Cities: Skylines 2 – Best Service Upgrades [Top 9]

Discover the essential service upgrades in Cities Skylines 2, and elevate your city's functionality and citizen well-being.

It’s crucial to invest in the best service upgrades in Cities Skylines 2 if your city’s population is expanding and the demand for services increases. Cities Skylines 2 provides multiple optional upgrades for your services, offering a cost-effective and space-efficient approach while your city grows.

Key Takeaways
  • Service upgrades in Cities Skylines 2 refer to various improvements and additions that significantly enhance the performance and sustainability of critical services.
  • Service upgrades become crucial as your city grows to benefit your city’s environment, economy, and citizens’ well-being.
  • It is vital to keep up with the services for a growing population and rising demands.
  • Without these service upgrades, providing the expected quality of life, managing the environment, and sustaining a thriving economy can become increasingly challenging.

Best Service Upgrades In Cities Skylines 2

Here is a summary of the Best Service Upgrades in Cities Skylines 2:

9CemeteryMausoleumTurns the cemetery into a tourist spot, increasing attractiveness and generating revenue.
8Recycling CenterStorage ExtensionExpands waste storage by 50 tons, reducing pollution and improving waste management.
7Elementary SchoolExtension WingExpands school capacity by 500 pupils, reducing noise pollution while meeting educational demands.
6Wastewater Treatment PlantAdvanced Filtering SystemIncreases sewage purification by 25%, improving sustainability and resource efficiency.
5Bus StationExtra PlatformsAdds six bus platforms, enhancing capacity, efficiency, and reducing noise pollution.
4Wind TurbinesAdvanced Rotor SystemBoosts power output by 2.5 MW, enhancing sustainability and reducing energy reliance.
3Cargo HarborCargo CranesAccelerates cargo operations and reduces noise pollution, enhancing trade and residents' quality of life.
2Solar Power PlantBackup BatteryIncreases battery capacity by 50 MW, ensuring stable electricity supply.
1Sewage OutletChemical PurificationCost-effective sewage treatment upgrade, delaying the need for a water treatment station.

9. Mausoleum

Mausoleum [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Mausoleum in Cities Skylines 2 serves as a distinguished memorial tomb for persons of great importance within your city. The Mausoleum not only pays tribute to important figures but also turns the cemetery into an appealing tourist spot, increasing 20 attractiveness.

As a result, the city benefits from increased tourism from attraction, contributing to additional revenue, which is one of the Best Ways to Make Money in Cities Skylines 2.

8. Storage Extension

Storage Extension
Storage Extension [Image by Me]
The Storage Extension upgrade in Cities Skylines 2 brings a huge improvement to your Recycling Center. It grants the ability to store a significantly larger quantity of waste for processing, expanding the storage capacity by an additional 50t. 

Moreover, the upgrade contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment by reducing ground, air, and noise pollution associated with garbage facilities. With more efficient waste management and reduced environmental impacts, your city can maintain its sanitation standards while enhancing the quality of life for its citizens.

7. Extension Wing

Extension Wing
Extension Wing [Image by Me]
The Extension Wing in Cities Skylines 2 provides a practical solution for accommodating a larger number of students in your Elementary School. By expanding the school’s capacity by 500 pupils, the service upgrades in Cities Skylines 2 meet the growing educational needs of your city’s youth. 

Furthermore, it contributes to a quieter and more peaceful learning environment by reducing noise pollution. You will need the upgrade once your city reaches over 50k citizens, as the demand for education will increase, too.

6. Advanced Filtering System

Advanced Filtering System
Advanced Filtering System [Image by Me]
The Advanced Filtering System of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Cities Skylines 2 offers a significant advantage by increasing the sewage purification rate by 25%. It means that a larger portion of the sewage generated in your city will be efficiently converted into clean, reusable freshwater resources. 

The Service Upgrades in multiple plants in Cities Skylines 2 will not only help maintain a cleaner environment but also boost the overall sustainability of your city, reducing the need for additional water sources and enhancing the well-being of your citizens.

5. Extra Platforms

Extra Platforms
Extra Platforms [Image by Me]
The addition of Extra Platforms in Cities Skylines 2 introduces six additional bus platforms, significantly enhancing your Bus Station’s capacity and functionality. Accommodating a greater volume of traffic, making public transportation more efficient. 

Additionally, it plays a pivotal role in reducing noise pollution, creating more happy citizens in your city. 

4. Advanced Rotor System

Advanced Rotor System service upgrades cities skylines 2
Advanced Rotor System [Image by Me]
The Advanced Rotor System in Cities Skylines 2 represents a major jump in power generation efficiency, providing a remarkable boost in power output. With the service upgrades, your wind turbines can harness and generate an additional 2.5 MW of electricity, depending upon their positioning. 

The enhanced power production not only increases the sustainability of your city but also offers economic advantages, reducing your reliance on other energy sources and ensuring a stable and eco-friendly power supply to meet the growing demands of your citizens.

3. Cargo Cranes

Cargo Cranes
Cargo Cranes [Image by Me]
The upgrade of Cargo Cranes in Cities Skylines 2 brings a notable enhancement in cargo harbor operations. These additional cranes significantly accelerate the loading and unloading processes while also resulting in a reduction in noise pollution at the harbor. 

The service upgrades in Cities Skylines 2 not only improve the efficiency of your city’s trade and logistics but also enhance the quality of life for nearby citizens by reducing noise pollution.

2. Backup Battery

Backup Battery
Backup Battery [Image by Me]
The addition of a Backup Battery in Cities Skylines 2 offers a huge boost to your Solar Power Plant’s electricity storage capabilities. The upgrade effectively increases both the Battery Capacity and Battery Output by an impressive 50 MW. 

With the enhanced energy storage system, your city gains increased resilience to power fluctuations, ensuring a more stable and reliable electricity supply, even during peak demand or adverse conditions. However, you will have to first unlock the Solar Power Plant, which is one of the Best Development Tree Unlocks 

1. Chemical Purification

Chemical Purification service upgrades cities skylines 2
Chemical Purification [Image by Me]
The Chemical Purification upgrade stands out as one of the finest service enhancements in Cities Skylines, and it’s a wise investment even if you’re on a tight budget. The upgrade offers excellent cost-effectiveness in both the short and long run. 

Its ability to enhance sewage treatment means you can postpone purchasing a full-fledged water treatment station for an extended period. Moreover, given the high cost of water treatment stations, any measure that delays expense is undoubtedly advantageous.

My Take On Best Service Upgrades

Cities Skylines 2 Gamerscore
My Gamerscore on Cities Skylines 2

When building a city, I faced a lot of difficulties, and managing the city with a tight budget was one of them. Don’t recklessly build or upgrade anything that doesn’t have demand. Make sure you operate with supply and demand.

Cities Skylines 2 is an unoptimized mess; make sure you have the Best Settings so you don’t lag behind while building your dream city. If you’re new to the game, check Irfan Ansari’s guide on Best Starting Maps In Cities: Skylines 2.


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