Cyberpunk 2077: Best Quick Hacks [Top 13]

Want to know the best quick hacks for Cyberpunk 2077 to take out enemies? We have got you covered

With these quick hacks at your behest, you can rip off your enemy without using a single shot. Some of these hacks are so powerful that they can kill multiple enemies in one go without the player even getting close to them. There are many ways to beat your target in Cyberpunk 2077. You can use any fighting tactic or even a big weapon to kill the enemy. But nothing beats the quality of quick hacks

Key Takeaways
  • There are 13 quick hacks in the game that players can use to overpower their enemies.
  • First is the Weapon Glitch, which will make the opponent’s weapon glitch and disable itself, as well as stop their smart tracking and wall penetration systems from working.
  • System Reset allows the player to reset the cyber system of the target and cripples their nervous system, making them ineffective in combat.
  • Ping allows V to scan all the electronic devices in the area and lets them see all the enemies and their devices on a local network without getting close.
  • The Suicide hack will make enemies commit suicide, making it a nifty ‘insta-kill’ quick hack.
  • The Breach Protocol is an all-rounder hack that does a bit of everything, specifically allowing players to hack enemies connected to the network.
  • The Memory Wipe will re-formate the enemy’s memory, making them vulnerable for a few seconds.
  • Contagion will force the targeted foe to take poison damage. Although not fatal, it can cause severe damage to the opponent.
  • The Detonate Grenade is almost similar to the Suicide, making the enemy’s grenade explode. This hack can kill multiple enemies in a single go.
  • Short Circuit allows players to cause a moderate electric shock to their enemy, which doesn’t kill them but weakens instead, making it easier to fight them.
  • The Whistle is the most underrated quick yet mighty hack that allows V to distract enemies or strategically lure them.
  • Reboot Optics makes the enemy blind for a few seconds, allowing the players to go past the enemies or kill them if needed without even getting noticed. 
  • Cyberpsychosis will force the enemies to turn against each other, making it a great offensive quick hack to cause chaos in an instant.
  • Synapse Burnout is more like Short Circuit but has a more damaging effect on tired and injured targets, making them your easy prey. 

How To Equip Quickhacks In The Game

To equip yourself with quick hacks, you’ll have to go to the Inventory, where you’ll see the Cyberdeck. The Cyberdeck is located precisely on the bottom right of the clothing selection screen in the Inventory. You’ll see Active mods on the right side when you’re inside it. In the beginning, you’ll only have two mods slots to use. You’ll have the chance to unlock more slots later in the game.

The image shows Inventory menu( Picture Credits: Exputer)
The image shows Inventory Menu( Picture Credits: Exputer)

You’ll also have the luxury of choosing which mods will remain active in the game by double-clicking them. Also, you’ll have the power to switch them if you need to during the main missions. And this is how you can equip V with the quick hacks in Cyberpunk 2077.

Here’s a list of the best Quick Hacks: 

Quick HackRarity Type EffectsDuration (seconds)Upload TimeCooldown
Weapon GlitchN/AControlTarget's weapon gets jammed and it malfunctions, Spreads to the nearest enemy within 8 meters30.05.0N/A
System ResetEpicUltimateTarget's nervous system gets crippled and will lose consciousness9.78.0120.0
PingN/ACovertAllows to quick hack devices , by revealing them along with enemies connected to the local network20 to 401.0N/A
SuicideEpicUltimateLethal, Target commits suicide12.08.0120.0
Breach ProtocolCommonDeviceMakes enemies and devices which are connected to the network vulnerable to quick hacks.
Memory WipeN/ACovertThe target exits combat state.8.02.0120.0
ContagionN/ACombatNon Lethal, Poison is applied to the target, Each subsequent target receives 20% more damage2.52.030.0
Detonate GrenadeEpicUltimateLethal, The target detonates a gernade in his hands.15.08.0120.0
Short CircuitN/ACombatNon lethal, it is effective against robots, drones and mechs. Deals moderate electrical damage to the target.0.10 to 41.010.0
Reboot OpticsN/ACovertRenders the target temporarily blind, Spreads to the next target within 8 meters.8 to 125.010.0
CyberpsychosisEpicUltimateLethal, Causes Target to attack bith enemies and allies.60.08.0120.0
Synapse BurnoutN/ACombatLethal, If this quickhack succeeds the target erupts in flames, prompting enemies within a 6-meter arc to flee in fear.
WhistleN/ACovertTarget moves to your current position and will not be in an alerted state.

How To Use Quick Hacks In The Game

To use these hacks, you must go to Scanner Mode.

  • Once done, you’ll know what to hack and also get relevant information about machines and your enemies.
  • Now, put the reticle over any device or on your opponents; if they are hackable, you’ll see an extensive list of hacks that you can use over them.
The image shows how you can use quick hacks
The image shows quick hacks ( Picture Credits: Exputer)
  • This list will occur on the left side of the Scanner screen.
  • Additionally, the list of hacks appearing on the screen will depend on the type of hacks you have enabled in the Cyberdeck.
  • This list is called the Quick hack menu.
  • You can select any hack from the menu by hitting the prompt button.
  • It will allow you to use the hack you picked on your opponent.

Cyberpunk 2077 Best Quick Hacks

Here are the most powerful quick hacks that you can use with a single command to down your enemy:

Weapon Glitch

First on our list is the Weapon Glitch. As the name suggests, Weapon Glitch will make your opponent’s weapon glitch out for a few seconds. The glitching depends on the weapon and also on the variant. Sometimes it’ll make the weapon disabled, and other times, it can completely choke it. The system also stops the enemy’s smart tracking and wall penetration systems. It can even cause your enemy to fire or explode the weapon toward their teammates.

Image showing detonate grenade quick hack perks
Image showing detonate grenade quick hack perks ( Picture Credits: Exputer)

The duration of Weapon Glitch is 30 seconds for Uncommon rarity which can raise to almost a minute if you decide to spend attribute points in Intelligence, level up Quickhacking, and acquire the Signal Support bonus. To obtain the Uncommon variant, you’ll have to buy it from Yoko Tsuru. For higher variants, crafting the specs is the best way.

System Reset

System Reset is another one on the list of the Cyberpunk 2077 best quick hacks. It’s not as deadly as the previous ones, but still, it can cause a lot of damage to the opponent. What it does is that it cripples the target’s nervous system, making them ineffective. Moreover, this system also maintains your stealth mode.

The image shows System Reset's features
The image shows System Reset’s features ( Picture Credits: Exputer)

System Reset allows the player to reset the cyber system of the target. It means that the opponents can be made unconscious from far away, making them pretty much useless to fight. If you activate this system on a machine or a robot, it will destroy them. 

  • To acquire the System Reset blueprint, you must complete a Spellbound side gig with Nix.
  • Then you’ll need the System Reset Component to craft the system. 
  • For this, you must finish the Kold Mirage sidequest and save Nix.
  • After finishing these tasks, you’ll obtain the System Reset component. 


Next up, we have the Ping. Ping is a significantly effective quick hack that upholds your stealth mode. The following invaluable quick hack will make your stealth attack at least 3x times more effective. Plus, the quick hack is helpful for any build as it doesn’t cost much RAM, making it extremely useful for players.

The image shows the features of Ping hack
The image shows the features of Ping hack (Picture Credits: Exputer)

What this hack does is that it allows you to scan all the electronic devices in the surroundings. It lets you see all the enemies and their devices on a local network without even getting close to them, rendering them theoretically ineffective.

And, in its legendary form, this hack makes you an unkillable God. You can scan and hack anyone and any device through the walls without even putting your feet on the premises of the building, making it impossible for enemies to attack you. Yoko Tsuru will give you its Uncommon variant for free during The Gift.


Next on our list of the CyberPunk 2077 best quick hacks is this Suicide hack. When invoked upon the enemy, the enemy will commit suicide. It has no surprise element for the target. But, when it’s activated, the enemy takes his armor out, points at himself, and blows himself with it.

Features of Suicide Hack
Features of Suicide Hack (Picture Credits: Exputer)

Suicide can be effective if you haven’t got any ammunition left. It can do wonders if the enemy is far superior to you. That said, you can initiate this powerful hack far away from the enemy; no need to come close to them.

  • It isn’t easy to acquire because it’s rarely found in the open world.
  • You’ll have to open a specific Perk to craft it.
  • This specific perk is Hacker Overload.
  • It’s found in the Quickhack Perk tree. Another way to get it is by paying €$500 to Yoko Tsuru in Kabuki.

Breach Protocol

The Breach Protocol has the most growth potential. The unique thing about the hack is that it doesn’t need any RAM, making it free to use. It provides many upgrades as it allows you to reduce the overall expenditure of all other quick hacks for a certain time.

You can check the features of Breach Protocol Hack
You can check the features of Breach Protocol Hack ( Picture Credits: Exputer)

Moreover, it can also help reduce the strength of the enemies. This means you can shut down all turrets in the enemy vicinity for a few seconds, disable the weapons or completely blind enemies. To be precise, it’s an all-rounder quick hack. 

Memory Wipe

The Memory Wipe will re-formate your enemy’s memory. This trick will make the enemy lose its combat state. It switches the opponent from ‘Active‘ to ‘Passive.’ It can easily help you maintain your stealth build; you can instantly use this hack if you are accidentally seen.

You can check the features of Memory Wipe hack
You can check the features of the Memory Wipe hack (Picture Credits: Exputer)

You can also use it to sneak your way around too. Although it is assumed as non-lethal, it can be very lethal as you can kill the goon in one shot as he won’t be able to fight. You can acquire the Rare variant from Yoko Tsuru.


Contagion is the next in line of CyberPunk 2077 best quick hacks. To be precise, it’s not exactly a hack but a trick used against enemies. When you use it, the enemy takes poison damage.

  • Contagion will remain active for a short time.
  • It’ll last 2.5 seconds at the start, but it can be increased if you spend attribute points in Intelligence, level up Quickhacking, and acquire Signal Support.
Perks you get when you invoke Contagion Hack
Perks you get when you invoke Contagion Hack ( Picture Credits: Exputer)

After its effect fades away on one enemy, it can jump onto another enemy within your proximity. To acquire this hack, buy the Uncommon base variant for €$1500 from any netrunner vendor. For the Rare variant, you’ll have to pay €$3000 to the netrunner in Vista Del Rey or Coastview

Detonate Grenade

Another quick hack that you need to have up in your sleeves is Detonate Grenade. The Detonate Grenade is almost similar to the Suicide quick hack. It’s a fairly simple hack that makes the enemy’s grenade explode, causing many killings and environmental damage in the vicinity. The power of an explosion depends on the type of grenade the enemy is carrying. If the grenade is extremely powerful, it can take out multiple enemies at once.

The image shows the features of Detonate Grenade hack
The image shows the features of Detonate Grenade hack ( Picture Credits: Exputer)
  • You can find Detonate Grenade if you’re able to defeat netrunners.
  • They can drop its epic version. However, it’s not a 100% guaranteed drop, but you have to take your chances.
  • You can also craft it. But, you might have to do a lot of point expenditure for it.
  • Also, you’ll need an Intelligence score of 16.
  • After getting the score of 16, only then will you buy Hacker Overlord to craft it.

Short Circuit

Next on our list is the Short Circuit. Although this quick hack isn’t fatal, it is still an effective and inexpensive combat trick that you must have up on your sleeve. Short Circuit allows you to cause a moderate electric shock to your enemy. This quick may look nonlethal but trust me, it’s very lethal as it can cause damage to any enemy with just a single command. It’s cheap, too, with an incredibly fast upload time and quick cool-down. 

The image shows the features of Short Circuit hack
The image shows the features of short circuit hack ( Picture Credits: Exputer)

Short Circuit is extremely useful for the players during the initial part of the game before you acquire more Rare variants. When you get your hands on the Rare or higher variant, the effect of the shock will be much higher. The Netrunner Vendors sell Its Uncommon rarity at €$300.

Reboot Optics

Reboot Optics is another epic quick hack that players can use. This fairly simple hack makes your enemy go blind for a few seconds. It’s also helpful in managing your stealth in the game, especially when you cause blindness in the environment against the opponents. What it does is that it reboots the enemies’ optical cyberwar, making them blind for a few seconds.

The image shows the perks of Optics Reboot hack
The image shows the features of the Optics Reboot hack ( Picture Credit: Exputer)

Its Legendary variant pretty much resembles the Weapon Glitch’s hack. In the legendary variant, you open up the Optics Jammer Daemon, which allows you to blind everyone in the network permanently. As you upgrade it to a Rare or higher level variant, you’ll have the power to cause spread blindness within 8 meters.

Yoko Tsuru sells its Uncommon variant at Kabuki Roundabout. And ripper doc at West Wind Estate sells Rare variants. To get its Higher variants, crafting is the way to go.


Cyberpsychosis is an awesome quick hack for players. It will make your enemies turn against each other and push them to rip each other off. This hack uses the complex mental state called Cyberpsychosis. When activated, enemies lose their sanity and kill people indiscriminately around them. This powerful mind hack can be used on drones, robots, or mechs to make them attack your enemies. The opponent will automatically kill himself if no enemy is left in the surrounding area.

The picture illustrates the features of Cyberpsychosis
The picture illustrates the features of Cyberpsychosis (Picture Credits: eXputer)
  • You can find its Epic variant from Voodoo Boys netrunners in Pacifica.
  • You can also purchase its Epic variant from Chang Hoon Nam after complementing the Gig: Wakako’s Favorite.

Synapse BurnOut

This is another quick hack that causes lethal damage to the opponent. However, its damage depends on the health of the enemy. If the enemy is injured, it can cause fatal damage to the enemy. Synapse Burnout is more like Short Circuit but has a more damaging effect on tired and injured targets. This hack can be very effective against powerful bosses in the game.

The image shows the features of Synapse Burn Out hack
The image shows the features of the Synapse Burn Out hack (Picture Credit: Exputer)
  • The default duration of Synapse Burnout is 5.00 sec at an Uncommon rarity.
  • The duration will increase at a Rare rarity or higher.
  • Apart from crafting the hack, you can also get a Rare Synapse Burnout in the quest The Pickup.
  • For this, you’ll have to unlock the chip, Meredith Stout.


Whistle has to be among the most underrated quick hacks. Most players don’t use this hack as they consider it useless. However, it’s a powerful hack. You can use it to mislead the enemies and to slip through their defenses. If you use it wisely, you can maintain your stealth mode and kill enemies without firing a single shot. 

The image shows the features of Whistle hack
The image shows the features of the Whistle hack (Picture Credit: Exputer)

You can use this hack early in the game. It is a low RAM cost and low cool-down hack. It’s default duration is 10 seconds. You can increase the duration in its Rare rarity. When upgraded to Rare rarity or higher, you can reset the enemy’s alert state. You can acquire the Uncommon variant from Yoko Tsuru at Kabuki Roundabout and the Epic variant from Netrunner (Coastview).


That’s it! These are some of the Cyberpunk 2077 best quick hacks that you can use throughout the game. You can also utilize some other hacks, but above mentioned hacks are easy to use and can cause a lethal effect on the opponent.

But with that said, there are some extremely powerful opponents on which these hacks won’t work. This might be because of the game’s bugs or the enemy’s power. So, we suggest you keep a few weapons if these hacks don’t function on your enemies.

Anyhow, be sure to check out the list of the Legendary Weapon Locations in the game, as they might work hand-in-hand with these quick hacks. Talking of weapons locations, you would surely want to get your hands on the best weapon in the game. So, read our guide: How To Find Skippy – The Best Weapon In Cyberpunk 2077.

Furthermore, you would also want to know the Top 25 Best Perks In Cyberpunk 2077 to give you an idea of what perks and privileges you’ll be getting as you progress in the game. Lastly, make sure to check out our guide on The Best Operating System In Cyberpunk 2077 to know which operating systems will give you the much-needed advantage to survive in NightCity.

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