The Best Operating System In Cyberpunk 2077

In this guide, we have listed the best Operating Systems in Cyberpunk 2077 that'll give you the much-needed advantage to survive in NightCity

What is the best operating system? This has been an ongoing debate in the real world for decades. Finally, now you can argue with internet trolls about the best Operating System in Cyberpunk 2077 too. Typically it’s life imitating art, but now it’s art imitating life. Imagine being in a life or death scenario, and then you get a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD), a very fitting name in that case if you ask me. To avoid anything like that from happening and make sure that you’re as efficient as you can be, you need the best operating system.

Key Highlights
  • Operating systems are one of the vital parts of Cyberpunk 2077. They are able to give the player specific skills and perks otherwise not available.
  • An operating system in Cyberpunk 2077 is basically a form of Cyberware that the players can equip through Ripperdocs.
  • In total, there are three different categories in which operating systems are spread out. Cyberdecks, Sandevistan and Berserk.
  • Cyberdecks are the most common types and are mostly used for hacking gimmicks. A total of 10 different cyberdecks are available in Cyberpunk 2077 for the player to choose from.
  • Berserk and Sandevistan are both rather niche compared to cyberdecks, a total of 4 of each is available in Cyberpunk 2077 for the players to choose.
  • The berserk-type operating software grants you the ability to go hog wild on the enemies. The player can gain temporary boosts specific to their body modifications. This is best for melee-related builds.
  • Sandevistan slows down time for the player. When time is slowed down, players can kill off as many enemies as they want without them knowing what hit them.
  • As one would expect, Sandevistan and berserk-type operating softwares are better than Cyberdecks, if it were not so then the rarity would go the other way.
  • That being said, even among Cyberdecks there are noteworthy operating softwares that the player can get, we have compiled them all.
  • One should be wary of which operating software they spend money on; therefore, we have picked the best of the best for you to choose and be content in your choice without any regrets.
  • Arasaka Mk.4 requires players to have a street creed level 50 and 35,000 Eurodollars to purchase. It decreases the RAM cost of convert quick hacks by 2; it also increases combat quick hacks by a whopping 40%.
  • Zetatech Berserk Mk.5 is a berserk type operating software that costs 43,750 Eurodollars as well as a body level of 18. It not only reduces weapon recoil by 20% but also gives you a superhero land shockwave when you jump from heights. It also grants you an enhanced level of strength as well as resilience.
  • Militech “falcon” Sandevistan will cost the players 43,750, and it can be purchased from the Ripperdoc in wellsprings. This operating software slows down the time for V by 30%. During this time, damage dealt by V is increased by 15%, and critical damage is increased by 35%.
  • These are but a few amazing operating softwares among the many other good ones. The following list will tell you about more softwares that you can pick from and choose your own style.

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Operating System Types In Cyberpunk 2077

Operating Systems in Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the many Cyberware that you can use to upgrade your body. Different Cyberware gives you extra abilities and advantages. That can range from anything to slowing downtime to reinforcing your tendons and much, much more. To get any Cyberware implant, you’ll need to visit a Ripperdoc.

Operating system types Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077 Combat

A word for the wise, you’ll have to save up a lot because these cybernetic implants aren’t cheap. They might just cost you an arm or a leg seeing as how even the lowest rate is at least 1000 eurodollars. So it’s best if you know which ones are the best Operating Systems in Cyberpunk 2077, so you can invest wisely.

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In Cyberpunk 2077 there are a total of three operating system implants that you can choose from. Some operating systems have passive abilities that are always active, whereas others need to be activated to gain that temporary buff. All OSs follow the same quality level indicator used for all the other items in the game. 

  • White = Common
  • Green = Uncommon
  • Blue = Rare
  • Purple = Epic
  • Orange = Legendary


First up are Cyberdecks. These are the most commonly available out of all the Operating System upgrades. Cyberdecks, in layman terms, are hacks. With the help of these, you’ll be able to hack enemies and electronic devices. You might be wondering how does one hack enemies? This is very useful in sticky situations, and you can blind your enemies and then go in for the kill. Ever heard of a game that ships with wallhacks? Cyberdecks also provide you with that option, and you can figure out the position of your enemies via wallhacks. There are a total of ten Cyberdecks to choose from.


I’m sure everyone has seen the Matrix; even if you haven’t seen the Matrix, you surely must know of bullet time. That action sequence in which Keanu Reeves bends backward to dodge all the bullets? Yes, I’m talking about that exact scene where it looks like time has slowed down for him. On a side note, a coincidence that he is also in the game? I think not!

So basically, Sandevistans enable you to do all sorts of unique and chaotic things by slowing downtime. It has to be manually activated, unlike some of the Cyberdecks. The duration and the slowing down percentage of time depend on the type you have installed. They increase damage, critical damage, and critical chance when activated. A total of four Sandevistans are available to choose from.

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Just like Sandevistans, there are only four Berserks from which you can choose. Berserks in simple words turn you into a walking calamity. Activate it, walk into a room and the aftermath would be as if an army battalion went through it. It has a lot of effects, weapon recoil is reduced, melee damage, Resistance, and Armor are increased, defeating enemies restores your health, health, and stamina are increased. I’ve saved the most fun aspect of it all, which is that jumping from a height will give you a superhero landing. It will create shockwaves that’ll damage nearby enemies. 

Best Operating Systems Cyberpunk 2077

The moment you’ve been waiting for, We’ve listed the very best Operating Systems that you need to get your hands on. Let’s dive right into it.

Tetratronic Rippler MK.4

The first in our list is the Tetratronic Rippler MK.4 Cyberdeck. You can’t go wrong with a Cyberdeck, and it’s perfect for every build. You’ll need a street cred of 40 to get ahold of this and you’ll find this bad boy at Kraviz’s Clinic at Charter Hill, Westbrook. Its specs are as follows, RAM size of ten, Buffer size of eight and, a total of six slots.

This upgrade will allow you to quick spam your ultimate quickhack since it reduces the amount of RAM required to do so. On top of that, the effect will also spread to another enemy but only once. Quickhack upload will be decreased by 75% and all quickhack cooldown by 45%. All of these things coupled together will make you a menace for whoever decides to go against you. 

Netwatch Netdriver MK.5

This Cyberdeck is considered to be one of the strongest due to the sheer amount of offensive capabilities you gain. So if you’re the type to believe that the best defense is a good offense, then this is perfect for you. Its specs are 11 RAM, Buffer size 9, 6 slots and, you can get this from the Ripperdoc at Heywood, Wellsprings. 49 street creds are required for this. It might seem like a lot of work, but it’ll be very worth your time and effort. 

This will increase the damage your deal by quickhacks by 30%. Your RAM recovery will also be fairly quick as it’ll recover nine units per minute. That means more ultimate quickhacks and more carnage. One of the best things about this upgrade is that it’ll spread to 3 targets within a 6-meter radius. Now that might seem enough on its own but your spread distance is also increased by 60%. This means that you can take out multiple targets by a single attack, and your damage output will be much greater. 

Zetatech Berserk MK.5

For this, you will need a body of level 16. Find the Ripperdoc located at Arroyo, Santo Domingo, to acquire this upgrade. All Berserk Operating Systems, upon their activation, allows you to enter a berserker state. This will reduce your weapon’s recoil and increase the melee damage.

best operating system in Cyberpunk 2077
Berserk State In Cyberpunk 2077

Resistance and Armor are increased by 10% for 5 seconds. Defeating enemies will add 5% to your health. Jumping from any high ground will give you the superhero landing effect. A shockwave will be created that will damage the enemies in the surrounding areas. It has a 30-second cooldown period and empty mod slots, which you can utilize to make this OS even stronger. 

MiliTech Berserk MK.5

A body of level 18 is required for this. You’ll find this at the same Ripperdoc from where you’ll get Tetratronic Rippler MK.4, Kravis’s Clinic at Charter Hill, Westbrook. It has a cooldown of 60-seconds. Upon its activation, all damage dealt by a blade will be increased by 15%.

Long ranged weapon recoil and sway will decrease by 15%. Defeating your opponents will grant you a 5% restoration of your health. Your health and stamina both will be increased by 40%. This sounds like a very good package, but a fair warning, it’ll take a big bite out of your wallet as it’ll cost you 43,750 eurodollars. 

MiliTech “Falcon” Sandevistan MK.5

This is one of the absolute top-tier Operating Systems in the game. Going beyond the Legendary status, The Falcon Sandevistan is at the “Iconic” level. You will need 18 reflexes to acquire this. Visit the Ripperdoc at Heywood, Wellsprings, and you’ll find this beauty waiting for you but only if you have 43,750 eurodollars.

This will slow down time to 30% for 18-seconds giving you plenty of time to experience that bullet-time effect. This is a very long time, plenty to take out most of the annoying bad guys you’ll encounter in-game. Damage will be increased by 15%20% increase chances of hitting a critical strike and, a 35% increase in critical damage. As if it wasn’t strong enough already, three empty mod slots are available to further enhance this Operating System. 

QuainT “Warp Dancer” Sandevistan MK.5

The last entry in our best Operating Systems in Cyberpunk 2077 list is the Warp Dancer. Another one of the Iconic level operating systems. 18 reflexes are required to obtain this OS. The same as the previous Iconic status Operating System, this will also set you back more than a few bucks; it’ll cost you 43,750 eurodollars.

It has a cooldown of 30-seconds. Once you activate it, your damage and critical chance will go up 15% and 10% respectively. Critical damage will increase by 50%. Here’s the kicker, it’ll dilate time to 90% for 8-seconds. That is an immense amount of slowing down, you’ll be moving at such a fast rate for everyone else that you’ll put the Flash to shame. Go to the Ripperdoc at Downtown City Center to get your hands on this beast. 


Before making a purchase it’s good if you have some knowledge about what you’re getting. Just like that, we hope this guide provides you with all the necessary information you need to get the best OS for your build. This covers just about all the Operating Systems in Cyberpunk 2077 you need to keep your eye on as they’ll make you stand out among the rest. If you think there are more that are worthy of going on this list then please comment down below. 

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