Cities: Skylines 2 Dev—”We Have A Mountain To Climb For Delivering On Expectations”

Work on mod support continues.

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  • Cities: Skylines 2 is the sequel to the critically praised Cities: Skylines from 2015.
  • The game has received a new developer update from Paradox CEO Mariina Hallikainen. 
  • Mariina expressed how the studio has tremendous expectations to meet, but hope isn’t lost just yet.

Cities: Skylines 2 has been in rough waters over the course of its release, with players constantly highlighting the lack of content and optimization in this 2023-released sequel to the first Cities: Skylines. In the context of what’s been unfolding so far, the CEO of Paradox Interactive Mariina Hallikainen has assured fans that although the studio has tremendous expectations to meet, it feels confident to deliver on them. 

We are aware we have a mountain to climb when it comes to delivering on the expectations but we have our ice picks ready and we are surely used to the cold. We’re going to keep on climbing and you’ll continue to see that progress in the game.” 

Elsewhere, there has been a concrete mention of the status of Cities: Skylines 2’s mod support, which was first spoken of right before the title’s release back in October 2023. It was said at the time that mod support wouldn’t be available at launch, but would be added to the title post-launch. Expanding on that notion again now, Mariina said, 

The biggest regret we have is that modding support is not yet available for the game. We have been working on it since the beginning of the project and the intent was to have it fully ready at release. Code modding support, map, and asset editing were all planned to be fully usable and mods shareable in one place. We still believe that offering modding support makes any game better and that the tools and mods should be available for all players to enjoy at no additional cost.” 

Selling over a million copies — the news of which broke earlier this month — Paradox pushed out Cities: Skylines 2 on October 24, 2023, for PC, with console versions coming later in the year. eXputer rated the city building simulator 3.5/5.0, with author Asad Ahmed calling it “a sequel with notable improvements over its predecessor, but it falls short in terms of content and stability.” 

Producing water in Cities Skylines 2
Producing Water in Cities: Skylines 2 (Image via eXputer)

If you’re a new player, here’s how to educate your citizens in Cities: Skylines 2, followed by this guide on managing traffic jams to boot.

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