Saints Row Voice Actors & Cast [Full List]

Our guide on the Voice Actors In Saints Row cover all the actors used in the game, their amazing abilities and career details.

Saints Row portrays amazing open-world gameplay, years-old repetitive formula, and the same old mayhem but completely built modern graphics. You can find lots of things returning from the original game to this one, but the voice actors are the new element here. Our Saints Row Voice Actors guide details all voice and cast members for the prominent players in the game. 

Key Takeaways
  • Players in Saints Row may alter the appearance of their characters. They may even alter the Boss’s voice by doing this.
  • 11 actors voiced the bosses in Saints Row, each with unique characteristics.
  • Saints Row’s driver is Neena. She has Jeannie Tirado as her voice.
  • Kevin plays with great force and motion; Greg Chun voices him.
  • Eli, who has a voice actor, Eugene Byrd, is the brains behind all the criminal activity in Saints Row. 

All Voice Actors In Saint Row 

Saint Row Actors
Characters In Saint Row

Here’s all the information on the voice actors and their previous work: 

CharacterVoice ActorNotable Work
NeenaJeannie TiradoDairy Tail Zero, Dragon Ball Z Fighter
KevinGreg ChunSquid Game, Super Smash Bros
EliEugene ByrdTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Max MittlemanMax MittlemanOne Punch Man, Seven Deadly Sins
Erica LindbeckErica LindbeckSpider-Man, Mortal Kombat
Catero ColbertCatero ColbertNaruto: Shippuden, Boruto
Bryce CharlesBryce CharlesTales Of The City, Black-ish
Antony Del RioAntony Del RioLeague of Legends, Metal Gear Solid Series
Emily O’BrienEmily O’BrienLeague of Legends, Death Stranding
Adam Michael GoldAdam Michael GoldVermijo
Rachel ButeraRachel ButeraStar Wars, Boss Baby

Neena Voiced By Jeannie Tirado

Neena is the driver in the game, Saints Row. The incredibly talented Jeannie Tirado voices her. Some of the greatest works of Jeannie Tirado include Zera in the Dairy Tail Zero, Closs Glass’s Leila Malcal, Android One in the famous Dragon Ball Z Fighter, and Byleth Female in the Fire Emblem series: Three Houses.

Furthermore, her main focus is on giving voice to the characters of the anime genre. She played a huge role in the League of Legends as Vex and Genshin Impact’s Kujou Sara. 

Kevin Voiced By Greg Chun

Your character Kevin is playing with no shirts but lots of action and power. Furthermore, the famous Greg Chun is the one actor to give life to this character’s voice. He is the one who gave voice to the main character of the series, Squid Game’s main protagonist Seong Gi-Hun. Not only a voice actor, but Gren Chun is also a musician.

His career is not only limited to games but also other media-related fields. Some more of his work includes Super Smash Bros, where he was a voice for Ike. Also, in Damon Slayer, he voiced Muzan Kibutsuji. 

Eli Voiced By Eugene Byrd

The mind behind all the criminal activities in Saints Row is called Eli. And the mastermind has been voiced by Eugene Byrd! Yes, that’s right. The famous actor is not only good at acting but can also serve as a good voice actor. However, Eugene has not been a part of a lot of video games.

Some of his most famous works include playing Dr. Clark Edison in Bones and CJ in Reasonable Doubt, in which he starred recently. He also had roles in American Dad, Family Guy, and, most famous, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So, prepare for some incredible work as Eli in Saint Row.

Now let’s get to the actors who have given voice to the bosses in Saints Row. 

Max Mittelman

Max Mittleman is our first voice actor for voicing the Boss. Max Mittleman is quite famous as we discuss the actors behind the voices. He is known for giving voice to characters in video games, the anime genre, and animated characters.

He has done some of the most eminent work in his career, including One Punch Man, where he voiced Saitama. Moreover, in Seven Deadly Sins, he gave voice to the King and Ryuji Sasamoto in Persona Five. And by the looks of it, it seems Max will be bringing us his best work as a fictional character, a murder machine as the Boss. 

Erica Lindbeck

Our second Boss on the list is voiced by the actor Erica Lindbeck. Erica Lindbeck comes from the state of Boston, Massachusetts. In Marvel’s Movie Spider-Man, she gave voice to the Balck Cat. Her work also includes voicing Cassie Cage in Mortal Kombat. 

Moreover, she is being starred in Ragnork: God Of War. As a boss in Saint Row, she seems to give a very hard time to other players. Her bossy vibes and ability to always go for the right things are extremely fascinating. She also has a nice way of sprinkling angst. 

Catero Colbert

The third actor on our list who gave voice to one of the bosses in Saint Row is Catero Colbert/ Catero Colbert has done a great craft of work in his timeline. From giving voice to Naruto: Shippuden as the Killer Bee and voicing Boruto’s Araya.

He was a huge fan of Saints Row and initially started by giving voice to one of the pedestrians in the game. However, he soon got to be the voice actor of the bosses by hitting it off with the game’s directors.

Bryce Charles

Bryce Charles was a famous actress in the television and film industry. However, she has recently turned into a voice actor for Saints Row. Her famous work includes being in the Tales Of The City’s Marlowe and Black-ish’s Crystal.

Starting as a voice actor, Saints Row is Bryce Charles’s first choice. However, let’s keep our fingers crossed on it not being her last.

Antony Del Rio

Antony Del Rio started his career as an actor in the television and film industry. However, later on, he turned into an actor after giving his best work as Ekko in the League of Legends. He also voiced the Pit/Dark Pit in the id Icarus.

Some of his most famous works include giving voice to the Metal Gear Solid Series’s Chico. Giving a little fun to Antony, let’s not forget his mustache that he wants us to keep in our minds vividly. 

Emily O’Brien

A three-times-nominated actress for the Daytime Emmy, Emily O’Brien, is here to voice one of the bosses in Saints Row. She was a voice actor in the League of Legends and gave voice to Camille and Samira. Emily has starred in Death Stranding. Furthermore, as a boss in Saints Row, she puts a little British touch on the character.

Adam Michael Gold

Adam Michael Gold comes with a little unexpected action in Saints Row. He was a very famous stuntman; however, he turned into the film and voice actors industry soon after discovering his talent. Starring Jim Lockhart in Vermijo has to be one of his most famous works. As a boss in Saints Row, he uses all his Western experience to give it a little tough, cowboy touch. 

Rachel Butera

Saints Row is her first work as a voice actor in a video game. She looks to be a promising character in the game, with her unique qualities and witty nature. Rachel Brutta has worked in the famous Movie Star Wars: Episode Eight- The Last Jedi.

Her work includes being a part of the animated movie Boss Baby. However, she is best known for all her impersonations of celebrities.

Let’s conclude our guide on the Voice Actors In Saints Row by saying that all the actors used to give voice to these characters are incredibly talented. Their talent to change voices and their pitches are fascinating. Moreover, it won’t be difficult to say we look forward to seeing these actors play more characters and polish their craft even more.

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