5 BEST Team Comps In Overwatch 2

The detailed list of the Best Team comps that players can use in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 has gone free-to-play, ushering in new players to its across all platforms. But most importantly, the entire cast of heroes in the game have received tons of changes to their abilities. It has revitalized the ecosystem to the point where Overwatch 2 allows you to experiment with quite a few of the best team comps both in the role and non-role queues.

Overwatch 2 Best Team Comps

Let’s first have a quick look at each Overwatch 2 team in comparison and the Heroes that are included in it:

Team NameBest ForHero 1Hero 2Hero 3Hero 4Hero 5
The Dive Comp
Best Team Comp For Swift Enemy Defense Breakdowns.Winston: TankDva: TankLucio: HealerTracer: DPS/FlankZenyatta: Healer
The Alternative DiveBest Versatile Team Comp For Survivability.Dva: TankWrecking Ball: TankRoadhog: TankLucio: HealerReaper: DPS
The Meta CompBest Defensive Team Comp For Versatile Healing Output.Soldier 76: DPSBaptiste: Healer/UtilityOrisa: TankAna: HealerLucio: Healer
The Rush CompBest Team Comp For Adaptability.Soldier 76: DPSTracer: DPS/FlankerJunker Queen: TankLucio: HealerReinhardt: Tank
The Alternative Rush
Best Team Comp For Burst Damage And Crowd Control.Reaper: DPSJunkrat: DPSZarya: TankReinhardt: TankLucio: Healer

1. The Dive Comp

Best Team Comp For Swift Enemy Defense Breakdowns.
Overwatch 2 Dive comp
The Dive Comp (Image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The versatility and effectiveness it provides in breaking through enemy defense.

As shown from the image, for this team comp, you will be using the following heroes in your line-up:

Introducing the Dive comp—one of the most sought-after in Overwatch 2. It excels in attacking, focusing on breaking enemy defenses and launching swift assaults on its backline. Best used on the attack side, the Dive comp dismantles enemy choke points.

Choose Tracer or Sombra as flankers to eliminate support or utility heroes, creating a weakness. A tank like Winston can disrupt their setup.

After eliminating at least one opponent, charge in with your group. Lucio should switch between speed boosts and healing for momentum. Consider Zenyatta or Ana as secondary healers for their debuffs—Ana’s grenade and Zenyatta’s orbs.

Quick decision-making is key to preventing enemy players from returning. The dive comp, ranking at the top of our list, excels at brute-forcing through choke points, relying on speed, precision, and swift eliminations.

  • Effectively break enemy defense.
  • Heroes with high potential and high mobility are used to create openings.
  • Quick elimination opportunities.
  • Relies on coordinated teamwork and communication.
  • Vulnerable to crowd control.

2. The Alternative Dive

Best Versatile Team Comp For Survivability.
Dive version 2 Overwatch 2
The alternative setup of the Dive Comp (Image Credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The adaptability and its potential to disrupt enemy formations while maintaining survivability.

While maintaining a little of the same synergy here as the dive, the following image shown above showcases the heroes you will need for the Alternative Dive comp in the game:

  • Dva (Tank)
  • Wrecking Ball (Tank)
  • Roadhog (Tank)
  • Lucio (Healer)
  • Reaper (DPS)

I’ve been trying out a new Dive comp lately, mixing up the lineup with three tanks, including the dynamic duo of Wrecking Ball and Roadhog. Despite having three tanks, Roadhog’s self-healing with Take-a-Breather is pretty reliable. The Dive comp strategy remains but with some tweaks for added flair.

Wrecking Ball adds complexity, with his ball-form movement and unique abilities like grappling claw and piledriver. The plan is to engage with Wrecking Ball and Dva after creating an opening with a flanker or DPS hero.

Lucio fits well here, offering speed and healing boosts. You can flex the fifth hero based on preference, be it Reaper or an extra healer like Mercy or Ana, depending on the match dynamics. Experimentation is key, adapting to counter the enemy team.

When everyone syncs up, this Dive variation can be potent. Roadhog flanking for kills, while the other tanks maintain aggressive pressure. Just ensure your tanks stay healthy with adequate healing to avoid casualties during the assault.

  • Enhanced survivability.
  • Increased complexity and versatility.
  • Team composition flexibility.
  • Maximum effectiveness requires coordination and synchronization.

3. The Meta Comp

Best Defensive Team Comp For Versatile Healing Output.
Overwatch 2 Meta
The meta team comp (Image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The way this team comp is well suited for various game types and match scenarios.

As shown in the image above, the meta team comp in the game also features one of the strongest line-ups with the following heroes at display:

The current Overwatch 2 meta can shift with hero-balancing updates, impacting popular team compositions. A recommended meta setup involves Tanks like Sigma and Orisa, supported by healers like Lucio and Ana, and balanced DPS like Soldier 76.

Maintaining three healers is crucial; Baptiste can be swapped for a tank like Sigma for added defense, especially in zone control or Escort maps.

Key options are Ana, Orisa, and Sigma (if substituting Baptiste). Orisa’s revamped abilities make her a formidable tank when paired with another tank and a healer like Ana. Soldier 76 adds self-healing and burst DPS for flanking defense.

While effective on escort defense, with proper synergy, this strategy can adapt to various game types. Choose heroes that match your playstyle to maximize their potential.

  • Strong defensive capabilities.
  • Versatile healing output.
  • Limited mobility.

4. The Rush Comp

Best Team Comp For Adaptability.
The rush comp
The Rush team comp (image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The all-out assault strategy that allows for dismantling enemy defense.

As shown in the image above, the Rush comp features an all-out assault setup for your team, which consists of the following heroes:

The Rush comp is a powerful strategy for attackers, emphasizing a coordinated assault on the opponent’s defense. It requires pre-planned aggression, similar to the Dive comp.

We recommend using Lucio’s speed boost on Reinhardt and Junker Queen for a surprise attack on the enemy backline. Junker Queen, an excellent Tank, utilizes abilities like the jagged blade and Carnage melee.

Combine Lucio’s speed boost with Junker Queen’s Commanding Shout for enhanced maneuverability. Choose alternative DPS like Genji or Sojourn instead of Soldier 76, or swap Tracer with Reaper or Junkrat for high-speed burst damage and flanking.

Reinhardt works well with his shield, especially on Escort maps, but Orisa or Sigma are alternatives for control zone maps. Lucio players must be cautious, as the comp can unravel with your death. Stay vigilant, keep the team healed, and be prepared for defensive countermeasures.

  • High-speed coordinated assault capabilities.
  • Versatile DPS options.
  • Strong frontline presence and mobility.
  • Vulnerability to crowd control.

5. The Alternative Rush

Best Team Comp For Burst Damage And Crowd Control.
Rush comp Alternative Overwatch 2
The alternate version of the rush comp (Image credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The dynamic and aggressive playstyle it provides on top of flexibility in DPS options.

Looking for another way to launch an onslaught on your enemy team? The image above shows the following heroes you will need for the Alternative rush comp in Overwatch 2:

  • Reaper (DPS)
  • Junkrat (DPS)
  • Zarya (Tank)
  • Reinhardt (Tank)
  • Lucio (Healer)

The play style of the comp revolves around rushing onto your foes, while Zarya focuses on building up her energy by encasing you in her shield.

Zarya’s Graviton Surge will pull enemies together. Then you can quickly finish them off with either Reaper or Reinhardt’s ultimate, one of the classic combos that players have been using, especially from competitive. Junkrat should be carefully played as he allows you to deal superb blast damage from his grenade launcher but when it comes to taking down high flyers such as Pharah, he will ultimately die an easy death to them.

Thankfully you can swap him out with anyone else, as we mentioned previously in the other team comps so far too, as any fast-paced DPS such as Hanzo or Ashe will work wonders instead of him for some encounters. Lastly, it goes without saying that Lucio players should not over-extend too much unless they are specifically looking to help Zarya get some free charge for her weapon by making you tank some damage with her barrier.

  • High burst damage potential.
  • Crowd control synergy.
  • Vulnerable to high-flying enemies.

My Thoughts

Our carefully curated team comps are versatile for both Role and Non-role queue modes in Overwatch 2. While they offer flexibility for casual play with friends, exercise caution when using them in competitive modes, as a strategic commitment to heroes and play styles is crucial. The transition to Five-versus-five combat in Overwatch 2 has been promising, and we anticipate further enhancements from Blizzard.

With that, we conclude our guide on the 10 best team comps for Overwatch 2. Share your experiences with us, and feel free to offer any tips or adjustments you’ve found effective with these comps.

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