Saints Row Reboot Gameplay Leaked

Take a sneakier sneak peek into the world of new Saints Row.

Only a few hours ago, an unofficial gameplay showcase of the upcoming Saints Row Reboot has been leaked online. Posted on Youtube by “SRDominatrix”, the showcase goes through various aspects of the game with a lot of dev commentary highlighting its many districts, the main cast, traversal mechanics, combat, etc.

Update #1: The footages are being taken down, however, here are few mirror alternatives, enjoy while it lasts. eXputer in no way endorses the trade-mark on these videos, none, are we associated with them.

This seems to be the same showcase that was shown to journalists when the game was initially announced back in Gamescom as a lot of the details mentioned by journalists in their post Gamescom preview lines up with what can be seen in this leaked video. 

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The Saints Row Reboot was released back in August during Gamescom to an audience reception that was…probably not what the developers were expecting when they showed it off. The trailer on IGN’s channel has 21 thousand likes and a shocking 44 thousand dislikes. Many have been critical of the game’s shift in tone in setting from the previous entries in the series, moving away from the classy Third Street Saints and Steelport to an entirely different setting both tonally and aesthetically.

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The upcoming Saints Row Reboot.

The gameplay shown to the journalists, however, garnered a reasonably positive reception from most outlets. Many noted how the game retained the same thrilling fun that has been ever-present in the series. Volition also confirmed that the game would be tonally similar to Saints Row 2, a fan-favorite entry in the series. Yet that really wasn’t enough to cool down the wrath of the angry gamers(tm). Overly passionate fans flocked to any possible forum to complain about the game including a Twitter announcing the passing of a long-time Saints Row modder and Volition Community Manager “Mike Watson.”

The Saints Row series itself has been on a long-term hiatus ever since the less than stellar reception of the series spin-off “Agents of Mayhem” which currently sits on 62 on Metacritic. And the last entry in the SR series dates back to 2015 with Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. We can only see with time whether the Saints Row Reboot will prove to be the jolt this series desperately needs to return to the spotlight once again.

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