Overwatch 2 Starting Heroes: All 15 Characters Explained

Do you want to know about all the Overwatch 2 starting heroes? Well in our guide we will look into all 13 of them.

The moment has finally come, and I could not be more excited. Overwatch 2 has finally hit the market! The game is, in fact, a first-person shooting game that was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. If you want to know about all the starting heroes in Overwatch 2, keep on reading! 

Key Takeaways
  • Overwatch 2 introduces new interactive modes and a shared environment for PvP battles.
  • Larger hero roster, with 13 heroes initially, and is more unlockable through a battle pass.
  • There are five main tanks: Winston, Orisa, Reinhardt, Zarya, and Junker Queen.
  • Eight main damage characters include Reaper, Sojourn, Soldier 76, Pharah, Torbjorn, Tracer, and Widowmaker.
  • Three major support characters are Lucio, Mercy, and Moira.
  • Understanding each hero’s abilities is crucial for effective teamwork and countering opponents.

All Starting Heroes With Comparison

Here is a quick recap and comparison between the Starting Heroes of Overwatch 2:

WinstonTankTesla Cannon, Jump Pack, Barrier Projector, Primal Rage200 (Open queue)
350 (Role queue)
OrisaTankFusion Driver, Protective Barrier, Halt, Supercharger125 (Open queue)
275 (Role queue)
ReinhardtTankRocket Hammer, Barrier Field, Charge, Fire Strike, Earthshatter200 (Open queue)
350 (Role queue)
ZaryaTankParticle Cannon, Particle Barrier, Projected Barrier, Graviton Surge100 (Open queue)
250 (Role queue)
Junker QueenTankClose combat hero with life-draining attacks.300 (Open queue)
450 (Role queue)
ReaperDamageHellfire Shotguns, Wraith Form, Shadow Step, Death Blossom250-
SojournDamageRailgun, Power Slide, Disruptor Shot, Ultimate: Overclock200-
Soldier 76DamageHeavy Pulse Rifle, Helix Rockets, Sprint, Biotic Field, Tactical Visor200-
PharahDamageRocket Launcher, Jump Jet:, Hover Jets, Barrage200-
TorbjörnDamageRivet Gun, Forge Hammer, Build Turret, Overload20050.0
TracerDamagePulse Pistols, Blink, Recall, Pulse Bomb150-
WidowmakerDamageWidow's Kiss, Grappling Hook, Venom Mine, Infra-Sight175-
LúcioSupportSonic Amplifier, Crossfade, Amp It Up, Sound Barrier200-
MercySupportCaduceus Staff, Guardian Angel, Resurrect, Valkyrie200-
MoiraSupportBiotic Grasp, Biotic Orb, Fade, Coalescence200-

The Tank

In Overwatch 2, a tank place has gotten eliminated from the team lineup. Essentially, that implies that the lone tank player is now bearing much more of the burden. The game gives the option of five main tanks, so let’s talk more about them.


Winston [Images captured by eXputer]
Role Health Armor Abilities Weapon
  • 200 HP – Open Queue
  • 350 HP – Role Queue
  • Barrier Projector
  • Jump Pack

Ultimate Ability:

  • Primal Rage
Tesla Canon

Winston can cover great areas within a matter of moments to attack its foes. His Tesla Cannon is extremely hazardous to numerous low-health characters because a general barrier really cannot stop it. 

Winston is a significant threat who could really quickly destabilize each and every opponent team. Mainly through relentless bombarding, thanks to the agility of his Jump Pack. He may also use the infamous barrier projector as a temporary form of defense for either oneself as well as the team.

The bubble-shaped barrier has the potential to be among the finest ones in the game. In fact, I think it probably is one of the best! Winston’s present and potential vitality are simultaneously increased by Primal Rage.  He is quite useful for charging towards any expansive field and frightening adversaries.


Orisa [image captured by eXputer]
Role Health Armor Abilities Weapon
  • 125 HP – Open Queue
  • 275 HP – Role Queue
  • Energy Javelin
  • Fortify
  • Javelin Spin

Ultimate Ability:

  • Terra Surge
Augmented Fusion Driver

Since Orisa is an anchor tank, her crew would gain greatly by organizing as well as forming groups surrounding her. The cannon shell from Fusion Driver is one of her best weapons. It is certainly one of my favorites! Furthermore, it also has no damage falloff. That renders the weapon beneficial over distant foes.

Of course, assuming the gamer is able to follow the attacks appropriately in the instance that the foe is fleeing. Orisa’s protective shield works effectively when deployed against opponents and even at control points.

Similar to Zarya’s ultimate Graviton Surge, Orisa can synchronize her ability alongside the powers of friends to push the opponent toward a precarious condition (we will look at Zarya later). Hence resulting in their demise. She can also employ “Halt” to move adversaries away from her and her team.

Before you move forward, consider watching the video and learning about the changes:

YouTube video


Reinhardt Tank Character [Image Captured by eXputer]
Role Health Armor Abilities Weapon
  • 200 HP – Open Queue
  • 350 HP – Role Queue
  • Barrier Field
  • Charge
  • Fire Strike

Ultimate Ability:

  • Earthshatter
Rocket Hammer

In Overwatch 2, Reinhardt is a Tank character. Reinhardt commands a rocket-propelled assault from across the battlefield while wielding his hammer. Interestingly, he will also protect his team using a significant force shield while wearing supercharged armor.


Zarya [Images captured by eXputer]
Role Health Shield Abilities Weapon
  • 100 HP – Open Queue
  • 250 HP – Role Queue
  • Energy
  • Particle Barrier
  • Projected Barrier

Ultimate Ability:

  • Graviton Surge
Particle Canon

In Overwatch 2, Zarya is a Tank character. Zarya is indeed an important ally at the forefront during any and all conflict. All of this is thanks to the deployment of potent physical shields that transform inbound damages into charge for Zarya’s enormous Particle Cannon. Zarya is among the most difficult Tanks to master. However, she is certainly among the greatest.

It is done using the particle cannon. With the “Ultimate,” she has a capacity that confines whole squads to one location, enabling her friends to shoot easily. Of course, these skills make her a force to be reckoned with.

Junker Queen

Junker Queen [Images captured by eXputer]
Role Health Abilities Weapon
  • 300 HP – Open Queue
  • 450 HP – Open Queue
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Jagged Blade
  • Commanding Shout
  • Carnage

Ultimate Ability:

  • Rampage

Now, this hero can only be accessed if you start playing the game from season one. She will be your favorite character if you are a fan of close combat. What makes her really unique is the fact that her attacks will slowly drain the life force out of opponents.

Damage Starting Heroes 

Okay, so now let’s look into all the damage heroes in the game. When you start, there will be seven main heroes to choose from. Let’s look into all six Overwatch 2 damage starting heroes.


Reaper [Images captured by eXputer]
Role Health Abilities Weapon
Damage 250 HP
  • The Reaping
  • Wraith Form
  • Shadow Step

Ultimate Ability:

  • Death Blossom
Hellfire Shotguns

In Overwatch 2, Reaper is a Damage hero. Reaper is among the most lethal entities on the planet. All of this is due to his Hellfire Shotguns as well as his ghostly capability to turn damage-immune. But that is not all, and it keeps getting better! He also has the ability to move through the darkness.

In my opinion, he is a fantastic DPS character who can easily flank and take out tank characters with ease due to the damage from his Hellfire Shotguns.


Sojourn [Image Captured by eXputer]
Role Health Abilities Weapon
Damage 200 HP
  • Power Slide
  • Disruptor Shot

Ultimate Ability:

  • Overclock

Sojourn, a retired Overwatch Captain, possesses skills that allow her to prepare, coordinate, execute carry out attacks against her adversaries. She provides distinctive mid-range gaming expertise with the help of a weapon that has amazing mobility. This hero can only be accessed if you start playing the game from season one.

Soldier 76

Soldier 76 [Image Captured by eXputer]
Role Health Abilities Weapon
Damage 200 HP
  • Helix Rockets
  • Sprint
  • Biotic Field

Ultimate Ability:

  • Tactical Visor
Heavy Pulse Rifle

Soldier 76 is equipped with state weapons, which include an advanced pulse shooter that can fire the spiraling powerful Helix Rockets. He also possesses the agility and tactical understanding of a very experienced soldier. His genetic modification allows him to mend injuries and adapt to new environments considerably more quickly than another typical person.


Pharah [Images captured by eXputer]
Role Health Abilities Weapon
Damage 200 HP
  • Hover Jets
  • Jump Jet
  • Concussive Blast

Ultimate Ability:

  • Barrage
Rocket Launcher

Pharah is a formidable opponent, swooping across the sky wearing her combat armor. All while being equipped with launchers that fire strong missiles. Pharah is a stern yet compassionate person who wants to restore the planet and restore balance to it.


Role Health Armor Abilities Weapon
Damage 200 HP 50
  • Deploy Turret
  • Overload

Ultimate Ability:

  • Molten Core
  • Rivet Gun
  • Forge Hammer

In addition to a hammer and rivet gun, Torbjörn has a portable foundry that he may utilize to create fortifications. All of these are part of his enormous armory, among one of the best engineers and fantastic weapon smiths in the realm of Lindholm.


Tracer [Image Captured by eXputer]
Role Health Abilities Weapon
Damage 150 HP
  • Blink
  • Recall

Ultimate Ability:

  • Pulse Bomb
Pulse Pistols

Tracer‘s main goal in life is to make the world a better place, and she is willing to do anything for it. She is armed with twin pulsing guns as well as energy-based timed explosives. If you thought that was insane, wait till you hear what is coming next. Tracer also has rapid-fire banter!


Widowmaker [Image captured by eXputer]
Role Health Abilities Weapon
Damage 175 HP
  • Grappling Hook
  • Venom Mine

Ultimate Ability:

  • Infra Sight
Widow’s Kiss

Widowmaker is armed with everything needed to take out her outstanding prey. Her arsenal features gas-releasing traps and a helmet that gives the team infra-vision as well as a formidable sharpshooting weapon that may shoot in a completely automatic manner.

The Support 

Lastly, let’s look into the support characters. When you start the game, there will be 3 main heroes to choose from; hence, it is important that you are familiar with all of them!


Role Health Abilities Weapon
Support 200 HP
  • Wall Ride
  • Sound Wave
  • Crossfade
  • Amp It Up

Ultimate Ability:

  • Sound Barrier
Sonic Amplifier

Lúcio’s state-of-the-art Sonic Amplifier whips opponents using missiles that push opponents backward using sonic explosions. He can instantaneously transition among tunes; thus, these melodies have the power to either treat his troops or increase their mobility.


Mercy [Image captured by eXputer]
Role Health Abilities Weapon
Support 200 HP
  • Sympathetic Recovery
  • Angelic Descent
  • Guardian Angel
  • Resurrect

Ultimate Ability:

  • Valkyrie
  • Caduceus Staff
  • Caduceus Blaster

Mercy‘s Valkyrie armor permits her to stay near her comrades, acting as a guardian angel. She uses her power to strengthen, revive, and even heal others. She is arguably among the best-talented healthcare professionals in the world. But that is not all; she is a highly smart researcher and a fervent social activist who acts as a spiritual guide to all who fall under her treatment.


Moira [Image captured by eXputer]
Role Health Abilities Weapon
Support 200 HP
  • Biotic Orb
  • Fade

Ultimate Ability:

  • Coalescence
Biotic Grasp

Because of her biotic powers, Moira may assist in just about any emergency situation by doing harm as well as repairing. However, Moira has a relatively short range with Biotic Grasp. However, she simultaneously has a longer range of hands-off harm and restorative choices with Biotic Orbs. She can even vanish to get away from enemies, as well as stay near teammates who require assistance. 

My Pick For Best Starting Characters

It is not necessary to explore every character that is listed in the list. I started Overwatch 2 with Tracer because she was indeed the easiest to use for myself. After learning Overwatch 2 basics as Tracer, I started to explore other characters, such as Moira, which is indeed a must-pick for new players due to her healing and damage-dealing capabilities.

naqib overwatch 2
My Overwatch 2 hours on Steam

The next character in line was none other than Widowmaker. The reason I switched to Widowmaker was my love for sniping. However, I recommend every new player to pick a character that they think is easy to use for themself and learn basic mechanics. Then transition to whichever character they want.

We hope that my guide was able to help you figure out Overwatch 2 starting heroes. 

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