Hearthstone Battlegrounds Heroes Tier List [All Ranked]

Pick the best in class, master their skills & dominate in Hearthstone Battlegrounds!

The critical element that leads to victory in Hearthstone Battlegrounds is the selection of your Heroes. With a wide variety at your door, it gets difficult for the players to choose the best possible heroes. This Hearthstone Battlegrounds Heroes Tier List guide will help you pick the best for you according to your needs.

Update: The Hearthstone Battlegrounds Heroes Tier list is based on Season 3 Patch 29.0.
Key Takeaways

There are a total of 90 heroes in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, but the count varies with every patch of the game.

  • S Tier: Best heroes, capable of winning games.
  • A Tier: Extraordinary heroes with strong potential for victory.
  • B Tier: Average heroes, neither exceptional nor poor, can perform well.
  • C Tier: Below Average heroes, less effective overall but may have surprise tactics.
  • D Tier: Very Bad heroes, not very useful, but strategies available if forced to use.

Our Tier List Picks

S TierCookie the Cook, Ambassador Faelin, Vanndar Stormpike, Scabbs Cutterbutter, Infinite Toki, Arch-Villain Rafaam, Millhouse Manastorm, Fungalmancer Flurgl, Professor Putricide, Master Nguyen, Captain Hooktusk, Forest Warden Omu
A TierMutanus the Devourer, Dancin' Deryl, Galewing, Kurtrus Ashfallen, Greybough, N’Zoth, Vol’jin, The Great Akazamzarak, The Lich King, Death Speaker Blackthorn, Silas Darkmoon, Sir Finley Mrrgglton, Ragnaros the Firelord, Reno Jackson, Maiev Shadowsong, Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End, Jandice Barov, Xyrella, Ysera, C’Thun, George the Fallen, Al’Akir the Windlord, Malygos, Lord Barov, King Mukla, Edwin VanCleef, Mutanus the Devourer, Sneed, Murloc Holmes, Heistbaron Togwaggle, Onyxia, Drek'Thar
B TierTickatus, Tess Greymane, Patches the Pirate, Alexstrasza, Trade Prince Gallywix, Nozdormu, Kael’thas Sunstrider, Patchwerk, Dinotamer Brann, Millificent Manastorm, Zephrys, the Great, Illidan Stormrage, Captain Eudora, Lord Jaraxxus, Y’Shaarj, Shudderwock, Deathwing, Sindragosa, Skycap’n Kragg, ickatus, Varden Dawngrasp, Galakrond, Sire Denathrius, Ozumat, Bru'kan
C TierChenvaala, Guff Runetotem, Pyramad, Aranna Starseeker, A. F. Kay, The Curator, Lich Baz’hial, Queen Wagtoggle, Overlord Saurfang, Mr. Bigglesworth, Elise Starseeker
D TierCariel Roame, Rakanishu, The Rat King, Enhance-o-Mechano, Sylvanas Windrunner, The Jailer, Rokara, Tamsin Raome, Queen Azshara, Lady Vashj, Ini Stormcoil

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Heroes Comparison Table

HeroTierHero PowerPassive Hero Power
Cookie the CookSCookie’s KitchenNone
Ambassador FaelinSExpedition PlansNone
Vanndar StormpikeSLead the StormpikesNone
Scabbs CutterbutterSI SpyNone
Infinite TokiSTemporal TavernNone
Arch-Villain RefaamSUnearthed ProphecyTreasure Ward
Millhouse ManastormSNoneManastorm
Professor PutricideSNoneGone Fishing
Master NguyenSRefresh Bob’s TavernNone
Captain HooktuskSTrash for TreasureNone
Forest Warden OmuSEverbloomNone
Mutanus the DevourerADevourNone
Dancin’ DerylAHat TrickNone
GalewingADungar’s GryphonWestfall, Irinforge, Eastern Plaguelands
Kurtrus AshfallenANoneFinal Showdown, Grain Monument, Close the Portal
GreyboughANoneSprout it Out
N’ZothANoneAvatar of N’Zoth
Vol’jinASpirit SwapNone
The Great AkazamzarakAPrestidigitationNone
The Lich KingAReborn RitesNone
Death Speaker BlackthornABloodboundNone
Silas DarkmoonACome One, Come AllNone
Sir Finley MrrggltonANoneAdventure
Ragnaros the FirelordADie, InsectsNone
Reno JacksonAGonna Be RichNone
Maiev ShadowsongAImprisonNone
Yogg-Saron, Hope’s EndAPuzzle BoxNone
Jandice BarovASwap, Lock, and Shop itNone
XyrellaASee the LightNone
YseraANoneDream Portal
C’ThunASaturday C’Thun!None
George the FallenABoon of LightNone
Al’Akir the WindlordANoneSwatting Insects
MalygosAArcane AlterationNone
Lord BarovAFriendly WagerNone
King MuklaABananaramaNone
Edwin VanCleefASharpen BladesNone
SneedASneed’s ReplicatorNone
Murloc HolmesADetective for HireNone
Heistbaron TogwaggleAThe Perfect CrimeNone
Tavish StormpikeADeadeyeNone
Drek’TharALead the FrostwolvesNone
TickatusBPrize WallNone
Tess GreymaneBBob’s BurglesNone
Patches the PirateBPirate ParrrtyNone
AlexstraszaBQueen of DragosNone
Trade Prince GallywixBSmart SavingsNone
Kael’thas SunstriderBVerdant SpheresNone
PatchwerkBNoneAll Patched Up
Dinotamer BrannBNoneBattle Brand
Millificent ManastormBTinkerNone
Zephrys, the GreatBThree WishesNone
Illidan StormrageBNoneWingmen
Captain EudoraBBuried TreasureNone
Lord JaraxxusBBloodfuryNone
Y’ShaarjBEmbrace your RageNone
ShudderwockBSnucker SnackNone
DeathwingBNoneAll Will Burn!
SindragosaBStay FrostyNone
Skycap’n KraggBPiggy BankNone
Varden DawngraspBTwice as NiceNone
GalakrondBGalakrond’s GreedNone
Sire DenathriusBWhodunitNone
Bru’kanBEmbrace the ElementsNone
Guff RunetotemCNatural BalanceNone
PyramadCBrick By BrickNone
Aranna StarseekerCDemon Hunter TrainingNone
A.F. KayCNoneProcrastinate
The CuratorCNoneMenagerist
Lich Baz’hialCGraveyard ShiftNone
Queen WagtoggleCWax WarbandNone
Overlord SaurfangCFor the HordeNone
Mr. BigglesworthCNoneKel’Thuzad’s Kitty
Elise StarseekerCLead ExplorerNone
Cariel RoameDFragrant PhylatercyNone
RakanishuDTavern LighteningNone
The Rat KingDA Tale of KingsNone
Sylvanas WindrunnerDReclaimed SoulsNone
The JailerDRunic EmpowermentNone
RokaraDGlory of CombatNone
Tamsin RaomeDFragrant PhylacteryNone
Queen AzsharaDNaga QuestNone
Lady VashjDRelics of the DeepNone
Ini StormcoilDMech GyverNone

In a game like Hearthstone Battlegrounds, where the players have a lot of options to choose from, players must know which character is suitable for what role. Knowing your character before you play will increase the output from the character by many folds. This guide explains each character quite well and will help you ace the game in no time. Tier lists are the best possible way to get an insight into any aspect of the game.

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