4 BEST Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunner Builds [Hands-On Guide]

This Cyberpunk 2077 Best Edgerunner Builds guide will showcase the best edgerunner builds in-game for players to use!

Cyberpunk 2077 anime recently got its game adaptation, and it is an enthralling experience, to say the least, with an intense open-world gaming experience, insane graphics, and a story-driven aspect. It also features certain Edgerunners, with four of the best Edgerunner units and their builds, including David, Lucy, Kiwi, Rebecca, and Maine. In my Cyberpunk 2077 Best Edgerunner Builds guide, I will uncover the overall build and locations for items!

Key Takeaways
  • Edgerunners will require specific builds to become as viable for use.
  • The main benefit of having proper builds for your Edgerunners is that they will be able to obliterate any enemy!
  • The best way to get proper builds will be by mixing and matching their weapons, cyberware, and gear.
  • Here are the best builds you can opt for as an Edgerunner:
    • David Martinez.
    • Lucy and Kiwi.
    • Rebecca.
    • Maine.

Best Edgerunner Builds In Cyberpunk 2077

Here’s a quick summary of some of the Best Edgerunner-inspired builds:

CharacterGear, CyberwareWeapons
David MartinezQiant Sandevistan MK4, David's Jacket, Syn-LungsMantis Blades, Gorilla Arms, M-10AF Lexington
Lucy and KiwiNetwatch NetDriver MK5, Monowire Lizzie Pistol
RebeccaGutsLizzie Pistol
MaineGorilla Arms Crusher Shotgun, Ba Xing Chong

David Martinez 

Cyberpunk 2077 David Martinez
David Martinez

Starting with one of the most iconic Edgerunners, I have David Martinez on my hands. He appears to be a Latino teenager that has an eccentric outlook with his brown hair and eyes and a unique hairstyle.

Qiant Sandevistan MK4

One of the main pieces that players will be able to take note of is that David will be wearing his iconic sandies in the anime, but sadly the exact copy of them hasn’t been implemented in-game yet. Therefore, the best alternative will be known as the Qiant Sandevistan MK4. Whenever it is equipped with David, it will act as a legendary piece of Cyberware. 

The Qiant will be able to reduce the overall time moving to 25% for a total of 12 seconds, after which it will instantly enter its 15-second cooldown period.


To get your hands on it, make your way over to JigJig Street, after which you will need to find the main man’s fingers. Once you’ve done so, there will be a chance that he might outright refuse to sell you the item, but usually, he will give you the Qiant. 

David’s Jacket

As for his jacket, it has to be one of the coolest pieces of his overall outlook. It is a bright yellow jacket, and there will be white bands all around it. Apart from that, there will also be a few red markings on the jacket that will set it apart. 


As for the jacket’s location, you will need to open up the map and locate the general area where David’s apartment is present. And it will be present in the Megabuilding 4, where you can fast-travel once you’ve unlocked the waypoint. There will be a small alleyway that you can head into, where there will be a small side-quest that you will need to complete to get the jacket. 


Moving on, there will be a time that is known as a Syn-lung that will essentially provide additional buffs to the player, and the same can be said for David. The main Syn-lung that David will have will provide him with extra stamina regeneration by increasing it up to a total of 25%. How about reading up on our Best Cyberdeck Cyberpunk 2077 guide, which will showcase one of the best cyberdecks that you can come across?

Mantis Blades 

Apart from the Syn-lungs, you can also use Mantis Blades, which will be able to provide 362 base damage, 175 physical damage, and 2.58 attack speed and will allow you to unleash slashes against your opponents that will render them useless. 

Gorilla Arms 

You can also go for the Gorilla Arms, which will provide 458 base damage, 188 physical damage, 2.14 attack speed, and an increased chance of 20% bleeding chance. 

M-10AF Lexington

Lastly, his weapon can be the M-10AF Lexington, which provides 95 base damage, alongside being able to output 5.36 attacks every second, which can already make it all the more overpowered than it needs to be. 

Apart from that, it will also increase David’s thermal damage by 57, crit chance by 3.5%, crit damage by 15%, ricochet damage by a total of 19.85%, 10% burn chance, and 150% increased headshot damage. 

Lucy And Kiwi 

Cyberpunk 2077 Lucy and Kiwi
Lucy and Kiwi

Next up, I have Lucy and Kiwi, who is essentially a girl that has pink, purple, and blue pastel hair with an ombre effect, alongside having eyes that shine with a pink shade. She will be wearing a black outfit and will be adorning a jacket as well. She stands out from the other units in-game. 

Netwatch NetDriver MK5 

One of the first pieces of legendary cyberdecks that she will be able to make use of will be known as the Netwatch NetDriver MK5, which will have a total of 11 base ram, alongside its buffer size being set to 8. 

Whenever it is equipped for your unit, it will grant you the ability to output quick hacks on your opponents whenever you are scanning them. Alongside that, it will also allow you to quickly hack your enemies by using a 6-meter radius to your advantage and can be transferred over to a total of 3 targets. 


When it comes to the general location, you will need to go over to an area that is known as Haywood from a ripper doc that will essentially provide you with a few upgrades, install as well as exchange several cyberware items. You will simply need to interact with the vendor over there to get your hands on the Netwatch MK5. 


Now, the main piece of cyberware that you will need to go for will be known as a Monowire. You will gain a minimum of 829 of base damage and a 1014 maximum of base damage. As for the physical damage, the minimum damage will be 342, and the maximum upgrade for your physical damage will be set to 417.

As for the bleeding chance, you can expect to have it increased to 20%. You can get it from the same Haywood area from the same Ripper doc, and it will be able to provide you with the Monowire. You might find our Lizzie’s Bar Cyberpunk 2077 guide useful if you wanna know where the location might be for the bar!


Cyberpunk 2077 Rebecca

One of the most useful edgerunners that you’ll be able to come across will be known as Rebecca, who will be shorter in height, and has various tattoos that she displays on her body. Her outfit will contain a lot of black elements and a jacket that will have tons of green elements. 


When it comes to her weapon, her main one will be known as Guts. When used with Rebecca, it will be able to provide her with a total of 1082 DPS, and alongside that, she will be able to gain a minimum of 69 x 20 base damage, while the max will be set to 84 x 20 base damage, which she will gain 0.70 attack outputs every passing second. 

As for the general stats of her weapon, you can expect Guts to provide Rebecca with one of the Cyberpunk 2077 Best Edgerunner Builds as it will give her 48 minimum increased chemical damage, while it will be a max of 59 chemical damage. She will also gain a 7% crit chance, while her crit damage will be increased by 19%. 

If I mention her ricochet damage, she will gain 27.11% extra damage, while she will have her overall poison chance increased by 10%. Her headshot damage multiplier will also be boosted by 100%. Our Flying Cars Cyberpunk 2077 guide might be a worthwhile read for you!


When you make it to the Arasaka tower, you will come across a few monks present over there, and when you come across the few stairs that lead up to the monks, move to the left, and hidden in a few bushes will be the guts weapon. 

Lizzie Pistol 

Another weapon that Rebecca can make use of will be known as the Lizzie Pistol. You will be able to get the pistol itself quite easily, as you will be able to get it when you start quite early on in the game in the quest, where you’re introduced to Judy. 

The weapon itself will be able to provide you with 519.5 DPS potential, while it will also give you 27 minimum base damage, while the maximum damage that you’re able to gain from it will be 33. You can attack a total of 17 times per second, and if it is fully charged, then it will continue to fire out extra shots. 


Cyberpunk 2077 Maine

Last but not least, let’s talk about Maine, which is yet another one of the edgerunners that is present in Cyberpunk. In the anime, he was most prominently known for the giant arms that he had. 

Gorilla Arms 

If you want to show off the same arms that he had in the anime, you can get the Cyberware for it. It will provide you with 1097.4 DPS with 512 base damage and 2.14 attack output per second. 

It will also give you 461 base damage and 190 physical damage, and it will also be able to increase your bleeding chance by 20%, as all other weapons do in the game. The faster you attack with the Gorilla Arms, the higher the chances are of it charging up quicker. 

Crusher Shotgun 

With the crusher shotgun in hand, you can expect to gain 946.9 main DPS, while 112 will be the minimum base damage and the max will be 136 x 5. Per second, you will be able to output a total of 1.50 attacks. 

If you’re looking for a physical damage booster, then the Crusher is the way to go since it will first provide you with a minimum of 78 physical damage, while the maximum increase to your physical damage will be by 96. 

Alongside that, you can also expect to have your overall crit rate enhanced by 7%, and when it comes to your crit damage, it will be increased by 20%. You will also receive an extra 28.91% as ricochet damage, while your bleeding chance will be boosted up by 10% and your headshot damage multiplier by 100%. Another guide you might want to check out will be our Cyberpunk 2077 Legendary Weapons Locations guide!

Ba Xing Chong 

lastly, he will also use the Ba Xing Chong, which is a smart weapon that will give you 648.3 DPS, 82 x 8 minimum damage, and 100 x 8 max damage. Per second, you will get 0.87 attack output. 

As for the physical damage, you can expect a sudden increase by a minimum of 58 and a max of 70. As for your crit chance and crit damage, it will be enhanced by 8% and 24%, respectively, while your bleeding chance will be the same as the crusher shotgun and will be boosted up by 10% only. 

The headshot damage multiplier will be enhanced by 100%, and the weapon will be able to take out enemies with ease.

My Experience With The Edgerunner Builds

When I found myself returning to Cyberpunk 2077 after watching Edgerunners, I decided to try David Martinez’s build. Playing with this setup was an absolute blast. The Qiant Sandevistan MK4 added a unique dimension to combat, allowing for precise timing and devastating damage boosts. The combination of Mantis Blades and Gorilla Arms made me feel like a true cyberpunk ninja, dishing out swift and powerful strikes.

My hours in Cyberpunk 2077 (Steam ID: SpartaNNNN)

The M-10AF Lexington was the icing on the cake, turning every skirmish into an action-packed spectacle. What truly stood out was the nostalgia and connection to Edgerunners; it felt like stepping into the shoes of a beloved character.

With that, I will wrap up my Cyberpunk 2077 Best Edgerunner Builds guide! While you’re at it, why not check our Best Cyberpunk 2077 Lifepaths guide?

  • Guide and Photo Credits: NorZZa on Youtube
  • Credits For Rebecca’s Photo: StaticWikia


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