Cities Skylines Too Few Services [SOLVED]

This Cities Skylines Too Few services will cover why this issue is happening in game and how to clear it up.

Cities: Skylines is developed by Colossal Order in 2015; this city-building simulation game was later published by Paradox Interactive. The game has unique things to offer, and players administrate the whole city. They have control over zoning, taxation, road replacement, and public transportation of a particular area.

Key Highlights
  • Colossal Order created the city-building simulation game Cities: Skylines in 2015, and Paradox Interactive later released it.
  • A number of problems are being faced by the players which is complicating the overall gameplay experience.
  • Common issues faced by the players are too few services, not enough raw materials, and not enough buyers for products.
  • The “too few services” issue can be further divided into two categories: issues in residential areas and issues in industrial buildings.
  • To get rid of residential issues, try adding services in the town.
  • Increase the value of land by constructing some parks or beautiful buildings.
  • To resolve industrial issues, try making the import and export of goods as easier and convenient as possible.
    Try to build commercial zones near the industrial buildings.

Not only that, but they also handle several other things in the city, including the health of the city, employment, budget, and pollution levels. The goal of game developers was to create an environment where people simulate daily routine things.

The city has millions of unique citizens, and various sorts of problems are happening; it includes traffic problems, city services, and looking after industries. It also helps players in managing their real-life problems too. 

Note: Make sure that you check your offices as well because in the manual the commercial zones in cities skylines are considered to be a service to industrial zones as well. The offices are industrial as they sell goods that the industry will produce. Therefore offices fall under the category of services as well. 

Common Problems Occurring in Cities Skylines

Poster of Game

Cities Skylines Poster.There are some problems that players are currently facing on a daily basis, and it is getting annoying now. Issues such as Too few services, not enough raw materials, and not enough buyers for products. These are creating complications in players’ gameplay. In the guide, we will especially cover everything about Too Few services issues and how to clear them up. While you are at it, read our guide about Enough goods to sell error.

Cities Skylines Too Few Services

If you are a regular player of Cities Skylines, then you must have noticed that buildings in the city show notification “Too Few Services”. The issue is, furthermore, divided into two different sets of problems. Players face this issue in residential areas and industrial buildings.

Moreover, the term itself is ambiguous and has been causing stress for some players. The players facing the issue in residential areas can be caused by a lack of services like health and an even more complex like land value. However, the case is a little tricky for industrial buildings. Nonetheless, you have to satisfy the people living in your city.

Residential building-related problems

Gamers must realize that if you don’t have the amount of money to afford these services, then it’s not going to affect your gameplay. But if you become short on services very often, then players will eventually leave the area.

Residential Buildings in game

Cities Skylines residential area buildings.However, if you are receiving too many of these sorts of notifications about residents complaining about fewer services, fortunately, you will get rid of these complaints by making a few changes and adding basic services in town. These basic services are mentioned below.

Police Coverage

Fire Coverage

Collecting Garbage


Adding sewerage system



Public transportation

Park or a good amount of building to improve the value of the land

Services like Police, fire, healthcare, and garbage collection can be checked through the individual overlay. While checking every individual, you must look for the main reason behind the issue. If the roads in the area are one-way roads, then they will affect the services vehicles.

Because of one-way roads, services vehicles won’t be to reach individual homes, thus not providing the needed services. However, sometimes houses don’t get services, even if they are on the road where the services are available.

How To Solve Too Few Services Problem in Cities Skylines

Most often, players face problems that make them ambiguous. If the hospital is giving service to all the residents of a particular block, there might still be one house that might not receive the healthcare service.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you go through your overlays. When you are looking for the services that your residential area citizens are complaining about. However, players don’t face the issue when it comes to electricity and water.

While playing cities, skylines pay strong attention to the time of road coverage when you are placing your service buildings. This will further help in avoiding homes that are requesting the services. It is easy to avoid too few service problems.

Increasing the value of land is a little bit more tricky. Sometimes one of the key ways to increase the value of land is by giving the residents some leisure time. If you already have fixed all the problems related to lack of services and have built a great public transportation system for citizens. After that only way to further increase the value of land is by constructing some parks or beautiful buildings.

Problems Related to Industrial Buildings

Managing basic services for industrial buildings is a little harder than residential. Even so, it’s not that difficult, and too few service problems can be fixed.

When it comes to an industrial area, your priority should be fire and police coverage. These two things matter to industrial buildings the most and play a big in their satisfaction. After that, you should work on the Hospital health care system and garbage collection as well.

Industrial area look

Industrial area of Cities Skylines

How To Solve The Industrial Issue

As you know, industries require a lot of goods for manufacturing purposes, so the incoming and outgoing of material goods should be made easy. If for any reason they are not getting importing and exporting enough goods, then there will be a too few services problem while playing Cities Skylines.

There is an easy solution available for the problem, and you can just construct a cargo terminal or even a cargo harbor for the passage of ships. This will significantly improve the imports and exports of industries. As a mayor of the city, it is your responsibility to maintain the city and take care of its citizens.

Even if it doesn’t work out for you, then you can try to build commercial zones near the industrial buildings. Because commercial zones are nearby, industrial buildings will now have the opportunity to sell their materials to these locations easily and earn profit. Hopefully, it will work out for your dissatisfied industry.

Final Words

As we mentioned above, a few common problems are occurring in-game. Too few services are one of them, and it happens for various reasons. Most of the time, players can’t figure out the problem, and later on, it causes a headache, and they quit the game.

However, we have unraveled the truth behind these problems. This issue is divided into two parts, and it occurs in both residential and industrial sides. And solutions for both are a little different and tricky as well. In the guide, we have thoroughly explained the tactics to clear out the Too few services problem in Cities Skylines.

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