The Finals: Best Medium Build [Weapons & Gadgets]

I have played The Finals for over 10 hours so here is my take on the best Medium build which excel as a healer, engineer, or movement specialist with the right loadout!

The Medium build is the most flexible class in The Finals. By adjusting your loadout, you can take on various roles within the team, such as a healer, engineer, or movement specialist. Your versatility is only limited by your choice of equipment.

Key Takeaways
  • The Medium class in The Finals is incredibly flexible and adaptable.
  • Players can fulfill roles like healing, engineering, or movement specialist within the team by adjusting their loadout.
  • The Medium class excels in team-based gameplay, allowing players to define their roles based on the situation.

Best Medium Build In The Finals

  • Why I Chose This: The medium build that I have discussed in the guide is my go-to build, and I dominate the lobby with it. 
Medium Build in The Finals
Medium Build in The Finals [Image Credit: Me]
Here is the summary of the Best Medium Build in-game:

Medium BuildSelection
SpecializationHealing Beam
WeaponsAKM, R.357, or CL-40
GadgetsDefibrillator, Jump Pad, Gas Mine, Sonar Grenade, and Pyro Grenade

The following are the pros and cons of the build as per my experience:

  • Features good damage.
  • The defense is not neglected.
  • Offers different strategies to overcome difficult situations.
  • Hard to master.


Healing Beam
Healing Beam [Image by Me]
There are three specializations for every class in The Finals. Your preferred playstyle and the specific game mode will determine your role within the team. However, the Best Medium Build includes healing, considering how long it takes for your health to start regenerating.

  • Healing Beam is valuable due to its rapid healing, enabling quick team recovery.
  • However, if healing is not your thing, you can opt for the Guardian Turret.
  • It shines in Tournament and Quick Cash mode when placed strategically to guard the cashout machine.
  • Enemies are often forced to divert their attention towards the turret when attempting to steal your money.

I secured two eliminations using the turret when my opponents were trying to steal the money at low health, not knowing my guardian turret was beside them.


AKM [Image by Me]
The AKM is the top choice for a Medium build in The Finals due to its versatility and well-rounded performance. The AKM excels in mid-range engagements and is particularly effective when dealing with both Light and Heavy players attempting to close the distance.

While there are other weapons with more firepower, my bet is on AKM’s ability to adapt to various combat scenarios, which is crucial for Medium build players.

The other alternative weapons you can opt for in this build are: 

  • R. 357 Revolver: A high-damage weapon capable of eliminating enemies with 3 shots but requires very accurate aim
  • CL-40 Launcher: A high-damage grenade launcher for enemies and structures alike, offering tactical advantages on the battlefield.


Defibrillator [Image by Me]
When it comes to gadgets, there are only three options you can choose.

  • Defibrillator: It allows players to revive fallen teammates quickly.
  • Jump Pad: It can be strategically placed across the map to facilitate rapid team movement. These pads also grant access to rooftops, offering advantageous positions for eliminating enemies or infiltrating buildings housing vaults and cashout machines.
  • Gas Mines: Positioning these mines near the cashout point can stop enemies by exposing them to toxic gas, continuously depleting their health.
Sonar Grenade
Sonar Grenade [Image Credit: Me]
However, if it isn’t to your liking, you can also opt for these:

  • Sonar Grenade: Exclusive to only the Medium class, it provides a lot of information about where your enemies are. 
  • Pyro Grenade: These grenades do okay damage, but you can swap them for something else if you prefer

My Thoughts On The Best Medium Build

my the finals hours on steam
My The Finals Hours on Steam

After playing more than 10 hours on Medium, it is the best Medium build I’ve come up with.

However, the Medium class isn’t for everyone as it requires a more strategic approach. It is best to try other classes before purchasing the necessary gadgets and weapons for the Medium build. However, the most important part is to have fun.

While you are at it, check out the Best Crosshair Settings in The Finals by our fellow gamer Obaid ur Rehman.


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