Cities: Skylines 2- How To Manage Traffic Jams

Learn all about managing traffic along with how to fix traffic jams and what causes them.

In Cities Skylines 2, traffic is a huge issue. If you have a well-built and crowded downtown, the traffic there will be insane. This traffic will end up causing a lot of problems for your citizens. It causes noise pollution and is unsafe for pedestrians. Having a well-built system for cars and other transport vehicles will be highly beneficial for your citizens. Therefore, knowing how to manage traffic jams in Cities Skylines 2 is important. 

Key Takeaways
  • At a certain point in Cities Skylines 2, you will experience a lot of traffic jams due to the city’s size,
  • These traffic jams get more frequent as your city gets more developed.
  • You can check out all the traffic jams in your city by clicking the info view icons on the top left.
  • The Cities Skylines 2 traffic jams can be fixed and prevented by considering a few factors.
  • You should ensure multiple connections to a location, add roundabouts, and promote public transportation and walking.

How To Know About Traffic Jams

Info View Icon
The Info View Icon At The Top Left [Image Taken By Me]
To help you narrow down the location of the traffic situation, just click the info views icon on the top left of your screen.

A map will appear, and the map will show you where you have a traffic jam. The different colours range from green, orange, and red. Green means perfect, Orange means the middle, and red means there is a bad traffic jam.

How To Fix Traffic Jams

The most obvious way of fixing any traffic jam is making sure that every destination has multiple routes.

Make sure plenty of roads have been placed at ideal locations. Residential areas should have roads all around them with multiple entrances and exit points. However, there are still more solutions to the problem.

The solution are as the following:

Multiple Highway Connections

Intersection [Screenshot Taken By Me]
At the very beginning, you won’t have a set highway, and everyone passing by will have to go through the middle of the city, which could be better by any means. Therefore, there should be several highway exits and entrance points. Creating them will drastically decrease the traffic jams and make citizens much happier.

Create Roundabouts

Roundabouts [Screengrab Taken By Me]
At every intersection, build a roundabout. This will not stop the traffic and keep it going. Since there are no traffic lights at a roundabout, your traffic will never come to a stop. However, it is not great to build a roundabout everywhere. Traffic lights and wider roads, in general, should always be your go-to.

Public Transport

Public Transport
Public Transport Details At The Top Left [Image Taken By Me]
The most ideal way to deal with high traffic is by creating multiple different ways of public transport. Citizens will then choose to travel on them. Make sure that your public transport reaches all parts of your city and goes through all the important areas, such as the downtown. Buses and Trams should be kept in mind.

Proper Parking Areas

Parking [Screenshot Taken By Me]
All the areas of your city where people usually go should have proper parking spots. Building these spots will massively help the traffic jams. They should have various exit and entrance points. They should also lead out to different roads that are nearby.

Promote Walking

Pedestrian Street
Pedestrian Street [Screengrab Taken By Me]
Building proper pedestrian streets and giving pedestrians more importance can help you promote walking. People will eventually decide to walk to their destinations. Therefore, Air pollution, noise pollution, and unnecessary traffic jams won’t happen that often.

My Thoughts About Traffic Jams In Cities Skylines 2

Traffic Jams are a real headache in the Cities Skylines 2. However, all of these solutions work quite well and help you loads. I personally think building roundabouts where the traffic is immense helps out a lot. Clearing these traffic jams makes your citizens happy and satisfied. The set ways are quite easy to do and, therefore, are very important.

Furthermore, you can check out Asad Ahmed’s thoughts on Cities Skylines 2 in our Cities Skylines 2 Review. Also, you can check out this Steam Community thread on how people feel about Cities Skylines 2 Traffic AI.

And with that, my guide on Cities Skylines 2 How To Manage Traffic Jams comes to an end. Here you were informed on how you can manage your city’s traffic to prevent traffic jams. Other than that, if you have something to add, you can do so through the comment section down below.

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