image provided by eXputer)

One of the simplest and most effective ways to gain more XP in Overwatch 2 is to play a Support class in Role Queue. Role Queue is a more balanced PvP match mode of Overwatch 2 and in it have to pick your role class before you can enter a match.

Furthermore, you will gain 500 extra XP when you queue for all roles or the Support role for the first time in a day. All the subsequent matches will give you 100 XP each. Playing the role queue is extra useful and fast in gaining levels in the earlier stages of the battle pass. 

The main downside to this is that even if you queue for all roles most of the time you will land the Support one. This can turn a lot of people off but we recommend that you at least do 3 matches daily. Most of the time there is also a challenge that requires you to play 3 matches for all roles. So, you can potentially get even more XP most of the time.

Other Methods 

Lastly, there will be two more ways that you can go for. However, they aren’t necessary and only for those who want to go above and beyond with XP grinding

Playing With Friends 

Overwatch 2 Playing With Friends
Playing With Friends (Captured By Us Exputer)

One thing you can do is invite your friends by heading over to Socials, where you can add friends by simply using their tags. Once your friend accepts your friend request, you can go for a group invite, and once accepted, the players will be able to enter the matches together. In order to know what team comps might work best with the units provided, our Overwatch 2 Best Team Comps guide will be an excellent read for you!

Premium Battle Pass 

Overwatch 2 Premium Battle Pass
Premium Battle Pass (Captured By Us Exputer)

Finally, for players who are willing to spend a bit of money, they can go for the premium battle pass, which will require players to purchase 1000 Overwatch coins, and it will provide them with a total of 20% XP boost


There you go! These were the few ways that you can gain XP, most of which will include the battle pass, and daily, weekly and seasonal challenges. The game is available to download on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Windows, Xbox One, and Series S/X, and with that, we will wrap up our Overwatch 2 How To Get XP guide! While you’re at it, do not miss out on our Overwatch 2 Kiriko guide!

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