How To Increase Athletics In Cyberpunk 2077 [Best Methods]

Knowing how to increase Athletics in Cyberpunk 2077 is necessary as this skill tree is used to boost your max health and carrying capacity.

Athletics in Cyberpunk 2077 works much like Agility in Dying Light. The player must perform many physical actions to gain skill points to level up their Athletics skill. Your body level also comes into play here. The best methods to increase your Athletics in Cyberpunk 2077 can range from simple gameplay actions such as using melee attacks or doing parkour, so do not worry too much about needing to farm levels for this skill tree.

Important: The Athletics skill has now been changed into ‘Shinobi’ with Cyberpunk 2077’s Patch 2.0 rework, but the instructions to increase it in the guide are still the same.
Key Takeaways
  • The player can level up athletics by parkour or using the best melee weapons in Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Athletics is a necessary skill and provides benefits, like increasing health or carrying capacity.
  • Cyberware is also advised as it boosts all of these methods, and I have highlighted the location of the best Ripperdoc to get the correct cyberware.
  • As Athletics levels up, it also provides perk points, invaluable like the carrying capacity.

Best Ways To Increase Athletics In Cyberpunk 2077 

parkour guide for cyberpunk 2077
Jumping, grabbing ledges, and doing all sorts of Parkour is excellent for Athletics | From eXputer

Unlike most other skill trees, there are only a few select ways to farm for Athletics skill points.

These are as follows:

  • Running adds to Athletics, so if the objective isn’t far away, try taking the road instead of going by vehicle.
  • Climbing buildings, ledges, or anything counts towards Athletics.
  • I recommend you try out the game’s parkour by jumping from building to building, as shown in the screenshot above.
  • The more you level up your Athletics, the more stamina you gain, which naturally allows you to run and climb for longer periods of time and helps you farm athletics more efficiently.

Moreover, Hand-to-hand melee combat in the game is underwhelming, but it can help you gain points for Athletics. Also, using the best Katanas in Cyberpunk 2077 to kill enemies is an excellent way to gain XP fast.

  • Sliding is something that people love in video games as it adds so much to the overall transversal.
  • You can gain points towards Athletics each time you slide on the ground in the game.
  • Melee combat against enemies is still, by far, the best method that provides the most skill points for Athletics. 

These methods are the only way to gain points regularly to max out Athletics. Players can use Cyberware to speed up the process further.

Using Cyberware To Increase Athletics

best ripperdocs in the game
Cyberware from the Ripperdoc | By eXputer

I recommend you go to the Ripperdoc I have shown in the screenshot above. You can buy various Cyberware from here to help you max out your Athletics fast. The Cyberware enhancements make all of the methods even better and faster.

If you don’t have the correct body requirements, you won’t be able to upgrade yourself. So, it is wise always to ensure your body level is satisfactory before you commit to farming or obtaining any specific materials. 

Rewards For Leveling Up Athletics 

As you level up the skill, you will gain more and more rewards. Sometimes, you don’t get anything for a level-up. 

You can gain the following benefits by leveling up your Athletics:

  • Level 1: Nil.
  • Level 2: Carrying Capacity increases by 20.
  • Level 3: x1 Perk Point.
  • Level 4: Stamina increases by 5 percent. 
  • Level 5: Stamina Regeneration rate is buffed by 10 percent.
  • Level 6: Carrying Capacity increases by 40.
  • Level 7:  x1 Perk Point.
  • Level 8: x1 Perk Point.
  • Level 9: Health increases by 5 percent.
  • Level 10: x1 Perk Point.
  • Level 11: x1 Perk Point.
  • Level 12: Health increases by 5 percent.
  • Level 13: Carrying Capacity gets a huge boost and increases by 100.
  • Level 14: Armor increases by 5 percent.
  • Level 15: Health Regeneration is buffed by 10 percent outside combat. 
  • Level 16: x1 Perk Point.
  • Level 17: Health Increases by 5 percent.
  • Level 18: Armor increases by 5 percent.
  • Level 19: x1 Perk Point.
  • Level 20: x1 Perk Point. 

Everyone wants to learn how you can max it out as soon as possible. It provides many benefits, including buffing out your stamina to use all the iconic weapons, mainly the melee ones, even more effectively. 

Cyberpunk 2077 might have had a questionable launch, but it is still very immersive. You can do things like ride the rollercoaster or even learn how to honk your car’s horn manually to get further engrossed in the massive world that the game has. 

The game has grown on us due to its writing and world-building, and I can’t wait for its expansion to come out. Now, I would like to hear your thoughts. Did you like the story? Do you know the location of Mantis blades? Have you found Skippy yet? Let us know all about your thoughts in the comments below. 

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