Cities: Skylines 2 – Not Enough Customers [SOLVED]

You can get rid of Cities Skylines 2 not enough customers problem by balancing out zones, controlling the unemployment rate, strategically placing commercial zones, and making commercial spaces easily accessible.

Like most of you, I got addicted to Cities Skylines 2 when I started playing the game. So imagine this: my streets are bustling, skyscrapers are being built, and citizens are happy. But suddenly, the commercial zones in Cities Skylines 2 are saying, “Not enough customers!” 

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Key Takeaways
  • Cities Skylines 2 enough customers problem has been a frustrating issue that keeps bugging players.

Here are a few solutions that I have tested and found effective in fixing the “not enough customers” issue:

  • Avoid over-zoning your commercial areas and maintain a balanced mix of residential, commercial, and industrial zones.
  • Control the city’s unemployment rate and keep it at most 10%.
  • Strategically place commercial zones so it’s not densely packed.
  • Make commercial zones easily accessible for customers by building parking spaces around them.

A lot of other players have also run into the same issue I have described above, and I’m sure you’re all scratching your head, wondering how to fix this. Worry not. I have figured out how to turn your desolate city into a prosperous area again.

Balance Out Zoning

Avoid over-zoning commercial areas. This means you must maintain a balanced mix of residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Also, pay close attention to the demand meter and adjust the zoning according to your city’s needs. Do not excessively zone commercial areas even if the demand is high. Balance is always necessary to have a thriving city. 

This solution may seem obvious, but this helped solve the issue for several players, including these Steam Community and Reddit users.

Control The Unemployment Rate

Keep the city’s unemployment rate low. When the unemployment rate is low, you must zone more residential areas, no matter the demand. This will ensure a steady influx of residents who can become customers for businesses and solve Cities Skylines 2’s Not customers issue. 

Experience: This solution was tried and tested by myself, and it seemed to work the best when you keep the city’s unemployment rate at around 10%.

Strategically Place Commercial Spaces

In Cities Skylines 2, the issue of “Not enough customers” can also be solved by placing commercial zones strategically. I did this by paying close attention to the customer heat map.

All you have to do is avoid areas where the heat map is not lively and create commercial zones where the map is green or orange. This will increase the chances of attracting customers.

cities skylines 2 not enough customers heatmap
Avoid red and orange regions to place your commercial zones. (image by eXputer)

Make Commercial Zones Easily Accessible 

While grinding on Cities Skylines 2, I noticed that when I made commercial zones more easily accessible to civilians, the chances of facing “not enough customers” were reduced drastically. You can do this by placing parking lots nearby to provide convenience to customers. 

I know how frustrating it can be when all you want to do is enjoy this game. So, I hope my guide helped you solve the Cities Skylines 2 customers issue. If nothing else works, players have also reported ignoring the message entirely, and the problem will disappear.

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