Overwatch 2 Moira: Role, Weapons & Abilities

This Overwatch 2 Moira guide will uncover a character overview of Moira for players to use in-game!

Overwatch 2 is an immersive game that is a 5v5 teamed shooter game that just also happens to be completely free to play and offers the ability to play with your friends to take out your opponents in a brutal arena. With a ton of characters to choose from as your hero, in our Overwatch 2 Moira guide, we will uncover her role, playstyle, weapons, her abilities, and skins, as well as the best tips and tricks that you can use for her! Make sure to read up on our Overwatch 2 Soldier 76 guide!

Key Highlights

  • Moira is a support hero in Overwatch 2, meaning she is responsible for providing healing and buffing her teammates, rather than focusing on damage output.
  • Moira’s main weapon is the Biotic Grasp, which has a Primary Fire form for healing and a Secondary Fire form for damage.
  • Moira has three abilities: Fade, which allows her to become intangible and move quickly; Biotic Orb, which can be used for healing or damage; and Coalescence, her ultimate ability, which is a long-range beam that can both heal allies and damage enemies.
  • Moira is versatile and can be used in both long and short ranges, and is effective against weaker enemies.


Overwatch 2 Moira Role
Moira Role (Image Captured By Exputer)

First things first, let’s start with the class that she will belong to. As an overwatch 2 hero, she will fit into the support role. Typically, heroes that will fit into the support class will be responsible for helping their teammates get buffed up and all the more powerful in combat rather than placing their focus solely on damage output.

Supports will be able to provide increased healing for their allies, while also being able to increase the total amount of damage that they can output. Apart from that, they are also going to be providing versatility to the team by fitting into several team comps. 

Moira can use her abilities to either heal up or also deal with a certain amount of damage. She can be used in both long range as well as short range and she can take advantage of enemies that are on the weaker end to demolish them. 


Overwatch 2 Weapons
Weapons (Image Captured By Exputer)

As for her weapons, her main weapon of use will be known as the Biotic Grasp, and she will have a Primary Fire as well as a Secondary Fire. 

Biotic Grasp (Primary) 

  • Healing: 70/s
  • Aim Type: Beam
  • Duration: 2 Seconds

Let’s start things off with her Primary Fire weapon, which will continue to heal the player every second, after which it will heal a total of 35 over 2 seconds. With Ammo of 160 biotic energy, players will be able to make use of a 15-meter range, with the player using 12.5 energy every second that the weapon is activated. 

It will take 0.08 seconds to cast the Biotic Grasp and receive healing and it will stay on the field for 2 seconds. While it does provide a significant amount of healing, players will originally need to have a total of 8 biotic energy to use the weapon. 

Apart from that, it will restore 3.84 biotic energy and grant it back to the player, and it will take a certain amount of time for the heals to be provided to the players. As far as the projectiles are concerned, they are not able to go beyond any barriers that the enemy has put up to protect themselves against you. Do not miss out on our Overwatch 2 Pharah guide!

Biotic Grasp (Secondary) 

  • Aim Type: Beam 
  • Healing: 24/s
  • Damage: 50/s

Now, let’s discuss the secondary form of the Biotic Grasp, which will essentially be a longer-ranged weapon that allows Moira to take the weapon in her hand, and use the long-range to stay at a distance and slowly but surely start to deplete the enemy’s overall HP. 

As the enemies die out, she is also able to take healing based on the amount of damage that she deals to the opponents in front of her. The range that the weapon will cover will be 20 meters. 

Apart from that, it is worthy of note to know that the weapon provides damage as well as healing, but the healing will not be impacted by damage if it is changed. The weapon also can regenerate your biotic energy as it gets spent in other ways, and it will continue to give you back 21 biotic energy every second. 

Because the weapon itself also auto-regenerates the biotic energy, it will give you 25 biotic energy back in total. 


Overwatch 2 Moira Overview
Moira Overview (Image Captured By Exputer)

Next up, let’s discuss the abilities that will be provided to Overwatch 2 Moira. There will be a total of 3 main abilities, two of which will be skills, and one of them which will be known as her “ultimate ability”. Let’s take a look at them! You might find our Overwatch 2 Orisa guide!


  • Movement Speed Increase: 250%
  • Cooldown Period: 6 seconds

Her first ability will be known as Fade. whenever you want to activate it, you will need to press down on L1 on your PS controller to activate it. Once it has been cast, you will be able to move incredibly fast across the map, because your movement speed will be immensely increased. 

While your movement speed has been enhanced, you will also be able to disappear and enemies will not be able to know where you are for a short period, which can be of immense help, not only to you but also to the teammates that are relying on you to be a support to them. 

Alongside that, you also become practically invulnerable and will not be able to take in any kind of damage for as long as the ability remains activated so that you can take advantage of your enemies instead. 

If there are any kind of debuffs that have been applied to you such as a DOT debuff, they will be removed, making Fade an insanely strong ability. The max range that the ability will cover will be 15 meters at max, while the duration of the skill will is 0.7 seconds and an extra 0.04 seconds in recovery. 

Biotic Orb 

  • Aim Type: Projectile 
  • Damage: 50/s
  • Healing: 65/s 
  • Cooldown Period: 8 seconds

Moving on, the next ability that we would like to cover will be known as Fade. now, this will be a special ability, which will grant Moira the ability to choose between either dealing a bit of damage to enemies or being able to heal the people that are present around her in her team. 

It will deal a maximum of 200 damage, and it can be especially useful if you are nearby opponents that are near to being murdered, or the match is coming towards an end, and you want to deal the final blow to them to take them out and help you achieve victory for your team. 

As for the healing, the max it will heal will be 300, and the projectile will continue to travel at 20 meters every second while being able to cover the max range which will be 4 meters if you’re wanting to deal damage to opponents, or 5 meters if you want to go for the healing path for your fellow allies. 

The ability can also be reflected off of walls, and it will stay active for 7 seconds. How about reading our Overwatch 2 Zarya guide!


  • Aim Type: Beam
  • Movement Speed Buff: +50%
  • Cost: 2800 points

Last but not least, we have her ultimate ability, which will be known as Coalescence. It can be activated once her energy is full, and players will need to press the Triangle button on their PS controllers. 

It not only hurts enemies by being a long-range ability, but it will also be able to deal a total of 70 damage per second to enemies. , it will also provide healing for your teammates, by healing players by 140 every second. Players will also get a boost in their movement speed, allowing them to move from one end to the other with ease. 

The max range for the ability will be 30 meters, and it will take 0.5 seconds to cast the ability, and it will stay active for 8 seconds. While Coalescence is activated, her biotic energy will regenerate a lot faster. 

Tips and Tricks 

Now that we are done with the several abilities that will be paired with Moira, why don’t we take a look into a few tips and tricks that you can try out with her. 

Considering the high amount of movement speed that she is blessed with in her kit, she will be able to make her way across the battlefield insanely quickly. Her healing capabilities also make her a solid support unit and can be placed into a few different team comps, while also being able to take enemies down whenever the need arrives. 

Players should ensure that they prioritize their protection above everything else. Since you will be playing as versatile support, you cannot let yourself die since most of the time players will rely on you to provide them with heals as well as deal damage too. 

Another thing that players should know is that if you and your teammates have managed to gather together in a space, then that will be the best time to provide healing since Moira is a crucial healer unit too. 

Skins and Emotes 

On an ending note, Moira will have a few solid skins to choose from, all the while being able to have 8 emotes. 


Overwatch 2 Emotes
Emotes (Image Captured By Exputer)

She will have a total of 8 emotes to choose from, and they will range from: 

  • At Your Service
  • Come Here
  • Facepalm 
  • Give And Take
  • How Amusing
  • Waiting 
  • Boo
  • Dance


Overwatch 2 Skins
Skins (Image Captured By Exputer)

Lastly, the skins will be quite the deal, and most of them will range from common and epic skins, with the orange skins costing a bit more as compared to the purple and blue skins. The blue skins will cost 300, purple costing 100 and orange costing 1900. 


All in all, this was an overview of the way Moira will operate for all Overwatch 2 players, and with that, we will wrap up our Overwatch 2 Moira guide! While you’re at it, you might find our Overwatch 2 Sigma a worthwhile read!

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