Cities: Skylines 2 – How To Create Bus Routes

Unlock your city's potential by initiating public transportation system development through bus routes in Cities Skylines 2.

Before you can start creating bus routes in Cities Skylines 2, you need to reach the Grand Village Milestone to get Transportation Services in the Development Tree. Once you achieve this milestone, you can begin enhancing and expanding your city’s public transportation system by setting up effective bus routes.

Key Takeaways
  • Creating bus routes in Cities Skylines 2 is a Grand Village Milestone feature.
  • Start by constructing a Bus Depot and possibly upgrading it with extra garages to ensure a steady bus supply.
  • Create Bus stations to serve as hubs, allowing multiple bus lines to converge and passengers to switch between them.
  • Place bus stops around your city for passenger pick-up and drop-off.
  • Establish bus lines by using the bus line tool in Cities Skyline 2.
  • Customize your Bus Route by adjusting ticket prices, vehicle types, service hours, and colors, and even renaming it for better recognition.

How To Create Bus Routes In Cities Skylines 2

Unlocking Transportation
Unlocking Transportation [Image Credit Me]
To create a bus route, you need to build a depot, set up bus stations, add bus stops, and create bus lines in Cities Skyline 2.

Buses are the initial mode of public transport available in the early Cities Skylines 2 and serve as the foundation of your city’s transportation network. They are a reliable and cost-effective option, although their efficiency is heavily influenced by the city’s traffic conditions.

Here is how you can create Bus Routes in Cities Skylines 2:

Build A Bus Depot

Bus Depot
Bus Depot [Image by Me]
To maintain an efficient bus network, you must have a Bus Depot in Cities Skylines 2. If you haven’t done so already, build one in your city. You can also upgrade your depot by adding an extra garage to accommodate more buses. Upgrading your depot ensures that you won’t run out of buses, a common problem as your city grows.

Set Up Bus Stations

Bus Station
Bus Station [Image by eXputer]
Bus stations act as central hubs for your bus network, enabling multiple bus lines to stop at a single location in Cities Skylines 2. To facilitate passenger transfers between different bus lines, build a bus station in your city.

Add Bus Stops

People Waiting at Bus Stop in Cities Skylines 2
People Waiting at Bus Stop [Image By Me]
The next step is to place bus stops throughout your city. These stops serve as locations where your buses will pick up and drop off passengers.

There are two options for the bus stops: 

  1. Basic Bus Stop Signs
  2. Bus Shelters

I recommend opting for the Bus Shelters as they provide additional comfort to waiting passengers and keep your citizens happy. It’s advisable to strategically position these stops across your city to ensure maximum coverage.

Create Bus Lines

Customizing your Bus Line
Customizing your Bus Line [Image by Me]
Now that your bus stops are in position, it’s time to establish a bus line:

  1. Access the bus line tool.
  2. Select a bus at the Bus Station and click to initiate a new route.
  3. Click on the bus stops in the sequence you want the bus line to follow.
  4. Finish the route by returning to the Bus Station and clicking to confirm the bus route.

Congratulations, you’ve now successfully created a new bus line in Cities Skylines 2.

Customize Your Bus Line

Customizing your Bus Line in Cities Skylines 2
Customizing your Bus Line [Image by Me]
Once your bus route is established in Cities Skylines 2, you have the option to customize it to your liking:

  • Modify the vehicle type for your line.
  • Adjust the ticket price.
  • Change the number of vehicles operating on the route.
  • Set the service hours (day, night, or 24 hours).
  • Choose a unique color for your line.
  • Rename your line to make it more memorable and easily recognizable.

That’s everything you need to know about Bus Routes in Cities Skylines 2. Public Transport is one of the Best Ways to Make Money in Cities Skylines 2. However, don’t go overboard with the Ticket Price as it can impact your citizens’ happiness. Furthermore, the Bus Station is also one of the Best Service Upgrades as it adds six additional bus platforms. 


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