Cities Skylines 2 – How To Deal With Garbage [3 Methods]

Learn everything on how to deal with garbage in Cities Skylines 2, along with the three most effective ways to dispose it.

Making sure your city is clean is very important for the happiness of the people living in it. If you want your city to keep on growing, you need to know how to deal with garbage in Cities Skylines 2. Keeping your city clean will keep the owners of different businesses happy, too. Your city will keep on progressing in the right direction if you have garbage disposal handled.

Key Takeaways
  • Naturally, when you make a city in Cities Skylines 2, you will need to think of its garbage disposal.
  • There are three effective ways through which you can dispose of garbage in Cities Skylines 2.
  • The three ways are Landfills, Incineration Plants, and Recycling Plants.
  • In my opinion and experience, the Recycle Plants are the most effective way to deal with garbage as it is better for your city’s environment and economy.

How To Get Rid Of Garbage In Cities Skylines 2

Every residential and commercial building in your city will emit garbage. The more your city progresses, the more the need arises for a proper garbage disposal system.

There are 3 set ways one can remove garbage, they are: 

1. Landfills

The Landfill Option [Image Taken By Me]
It is probably the easiest method but not the most efficient. All you have to do is dig an area where you can dispose of all the garbage in your city. As the garbage starts to increase, you will have to increase the size of your landfill, and therefore, this is not the most ideal situation.

Another disadvantage of Landfills is that they cause air pollution, and you cannot have residential or commercial buildings near them.

2. Incineration Plants

Incineration Plants
The Incineration Plants Option [Screenshot Taken By Me]
These are the plants you can install, which will take in the garbage and convert them into energy. Electrical energy will be produced, which can be beneficial for your city. The demand for electricity will be fulfilled. However, incineration plants cause a lot of pollution, and therefore, commercial and residential buildings can not be placed nearby.

3. Recycling Plant

Recycling Center
The Recycling Center/ Recycling Plant Option [Screengrab Taken By Me]
Setting up a recycling plant is the cheapest and the most environmentally friendly option. These plants can be used to convert garbage into new useful goods that can prove to be highly beneficial for the city’s economy. Having a recycling plant is better for both the economy and the environment of the city.

My Opinion Of The Best Way To Deal With Garbage

I honestly believe that setting up a recycling plant is by far the best way to deal with excessive garbage in Cities Skylines 2.

It is so much better for the economy and the environment of the city. Your city will keep on progressing and will have to deal with no issues at all. Setting up a recycling plant should be a priority for all those players who want the city’s people happy.

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And with that, my guide on Cities Skylines 2 How To Deal With Garbage ends. Here, you were informed on every possible way to get rid of garbage in Cities Skylines 2. Other than that, if you have something to add, you can do so through the comment section down below.

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