Cyberpunk 2077 Rebecca Build: Cyberware & Points

In This Guide We Entail On The Best Possible Cyberware And Character Points For Rebecca's Build.

Many people like Rebecca’s role in Cyberpunk Edgerunners, and we are here to help you with Cyberpunk 2077 How To Build Rebecca. Our take will cover some of the best skills to get optimal results with Rebecca in the game.

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Key Takeaways
  • Rebecca is a very entertaining and fan-favorite character from the new Cyberpunk Edgerunners series.
  • The main purpose for Rebecca’s build in Cyberpunk 2077 is to be able to role-play her and make her as close to the series Rebecca as possible.
  • For this, players will have to tinker with the character points and cyberware to make her as good and enjoyable as they can.
  • Without a role-playing build, it will not be as much fun and enjoyable to play as Rebecca.

Before we begin, let’s have a look at our Rebecca Build Summary:

CyberwearBody Perks (Annihilation)Body Perks (Athletic)Reflex Perks (Assault)Cool Perks (Ninjutsu)Cool Perks (Cold Blood)Technical Ability Perks
- Heal on Kill
- Second Heart
- Bioconductor
- Lerenzikov
- Maneuvering System
- Miltech Beserk MK.5
- Pump it, Louder!
- Heavy Lead
- Hail of Bullets
- In your Face
- Bulldozer
- Skeet Shooter
- Hit the Deck
- Unstoppable
- Speed Demon
- Bloodrush
- Divided Attention
- Multitasker
- Executioner
- Feel the Flow
- Shoot, Reload, Repeat
- Assassin
- From the Shadows
Easy Out- Grease Monkey
- Edgerunners Artisian

What Is Building Rebecca In Cyberpunk 2077

Rebecca In Cyberpunk With An LMG

Now, if you have watched the Cyberpunk Edgrerunners series, then you might have noticed that Rebecca is one of the most aggressive and fun characters that provide us with loads of entertainment. Furthermore, we have also noticed that in the series, Rebecca was a more weapon-focused attacker, so obviously, we will want our build to allow Rebecca to wield any weapon type with excellent mastery.

However, for our build, we would like to make it clear that we will be listing the build under two headings one is where we will inform you of the recommended Cyberware for Rebecca, and under the second heading, we will elaborate on all Character Points you should invest on for a strong Rebecca build. And further into the Character Points, more categories are that are as the following:

  • Body (Annihilation and Athletics)
  • Reflexes (Assault)
  • Cool (NinJutsu and Cold Blood)
  • Technical Ability

Recommended Cyberware For Rebecca

Cyberware In Cyberpunk 2077 – Image: eXputer

Now, in order to get cyberware upgrades, you will have to go to the Ripperdocs, which is in the infamous Night City. Furthermore, you will have to choose some cyberware from three available categories then and then get them implanted into one of many slots available on your body.

Furthermore, in our Rebecca build, we will be focusing on the cyberware, which will allow Rebecca to heal quickly and take damage like a champ so that she will always be in the heat of battle, and healing will help her a lot. And the three cyberware recommended for this are:

  • Heal on Kill: It will allow you to instantly restore 10% of your health after eliminating an enemy.
  • Second Heart: This will instantly restore 100% of your health after your health reaches 0, which essentially gives you two lives.
  • Bioconductor: Lastly, Bioconductor reduces all cyberware cooldowns by 30%, which is very useful for being able to use other cyberware abilities easily.

Now, you are also required to increase your movement speed for Rebecca as it will help her greatly, and for this, we recommend the following cyberware:

  • Kerenzikov: Through Kerenzikov you are allowed to slide and dodge while also slowing down time quickly. You can buy them from the Ripper Doc Arroyo at Santa Domingo for $7500.
  • Maneuvering System: This is a cyberware that compliments the Kerenzikov and enhances its effects, and it only costs $3,000.

Lastly, you should probably also get a Beserk cyberware as it would help build the character. And the best option would be the Miltech Beserk MK.5, which essentially reduces the duration of the berserk and also reduce weapon recoil, which is very helpful in Rebecca’s case. 

Furthermore, it also increases Rebecca’s health by up to 40%, with also increasing the armor resistance. And it also heals that character every time she gets a kill. In order to get your hands on this extraordinary ability, you will have to contact Nina, the Ripper Doc who is at Charter Hill.

Recommended Character Points For Rebecca

Perks In Cyberpunk 2077 – Image: eXputer

Now, we will proceed to list the points that you should dump into every category. Firstly, the Body, Technical Ability, and Reflexes are important parts of our build, so we will mainly focus on them. We would not change much over at Intelligence, but we will still invest in Cool. However, our most important part will be the Body Annihilation, and we will invest the most in them. Furthermore, we will now proceed to list some recommended perks that you should from each category.

Body Perks

Now, we will proceed to list the most recommended perks for our build under the Body perks category, which is further divided into Annihilation and Athletics. However, let us kick things off with Annihilation perks.

Annihilation Perks

Rebecca's Shotgun
Rebecca’s Shotgun In Cyberpunk 2077

The recommended Annihilation perks are as the following:

  • Pump it, Louder!: The perk will reduce the recoil of the shotgun and Light Machine Gun (LMG).
  • Heavy Lead: This perk increases the ability to knockback of shotguns and Light Machine Guns (LMG).
  • Hail of Bullets: A good perk as it increases the damage of Shotguns and LMGs by 10%.
  • In Your Face: Another important and good perk to get as it reduces the reload time of Shotguns and LMG by 30%.
  • Bulldozer: The bulldozer perk will increase the critical hit chance by 5% for Shotguns and LMGs.
  • Skeet Shooter: You will be able to deal 15% extra damage to moving targets with, of course, your shotgun and LMGs.
  • Hit the Deck: Through this perk, you will deal extra 20% damage with shotguns and LMGs to staggered enemies.
  • Unstoppable: 10% increased fire rate of shotguns and LMGs after dismembering an opponent.
  • Speed Demon: The faster you move, the more damage you deal with your weapons
  • Bloodrush:  10% faster movement speed while moving with shotguns or LMGs.

Athletic Perks

Now, we will proceed further and list the recommended perks under the Athletic category, which are as the following:

  • Divided Attention: This perk will allow you to reload while sprinting or sliding.
  • Multitasker: The perk allows you to shoot while sliding or sprinting.

We did not list many athletic perks, as in the series, you can clearly see that Rebecca is not into fitness that much.

Reflex Perks

Now, we have established that Rebecca is a weapon expert who uses different types of weapons. To stick to that, we will have to invest a lot into reflexes, as these will allow her to use the different types of weapons more effectively. The perks that we recommend fall under Assult perks.

Assault Perks

And the assault perks that we recommend are as the following:

  • Executioner: You will deal 25 % extra damage to enemies with more than 50 % health with LMGs and Rifles.
  • Feel the Flow: The reload time of LMGs and Rifles is reduced by a whopping 20%.
  • Shoot, Reload, Repeat: After defeating an opponent, the reload time of LMGs and Rifles is reduced by 40 % for 5 seconds.

Cool Perks

Now, we will discuss the cool perks that we recommend. And these cool perks are further segmented into two categories in our build Ninjutsu and Cold blood. Let us start with Ninjutsu perks.

Ninjutsu Perks

  • Assassin: This perk will allow you to deal 15% extra damage to human enemies.
  • From the Shadows: The perk increases crit chance after enabling combat by 20% for 7 secs.

Cold Blood Perks

Easy Out: It is a weird perk that increases weapon damage by 20% for enemies within 5 meters when it is enabled.

Technical Ability Perks

Through the perks in this tree, you will be able to craft and upgrade legendary armor and the infamous shotgun. The best perks for that are Grease Monkey and Edgerunners Artisian. Furthermore, if you want to max your damage and buffs for tech weapons, then choose perks like Tesla and Ubercharge

And with this, we bring our guide on Cyberpunk 2077 How To Build Rebecca to an end, where we thoroughly discuss the perks and cyberware that you can choose from for the build. However, if you believe that we left something out, then please do let us know through the comment section down below.

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