Escape From Tarkov Ammo Tier List [All Ammo Ranked]

I have ranked all ammo from Escape From Tarkov based off of it's penetrative power, damage and overall rankings!

Escape From Tarkov has a wide range of ammo to change from, and players might have difficulty choosing between them. In the Escape From Tarkov Ammo Tier List, I aim to range the ammo selection based on its penetration power, accuracy, armor damage, and overall base damage. 

Key Takeaways

Escape From Tarkov has 160 ammo that has been ranked in S-Tier to D-Tier.

  • S-Tier: Ammo that is only of the highest quality and one of the best options. 
  • A-Tier: Ammo is an amazing choice, but it doesn’t hold up the penetrative power needed to place it in the S-Tier. 
  • B-Tier: Average ammo that isn’t as strong as its other contenders. 
  • C-Tier: This ammo is below average and not a good option due to its lack of power. 
  • D-Tier: Bad choices for ammo. 

Escape From Tarkov Ammo Tier List 

Below listed is a summarized version of the ammo ranked in the Escape From Tarkov Ammo Tier List:

Tarkov Ammo Tier ListRankings DamagePenetration PowerArmor Damage%
5.45x39mm BP gsS464546
4.6x30mm AP SXS355346
338 Lapua Magnum FMJS1224783
5.45x39mm BS gsS435457
.338 Lapua Magnum APS1157989
5.45x39mm PPBS gsS376259
.300 Blackout CBJS584357
4.6x30mm FMJ SXS434041
5.56x45mm M855A1S494447
5.45x39mm 7N40S524245
5.56x45mm M995S425352
.300 Blackout APS514865
5.56x45mm M856A1S523844
23x75mm Barrikada SlugS1923975
5.56x45mm SSA APS385758
6.8x51mm SIG HYBRIDS724758
12/70 FlechetteSN/A3126
7.62x39mm BP gzhS584763
6.8x51mm SIG FMJS803649
7.62x39mm PPS554157
9x39mm SP-6 gsS604864
7.62x54mm R SNB gzhS756287
9x39mm BP gsS585469
7.62x54mm R SNB gzhS756287
7.62x51mm M61S706483
7.62x54mm R BT gzhS785587
7.62x54mm R BS gsS727088
7.62x51mm M62 TracerS794475
7.62x51mm M993S677085
.338 Lapua Magnum UCWA1423270
7.62x51mm M80A804166
.366 TKM AP-MA904260
7.62x54mm R PS gzhA844584
.300 Blackout M62 TracerA543640
9x19mm PBP gzhA523953
.45 ACP APA663848
9x39mm PAB-9 gsA624357
12.7x55mm PS12BA1024657
23x75mm "Zvezda" Flashbang RoundAN/AN/AN/A
12/70 8.5mm Magnum BuckshotAN/A226
23x75mm "Shrapnel-25" BuckshotAN/AN/AN/A
12/70 AP-20 Armor-Piercing SlugA1643765
12/70 PiranhaAN/A2422
23x75mm "Shrapnel-10" BuckshotAN/AN/AN/A
.300 Blackout BCP FMJA603036
4.6x30mm JSP SXA463237
5.7x28mm SS190A493743
5.45x39mm BT gsB483744
5.45x39mm PP gsB503442
.45 ACP RIPB130312
5.56x45mm Mk 318 Mod 0 (SOST)B553339
12/70 7mm BuckshotBN/A326
7.62x39mm PS gzhB573552
7.62x51mm BCP FMJB833542
12/70 6.5mm Express BuckshotBN/A326
7.62x54mm R FMJB843363
7.62x54mm R LPS gzhB814278
9x39mm SPP gsB683548
12/70 5.25mm BuckshotBN/A115
7.62x54mm R SP BT (Tracer)BN/AN/AN/A
9x21mm BT gzhB493242
7.62x54mm R T-46M gzhB824183
9x21mm 7N42B453847
9x19mm AP 6.3B523048
.366 TKM GeksaB1101438
5.7x28mm L191 (Tracer)Bn/aN/AN/A
5.7x28mm RR197SRBN/AN/AN/A
5.45x39mm FMJC552438
5.45x39mm PS gsC532840
5.56x45mm M855C573137
.366 TKM FMJC982348
7.62x39mm FMJC632633
.366 TKM EKOC733040
.357 Magnum FMJC703543
7.62x39mm T-45M1 gzhC643046
7.62x39mm US gzhC562942
7.62x51mm TCW SPC873025
.300 Blackout WhisperCN/AN/AN/A
.338 Lapua Magnum TAC-XC1961855
7.62x54mm R HP BT (Tracer)CN/AN/AN/A
.300 Blackout V-MAXC722025
9x19mm RIPC102211
9x39mm SP-5 gsC712839
9x21mm 7U4C472744
12/70 Superformance HP SlugC220512
.300 Blackout V-MAXC722025
12.7x55mm PS12CN/AN/AN/A
12/70 Makeshift .50 SMG SlugCN/AN/AN/A
12/70 FTX Custom Lite SlugC1832050
12/70 Lead SlugC1671555
12/70 Copper Sabot HP SlugCN/AN/AN/A
4.6x30mm Action SXCN/AN/AN/A
4.6x30mm Subsonic SXCN/AN/AN/A
.357 Magnum Soft PointCN/AN/AN/A
5.7x28mm R37.FD9887
20/70 Star SlugD1541642
20/70 Devastator SlugD198513
20/70 "Poleva-6U" SlugD1351740
20/70 "Poleva-3" SlugD1201435
5.7x28mm R37.XDN/AN/AN/A
5.7x28mm SB193DN/AN/AN/A
5.7x28mm SS198LFDN/AN/AN/A
20/70 7.5mm BuckshotDN/AN/AN/A
20/70 7.3mm BuckshotDN/A313
20/70 6.2mm BuckshotDN/A213
5.45x39mm TD572036
5.45x39mm US gsD631733
5.56x45mm FMJD592333
5.56x45mm M856D641826
20/70 5.6mm BuckshotDN/A112
9x19mm T gzhDN/AN/AN/A
9x19mm PSO gzhDN/AN/AN/A
9x19mm Luger CCIDN/AN/AN/A
7.62x25mm TT PST gzhDN/AN/AN/A
7.62x39mm HPDN/AN/AN/A
7.62x39mm SPD682027
9x18mm PM SP8 gzhD6712
9x18mm PM RG028 gzhD651326
7.62x51mm Ultra NoslerD1071520
9x18mm PM PDB gzhDN/AN/AN/A
9x18mm PM PMM PSTM gzhDN/AN/AN/A
9x18mm PM PSVD6935
9x18mm PM PST gzhD501226
9x18mm PM PSO gzhD54513
9x19mm M882DN/AN/AN/A
9x19mm PST gzhDN/AN/AN/A
9x19mm QuakemakerDN/AN/AN/A
9x18mm PM PS gz PPODN/AN/AN/A
9x18mm PM PRS gsD58616
9x18mm PM PPT gzhD59822
9x21mm P gzhD651844
9x21mm PE gzhD801563
9x21mm PS gzhD542239
9x39mm FMJD751728
9x18mm PM PPE gzhD61715
9x18mm PM P gzhD50516
9x18mm PM BZHT gzhD531828
7.62x25mm TT PT gzhDN/AN/AN/A
7.62x25mm TT P glDN/AN/AN/A
12.7x55mm PS12ADN/AN/AN/A
12/70 "Poleva-3" SlugDN/AN/AN/A
12/70 "Poleva-6U" SlugDN/AN/AN/A
12/70 Dual Sabot SlugDN/AN/AN/A
12/70 Grizzly 40 SlugDN/AN/AN/A
7.62x25mm TT LRNPCD66727
7.62x25mm TT LRND64828
7.62x25mm TT FMJ43D601129
.45 ACP Hydra-ShockDN/AN/AN/A
.45 ACP Lasermatch FMJDN/AN/AN/A
7.62x25mm TT AKBSDN/AN/AN/A
5.56x45mm WarmageddonDN/AN/AN/A
5.56x45mm Mk 255 Mod 0 (RRLP)D721124
.357 Magnum HPD991820
.357 Magnum JHPD882428
5.56x45mm HPD79722
5.45x39mm SPD651531
5.45x39mm HPD76915
5.45x39mm PRS gsD701324


S-Tier Ammo Ranked Tarkov
S-Tier Ammo Ranked

When it comes to the S-Tier ammo ranking, this features only the best of the best ammo, and it has some of the highest penetration power that you can find. The others cannot replace the ammo in the lower tier since it’s the highest grade. 


A-Tier Ammo Tarkov
A-Tier Ammo

As far as the A-Tier ammo is concerned, it features highly reliable ammo. If you aren’t able to come across the ones in the S-Tier, this ammo also has impressive Penetration Power and can offer a significant amount of damage. 


B-Tier Ammo Ranked Tarkov
B-Tier Ammo Ranked

Moving onto the B-Tier ammo in the Escape From Tarkov Ammo Tier List, this ammo won’t be the best option that you can come across, however, if you aren’t able to find any others in the A-Tier or S-Tier, then this can be a pretty viable option. 

Some of the highlights in the B-Tier include 5.45x39mm BT gs, 5.45x39mm PP gs, .45 ACP RIP, 5.56x45mm Mk 318 Mod 0 (SOST), 12/70 7mm Buckshot, 7.62x39mm PS gzh, 7.62x51mm BCP FMJ, 12/70 6.5mm Express Buckshot, 7.62x54mm R FMJ, 7.62x54mm R LPS gzh, 9x39mm SPP gs, 12/70 5.25mm Buckshot, 7.62x54mm R SP BT (Tracer).


C-Tier Ammo In Tarkov
C-Tier Ammo In Escape From Tarkov Ranked

When it comes to the C-Tier Ammo, these options will not hone a good penetrative power, nor will their base damage be good, making them a below-average option to choose, and should only be chosen if no other viable options are available. 

The highlights of the C-Tier ammo include .300 Blackout V-MAX, 9x19mm RIP, 9x39mm SP-5 gs, 9x21mm 7U4, 12/70 Superformance HP Slug, .300 Blackout V-MAX, 12.7x55mm PS12, 12/70 Makeshift .50 SMG Slug, 12/70 FTX Custom Lite Slug, 12/70 Lead Slug, 12/70 Copper Sabot HP Slug, 4.6x30mm Action SX, 4.6x30mm Subsonic SX, .357 Magnum Soft Point.


D-Tier Ammo Tarkov
D-Tier Ammo

Last but not least, the D-Tier features some of the worst options, and therefore I would highly suggest staying away from these as much as possible as there are much better options with good damage and armor damage percentage. 

However, some of the highlights from the D-Tier would still be 20/70 Devastator Slug, 20/70 Star Slug, 5.7x28mm R37.F, 5.7x28mm R37.X, 5.7x28mm SB193, 20/70 “Poleva-3” Slug, 20/70 “Poleva-6U” Slug, 5.7x28mm SS198LF, 5.45x39mm T, 5.45x39mm US gs.

Tier List Criteria 

When it comes to the criteria for this tier list, one of the major factors has to be the factor of the ammo’s penetrative power, or its armor damage percentage as well as the base damage that it provides in different scenarios and based on that ranking, it is placed in different tiers. With that, let’s wrap up with the guide!

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