Overwatch 2 Sigma: Tips, Abilities & Playstyle

Check out the guide to know everything about the mighty tank character! Sigma.

Overwatch 2 is finally here with new exciting heroes and improved gameplay. The developers have added spice to the game by adding more heroes and playable characters. In today’s guide, I will cover a mighty tank hero who possesses some great abilities to dominate the battlefield. So, stay with me to learn about all the attributes of Sigma in Overwatch 2

Key Takeaways
  • Sigma is a Tank character that is featured in Overwatch 2.
  • He is a great fit for players with a hybrid playstyle as he possesses both offensive and defensive abilities.
  • Sigma is great against a hoard of enemies as he can use his barrier and shielding abilities to guard his allies.
  • Although players won’t have access to Sigma by default they need to complete the Hero Challenges to unlock him.
  • Author’s Note: I have more than 25+ hours of experience in the latest season of Overwatch 2, which makes my views and thoughts on Overwatch 2 trustworthy.

Sigma Role In Overwatch 2

Experimental Barrier
Kinetic Grasp
Gravitic Flux

Sigma fulfills the Tank role, serving as the team’s frontline fighter with high HP to withstand heavy attacks. Tanks like Sigma are crucial for team stability and defense.

Sigma’s abilities stem from his transformation as an astrophysicist with enhanced powers, making him a formidable force on the battlefield. As a Tank, Sigma boasts 550 total HP (350 Base Health + 200 Armor) and is affiliated with Talon.

His offensive capabilities and defensive prowess make him a versatile and powerful asset in team compositions.

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Hero Name Sigma
Role Tank
Rank A
Total HP 550 (350 Base Health + 200 Armor)
Affiliations Talon
Nationality Dutch
Voice Actor Boris Hiestand

Sigma Playstyle And Weapon

Overwatch 2 Sigma
Sigma: The Gravity Manipulator (Image Credit: eXputer)

Sigma adopts a versatile playstyle blending offense and defense, excelling in indoor environments. His unique ability to bounce projectiles off walls catches opponents off-guard. Operating at medium range, he wields the Hyperspheres, a two-round burst projectile launcher.

Primary Weapon: Hyperspheres

  • Damage: 110 (55 per ball)
  • The Hyperspheres unleash explosive bursts, damaging multiple enemies with direct hits or bouncing effects.
  • While the DPS is slightly compromised due to explosive damage, consistent rounds can overcome sturdy opponents.
  • In confined spaces, Hyperspheres rebound off surfaces, maximizing their efficacy by hitting multiple enemies around corners.
  • However, Sigma’s effectiveness diminishes in open areas, where projectiles lack obstacles for bouncing. Despite mediocre damage, they offer strategic advantages for attacking enemy areas while minimizing exposure.
Sigma Weapon
Hyperspheres (Image Credits: eXputer)

Sigma Abilities

Now that you know about the basics of Sigma’s primary weapon, let’s know its special abilities and how you can use them. Following are all the abilities of Sigma. 

Sigma Abilites
Sigma Stats and Abilities (Image Credit: eXputer)


  • Type: Primary Attack
  • DPS: 74

Sigma’s primary attack launches two projectiles that explode upon impact, dealing explosive damage. Ideal against groups or aerial targets due to their large hitbox. They can bounce off surfaces, with a maximum range of 22 meters before auto-detonation.

Experimental Barrier

Overwatch 2 Sigma abilities
Experimental Barrier (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Type: Ability
  • Cooldown: 5 seconds (2 on recall)
  • Shield Points: 700

This ability deploys a forward-moving shield that can be repositioned or recalled as needed, offering versatile protection.

Kinetic Grasp

  • Type: Ability
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds

Sigma absorbs incoming projectiles, converting them into shields for himself. This transformation of offense into defense makes it invaluable in crowded engagements.


Overwatch 2 Sigma
Accretion (Image Credit: eXputer)
  • Type: Ability
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds
  • Damage: 100

Sigma gathers debris to hurl at enemies, causing significant knockback and damage, with the potential to interrupt enemy attacks.

Gravitic Flux

  • Type: Ultimate
  • Damage: 50 (while lifting), 50% of max health (while dropping)

Sigma manipulates gravity to lift enemies, then slams them down, causing massive damage. While executing this, Sigma can still attack with his other abilities.

Passive Ability

Role: Tank

While dominating with the Ultimate and special abilities, Sigma also possesses a passive ability, through which he can reduce the effect of received. The healing effect and the ultimate ability generation also increase.

Tips & Tricks

Now that you’re aware of all the abilities and firearms of Sigma, let’s discuss some useful Tips and Tricks that will help you to use them accurately and according to the situation.

  • Utilize closed spaces for better utilization of Sigma’s bounce effect during encounters.
  • Reserve Sigma’s Ultimate ability for critical situations and coordinate with teammates for strategic plays.
  • Exploit Sigma’s stealthiness by flanking opponents due to his lack of audible footsteps.
  • Maintain distance to maximize Sigma’s ranged efficiency in combat.
  • Use Sigma to cover team vulnerabilities by deploying defensive abilities strategically.
  • Utilize Experimental Barrier to nullify Wrecking Ball’s ultimate mines without taking damage.
  • Deploy Sigma aggressively in the frontline, switching to defensive Support during cooldowns.
  • The best strategy is to put Sigma in the front lineup to be aggressive on the enemies and, during his cooldown time, use his defensive abilities to support the allies.

Sigma is quite good against his rivals and Damage players, as he can create barriers and shields to counter their attacks. His blocking abilities distract the enemies as they start to focus on Sigma a bit too much, making them vulnerable to attack.

My Experience With Sigma

I personally think that Sigma is one of the best heroes that one can play in OW2. While playing him, one should be highly aware of their position. With Sigma, your position matters a lot. I play Sigma at angles where I am only exposed from a single side because I deploy my shield on the open angle and deal damage to the enemies while they cannot.

naqib overwatch 2
My Overwatch 2 hours on Steam

While playing Sigma against Reinhardt, I make sure not to get close enough to Reinhardt and try to take ranged duels. Throughout my experience, one thing I noted is that tanks like Ramattra, D.VA, Zarya, and Winston can be a bad match-up for Sigma.

Wrapping Up

Sigma is a Tank character in Overwatch 2 who possess a mix of defensive and offensive abilities. Although his shields and barrier are a great asset, his cooldown duration for his special abilities is a bit longer than it should be. He is capable of decent damage output and performs best in closed spaces, where he can take the assistance of the walls and obstacles to bounce off his projectiles.

Sigma is a suitable character for medium-paced players who play neither too aggressive nor too passively. In order to unlock Sigma, you have to complete 40 matches, so make sure you grind for it and get the deserving reward. 

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