Guilty Gear Strive Tier List [Update 1.27]

Our Guilty Gear Strive tier list ranks the existing 24 units in the game and will help you pick the best ones to outperform foes.

Calling the release of Strive a climax of all the excitement that the franchise had been swirling for years won’t be wrong. The buildup spanning over Guilty Gear’s six former games and multiple spin-offs certainly justified what Guilty Gear Strive packs for gamers. The most cherishable part, though, is the overwhelmingly nifty character roster which is exactly what forced us to curate this definitive Guilty Gear Strive tier list for you!

Key Highlights
  • Guilty Gear Strive (GGST) has 24 fighting characters, with new additions in frequent patches.
  • Character rankings based on manifested power, general output, and community preference.
  • Latest addition: Sin Kiske, a well-rounded rush-down character.
  • Top characters: Giovanna, Nagoriyuki, Sol – efficient for all skill levels.
  • These characters excel individually, delivering dominating performances.
  • Weaker characters: Baiken, Jack-O, Axl, Goldlewis, Anji – strengths outweighed by weaknesses.

Here is a summarized look at our Tier List Ranking:

Guilty Gear Strive Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
Tiers Characters 
S-Tier Giovanna, Nagoriyuki, and Sol
A-Tier Sin, Ramlethal, May, Leo, Happy Chaos, and Chip
B-Tier Potemkin, Ky, Testament, Bridget, Millia, Faust, Zato, I-NO, Bedman, and Asuka R#
C-Tier Baiken, Jack-O, Axl, Goldlewis, and Anji

The game is one of the most sophisticated and in-depth fighting games, which is what has been a constant win-win for Guilty Gear Strive and always keeps gamers fueled up. That said, sorting the best Guilty Gear Strive characters ain’t any child’s play. However, worry less, and let’s together dive into its realm to know what character fits you best.

Guilty Gear Strive Characters Comparison 

NameRole / ArcRaceWeaponPlayed Vs.
GiovannaRushHumanReiUsually: Zato
Recommended: Nagoriyuki
NagoriyukiOne ShotNightwalkerDaishouUsually: Zato
Recommended: Faust
SolBalanceGearFireseal, Junkyard DogUsually: Leo
Recommended: Potemkin
RamlethalShootingValentineGreatswordsUsually: Leo
Recommended: Faust
MayBalance HumanAnchorUsually: Leo
Recommended: Nagoriyuki
LeoBalance HumanTwin bladesUsually: May
Recommended: Giovanna
Happy ChaosShootingHumanCrescent MoonUsually: Leo
Recommended: Goldlewis
ChipHigh Speed HumanGauntlet Blade, KunaiUsually: Zato
Recommended: Faust
PotemkinPower ThrowHumanFistsLeo
KyBalanceHumanMagnolia Éclair, AquilaUsually: Leo
Recommended: Sol
TestamentBalanceGearScythe, SuccubusUsually: Ram and Gio
Recommended: Millia
BridgetBalance HumanYo-yo,Roger-
MilliaHigh Speed HumanHairAXL
FaustUniqueHumanScalpelUsually: May
Recommended: Chip
ZatoTechnicalHumanEddieUsually: Nagoriyuki
Recommended: Sol
Asuka R#N/AHumanMagicUsually: Anji Mito
Recommended: Anji Mito
BedmanN/AHumanReinforced High-Density Bed FrameUsually: Ramlethal
Recommended: Leo Whitefang and Potemkin
I-NORushHuman MarleneUsually: Nagoriyuki
Recommended: Jack-O
BaikenBalanceHumanKatana, Hidden weapons-
Jack-OTechnicalValentineIron pumpkinI-No
AxlLong RangeHumanKusarigamaUsually: Leo
Recommended: Zato
GoldlewisPowerHumanCoffinUsually: May
Recommended: May
AnjiBalance HumanZessen-

Guilty Gear Strive Characters Tier List

GGS Character Tiers S-C
Guilty Gear Strive Characters Tier List

A tier list is a systematic hierarchy of in-game units based on their overall effectiveness and strength. Guilty Gear Strive’s character roster houses 20 playable units. Each offers a unique playstyle and feel that can serve users of all kinds. 

Our Guilty Gear Strive tier list (Update 1.27) will grade all of them from best to not-so-useful based on how robust they tend to be. We have divided the tier list into four main classes: the S, A, B, and C classes. 


These Guilty Gear Strive characters are the most efficient units at any skill level. They’ll easily outsmart anyone in the opposition, winning almost all matches for you. If you are thinking of wielding just a single unit through the gameplay, you should definitely opt for any tier-S dweller.


This is one heck of a close-range Guilty Gear Strive player who’ll beat even the fiercest enemy down with his melee attacks. The character possesses the Balance role, meaning you’ll be offered an all-around performance. 

Not only is Sol Badguy’s array of special moves potent, but his normal moves are also one of a kind, allowing him to launch smart frame traps and throw/strike mix-ups.

Role / Arc Balance  Gender Male
Race Gear  Weapon Fireseal, Junkyard Dog, and Outrage Mk.II 
Win Rate 34% Pick Rate 4%
Played Vs. Usually: Leo

Recommended: Potemkin

Special Moves Night Raid Vortex, Wild Throw, Bandit Revolver, Gun Flame (Feint), Gun Flame, Fafnir, Bandit Bringer, and Volcanic Viper


Nagoriyuki concentrated on mid-range and up-close mix-ups and pressure. He produces very unorthodox types of combos by combining his special effects. The character also houses hitboxes, an array of decent long-reach normals that render an excellent amount of damage. 

Role / Arc One Shot Gender Male
Race Nightwalker  Weapon Daishou (Wakizashi and Tachi/Oodachi-styled katana)
Win Rate 47% Pick Rate 5%
Played Vs. Usually: Zato

Recommended: Faust

Special Moves Bloodsucking Universe, Shizuriyuki, Kamuriyuki, Fukyo, Zarameyuki, and Blood Rage


Giovanna is a purely offensive unit who’s fast and especially good in manifesting combos and a close-range play. Though she excels better when near the target, what’s interesting about Giovanna is that she can cross her preferred range.

Role / Arc Rush Gender Female
Race Human Weapon Rei
Win Rate 44% Pick Rate 1%
Played Vs. Usually: Zato

Recommended: Nagoriyuki

Special Moves Ventania, Sol Poente, Sepultura, Sol Nascente, and Trovão


These Guilty Gear Strive characters are incredible and can easily outnumber most opponents. Though they are not very mind-blowing like the top-tier name, they can be made one with a mid-high skill level.


An excellent addition to the already overpowered horde, thanks to the latest patch of Guilty Gear Strive. 

Sin is a rushdown character for manifesting a heavy midrange action coupled with a fantastic corner carry potential, frames plus abuse-able, and decent defense, both on paper and in reality. He is known for his two-fold primary mechanic, out of which first is stamina.

Role / Arc Rush Gender Male
Race Quarter-Gear/Human hybrid Weapon Flag
Played Vs. Usually: Nagoryuki’s

Recommended: Nagoryuki’s

Special Moves Gazelle Step, Hoof Stomp, Elk Hunt, Hawk Baker, Beak Driver, and Still Growing


Ramlethal is excellent for corner and neutral pressure situations. With her robust swords, the character’s screen control and range values are truly splendid. She does this by especially manifesting heavy and quarter-circle forward slashes alternatively, enabling the swords to act like amazingly fast projectiles. 

Role / Arc Shooting Gender Female
Race Valentine  Weapon Greatswords
Win Rate 50% Pick Rate 1%
Played Vs. Usually: Leo

Recommended: Faust 

Special Moves Sabrobato, Agresa Ordono, Bajoneto, Sildo Detruo, Erarlumo, and Dauro


May is an all-in-one Guilty Gear Strive character who feels fit for most situations, especially ranged ones. The characters have an incredible array of normal hitting moves coupled with disjointed hitboxes that enables May to reach her foes, whether on the ground or air. 

Role / Arc Balance  Gender Female
Race Human Weapon Anchor
Win Rate 55% Pick Rate 3%
Played Vs. Usually: Leo

Recommended: Nagoriyuki

Special Moves Arisugawa Sparkle, Overhead Kiss, Mr. Dolphin (Vertical), and Mr. Dolphin (Horizontal)


A well-rounded offense-oriented character in Strive who’s loaded with a solid offensive arsenal. First, the robust character employs twin swords to hit low, high, or whatever side of the enemy.

Role / Arc Balance  Gender Male
Race Human Weapon Twin blades
Win Rate 54% Pick Rate 8%
Played Vs. Usually: May

Recommended: Giovanna

Special Moves Erstes Kaltes Gestöber, Eisensturm, Cancel, Gravierte Würde, Blitzschlag, Glänzendes Dunkel, Kahn-schild, Turbulenz, and Zweites Kaltes Gestöber

Happy Chaos

Happy Chaos is an esoteric Guilty Gear character who employs a unique Crescent Moon revolver to manifest his multiple incredible shooting attacks. Using this exciting ability of Happy Chaos, players can take enemies down at any time.

Role / Arc Shooting Gender Male
Race Unknown (Formerly Human) Weapon Crescent Moon
Win Rate 64% Pick Rate 3%
Played Vs. Usually: Leo

Recommended: Goldlewis

Special Moves Focus, Curse, Scapegoat, Roll, Reload, Cancel Aim, Fire, and Steady Aim


Chip is best described as a glass cannon, we must say. Though one of the best offenses on board, Chip lacks defense; hence you need to keep him covered whenever yielding his offense skills. 

Nevertheless, Chip houses a dynamic toolkit that, unlike the entire roster, has moves that enable him to display quick jabs and swift DPS. The character’s mobility is also one of a kind, only a little shorter than Millia’s.

Role / Arc High Speed Gender Male
Race Human Weapon Gauntlet Blade, Kunai, and Shurikens
Win Rate 42% Pick Rate 1%
Played Vs. Usually: Zato

Recommended: Faust

Special Moves Resshou, Gamma Blade, Beta Blade, Alpha Blade (Diagonal), alpha blade (horizontal), Wall Run, Shuriken, Genrou Zan, Senshuu, Rokusai


Guilty Gear Strive characters of tier B are average units that offer a decent mix of potency. Though they’ll help you get past most bosses, powerful and more fierce enemies are a nightmare for them. 


She is the first trans character in Guilty Gear Strive. Bridget was one of the newly released characters in August 2022 in our tier list for Guilty Gear Strive. With a feminine figure and blonde hair, she sports a nun-like attire and always has a stuffed animal on her side. She has a very unorthodox fighting style and she is known for her amazing attacks. Bridget attacks her opponents with a yoyo and can deal damage up close or from a distance.

Role / Arc Balance Gender Female
Race Human Weapon Yo-yo and Roger
Win Rate 50% Pick Rate 3%
Played Vs. Usually:


Special Moves Brake, Shoot, Roger Dive, Rock the Baby, KickStart My Heart, Rolling Movement, Stop and Dash (Hit on return), Stop and Dash (Hit on send), and Starship


Millia is known for her superb agility even outside Guilty Gear Strive. We know Chip would have made fans of nifty moves and mobility interested in him already, but as said before, Millia has got even greater excitement on board.

Role / Arc High Speed Gender Female
Race Human Weapon Hair
Win Rate 58% Pick Rate 1%
Played Vs. Usually: AXL

Recommended: AXL

Special Moves Tandem Top, Bad Move, Iron Savior, Turbo Fall, Mirazh, Kapel, and Lust Shaker


As peculiar as he may look, Faust houses rather unusual movement options than most of the Guilty Gear Strive roster. His number one distinguishing qualities are the very ranged normals and the special skill of throwing random items that radically shift the match flow.

Role / Arc Unique  Gender Male
Race Human Weapon Scalpel
Win Rate 50% Pick Rate 4%
Played Vs. Usually: May

Recommended: Chip

Special Moves Crawl, Scarecrow, Love, Snip Snip Snip, Mix Mix Mix, Thrust, and What Could This Be


This character of Guilty Gear Strive is a multiplex puppet-like unit of the cast with a bunch of incredible offensive abilities on board. Though Zato’s normal attacks are just fine, his long-range hits will fuel highly deadly combos in most fights due to Eddie’s tools.

Role / Arc Technical Gender Male
Race Human Weapon Eddie
Win Rate 52% Pick Rate 5%
Played Vs. Usually: Nagoriyuki

Recommended: Sol

Special Moves Leap, That’s A Lot!, Pierce, Summon Eddie, Flight, DRUNKARD Shade, Damned Fang, Break The Law, Invite Hell, and Oppose


I-No is an unusual character of the Guilty Gear Strive cast who is surprisingly versatile. She has a good hold of rendering damage in almost any range. When at a distance, I-No can greet the enemies with incredible projectiles that players can even manage in mid-flight.

Role / Arc Rush Gender Female 
Race Human  Weapon Marlene
Win Rate 50% Pick Rate 2%
Played Vs. Usually: Nagoriyuki

Recommended: Jack-O

Special Moves Sultry Performance, Stroke The Big Tree, Air Throw, and Antidepressant Scale


This character is simply a powerhouse who acts as an absolute zoner dealing intelligently with mobile units of opposition. Potemkin’s attacks are perfect. They can travel long distances, render massive damage, and house decent hitboxes, allowing Potemkin to inflict substantial disruption even from random hits.

Role / Arc Power Throw Gender Male
Race Human Weapon Fists
Win Rate 65% Pick Rate 1%
Played Vs. Usually: Leo

Recommended: Leo

Special Moves Garuda Impact, F.D.B., Hammer Fall, Slide Head, Mega Fist, Heat Knuckle, and Potemkin Buster


This is a rather simple character of the entire roster with minimal equipment but a versatile playing style. With ranged projectiles, DP and pokes, this character can easily alternate between acting defensively and pressuring in opportunities.

Role / Arc Balance  Gender Male
Race Human Weapon Magnolia Éclair, Aquila, and Thunderseal
Win Rate 61% Pick Rate 2%
Played Vs. Usually: Leo

Recommended: Sol

Special Moves Foudre Arc, Stun Dipper, Aerial Stun Edge, Charged Stun Edge, Stun Edge, Dire Eclat, and Vapor Thrust


The restructured kit of Testament in Guilty Gear Struve makes him a good midrange combater who controls its space by suppressing enemies with distant pokes, impactful projectiles, powerful curses, and multiple different mix-ups.

Role / Arc Balance Gender Non-binary 
Race Gear Weapon Scythe, Succubus, and EXE Beast
Win Rate 46.2 Pick Rate 1%
Played Vs. Usually: Ram and Gio

Recommended: Millia

Special Moves Unholy Diver, Possession, Grave Reaper, and Arbiter Sign

Asuka R#

Asuka debuts as the final character of the Guilty Gear Strive realm. This one’s not easy to use, but it is still worth the learning effort if you like the idea of fusing magic with the intelligence to outnumber bulky opponents in an instant. 

Role / Arc N/A Gender Male
Race Human Weapon Magic
Win Rate N/A Pick Rate N/A
Played Vs. Usually: Anji Mito

 Recommended: Anji Mito

Special Moves Change Test Case, Recover Mana, Bookmark, and Chant


Again a release that will not be easy to play, but it’s at least more conceivable than the other, Asuka R#. Bedman’s first looks aren’t the best, and while most gamers might not be expecting to see him this up, we think there’s hidden potential in his move pool once he’s fully mastered.

Role / Arc N/A Gender Male
Race Human Weapon Reinforced High-Density Bed Frame
Win Rate N/A Pick Rate N/A
Played Vs. Usually: Ramlethal

 Recommended: Leo Whitefang and Potemkin

Special Moves call 4B9 (Malfunction), error 6E, call 4B3, call 4BA, call 0x$0.20, and call 0x$1.00


The units of Tier C fall very short in front of the robust picks of the cast discussed before. Though they aren’t entirely useless and may still excel in one or two moves, Tier C characters have weaknesses that easily outweigh any bright side they might have. 


Anji is a solid character but still, lands in the last tier of our Guilty Gear Strive tier list because of his notable weaknesses, more on which later. Anji’s well-rounded style of play is primarily strengthened by the Autoguard property he induces with most of his moves.

Role / Arc Balance Gender Male
Race Human Weapon Zessen
Special Moves Rin, Kou, Nagiha, Issokutobi, Fuujin, Suigetsu No Hakobi, and Shitsu


Goldlewis manifests good power at close ranges. Though he also packs some long-reaching attacks in his collection, the character especially shines in landing normals.

Role / Arc Power Gender Male
Race Human Weapon Coffin
Win Rate 56% Pick Rate 1%
Played Vs. Usually: May

Recommended: May

Special Moves Skyfish, Thunderbird, and Behemoth Typhoon (862, 248, 842, 486, 684, 624, 426, and 268)


Guilty Gear Strive players who’ll like to play with a zoner should opt for Axl. He is dedicatedly built to control spaces and corners and also helps in slightly haunting the foes at mid to long range. Axl does this by wielding anyone from the plethora of moves he carries.

Role / Arc Long Range Gender Male
Race Human Weapon Kusarigama
Win Rate 42% Pick Rate 2%
Played Vs. Usually: Leo

Recommended: Zato

Special Moves Sickle Flash, Axl Bomber, Snail, Winter Cherry, Spinning Chain Strike, Rainwater, Winter Mantis, and Soaring Chain Strike


Though worthy moves in her collection, Jack-O is a tricky Guilty Gear Strive character to utilize. She is a recent DLC character in Strive who specializes in summoning minions. Ince summoned, Jack-O sends the minions like projectiles in various directions. These projectiles are pretty impactful in terms of damage and may even confuse the opponent’s ranks.

Role / Arc Technical  Gender Female 
Race Valentine Weapon Iron pumpkin
Win Rate 40% Pick Rate 2.3%
Played Vs. Usually: I-No

Recommended: –

Special Moves Release Servant, Throw Servant, Pick Up Servant, Summon Servant, Countdown, Defend Command, Attack Command, Recover Servant, and Servant Shoot


Baiken is another highly rewarding Guilty Gear Strive character who comes with even greater risk. Her straightforward yet well-rounded move kit focuses on offense by putting forth amazing mid-range pokes and building good pressure in close-range.

Role / Arc Balance Gender Female
Race Human Weapon Katana and Hidden weapons
Win Rate 54% Pick Rate 3%
Played Vs. Usually:


Special Moves Kabari, Tatami Gaeshi, Hiiragi, and Youzansen

Our Take On Tier List 

This concluded all by our side. We tried our best to make every information part of our post that the players will most need to achieve a well-planned Guilty Gear Strive triumph. 

Given the rich variety of cool units already on the roster and many more that Guilty Gear may fill its Strive launching with, it could be daunting to find the best fitting one. Nevertheless, one thing is certain—there’s at least something for everyone out there! 

Therefore, employ the tier list smartly, and you’ll soon be celebrating your success. 

Guilty Gear Strive Tier List Criteria

The position of a character in a tier list doesn’t by any means define its powers relative to any specific other. Instead, it is just a representation of how well the character performs compared to the entire cast. 

While drafting the tier list, our team weighed the general output of each unit in order to arrange them in a definitive hierarchy. The ordered list of the best Guilty Gear Strive characters was made after a thorough scrutiny of every aspect of the entire roster. We did this with the help of community feedback and information from the web. 

Nevertheless, we aim to constantly update our Guilty Gear Strive character tier list as the game welcomes new patches and modifications. These patches can, of course, cause major changes in the above-curated tiers, so don’t miss checking back often!

Changes Due to Patch Update 

Updated Till: Ver 1.27

We have discussed below all the crucial changes made to the Guilty Gear Strive mechanics over the past few months to ensure you are familiar with them all. Reflecting on these changes will help you better earn your mark in GGST. They go as follows: 

  • Bedman” has been added as a playable unit in the game. 
  • Asuka R#” is added as a playable unit in the game.
  • I-NO’s air-dashing capacity is made better by making its activation conditions and timing of the buffer window consistent with that of every other character. 
  • The super flash of Anji Mito’s Kachoufuugetsu move now initiates simultaneously with the counter, whereas the time is also reduced.

Guilty Gear Strive At a Glance 

GGC At a Glance
Guilty Gear Strive At a Glance

The Strive is the latest Guilty Gear flagship released by Arc System Works: the same video game company players had been praising for the Dragon Ball FighterZ and BlazBlue. 

Though Guilty Gear Strive has still taken a lot from its former siblings of the series, the game offers many new and tacky additions. For instance, welcoming Unreal Engine allows Guilty Gear to manifest some really charming, latest graphics. 

The game feels pretty hybrid, too, given the two modes onboard: single-player as well as multiplayer. The developers seem to also have invested extra effort in building more fun for players rather than just focussing on anime. 

Therefore, get prepared to meet a dozen more hilarious combos that are really amusing to be with. 

New game mechanics like top-notch damage scaling and Wall Break are put on board, too, topped with a fully voiced story mode. As such, Guilty Gear Strive’s gameplay becomes even more exhilarating than one expects. 

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