Cyberpunk 2077: 25 BEST Perks [Expert’s Opinion]

Cyberpunk 2077 only gives you 72 perk points to spend on 242 Perks. To make it easy, we have listed the 25 best perks in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 has a huge world with its own selection of best Weapons, Legendary cyberware, Special Builds, and Perks. It has well over 200 perks, and choosing amongst all those perks can be a daunting task. Even for the most experienced players. You have a limited number of perk points of 72. Once you mess that up in building your character, there is almost no way to restore the damage done.

That’s why, in today’s guide, I have gathered and listed the Cyberpunk 2077 best perks. Along with a quick guide explaining character-building, so you know exactly how the game works and why it’s important.

Key Takeaways
  • Emimorphosis is a perk that grants players the ability to increase health regeneration. This can go as far as to start any battle at 100% health, too good to pass up.
  • Assassin is a perk that grants the players a 15% increase in human enemies. Most enemies in Cyberpunk 2077 are humans, so this is a flat DPS increase.
  • Crouching tiger is a perk that grants an increment in your sneakiness by 20%. This is very helpful for players who play the game not to fight too many enemies and get into the hasty bit of it.
  • The mechanic perk is for players who want to stack up on as many components as they can. The more components, the more cash one can generate long-term. The game is full of places where you can dump your cash in so this is always a good thing.
  • There are many other perks, but these main ones are diverse enough to fit different types of players and would help pretty much all players in their own regard. 
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Best Perks And Comparison

For your convenience, here’s a summarized table of all the Best Perks in Cyberpunk 2077:

PerksAttribute PerkDescription
MultitaskerAthleticsEasily allow to shoot while Vaulting, Sliding and Sprinting
Divided AttentionAthleticsWeapon reload while Vaulting, Sliding and Sprinting
MarathonerAthleticsRunning won't strain your Stamina
IndestructibleAthleticsSlowdown incoming damage by 10%
DazedStreet BrawlerChanced of stunning the opponent through blunt weapon increase by 15%
Opportune StrikeStreet BrawlerPower to enhance stunning enemy damage by 50%
FrenzyStreet BrawlerKilling any enemy, increase the blunt damage by 100% for 10 sec
Named BulletsAssaultEnhance critical damage by 35% with Rifles and submachines
PunisherAssaultNo weapon sway is expected when you defeat any enemy with rifles or submachines
DeathboltBladeRestore 20% of your total health & Enhance move speed by 30%
Crimson TideBladePermit 3 times stack bleed and deal damage
Speed DemonAnnihilation The fast you move, the more it will deal damage
ManicAnnihilation Enhance move speed by 10% for 10 seconds
Waste not Want notCrafting At the time you eliminate an item, you retrieve the mods and install them
Edgerunner ArtisanCrafting Craft rare and legendary items
Cold BloodCold BloodIncrease movement speed by 2% for 10 seconds
Frozen Precision Cold BloodHeadshot damage is enhanced by 50%
Cheat DeathStealth Incoming damage is lessen to 50% for 10 seconds, once your health drops at 50%
Venomous FangsStealthCause major poisonous attacks to the enemies
NinjutsuStealth Enhances overall melee weapon damage by 100%
Master Ram LiberatorQuickhackingIncreases Ram recovery by total 50%
Optimization Quickhacking Help to lessen Ram's Single unit cost with quick hacks
Buffer Optimization Breach Protocol The demon effects time will increase to double
RevampEngineering Enhance tech weapon damage by 25%, while charge weapon damage by 10%
The Good, The Bad,
and The Ugly
HandgunsThe overall Armor and Damage is increased by 30% for 5 seconds

Cyberpunk 2077 Character Building

Before diving into perks, let’s look at how character-building works In Cyberpunk 2077. There are three factors that build your character up Attributes, Perks, and Skills.

  • Attributes: The Skill Tree has different sections and these sections are called Attribute. All of these sections are further divided into portions. There are a total of 5 Attributes in the game.
  • Perks: Inside the attribute, you have different upgrades in all the portions. These upgrades are called perks.
  • Skills: Each division of a specific Attribute has its own levels. The more you use certain weapons the more skills you will get in their division.

Attributes and Skills are permanent. Meaning the perks point you spent on a certain attribute will stay there. For example, if you have invested 20 perk points in Body they will be staying there permanently. However, you can reset the perks points spent on a specific attribute and get different perks in the same attribute. To reset your perk points simply buy Tabula E-Rasa from any Ripperdoc location in the game.

Now that is out of the way, let’s look at the 25 Best Perks you need to have in Cyberpunk 2077. This list divides the perks by portions given to each Attribute of the Skill Tree. 

Best Athletics Perks

Athletics Perks are part of the Body Attribute in Skill Tree. I have enlisted the four best perks from this portion. All of the perks are complementary to each other. If you have them all, you will be a force to reckon with.


Multitasker perk allows the player to shoot while running, vaulting, or sliding. A lot of players will be benefitting from the perk especially those who like to run around and keep shooting. It is also great against enemy snipers or heavy damage-dealing enemies. This perk is a must-have for all the builds in Cyberpunk 2077.

Best running weapon perk Cyberpunk 2077
Multitasker Stats

It requires the player to have at least a Body Attribute level of 11. The level required is sorta perfect since it’s almost the time when you will need it. The perk is in the Athletic portion of the Body in the Perk Tree, where you can acquire it. Then use it to its fullest.

Divided Attention

Divided attention is similar to Multitasker since this one allows you to reload while running, vaulting, or sliding. If you have the previous skill and then combine it with Divided Attention one you will be invincible. You are not only able to shoot but also reload while moving around. Even as a standalone perk, it’s worth it in Cyberpunk 2077 since more than shooting, reloading is a problem while staying still.

Best Reloading Perk Cyberpunk 2077
Divided Attention Stats

The perk requires you to have level 11 in Body Attribute, which is the same as Multitasker. So you can say both these perks become available when you need them the most. You can get it from the Athletic portion of the Body in the Perk Tree. Once you get the perk, it’s active since it’s a passive perk.


Marathoner perk is another addition to the previous two perks on my list of the best perks in Cyberpunk 2077. When this perk is activated, your stamina won’t be drained while running.  As a perk, it’s OK not really the best. But when combined with the other two perks, it is awesome. You can literally keep running, shooting, and reloading. 

Best Spiriting perk Cyberpunk 2077
Marathoner Stats

Marathoner perk unlocks at level 14 of the Body Attribute. A bit later than the previous two but not too far. So you will be able to get it pretty quick after having the other two perks. You can unlock the perk from the Athletic portion of the Body in the Perk Tree.

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A great all-rounder perk in Cyberpunk 2077. Not only that but it will also help you with the previous perks mentioned in the list. It reduces the damage you take by 10% for all types of damages. Meaning all the damage you take will lessen by 10%. If you have the previous perk on my list, you are practically invincible when running. 

Best Damaging taking perk Cyberpunk 2077
Indestructible stats

You can unlock the perk after getting to level 20 In Body Attribute. It’s only later in the game, but it is a worthy upgrade. You can get Indestructible by going to Body in Skill Tree and then selecting it from Athletic. Once you the perk, it will be activated all the time and be useful in all situations.

Best Street Brawler Perks

You can find the Street Brawler perks in the Body Attribute of Skill Tree. There are a total of three perks in my list from this portion. All of these perks are amazing and handy especially if you have a melee build. 


During the early game in Cyberpunk 2077 stunning an enemy is difficult but the Dazed perk is a great solution for that. The perk increases your chances of stunning an enemy with a blunt weapon by 15%. The chances are further increased to 30% once you upgrade the Dazed perk. It is an extremely worth it perk if you have any abilities that require you to stun an enemy.

Best stun perk
Dazed Stats

Dazed requires you to only have Body Attribute level 4 to upgrade. It’s an early game perk and you can get it pretty easily. To get that perk simply find it in the Street Brawler portion of Body in Perk Tree. It may be an early game perk, but it’s useful throughout the whole game.

Opportune Strike

Opportune Strike is an amazing perk and is complementary to Dazed. It increases blunt damage to the stunned enemy by 50%. Now that’s a solid perk to have if you use blunt weapons a lot. You can stun enemies almost always with blunt weapons. Then if you have Dazed, you are basically gonna kill your enemies like flies. 

best stun damage perk Cyberpunk 2077
Opportune Strike Stats

The skill unlocks at level 8 of Body Attributes.  It’s a mid-game perk, which is great but if it would have been better if it was available earlier. To unlock the perk, go to the Street Brawler portion of the body in Perk Tree.


Frenzy is the best Street Brawler perk in Cyberpunk 2077. Each time you kill an enemy, for 10 seconds your blunt weapon damage is increased by a whopping 100%. This is a big number and 10 seconds is a good amount of time. With a weapon like Monowire, you will be a force to reckon with.

best blunt weapon damage perk
Frenzy Stats

it is mid to end game perk, which unlocks at Body Attribute level 15. It is an advanced sort of perk, so it makes sense that the perk is available at this level. You can get it in the Body portion of Perk Tree, and then by selecting Street Brawler. 

Best Assault Perks

The Assault perks are found in the Reflexes of Skill Tree. I have included two perks from this portion and both of these upgrades are extremely useful. 

Named Bullets

Named Bullets perk is absolutely amazing but really depends on your playstyle. The perk increases your crit damage by 35% with Submachine Guns and Rifles. In Cyberpunk 2077, these are the most used weapons hence the perk is a great all-rounder. But if you have your whole build focused on Submachine Guns and Rifles then Named Bullets is a must. You can combine the perk with other items to increase your critical chance.

great crit damage perk Cyberpunk 2077
Named Bullets Stats

You can get the Named Bullets from the Assult portion in Reflexes of the Perk Tree. The perk is unlocked once you reach level 14 of Reflexes Attribute. If you have reached the level and have a point to spare, then the perk is definitely worth it. But again mostly players who use Submachine Guns and Rifles need to get this one, otherwise optional.


A great perk in Cyberpunk 2077, especially if combined with Named Bullets. Once you kill an enemy with a Submachine Gun or Rifle, for 10 seconds there will be no weapon sway. The weapon spread will not increase as well. This 10 seconds window should be enough for you to deal deadly critical hits to a group of enemies. 

Best no recoil perk Cyberpunk 2077
Punisher Stats

Unlike Named Bullets, Punisher unlocks at level 20 of Assult. Punisher is the end game perk but is 100% worth getting when you can. To activate the skill, you will need to get it from the Reflexes portion in Assult from the Perk Tree.

Best Blade Perks

Blade perks are inside the Reflexes option of Skill Tree. Three perks have been enlisted from this portion. All of the perks in this portion are for blade or katana users especially, but useful overall too.


Cyberpunk 2077 calls this perk Deathbolt but it’s more like a Revival Strike. It’s a blade special perk, so when you kill an enemy with a blade it’s activated. Deathbolt will restore 20% of your total health, which is a great advantage mid-battle. Then for 5 seconds it also increases your movement speed by 30%, and that time window is enough for you to evade enemies.

best health restoration perk Cyberpunk 2077
Deathbolt Stats

The perk is unlocked once you have level 18 of Reflexes Attribute. Basically, the perk will only unlock later in the game. You can upgrade to the perk by going to Blades in Reflexes through the Skill Tree. With Deathbolt, you can kill, get health, evade, and keep repeating it.

Crimson Tide

Whilst using blades, Cyberpunk 2077 allows the players to apply the bleed effect on the enemy, Crimson Tide enhances that. The bleed effect is really deadly and rids enemies quicker by dealing damage over time. Crimson Tide allows you to stack bleed by 3 times. You can combine the perk with the previous, and get the ultimate result since the enemies will take damage over time.

Best bleeding perk
Crimson Tide Stats

Upgrade to Crimson Tide by going to Blades then Reflexes in the Skill Tree. The perk is also unlocked at level 18 of Reflexes Attributes. So you will get it later in the game but worth it. Now after using Deathbolt, the enemies you evaded are affected by bleeding and taking damage over time. 

Best Annihilation Perks

The Annihilation perks are inside the Body portion of the Skill Tree.  There are two perks enlisted from this part. Both of these perks are for Shotguns and LMGs only. So only useful if you have the build.

Speed Demon

An absolutely amazing perk for weapons like Shotguns and LMG. Speed Demon will increase the damage you deal by how fast you move. It is a win-win because with shotguns or LMGs no one likes to stay put and so the more you move around the better. If you have Multitasker, Divided Attention, and Marathoner, you are a beast with Speed Demon.

Best shotgun and LMG damaging perk Cyberpunk 2077
Speed Demon Stats

The perk unlocks at level 16 of Body Attribute. Which is only way later in the game. Once unlocked, you can get it from the Annihilation portion of Body upgrades in Perk Tree. Speed Demon is a must if you use Shotguns or LMGs a lot. 


Manic is just a compliment to Speed Demon. For 10 seconds the perk will increase your movement speed by 20% when you enter combat. Useful even as a standalone perk in Cyberpunk 2077, but better if used with Speed Demon. The duration of 10 seconds is not too much so you won’t benefit much. But with Speed Demon, you can deal some great starting damage.

Best Perk to enter combat Cyberpunk 2077
Manic Stats

You can upgrade to the perk once you are level 14 of Body Attribute. That’s mostly towards the period of going from mid-game to end-game. It may be useful but depends on your build and playstyle mostly. You can get it in the Annihilation portion of Body in the Perk Tree.

Best Crafting Perks

You can get the Crafting perks in the Technical Ability of Skill Tree. There are two perks listed but I have talked about three perks since two of the perks in this portion work similarly. Amazing perks to have for all the builds.

Waste Not Want Not

It is a perk that everyone that should have in Cyberpunk 2077. As the name suggests, it helps you to not waste and get what you want. When you dismantle an item, you retrieve the mods, you had installed on it. And that is great since now you will be able to use the mods again or sell them. 

My hours in Cyberpunk 2077 (Steam ID: SpartaNNNN)

Waste Not Want Not will mostly come in handy to advanced players since they will be juggling between equipment a lot. So it unlocks at level 16 of Technical Ability Attribute, which makes sense. You can get the perk inside the Crafting from the Technical Ability of the Perk Tree.

Edgerunner Artisan

Edgerunner Artisan connects with the True Craftsman perk in Cyberpunk 2077. The perk allows you to craft Legendary items and the True Craftsman allows you to craft rare items. For advanced players, the Edgerunner Artistan perk is more useful but for more new players True Craftsman is best. Both work the same just different in the rarity of items they allow you to craft.

best crafting perk
Edgerunner Artisan Stats

Edgerunner Artisan unlocks at Technical Ability Attribute level 18, which is very late in the game. True Craftsman on the other hand is available at only level 5. This solidifies the points about the connection of these perks to each other. Since one is an early-game perk and the other is a late-game perk. You can get both these perks in the Crafting portion of Technical Ability in the Perk Tree.

Best Cold Blood Perks

This portion of upgrades can be found in the Cool option of Skill Tree. The best perk in Cyberpunk 2077 is enlisted here which is useful for all the builds. There is one more perk that is good for sniper users mostly.

Cold Blood

Cold Blood is the best perk in Cyberpunk 2077, it can be utilized with all the builds this game has to offer. Not just utilized but take them to the best of their limits. The perk itself offers a movement boost of 2% for 10 seconds, you can stack it up with each level. But the reason it’s the best is that it activates all the other owned Cold Blood perks as well.

Best Perk In Cyberpunk 2077
Cold Blood Stats

The perk is available as soon as you reach Cool Attribute level 3. Cold Blood is not just great but also available at almost the beginning of the game. You can get the perk from the Cold Blood Portion of Cool inside the Perk Tree. 

Frozen Precision

Here is also another great perk for Cyberpunk 2077 from Cold Blood. It increases your headshot damage by a flat 50%. It’s great especially if you’re a snipper user since you will be doing a lot of headshots. It will also help you activate Cold Blood faster with a snipper and utilize its movement speed. Even without a snipper, it’s a great perk to have but not the best.

Best headshot perk
Frozen Precision Stats

Once you reach Cool Attribute level 11 the perk is available to use. It’s available during mid-game which is not too bad but would have been convenient earlier. You can get Frozen Precision inside the Cold Blood portion of Cool in Perk Tree.

Best Stealth Perks

You can find the Stealth perks inside the Cool option of the Skill Tree. Some of the best perks in the game are found in the Stealth portion. I have included three of the best perks in there. But you can always choose the one you need or want.

Cheat Death

Cheat Death doesn’t make much sense in Stealth but it sure is awesome. Once your health drops below 50% for 10 seconds all incoming damage is reduced by 50%. But has a cooldown of 1 minute. The perk is extremely useful for boss battles in Cyberpunk 2077 where they deal heavy damage. Or when you’re dealing with a number of enemies.

Best health perk
Cheat Death Stats

The perk unlocks at Cool Attribute level 18. This is way too late for such a perk and that’s the only downfall it has. You can get Cheat Death from the Stealth portion of Cool in the Perk Tree.  All in all, it’s worth it but would have been better earlier in the game.

Venomous Fangs

It’s one of those perks in Cyberpunk 2077 that are simple, easy, and quick to execute. While wielding knives, all the attacks you do are poisonous. This is a solid and flat perk that is going to help you a lot if you use knives. Combing Venomous Fangs with other Stealth perks, that are heavy on poison will make you crazily deadly. 

Best Knives poisoning perk
Venomous Fangs Stats

Becomes available at Cool Attribute level 14. It’s an amazing perk and would have been more awesome if available a bit more sooner. You can acquire it from the Stealth portion of Cool upgrades in Perk Tree. If you use knives this will be a great addition. 


Ninjutsu perk is one of the craziest ones out there in Cyberpunk 2077. When crouched and undetected It increases your damage with melee weapons by 100%. Not only that but also guarantees that you will deliver a critical hit. If you get your hand on some good katana or the Mantis Blades, your damage rate will one hit even the strongest of enemies.

Best melee weapon damage perk
Ninjutsu Stats

The problem with the Ninjutsu perk is it unlocks at Cool Attribute level 20. But the perk is mostly advanced so not that big a problem here. You can get Ninjutsu from the Stealth portion of Cool upgrades in Perk Tree. The perk is worth upgrading to whenever you have a chance. 

Best Quickhacking Perks

Quickhacking perks can be acquired from the Intelligence option of the Skill Tree. All the perks here are mostly built friendly, but I have tried and included the two perks which will help in general. But if you have a hacking build, you can go with different perks.

Master Ram Liberator

During the quick hacks, Ram management is the biggest issue, players with quick hack build really dislike that. But Master Ram Liberator in Cyberpunk 2077 helps with that. It increases the rate at which Ram recovers by 50%. Combine that with some of the Cybernetic Implants and basically no more need to worry about Ram. 

Best Ram management perk
Master Ram Liberator Stats

The only problem Master Ram Liberator has is that it unlocks at Quickhacking level 20. This is the end-game, and you need Ram management throughout mid-game the most. Once you have unlocked the perk, you can get it from the Quickhacking portion of Intelligence in Perk Tree.


Another perk that helps with Ram management in Cyberpunk 2077. Optimization perk will reduce 1 Ram unit cost with quick hacks. A very good but not significantly huge number. But if combined with some other good Ram management items it can be very useful. You can always use Optimization with Master Ram Liberator to get the best out of Ram management.

Best Ram reduction perk
Optimization Stats

Though Optimization is not the best it unlocks at level 20 of Intelligence Attribute. That is very unreasonable from the game. The perk can be obtained by going to the Quickhacking portion of Intelligence in Perk Tree. 

Best Breach Protocol Perk

Breach Protocol perks are found inside the Intelligence option of Skill Tree. There are some of the best perk upgrades inside Breach Protocol, like Big Sleep. But I have only included one because most of them are situational, and players can choose which is best suited for them. 

Buffer Optimization

We all know just how powerful and useful daemon effects are in Cyberpunk 2077. Buffer Optimization perk increases the amount of time daemon effects will remain by double. You will really be taking the best out of Buffer Optimization when paired with a powerful enemy. It will help you a lot in those long and dragged fights where your opponents are too powerful.

Best Daemon effect perk
Buffer Optimization Stats

Unlocks at level 20 of Intelligence Attribute. It is an advanced perk so it unlocks then too. But it would have been sweet if the game had offered it a bit earlier. The perk is found in the Breach Protocol portion of Intelligence in the Perk Tree. 

Best Engineering Perk

Inside the Technical Ability option of Skill Tree, you can get the Engineering perks. There may be just one perk from this portion. But that perk is the runner-up for being the best, so defiantly worth it.


Revamp was a competitor for the best perk in Cyberpunk 2077, for good reason too. The perk offers a flat 25% increased damage with tech weapons, now that’s sweet. Not only that but it also offers a 10% increased damage with charge weapons and cyberwares. A great upgrade since tech weapons are used a lot and if those are charge weapons then even better.

Best tech weapon damage perk
Revamp Stats

The skill unlocks at Engineering level 20. Revamp is great so no complaints here, it will be helpful for advanced players. You can get the perk from the Engineering portion of the Technical Ability in Perk Tree.

Best Handguns Perk

Handguns upgrades are inside the Reflexes option of Skill Tree. There is only one perk from this category because only that one got my attention. There are some other great perks in there but dependant on the playstyle. 

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly perk is extremely useful for all the builds since it’s a Gun perk, and everyone uses handguns. The skill is activated once you land a successful critical hit with a revolver or handgun. Once it’s activated, for 5 seconds your damage and armor are increased by 30%. If the perk had more time than 5 seconds, it would be one of the best perks In Cyberpunk 2077.

Best handguns perk
The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Stats

You can get The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly from Reflexes in Handguns in the perk tree. It is one of the advanced perks, so you will be needing level 20 of Handguns. So you will get The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly only later in the game. But this is one of the best Handgun perks and a great perk amongst all the perks as well.

My Thoughts On The Best Perks

Throughout my playthrough, I’ve found that the best perks in the game are those that enhance your preferred playstyle. For players who enjoy fast-paced combat, “Multitasker” and “Divided Attention” in the Athletics category are top picks. These perks allow you to shoot, reload, and stay mobile simultaneously, making you a formidable force in combat. Coupled with “Marathoner” and “Indestructible,” your character becomes almost invincible, ideal for those who prefer a run-and-gun approach.

My hours in Cyberpunk 2077 (Steam ID: SpartaNNNN)
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