Anime World Tower Defense Tier List [All Units Ranked]

I have ranked all characters in Anime World Tower Defense based off of their rarities and their passives in combat!

Anime World Tower Defense is an intriguing game with tons of characters to choose from and take to combat such as supports, legendary characters, common, rare, super rare, ultra rare, secret, as well as miracle rarity. In this Anime World Tower Defense Tier List, I aim to rank all characters based on their rarity so that it becomes easier for players to choose their favorite!

Key Takeaways

Fruit Tower Defense has a total of 90 characters that are ranked.

  • S-Tier: Characters that are only the best of the best and can detonate enemies easily. 
  • A-Tier: Characters that are still very good and have the power to take down opponents. 
  • B-Tier: Average characters that should only be chosen if the ones in the A-Tier and S-Tier are not available. 
  • C-Tier: Characters that are below average and cannot compete well. 

Anime World Tower Defense Tier List 

Below listed is a summarized version of the characters ranked in the Anime World Tower Defense Tier: 

RankingsCharacterElementRarities Passive
SUchigo PurpleSuper RareNone
SLord SombraPurpleMiracle RareResist
SDark HollowGreenLegendary RareResist
SSlime LordN/AN/AN/A
AHokuGreenCommon RareNone.
AKriezer Full PowerN/AN/AN/A
ATides QueenN/AN/AN/A
AManalaBlueLegendary RareRaise ATK
ADenisYellowUltra RareN/A
AUnbreakable HeroN/AN/AN/A
ARuffy EmperorGreenMiracle RareStun
ADesert PirateGreenUltra RarePoisoning
AVeshikunYellowMiracle RareCritical
ADog CaptainGreenUltra RareSuperpower
ADark KongkunPurpleUltra RareN/A
ADragon EyePurpleUltra RareN/A
AFear SymbolPurpleUltra RareFear
AOne Eye ReaperRedLegendary RareBloodthirsty
ABorn HybridN/AN/AN/A
BPermeation HeroN/AN/AN/A
BPinkyGreenSecret None
BMisukoRedRareMisuko Flame
BBlood DemonRedUltra RareBloodthirsty
BBerserk MechaBlueMiracle RareRaising Attack
BFatherBlueLegendary RareResist
BNightblade SamuraiPurpleLegendary RareBleed
BHell FlameRedUltra RareFlame
BSupersonic NinjaN/AN/AN/A
BSteel BatRedSuper RareCritical
BUmuRedLegendary RareFlame
BMage ChildYellowSuper RareCritical
BUchigo AwakenBlueRare+Superpower
BMist Pillar MuiBlueLegendary RareSuperpower
BSakura Captain RedLegendary RareSuperpower
BScarlet KnightWhiteLegendary RareRaising Attack
BRed ArcherRedLegendary RareResist
BOne Eye MonsterRedRareBleeding
BGentle JoYellowRareN/A
BCat SpiritRedRareN/A
BFalcon EyeGreenLegendary RareN/A
BKongkun RedRareN/A
BThunderboyYellowSuper RareNone
BFlame EmperorN/AN/AN/A
BBarustYellowLegendary RareDamage
BMagician RedN/AN/AN/A
BRoyal GirlBlueSuper RareN/A
BBlue FlamesBlueLegendary RareN/A
BFranken LadyGreenSuper RareN/A
BKing ColoGreenRareN/A
BPurgatoryRedLegendary RareFlame
BEvil KaiGreenLegendary RareSuperpower
BKing of KnightsYellowLegendary RareCritical
BThe GrapplerN/AN/AN/A
BBloodwingBlueSecret RareBloodthirsty
BFirefighter ShunRedSuper RareN/A
CRamen GuyN/AN/AN/A
CSoul Panther ResN/AN/AN/A
CThe Demon BladeN/AN/AN/A
CMugeYellowSecret RareFlame
CHunter KidGreenSuper RareN/A
CPillarman KazelRedLegendary RareBloodthirsty
CKrolyGreenSuper RareN/A
CVirtual Sword GirlRedSuper RareCritical
CLobosBlueUltra RareAmbush
CSkull AssassinPurpleSuper RareBleed
CButterfly Pillar ShinoPurpleUltra RarePoison
CVeshita MajinN/AN/AN/A
CKongkun SSJYellowSuper RareN/A
CVirtual SwordsmanGreenRareN/A
CLion HeartN/AN/AN/A
CSeventeen AbyssPurpleSuper RareCritical
CGolden SpinnerBlueSuper RareBleed
CGuraBlueSecret RareNone
CSaiki GroundN/AN/AN/A
CFire RevolutionistPurpleUltra RareFlame
CKongkun GTBlueUltra RareN/A
CBoost Ultra RareN/AN/AN/A


S-Tier Characters AWTD
S-Tier Characters

The S-Tier ranks characters that are typically some of the best that are available. They can take on enemies with ultimate ease and do not face any issues while killing monsters. These units are built to take everything without batting an eye and are practically impossible to overpower. 


A-Tier Characters AWTD
A-Tier Characters

When it comes to the A-Tier in the Anime World Tower Defense Tier List, these units aren’t your over-the-top “best” characters that are in the S-tier. However, these characters are not to be underestimated, and still can help you win most battles easily and are a pretty viable choice to take to combat. 

Characters such as Shizaku, Denis, Fear Symbol, One Eye Reaper, Burn Hybrid, Veshikun, Unbreakable Hero, Desert Pirate etc all make excellent choices to bring over to battle. 


B-Tier Characters AWTD
B-Tier Characters

As far as the B-Tier is concerned for the Anime Tier List, the characters typically ranked here lack the qualities that the ones in the other tiers might have. These characters cannot be powerful and are average at best. 

The highlights in the B-Tier list include Permeation Hero, Umu, Mage Child, Flame Emperor, Blue Flames, Franken Lady, Evil Kal, and King of Knights too. 


C-Tier Characters AWTD
C-Tier Characters

Last but not least, the characters in the C-Tier typically include characters that are some of the worst ones that you might have ever come across. They lack the DPS potential, are not cut out to be proper battle-friendly units and suck in general. 

Some of the characters in the C-Tier list that are the highlight include the Soul Panther, Blue Flames, Skull Assassin, Buttery Pillar Shino, Manato, Saiki Ground, Golden Spinner, Virtual Swordsman as well as Poseidon. 

Anime World Tower Defense Tier List Criteria 

Regarding the ranking criteria for which characters get ranked in which tier in the tier list, I typically focus on their rarities, as it determines a big chunk of the tiers. Some characters can outshine others, such as Uchigo, outshining characters such as Shizaku or Blood Demon with ease. With that, let’s wrap up the Anime World Tower Defense Tier List. 

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