The Finals: How To Get Multibucks [All Methods]

Learn different ways to acquire Multibucks in The Finals!

Multibucks are the life and blood of customization in The Finals, unlocking cool costumes, some of the best weapon skins, and other goodies. Whether you’re a free-to-play warrior or a cash-splashing champion, getting your hands on Multibucks is key to expressing your unique style. This guide will cover how to get Multibucks in the Finals to look as stylish as you’d like while climbing the leaderboards.

Key Takeaways
  • Multibucks is the in-game currency used in The Finals.
  • One way to acquire Multibucks is by purchasing them through the In-game store.
  • The premium Battle Pass provides 1575 Multibucks in total.
  • Free Mulibucks can also be acquired by signing up with Embark Studios.
  • In addition to these methods, challenges and special promotion events are also a good way to get Multibucks.

Acquiring Multibucks In The Finals

Following are the ways of acquiring Multibucks as of now;

  • Battle Pass
  • In-game Store
  • Challenges and Achievements
  • Events and Special Promotions
  • Signing Up with Embark Studios

Battle Pass

The Finals BattlePass
Multibucks In Premium Battle Pass [Image By Me]
One way to acquire Multibucks is through the Battle Pass, which costs players $19.99 and will include multi-bucks as rewards when players progress through the levels. Furthermore, The Battle Pass consists of 96 levels, and players can expect to win 1575 Multibucks in total, from the levels.

The levels in the Premium Battle Pass that provide you with Multibucks, along with their respective amounts, are listed below:

Level 375 Multibucks
Level 775 Multibucks
Level 1275 Multibucks
Level 1975 Multibucks
Level 2375 Multibucks
Level 2775 Multibucks
Level 3075 Multibucks
Level 3575 Multibucks
Level 3975 Multibucks
Level 4375 Multibucks
Level 4675 Multibucks
Level 5075 Multibucks
Level 5575 Multibucks
Level 6375 Multibucks
Level 6775 Multibucks
Level 7075 Multibucks
Level 7575 Multibucks
Level 7875 Multibucks
Level 8275 Multibucks
Level 8575 Multibucks
Level 9175 Multibucks

Important: It should be noted that “Free Battle Pass” does not include Multibucks.

In-Game Store

The Finals In-Game Store also offers Multibucks in different packages for the amount of money you spend.

In Game-Store The Finals
Multibucks In Store [Image Credits: Me]
Furthermore, some bundles also come with some set amounts of Multibucks included as a package.

The Finals- Bundle
Multibucks In Bundles [Image By Me]

Challenges And Achievements

Moreover, the game periodically offers challenges and achievements that players must complete to get Multibucks. Be on the lookout for these challenges since they offer a great opportunity to earn extra Multibucks as you play.

Events And Special Promotions

In addition to the aforementioned methods, keep an eye out for those special promotions and cheeky events, to maximize your chances of earning Multibucks. These events generally provide players with the opportunity to engage in specific tasks to earn Multibucks. Keeping up-to-date with these events is essential as it enables you to seize opportunities to earn extra Multibucks.

Signing Up With Embark Studios

A bonus way to get free Multibucks is by signing up with Embark Studios, as they provide a welcome bonus of 150 Multibucks to new players.

How to Sign Up:

  • Visit the official website of Embark Studios.
  • Create an account with your email.
  • Complete the registration to get your Multibucks credited.

Final Thoughts

Remember, Multibucks are pretty valuable, so it’s worth grabbing them whenever possible!  Earning Multibucks in The Finals is an achievable goal through these methods. With this guide in hand, you’ll be well on your way to achieving Multibuck mastery and rocking the coolest customizations on the battlefield! While you are at it, check out our guide for the best builds in The Finals by Hammad Ijaz.

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