Cities: Skylines 2 – How To Delete Pipes [All To Know]

Learn the method of how to delete pipes in Cities Skylines 2, keeping your citizens happy, and healthy, and your city thriving.

In the world of Cities Skylines 2, mastering the art of how to delete pipes stands as an indispensable skill. The presence of pipes wields a direct influence over the well-being of your virtual residents. Failing to tend to their removal can lead to a multitude of problems.

Key Takeaways

Deleting pipes in Cities Skylines 2 is essential for maintaining a healthy and thriving city.

  • To efficiently delete pipes in Cities Skylines 2, follow these steps:
    1. Ensure a perpendicular view.
    2. Access the bulldozer menu.
    3. Switch to Underground mode.
    4. Select the pipes, and use the “Bulldoze object” option.
  • Click and hold at the pipe’s origin and move along its path for quicker removal of multiple pipes.
  • Remember, you can’t delete pipes connected to a road without deleting the entire road.
  • Proper pipe management is crucial for city functionality and growth, preventing complications and disruptions.

How To Delete Pipes In Cities Skylines 2

When dealing with pipe removal in Cities Skylines 2, it can indeed be a tricky task, especially when sometimes you need pixel-perfect movement. Often, the water and sewage pipes interconnect, adding complexity to the process.

To efficiently delete pipes, follow these steps:

  • Start by ensuring your city view is perfectly perpendicular using the Q and E keys to ensure accurate pipe selection.
cities skylines 2 best view to edit pipes
Bird’s eye view is the best to delete pipes [image by eXputer]
  • Access the bulldozer menu by selecting the bulldozer icon in the bottom right corner or simply press B.
  • Opt for the Underground mode by selecting the icon on the left to reveal all underground sewage and water pipes (this option will only appear after you have selected the bulldozer icon). 
cities skylines 2 underground mode (1)
Access the underground mode by selecting this icon [image credits: eXputer]
    • Choose the specific underground pipes you wish to eliminate.
    • Finally, click on the “Bulldoze object” option to delete the selected pipes and receive a refund.

For efficiency, click and hold at the pipe’s origin, then move along its path to select multiple pipes at once, accelerating refunds and speeding up city management.

Important: Keep in mind that you can’t delete pipes that are connected to a road in Cities Skylines 2 without deleting the entire road, so focus on pipes meant solely for water and sewage transportation.

This method ensures efficient pipe deletion in Cities Skylines 2. Remember, the key step is transitioning to Underground mode since pipe deletion is exclusively possible in this mode. While Water view mode offers visibility of the underground pipe network, it doesn’t allow selection, making the switch to Underground mode essential for successful pipe removal.

Why Deleting Pipes Is Important?

cities skylines 2 stats
These stats will decrease if you don’t manage your pipes correctly [image credits: eXputer]
Neglecting the maintenance of pipes can lead to unhappy, unhealthy, and declining populations, which is a significant concern for any city builder.

In Cities Skylines 2, pipes play a pivotal role in ensuring your city’s essential functions. They are responsible for maintaining a reliable water supply and a proper sewage outlet. 

The issue with improperly managed pipes goes beyond just the well-being of your citizens. Pipes that block overlapping ones can disrupt your city’s functionality and pose a significant challenge when left unaddressed. Efficient pipe management is crucial for maintaining a well-balanced and thriving metropolis.

Building connections for water and sewage is a critical aspect of city planning. Roads come with built-in connections for these utilities, but it’s essential to remember that some buildings may require separate pipes for water or sewage. Careful consideration of these factors will ensure that your city functions smoothly without any hitches.

With that, you are all set and ready to delete pipes that cause a deadlock in your city’s pipes network. Before leaving, read Cities Skylines 2 Review for a profound analysis by eXputer’s esteemed and seasoned reviewer, Asad Ahmed.

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