Cities Skylines: Not Enough Buyers For Products [FIXED]

This Cities Skylines guide will explain the solution to a very common problem in the game known as Not Enough Buyers For Products.

Cities Skylines is a massive city-building simulation game developed by Colossal Order Studios and published by Paradox Interactive. Players might face a problem in Cities Skylines that is not enough buyers for products. We will find a solution to that problem in this guide.

On the other hand, players can also face a Not Enough Goods To Sell Error in Cities Skylines, and our guide entails the solution to that problem. That is why you must also read our Cities Skylines Not Enough Goods To Sell error fix guide and learn the best ways to solve that issue as well.   

You build your own city from scratch and control everything that happens in Cities Skylines. The game is only playable offline and does not include any multiplayer features.

You can build anything you can think of in Cities Skylines. The possibilities here are endless and are dependent on your imagination.

Your role will be that of a Mayor in Cities Skylines, and you control everything that happens in the city. You will be responsible for education, water, electricity, police, fire fighting, healthcare, and much more in your city. Even the simulation of traffic in the game is very realistic. Before reading further, make sure to read our Cities Skylines Too Few Services error fix guide as well.

You can even construct a specific map for your city. Placing buildings and parks wherever you want and using the facilities however you like.

Even though the game offers no multiplayer, you can still download other players’ cities and see the structure of their towns. Now we will discuss the Not Enough Buyers For Products problem in Cities Skylines.

What is Not Enough Buyers For Products Problem in Cities Skylines

Not enough buyers for products
The Not Enough Buyers For Products Pop-up in Cities Skylines

The issue starts when you find a lot of abandoned industries in your city in Cities Skylines. When you click on that abandoned building, it says not enough buyers for products. It translates to the slow destruction of your industries in Cities Skylines. 

When your industries mass produce products and there is no market for these products, then you’ll definitely face that problem. You either have too many industrial zones or far too few commercial zones for selling products. Any of the above situations can lead to the not enough buyer for products problem in Cities Skylines.

It would help if you made sure that your industrial and commercial departments are completely balanced in order for your city to flourish. These two components will also heavily affect the economy of your city in Cities Skylines. It would be best if you were extra careful in managing your industries and their operations.

What Causes Not Enough Buyers For Products Problem

There can be multiple reasons for not having enough buyers for products problem in Cities Skylines. However, everything that causes the problem is either related to your industrial zone or commercial facilities. Some of the causes that lead to not having enough buyers are as follows;

  • Your city contains more industries than the commercial zones can hold. These massive industrial zones will end up mass-producing more products than there are buyers. As a result, commercial zones will be overrun with goods, and there will be no space left for the newer ones. That will lead to an industry getting abandoned.
  • Traffic and roads can also lead to an industry getting abandoned. If you don’t plan out your map efficiently, then your industries will end up getting located afar from markets. Manufactured products will take longer to reach the commercial zone, which in turn will reduce the market of that products. When there are not enough buyers for that product, the industry will inevitably get abandoned in Cities Skylines.
  • Sometimes, you have the wrong policies getting boosted in your city. If industry boosting policies are active, they will greatly boost the product manufacturing of your industries. This will lead to excessive production of goods with no markets to sell them in. Ultimately, it will lead to abandoned industries.

These were the major problems that could’ve caused the not enough buyers for products error in Cities Skylines. Now we will discuss the solutions to these problems.

How To Solve Not Enough Buyers For Products Problem

Running out of buyers is a big problem in Cities Skylines and should be immediately resolved. Additionally, industries will go to complete ruin if the problem persists. Following are the solutions that you can use to solve the problem;

  • Decrease the number of Industrial Zones in your city. Make sure that you only keep the required amount of industries and do not go overboard. It will result in the production of only the required number of goods that do not exceed the number of buyers.
  • Increase the number of Commercial Zones in your city. If you cant get rid of your industries, then the best way to deal with no buyers’ problems is to increase your market. Enhance your marketing capacity, and you’ll end up selling more goods. As you increase your commercial areas, more buyers will start appearing for your goods.
  • Make sure to construct commercial zones near industrial areas. That will enhance the rate at which goods are transported to market in Cities Skylines. More buyers will start arriving in order to buy the increased amount of products.
  • It should be noted that you must have the commercial policies turned on. Not only will that boost your market, but it will also increase the sales of manufactured products by a mile.

Follow these solutions, and you’ll get rid of the Not Enough Buyers For Products problem in Cities Skylines.

Similar Problems Caused By Not Having Enough Buyers

If you do not fix your buyer issue swiftly, then you will have to face many other problems in Cities Skylines. These include;

  • Not Enough Goods to Sell Problem
  • Not Enough Raw Materials Problem
  • Too Few Services Problem
  • Not Enough Goods to Sell Problem
  • Not Enough Customers Issue


Cities Skylines was released on March 10, 2015. It is available to download on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, macOS, Linus, Google Stadia, and PC. The game provides an excellent simulation experience. It lets you build your own city however you want from the ground up.

This concludes our guide on the Not Enough Buyers For Products problem in Cities Skylines. We hope it helped you fix the issue and you were able to continue building your city in peace.

Let us know what you think about Cities Skylines’ simulative experience in the comments below.

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