Saints Row Reboot: 10 New Changes

From a different cast, gameplay, and even to the way that crime is played out, here are the exciting new changes in Saints Row!

Nine years after the release of Saints Row 4, we’re getting a new game in the franchise. Instead of going with a sequel, developers at Volition are going with a reboot. Of course, a reboot means a new cast, new weapons, and new settings, all the while keeping the original charm of the game. Here are most of the major new changes in the Saints Row Reboot!

Key Takeaways

1. The Cast: The city of Saint Ileso is in the hands of three teams this time.

2. Character Customization: Every Saint’s Rows game has great insane character customization and this time again but with some new options.

3.  Customize It All: The Saint’s Rows don’t stop with their customization. In the reboot, you can also customize a vast variety of items, from cars to weapons.

4. The Premise: Their plans are to take out the competition, make a criminal cartel, and rule the underworld.

5. Change In Crime: The biggest change with the reboot is that we’re heading from a gangsta style to a more organized crime style.

6. Vehicle Collection Will Be Harder: There are many cribs with a garage, and you will be able to keep a tank or an APC in a crib garage.

7, Fast Travel: Saints Rows has introduced a new fast travel system. You can travel locations by taking pictures of locations and travel whenever you want.

8. Combat: The weapons this time around are more realistic.

9. The Criminal Life: For the first time in this game you can make your own business and make quick money. 

10. Side Activities: You can indulge in many side activities. The Saint’s Rows have always been known for their silly side activities.

1. The Cast

Meet the new and changed cast for the Saints Row Reboot. The city of Saint Ileso is in the hands of three gangs this time. First up, we have the guys from Los Panteros who are fit as ever with their very impressive cars. Second, there are the Idols who make the night their own.

And at last, we have Martial Defense Industries that use high-tech weapons to take out their enemies. Then, there’s Nina, the driver from Los Panteros, who clearly knows her way around an engine.

There’s also Kevin; a former DJ turned heist mastermind. And at last, meet Eli, the entrepreneur who finds himself managing finances in the criminal world. They may be unique with their own quirks but what’s common to all is the psychopathic tendencies one would need to survive a Saints game. If you want to check out another game with a great cast, consider reading: Yakuza 8: 5 Things We Know So far

2. Character Customization

Saints Row Reboot New Changes
Saint Row – Customization

The one thing that has NOT changed with the new Saints Reboot is the character customization. Every Saints game has blown us away with the insane character customization engine.

And it seems like we’re in for a ride once again with some newer options. With asymmetrical face customization and several different voice profiles, players can create their own Boss using the free boss factory tool.

And if you feel really proud of your work, you can use the share code to share it away with the rest of the world. If you want to know about another game with lots of changes, consider reading: Overwatch 2: 10 Changes From The First Game.

3. Customize It All

Of course, the Saints just didn’t stop there with their customization. In the reboot, you can customize a wide variety of things, from vehicles to weapons to the Saint’s HQ and your crew member outfits.

The city will take on different colors depending on the gangs’ influence. All in all, making sure every player experiences the game in their own unique way.

4. The Premise

Like always, the Boss is the star this time as well. However, his rise to the top takes a different road this time. Instead of being the leader of the gang or performing his duties as President during an alien attack, you’ll find them working in martial defense industries.

It’s here that they meet members of other gangs and decide to make the criminal streets their own. Their goals are to take out the competition, build a criminal empire, and of course, rule the underworld. If you want to cehck out another game with an interesting premise, consider reading: Sons of the Forest: Everything We Know!

5. Change In Crime

Changes in the New Saints Row Reboot
Saints Row – Organized Crime

Perhaps the biggest change with the reboot is that we’re heading from gangsta style to a more organized crime style, and that has a lot of people excited. We’ve already seen the hood style in the first two games, and so the developers choosing to take the reboot in this new direction is a breath of fresh air.

Of course, there are mixed opinions. While some appreciate the change in crime, others would prefer to stick to the hood style. So, we’ll have to wait for the actual game to see how the public opinion fairs then.

6. Vehicle Collection Will Be Harder

If you’ve played the previous Saints Row games, you’re well aware of how easy it was to collect vehicles. There were many cribs with a garage, and you had the freedom to store a tank or an APC in a crib garage with 5-stars police notoriety regardless of your own notoriety.

If you managed to get rid of the notoriety, you could easily bring your car to Rim Jobs and customize it to make it your own. Saints Row Four was even better. You only needed to hold down D-Pad Down/N Key to scan the car, and voila!

However, things have changed a lot different in the new reboot of Saints Row. First off, there are only two cribs in the entire game. Second, you’re in a whole lotta trouble if an enemy is nearby, even with zero notoriety, because you won’t be able to store your ride.

What’s more: there are no Semi Broken or pre-built car customization services. So, if you’re being chased, you’ll have to lose the tail first and then drive a long distance to a nearby mechanic or a crib. 

If you want a game without all the crazy vehicles, then consider checking out the upcoming Skate. It has a lot of parkour, tricks and a lot more! Learn more here: Skate 4: Everything We Know So Far!

7. Fast Travel

Fast Travel Using Pictures
Saints Row – Fast Travel Through Pictures

Volition has introduced a new fast travel system. You can unlock new fast travel locations by taking pictures of nearby locations, and once you have the picture, you can fast travel to that location whenever you want.

If you’re wondering why Volition decided to let players zap across the map, well, then it might have something to do with the fact that the developers are changing the playground. This time it’s all going down in the new city of Santo Ileso, and it’s supposed to be their biggest location yet.

The Fast Travel feature would allow players to travel from point A to point B in a matter of seconds and save everyone the trouble of having to drive for miles. And that pretty much means faster missions! 

If you’re a fan of unique ways to travel across the world, consider checking out another upcoming game that has a lot of magical elements and lots of parkour based traversal: Forspoken: Story, Release Date, Gameplay & Platforms

8. Combat

Saints Row Combat
Saints Row – Combat

Third-person shooting and melee combat are still at the heart of the new reboot. However, the weapons this time around are more realistic. There are also new mechanics like flow and perks.

As you complete actions, you’ll rake up flow points. And once you have enough, you’ll be able to unlock different abilities like attaching a grenade to an enemy and throwing them in an enemy crowd.

As for perks, they fall into three categories: Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. You can keep five on you at a time. Then there are also takedowns that let you have a health refill. They come with a meter that you need to build over time with kills.

If you want to know more about an upcoming game with unique combat and interesting world, consider reading: Callisto Protocol: Trailer, Gameplay, & Release Date!

9. The Criminal Life

Businesses in the game
Saints Row – Possibility of Owning a Medical Clinic

For the first time in the series, you get a chance to build your very own business. You could create a medical clinic as a front for your more nefarious activities. In that case, maybe you could cause injuries to yourself and earn some quick cash.

You could also build a disposal facility and dump illegal chemicals. All in all, the sky’s the limit. Maybe this is your chance to finally live out your dream profession! Speaking of the criminal life, here’s an upcoming game that you’ll love to know more about: GTA 6: Release Date, Trailer, Story & Leaks

10. Side Activities

When you’re not fighting other gangs or running your fake business, you can indulge in the many side activities. The games have always been known for their ridiculous side activities.

Who could ever forget the UFO Mech Suit Mayhem and Professor Genki’s Mind over Murder? It seems like we’re going to be treated to the same old ridiculous side activities along with some new titles at their sides.

Some of the names returning include Mayhem, where you get to cause as much property damage as possible within a time limit.

Drug Trafficking will be returning as Riding Shotgun. We just hope developers have worked on the AI tracking this time. Fingers are crossed for the return of the Septic Avenger.

With that we wrap up our list of all the new changes in the Saints Row Reboot. There are a lot of new things for you to check out and spend hours exploring. 

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