Solved: How To Fix Cities Skylines Not Enough Goods To Sell Error

Fundamental economic problem.

If you have played cities skylines, you would know that the error “not enough goods to sell” is the most frustrating problem out there. The game does not explain why this error emerges and how it could be fixed, which then becomes hectic because new players aren’t able to figure out a fix. All things aside, If you are facing the not enough goods error, then you have come to the right place.

I also faced this error, and after trying everything, I finally came across few solutions that, in my experience, have consistently worked for all players. These solutions are explained in points, but before we jump to that, it is highly imperative that you should first be aware of the problem.

Key Highlights
  • You can encounter the “Not Enough Goods To Sell” error when your business does not have enough products to sell, as referenced by the name of the error.
  • There are several things that can cause the “Not Enough Goods To Sell” Error, the most common issues are Traffic jams, inconsistent infrastructure, imbalance of generic or commercial industries, and many more.
  • It is pretty common to have congestion of retail in the commercial zones since a lot of the goods in these zones are imported rather than being produced via generic sectors.
  • The fix that works for a lot of the players is making use of more generic industrial buildings because the bulk of the players will support these industries.
  • Another way of fixing the error is getting rid of traffic and making sure you have train stations and harbors to receive imported goods. A traffic jam can cause delays in receiving your goods since the trucks carrying them might get stuck in Traffic, and you will not receive imported goods without a train station or harbor.
  • The best way to fix the “Not Enough Goods To Sell” Error is to move your generic industries closer to the commercial zones, which will ensure swift and quick deliveries of your goods.
  • Before moving your generic industries and fixing traffic, you should understand that the ratio of supply and demand should be the same. You need to make sure you have a similar number of both generic industries and commercial industries.
  • In any event, you should make sure to stop uncontrolled imports, as this can cause a lot of issues for the overall imports because the trains or ships are not able to meet the demand.
  • If you want to avoid stopping imports, you can try to optimize the infrastructure for the vehicles transporting your goods, which means moving the cargo drops closer to the commercial zones.
  • The most important thing to remember is that materials go in generic industries and then get sold to commercial zones. Your job is finding any issues in this process and fixing them.

Fix Cities Skylines Not Enough Goods To Sell

Cities Skylines Not Enough Goods To Sell
A well-established city.

The “not enough goods to sell” shows up as an icon on commercial buildings. This problem gets further expended, with all the other relevant buildings being abandoned. The most common fix which doesn’t require any necessary explanation is to make more generic industries because most players corroborate. There is always a retail bottleneck at Commercial Zones because most goods are imported and not produced through generic sectors. Anyhow, with this meta in mind, you should now jump to the quick fixes for this error listed below.

Get Rid Of Traffic

Many new players in Sky Cities Skylines ignore the factor of building a proper road structure, which then ultimately leads to heavy traffic. You might be thinking, how does that cause the not enough goods to sell error? Since trucks from generic industries aren’t able to reach on time, the commercial buildings aren’t able to sell anything, which then shows this frustrating error.

You can fix this by making a sustained road structure that prevents excessive traffic. Besides, also make sure that if the goods are being imported, then there are cargo train stations or harbors that can deliver the goods timely. Similarly, sometimes the cargo trains and ships are also unable to meet the demand, so keep that in mind too. Some community users also suggest resetting the traffic because often the cargo ships or trucks are stuck somewhere, and they do not do their job.

 Make Generic Industries Close To Commercial Zones

Cities Skylines Not Enough Goods To Sell
Commercial Zones.

This is by far the most helpful suggestion I received while trying to fix the error. The meta in this is quite simple; you just have to understand the efficiency of the goods being moved from generic industries to the Commercial Zones. Usually, new players commit the mistake of manufacturing generic industries way too far from Commercial Zones, leading to delay and slow deliveries.

You can quickly fix this by changing the locations of already built generic industries and bringing them close to the commercial zones. Once done, you will automatically see the transporting time being significantly reduced and the error no longer looming.

I also recommend clicking on a truck and see how long it takes to deliver the goods. This would not only help you identify the road structures but also suggest that the distance between general industries and commercial zones might be causing the “not enough goods error.”

Balance the Commercial Industries Ratio

Cities Skylines Not Enough Goods To Sell
Making more generic industries.

It is highly imperative that before you go on and get the transport plus traffic thingy right. You should figure out that the balance between Supply and Demand is equal. With that being said, mostly the demand through the Commercial Zones is high, and lots of players are just relying on a couple of generic industries to make up for it. This causes many problems, and at the end of the day, it is simple economics; there is scarcity.

To identify this problem, and likewise, find a fix. You will first have to compare the number of generic industries to commercial industries. If that is completely fine, then the problem could be more profound, and your economy in Cities Skylines must be lacking raw goods that could fix the ecosystem.

Stop the Imports

As always, the most important rule of thumb in Cities Skylines is to stop excessive imports. They cause delays, havoc, and most importantly, the cargo trains or ships aren’t able to transport all the demands. I know a lot of players complain about pollution, but If you want to fix this error. The only way it is possible is to build as many generic industries as possible.

Just keep in mind that the Districts do not outnumber the commercial zones because then the supply would exceed the demand. On the other hand, If you are not too keen on stopping the imports, I would highly recommend improving the transport structure and getting the cargo drops close to the commercial areas. Also, make sure that while generic industries are producing the goods, they are also being utilized. To explain it further, some community members have found out that there is a time difference between General Industries and Commercial Zones, which causes grave disturbance and delay in the retail of goods.


Cities Skylines not enough goods to sell error is very common and frustrating among new players. Its core problem lies underneath the game’s flawed system, which does not correctly instruct players on how to avoid this. Notwithstanding, this gets even worse when new players later realize how deep of an economic problem this is and what would be the consequences of changing the entire infrastructure.

Anyhow, these are the three main methods through which you can stop the cities skylines error. As explained before, there is no magic luck to this error; you just need to understand the logic that raw materials are taken to generic industries, which are further sold through commercial zones. Your job is to find the bottleneck and delay between all three networks and take relevant measures to make the system more efficient.

If you are still having problems with this error, feel free to comment below, and we will add more detailed methods.

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