Cities: Skylines 2: How Do Teeth Cause Performance Issues

Learn all about how Cities Skylines 2 Teeth are affecting the game's performance along with what developers have to say about it.

It has been theorized by many people in the community that the main reason for the absurdly poor performance in Cities Skylines 2 is that every person in your city has been given a highly detailed and unique pair of teeth. However, it often lags even at the start in-game, and in the starting, you only have about 5,000 people in your city.

Key Takeaways
  • To no one’s surprise, Cities Skylines 2 has a lot of performance issues which are not being resolved even by toggling the settings.
  • One of the theories behind these performance issues was the fact that each individual person in Cities Skylines 2 has detailed and unique teeth.
  • Furthermore, these teeth are always rendered in even if you are zoomed out to the fullest.
  • However, the teeth theory was debunked when the developers released an official statement saying that the teeth are not the source of performance issues.

How Do Teeth Cause Performance Issues In Cities Skylines 2

People In Cities Skylines 2 [Image Taken By: eXputer]
The poor performance in Cities Skylines 2 could be due to a number of things, and most people believe that it is indeed the inclusion of these highly detailed teeth.

According to the investigation, it is made sure that even when zoomed out, the person’s teeth are still rendered in. If this is true, it is obvious that when a lot of people are roaming around while having unique teeth, the title will lag.

However, just as the teeth’s growing theory was gaining momentum, it was debunked by one of the developers of Cities Skylines 2. He said that there is no way that the person’s teeth have been affecting in-game metrics at such a large scale. 

The developer’s statement reads:

“Citizens lifepath feature does not tie to citizen geometry and does not affect the performance figures of the characters.”

He also said that the people in charge are looking into the causes of the poor performance, and updates will be coming out soon.

My Thoughts On Why Cities Skylines 2 Has Performance Issues

My honest opinion on the matter is that I do not believe that only teeth are the reason for the poor performance. The highly detailed and unique teeth can play a role but to an extent. I believe this because even before you start building Cities, Skylines 2 starts to lag and sometimes crash. Therefore, performance updates should be sent out to make the gaming experience much smoother for the players.

Furthermore, you should check out the Best Ways To Make Money In Cities Skylines 2 along with the Best Starting Maps to get a great start. Also, you can see this Steam Community post for gamers’ reactions on teeth being detailed to such an extent.

And with that, my guide on Cities Skylines 2’s Teeth comes to an end. Here, I informed you how teeth are causing performance issues in-game. Other than that, if you have something to add, you can do so through the comment section down below.

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