Cities: Skylines 2 – How To Fix High Rent Issue

Here are the fixes that you can use to solve the High Rent issue for your Cims.

While you’re managing your City in Cities Skylines 2, you’ll often come across a pop-up saying “High Rent.” It is one of the few issues that you’ll face while managing your city. If you can’t face the Cities Skylines 2 High Rent issue, then you won’t be able to run a successful city.

Key Takeaways
  • In Cities Skylines 2, high rent indicates that Cims or businesses can’t pay for the building’s rent.
  • Quick measures to sort it include removing services buildings, lowering taxes, or bulldozing the buildings.
  • For Long-term solutions, it is best to mix up all densities of residential buildings and create educational institutions.
  • The High Rent issue comes up because the land value has increased or because the residents in Cities Skylines 2 can’t afford to pay rent.

In Cities Skylines 2, fixing the High Rent issue can backfire if not done right. You need to understand what is the reason for the High Rent and target that.

Here are the methods that you can use to fix the High Rent issue:

1. Lower Land Value

One of the causes of the High Rent issue occurs due to high land value. That occurs if you have a variety of services, such as hospitals, police stations, or parks covering that area. That will pump up its rent prices. To avoid it, you can either disable the Services buildings or remove them altogether. That will lower the Rent.

2. Reduce Taxes

You can start by lowering the Taxes on the type of buildings. If it is a residential or industrial building, reduce its tax by clicking on your total money and then on the Taxes tab. Do keep in mind that by reducing taxes, you will be reducing your revenue.

Taxes Cities Skylines 2
Reduce taxes for ‘High Rent’ building types to the optimal level [Image Credits: eXputer]

3. Create More Jobs

If the High Rent issue comes up in Residential buildings, then unemployment can be one of the causes of High Rent error. Because of this, the residents can’t pay their rent, which makes it expensive for them. Create more jobs by creating different Commercial Zones.

4. Improve Education

As a follow-up to the previous fix, you can increase the Education qualification of residents. For that, make sure to build a few High Schools, Colleges, and Universities near the residential areas. By increasing the education qualification, the residents can now get high-paying jobs.

Education level cities skylines 2
Educate your Cims to increase their income. [Image Credits: eXputer]

5. Mix House Zone Types

By mixing different housing density zones, you can fix the high rent issue. With a variety of options, the residents can opt for houses that are affordable to them. For that, you will have to choose the different options available for residential zones. And with high-density buildings, your citizens will have cheaper rent options available.

DIfferent Residential areas.
Mix low-density and high-density residential zones. [Image Credits: eXputer]

6. Bulldoze Buildings

When all else fails, there is one method that you can use to fix, or in other words, get rid of, the high rent issue. And that is to bulldoze the high-rent building. That way, the high rent error will go away, and the residents will start occupying other buildings.

Although it is a viable method to solve the High Rent issue temporarily, you shouldn’t use it unless it’s absolutely necessary. Because the residents can end up increasing the rent of nearby buildings by demanding to live there.

What Does High Rent Mean In Cities Skylines 2?

When the Rent of residential or commercial buildings in Cities Skylines 2 gets high, it shows the High Rent pop-up.

Important: The high rent issue occurs when there is a demand for residential or commercial buildings, but a few indicators around them cause the rent to go high. It can be that the buildings surrounding them are causing their value to increase. Or that the value of the land has increased significantly. These are some of the reasons that cause the issue.
High rent issue cities skyline 2
The screen will be filled with blue pop-up icons. [Image Credit: eXputer]

What Causes High Rent Issues In Cities Skylines 2?

There are a number of reasons which cause the High Rent issue. For that, you will have to understand how the housing or commercial buildings work. That way, you can avoid facing the issue again and again and have a smooth run.

High Rent of buildings
Buildings facing High Rents. [Image Credits: eXputer]
  • Land Value: If the value of the land is too high, it will result in a high rent issue. The value is determined by the services that are available to the area.
  • Low-Density Houses: In Low-Density Houses, only one family pays for rent and maintenance, whereas in high-rise buildings, a number of tenants or families pay for maintenance and rent.
  • Lower Education Level: With low education, the residents can’t apply for higher-level jobs, which will result in them not having enough money to pay for rent and maintenance.

My Suggestions

With Cities Skylines 2, you are playing the long game. If you come up with the Cities Skyline 2 High Rent issue, I suggest you never bulldoze the residential or commercial buildings. Instead, you should look at other reasons as to why the rent increased for your Cims.

If you want to develop your city and increase your tax revenue, then I’d suggest that, for a quick measure, delete the services building nearest to the one building or the number of buildings facing this issue. That will reduce the land value.

In the long run, invest in education. That way, the Cims will get more qualified for higher-income jobs. They will ultimately increase your revenue with taxes. If you have already applied both of the methods, maybe you need to lower the tax burden on your Cims for some time so they can recover themselves.

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