Hearthstone Arena Class Tier List [All Classes Ranked]

I have ranked all classes out of the 11 classes available according to their traits and performance in battle!

Hearthstone Arena is a formidable game where players need to focus on card and class formations to dominate the arena. In the Hearthstone Arena Tier List, I have focused on the best classes and ranked them based on their performance.

Update: This Tier list has been double-checked and reflects all the weapon changes implemented in the latest patch, Update 29.0.
Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 11 classes in Hearthstone Arena. 
  • S-Tier: Devastating classes with the best traits and featured cards. 
  • A-Tier: Runner-up classes that can still provide the best offense and defense during combat. 
  • B-Tier: Questionable classes that are average in battle. 
  • C-Tier: Difficult traits, classes that do not offer versatility. 

Hearthstone Arena Tier List 

Below listed is a summarized version of the classes ranked in the Hearthstone Arena Tier List: 

S-TierDeathknight, Shaman, Mage
A-TierWarrior, Paladin, Hunter
B-TierRogue, Warlock, Druid
C-TierPriest, Demon Hunter


S-Tier Ranked Classes
S-Tier Ranked Classes in Hearthstone

When it comes to the S-tier classes in Hearthstone Arena’s Tier List, it typically focuses on classes that can murder every other class in comparison. These classes can dominate the arena and are only the best of the best, with classes such as Deathknight, Shaman, and Rage coming on top as compared to the other options. 


  • Can use the power of Blood, Undead, and Frost 
  • They can use their traits to their advantage. 
  • Featured cards are broken as hell. 
  • One of the best classes available. 
  • Cards can be difficult to use. 


  • Shaman can make use of the elements. 
  • Can destroy enemies using lava, and rain. 
  • Allies can be called into battle for further assistance. 
  • 3 traits such as Totems, Overload, and Evolution. 
  • Featured cards are a menace to figure out. 


  • Spells can be deadly during battle. 
  • The damage output for the mage is incomparable. 
  • Can bring forth creatures to do its job. 
  • A versatile class to bring in combat. 
  • Devastating abilities. 
  • It’s traits can be difficult to understand. 


Classes In A-Tier
Classes In A-Tier in Hearthstone

When it comes to the A-Tier classes, these classes in the Tier List can be a good runner-up for the S-tier classes if you do not wish to play those. Classes such as the Warrior, Paladin as well as the Hunter can bring alot to the table with their traits, abilities, and featured cards. 


  • Can make use of its armor and weapons. 
  • Insane offensive damage dealt to enemies. 
  • One of the best defense classes in-game to use. 
  • Abilities are only further enhanced if the class takes damage from enemies. 
  • The class is focused more on defense rather than offense. 
  • It’s not a versatile class. 


  • Typically best used as healing units. 
  • Buffs and traits can be used to provide good buff cards. 
  • The Silver Hand Recruits trait confuses the enemy. 
  • The divine Shield trait is broken as it can protect minions. 
  • Its spells are unlike any other. 
  • Cards can be difficult to acquire. 


  • The class can unleash high offensive damage on enemies. 
  • Its traits can make Hunter a highly viable class to choose from. 
  • Companions can be called to your side with the Beasts trait. 
  • Deadly traps can be laid down to destroy enemies with Traps trait. 
  • Shots can be discharged using the Shots trait. 
  • The hunter class is not a versatile option as it focuses on offense. 


B-Tier Classes Hearthstone Arena
Classes Ranked As B-Tier

As far as the B-Tier is concerned for the Tier List, it focuses on classes that are not the worst of the worst but are still not viable contenders as the best classes, therefore fall in the B-Tier. Their class traits and featured cards are rather weak in the changing meta and fall off quickly. 


  • Amazing escape abilities during combat. 
  • They can cast spells as well as launch attacks all at the same time. 
  • One of the fastest classes available. 
  • Spells and minions can be used again with the Replaying Cards trait. 
  • Deadly spells can be used with the A Flurry of Spells trait. 
  • Weaker class as compared to the Deathknight or Warrior. 


  • Warlocks can use their curses to their advantage in combat. 
  • Use of sacrifice makes winning a battle easy. 
  • A Warlock can sacrifice health to unleash deadly effects on opponents. 
  • Demons can be summoned forth to assist in battle. 
  • The Discard Trait can employ deadly effects in exchange for losing a card. 
  • Health needs to be sacrificed for better offense during combat. 


  • Versatile class that can take forms during combat. 
  • A mixture of buffs, heals and enhancement effects can be used. 
  • Additional Mana crystals can be unlocked, coming in handy during battle. 
  • Smaller minions can be used that comply with the Druid. 
  • An undesirable class for players that want a class-centric to a specific trait. 


C-Tier Ranked Classes
C-Tier Ranked Classes In Hearthstone

Last but not least, the C-Tier classes in Hearthstone’s Arena Tier List feature classes that do not perform well at all, such as Priest and Demon Hunter, and their traits and abilities are also on the weaker side. 


  • Healing spells can come in handy during battle. 
  • Psychic damage can be dealt to opponents. 
  • Lower damage output as compared to other classes. 
  • Lower defense compared to classes such as Warrior. 
  • It’s not a versatile class. 

Demon Hunter 

  • Offensive class focused on dealing damage to enemies. 
  • Demon Hunter is one of the weakest offensive classes compared to Deathknight or Hunter. 

Hearthstone Arena Tier List Criteria 

The tier list has been curated based on the traits that are available with each of the 11 classes available to play, and how they can match up with the featured cards available in the classes. 

Due to the changing meta, any class can go up or down the rankings and change with each coming season. With that, let’s wrap up the Hearthstone Arena Tier List! While you’re here, why not read up on the Hearthstone Battlegrounds Heroes Tier List which ranks all the heroes in-game! 

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