The Finals’ Battle Pass Progression Is Too Much Of A Grind, Players Say

It can take a long while for you to complete the Battle Pass challenges without paying.

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  • The Finals is a live service shooter that came out in 2023 for free across all platforms. 
  • The game employs a Battle Pass system and subsequent challenges for high-end rewards. 
  • Players conform to the thought that Battle Pass progression is painfully slow in The Finals.

Don’t get me wrong—I’ve personally played The Finals ever since its open beta came out, and I’m highly content with what’s on display here, but you have to admit that certain aspects of this newly released, chaotic live service shooter take a terrible nosedive, with the Battle Pass progression system being one of them. And this just doesn’t come from me, but a deluge of fellow gamers. 

Hovering over to the r/thefinals subreddit, it’s noticeable how multiple players are conforming to the same notion, expressing how Embark Studio needs to do a better job with balancing the game’s Battle Pass mechanic. “I don’t see how this is sustainable for the game. Battle passes do not take this long in any of the big games anymore,” writes CBTNotTheGameKind

67 hours in and I’m level 70 in the battle pass
byu/CBTNotTheGameKind inthefinals

As the arena-based first-person shooter has kicked its global release off, the game currently enjoys its first season of the Battle Pass monetization model, which costs about 1150 Multibucks — The Finals’ in-game currency — or $9.99 if you don’t have enough of those. The season 1 Battle Pass encompasses 96 levels, and according to players, it takes about 1 hour of playtime to go up each level, so this makes the total completion time to be somewhere around 100 hours. 

As a community, We should really push for a Halo Infinite-type pass. You buy it, you get to work towards it at any time. If you have multiple battle passes that aren’t completed, you can pick which one to go through,” says another user, asking for a change to be brought about in The Finals. It bears mentioning though that each season lasts about 90 days, so players have 3 months to complete the Battle Pass and earn all of its rewards. 

This may seem like a lot of time, but for an average Joe who’s got both work and family, the decelerated progression of the Battle Pass may start to kick in and eventually make casuals lose interest. Seasoned first-person shooters claim that things are better on this front if you look at the likes of Halo Infinite, Overwatch 2, and even Apex Legends, all of which offer a much tamable Battle Pass.

Emotes-The Finals
Emotes Selection in The Finals 

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In other news, players have been subject to another misguided occurrence in recent times. Embark Studio released a ban wave earlier that was meant for the onslaught of cheaters and hackers running rampant in The Finals. However, the effort ended up doing more harm than good, going on to ban the innocent and the non-cheaters, including some Twitch streamers as well. The devs are mitigating the issue at the moment though. 

The Finals was released on December 7, 2023, for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. If you’re concerned about acquiring more in-game currency to go after the Battle Pass, here’s how to earn more Multibucks in the game. Oh, and make sure to check out this tier list of the best weapons in The Finals to gain an edge over your foes.

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