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Check out the guide to know everything about the mighty tank character! Sigma.

Overwatch 2 is finally here with new exciting heroes and improved gameplay. The developers have added spice to the game by adding more heroes and playable characters. In today’s guide, we will cover a mighty tank hero who possesses some great abilities to dominate the battlefield. So, stay with us to learn about all the attributes of Sigma in Overwatch 2

Key Takeaways
  • Sigma is a Tank character that is featured in Overwatch 2.
  • He is a great fit for players with a hybrid playstyle as he possesses both offensive and defensive abilities.
  • Sigma is great against a hoard of enemies as he can use his barrier and shielding abilities to guard his allies.
  • Although players won’t have access to Sigma by default they need to complete the Hero Challenges to unlock him.

Sigma Role In Overwatch 2

Experimental Barrier
Kinetic Grasp
Gravitic Flux

In Overwatch 2, there are primarily three classes type which is: Tank, Damage, and Support. The role of the Tank is to be the backbone of the team by fighting in the front line-up and dealing with enemy strikes. These troops usually have high HP, which makes them a perfect fit to counter heavy attacks. Sigma falls into the Tank category. 

To build a strong team, you need to have suitable heroes from each class. You can also learn about the best Tank heroesDPS heroes, and Support heroes through our guides. Now without further ado, let’s discuss the abilities and firearms of Sigma in Overwatch 2.

Sigma Overview

The game describes Sigma as an eccentric and volatile astrophysicist who got his powers from a compromised gravity experiment. After his transformation into a high-end tech machine, his abilities have enhanced to a whole new extent. While You’re at it, consider reading our detailed guides on CassidyWidowmaker, Lucio, and Reinhardt.

Sigma was introduced late in the game, but the strongest often comes at the end. His aggressive powers, combined with his offensive abilities, make him a perfect front-line-up soldier who can deal the enemy strikes and counterattack in return. Following are the basic stats of Sigma in the game.

Hero NameSigma
Total HP550 (350 Base Health + 200 Armor)
Voice ActorBoris Hiestand

Sigma Playstyle And Weapon

Sigma has a Hybrid playstyle with a mix of defensive and offensive stats. He can show his true potential in indoor areas as compared to open grounds. Sigma possesses the unique ability to bounce off his invisible projectiles on the walls and hit the opponents to catch them off-guard. He can be categorized as a medium-range troop, as his primary weapon is most efficient at a certain distance from the target.

Overwatch 2 Sigma
Sigma: The Gravity Manipulator (Image Credit: eXputer)

Sigma possesses a unique Shield that also recharges to enhance its defensive abilities. He can use his shield to absorb heavy attacks from opponents, giving your allies a perfect opportunity to catch the enemy team off guard. He can also convert his Defense into HP, giving him additional health points above his basic health levels. All these abilities not only make him one of the best tank heroes in Overwatch 2 but also a team dominator.

Primary Weapon

Sigma Weapon
Hyperspheres (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Weapon Name: Hyperspheres
  • Damage: 110 (55 per ball

Sigma carries a high-tech firearm as his primary, which is an advanced projectile launcher that unleashes two-round burst projectiles that explodes after covering a certain range. The weapon causes explosive damage and has the ability to damage multiple enemies at once, with the direct as well as bouncing effect. The projectile detonations show a minor gravity effect, just like the Orisa‘s Halt.

As the projectiles deal explosive damage, the DPS of the weapon is compromised a bit, but the consistent rounds from the weapon can bring sturdy opponents down. The performance of Sigma’s weapon is maximized in close pavements, where the Hyperspheres can rebound with the objects and hit multiple enemies around the corners.

In open areas, Sigma lacks a bit in one on one fights, as the projectiles don’t have obstacles to bounce on. Although the damage of projectiles is mediocre, they can be utilized in attacking enemy AO without exposing yourself.

Sigma Abilities

Now that you know about the basics of Sigma’s primary weapon, let’s know its special abilities and how you can use them. Following are all the abilities of Sigma. 

Sigma Abilites
Sigma Stats and Abilities (Image Credit: eXputer)


Type: Primary Attack

It is a basic primary attack in which two projectiles release from the weapon and burst upon hitting the enemy, dealing explosive damage. Using Hypersphere on a large number of the enemy is a great tactic as it will bring all of them down in a few hits. As the projectile have a considerably larger hitbox, it can be used to take down aerial targets as well.

The projectiles have a decent DPS of about 74. The main perk of this attack is that it can bounce off walls and obstacles to hit the target. One thing to keep in mind is that the projectiles have a range limit of 22 meters and will explode automatically after that, whether it has reached the target or not.

If the target is within the limit range, then the orb will explode on reaching the target. The projectiles also show a minimal downward path, enabling them to reach distant locations.

Experimental Barrier

Overwatch 2 Sigma abilities
Experimental Barrier (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Type: Ability
  • Cooldown Duration: 5 secs [2 on recall] 
  • Shield Points: 700

The Experimental Barrier is a defensive ability in which Sigma deploys a shield that guards his Six. This gives him 360-degree protection as he can guard himself against the front while the Barrier is protecting him from the behind attacks. After the cooldown duration, Sigma can again cast the shield with shifting battlefields.

Once the ability is activated, the barrier will move along with Sigma if you hold the ability key. If you want to remove the barrier temporarily, you can simply press the ability key to use it again when needed.

Kinetic Grasp

  • Type: Ability
  • Cooldown Duration: 12 secs

Kinetic Shield is one of the most used abilities of Sigma, as it possesses some great perks. When you activate the ability, Sigma absorbs all the projectiles directed at him and converts them into a shielding barrier. This unique ability enables him to convert the damage into a shield.

The ability is most optimal in heated situations when you get surrounded by enemies from all directions. One thing you should keep in mind is that the shield barrier is not invincible and can be canceled with the opponent’s special abilities.


Overwatch 2 Sigma
Accretion (Image Credit: eXputer)
  • Type: Ability
  • Cooldown: 10 secs
  • Damage: 100

It is an offensive ability in which Sigma accumulates rocks and debris mass and bounces it on enemies to give them a knockback. If the opponent is about to perform a special move, you can use this ability to cancel it and use the opportunity to counterattack while the enemy is vulnerable. The Accretion ability is a fast-paced attack, and the animation lasts for 0.640 seconds. If the stone hits a wall, it will break and will not bounce back.

Gravitic Flux

  • Type: Ultimate
  • Damage: 50 (while lifting), 50% of max health (while dropping)

In Gravitic Flux, Sigma uses his gravity manipulation powers to lift up the enemies into the air and knock them down with great force. Gravitic Flux is an ultimate ability, and the effect will suspend everything into the air that lies within the effect range. While Sigma is using his left hand to control gravity, he can still use his other hand to attack.

Once the enemy levitates in the air, you can complete the ability by slamming him right back to the ground! Dealing massive DPS that can take down opponents in one go. Gravitic Flux is an ultimate ability that you can use only when the Ultimate Charge is at 100%.

When Sigma is controlling the opponents through the ability, they cannot move or counterattack while in mid-air. However, there are some special abilities that can be used to escape the attack, such as Moira‘s Fade ability or Wraith Form.

Passive Ability

Role: Tank

While dominating with the Ultimate and special abilities, Sigma also possesses a passive ability, through which he can reduce the effect of received. The healing effect and the ultimate ability generation also increase.

Tips & Tricks

Now that you’re aware of all the abilities and firearms of Sigma, let’s discuss some useful Tips and Tricks that will help you to use them accurately and according to the situation.

  • While encountering enemies, try to take fight within closed spaces and indoor areas. It will help in enhancing Sigma’s abilities as he can utilize his bounce effect as well.
  • Always save up your Ultimate ability and use it in critical situations only, as it takes a long time to charge it back. You can also coordinate with your teammates to synchronize your special ability and form a strategic attacking play style.
  • Sigma floats in the air and does not produce any audible footsteps sound. This makes him quite a stealthy player, which you can use to flank your opponents and sneak in from behind.
  • Sigma is a ranged troop and is most efficient in taking out enemies at a distance. So, make sure to maintain some space while playing with Sigma so you can use his abilities more efficiently.
  • Sigma can be a great means to cover up your team’s vulnerabilities. You can put him on the front line-up and use his defensive abilities to distract the enemy troops and take them down at the right moment.
  • You can use the Experimental Barrier to detonate all the mines from Wrecking Ball’s ultimate ability without taking any damage.
  • The best strategy is to put Sigma in the front lineup to be aggressive on the enemies and, during his cooldown time, use his defensive abilities to support the allies.

Sigma is quite good against his rivals and Damage players, as he can create barriers and shields to counter their attacks. His blocking abilities distract the enemies as they start to focus on Sigma a bit too much, making them vulnerable to attack.

Wrapping Up

Sigma is a Tank character in Overwatch 2 who possess a mix of defensive and offensive abilities. Although his shields and barrier are a great asset, his cooldown duration for his special abilities is a bit longer than it should be. He is capable of decent damage output and performs best in closed spaces, where he can take the assistance of the walls and obstacles to bounce off his projectiles.

Sigma is a suitable character for medium-paced players who play neither too aggressive nor too passively. In order to unlock Sigma, you have to complete 40 matches, so make sure you grind for it and get the deserving reward. 

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