Lizzie’s Bar Cyberpunk 2077: Location & Hidden Weapons

Lizzie's Bar is a key location that you will be visiting in Cyberpunk 2077 so here are the most important things to keep note of it.

The world of Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 is massive and bustling to the brim with glitz and glamor. There’s a variety of NPCs to meet, some of the best weapons to obtain, and many locations to visit. You will often be visiting tons of key locations to interact with story-related characters.

Key Takeaways
  • Lizzie’s Bar is a Braindance club in the Watson district, Kabuki, that you can visit by going to the Sutter Street fast travel point.
  • V goes to Lizzie’s Bar multiple times during the story, and the two main story quests connected to Lizzie’s Bar are The Information and Automatic Love.
  • You can find a secret weapon in Lizzie’s Bar, aptly named Lizzie, after completing The Information Quest. You’ll find it in a room with a Zebra striped carpet in the bar’s basement.
  • Since the weapon damage scales to your level when you acquire it, I recommend you wait until at least midgame or Act 2 before you get it.

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Who is Lizzie In Cyberpunk 2077

Lizzie's Bar entrance
The main entrance to Lizzie’s Bar in Cyberpunk 2077

Lizzie’s Bar in Cyberpunk 2077 operates primarily as a Braindance stimulation venue, commonly known as BDs. These simulations allow users to experience the memories of others with all senses and emotions intact. The bar is owned by Elizabeth “Lizzie” Borden, a former *** worker who was known for her hard work and dedication to the well-being of her employees.

Tragically, Lizzie met her demise on May 13, 2067, when she intervened to protect an employee from three Tyger Claws gang members attempting an assault. Her heroic act cost her life. Following her death, the Moxes, a group consisting of *** workers, anarchists, and sympathizers, took over the bar to protect it from harm. Lizzie’s legacy lives on through the Moxes, who continue to operate the establishment in her memory.

Importance of Lizzie’s Bar

Lizzie's Bar interior
The interior of Lizzie’s bar is brimming with exotic life

What was once considered a cheap brothel by the inhabitants of Night City, Lizzie’s Bar, is now one of the most popular Braindance clubs out there for people to visit and enjoy. The bar is the sole livelihood and income of the owners, The Moxes. The club provides a handful of services.

  • The main attraction is the high-class brain dances that people can get immersed in special booths designed for it.
  • You can chat and drink at the local drinking bar inside the club.
  • The layout is not too complex at all as the location only has one single upper floor except for the underground basements hidden behind the backdoor of the dressing rooms.

You will be visiting the basement area a couple of times throughout the game, especially meeting Evelyn and Judy for the first time. Before I continue, why not check out eXputer’s guides on the Best Katanas in Cyberpunk 2077 and the best Legendary armor to help you during the quests of Lizzie’s Bar.

Location of Lizzie’s Bar In Cyberpunk 2077

Lizzie's bar location
Location of Lizzie’s Bar

Lizzie’s Bar is not a tricky location to find in Cyberpunk. The bar is located in the Watson district, which is situated region of Kabuki. If you look at the map I provided, you can see how to access a Fast Travel station to reach the place easily. The fast travel station is the Sutter Street fast travel point.

You will be visiting the bar on different occasions for a couple of side content, but especially the main quest, “The Information,” where you will discover the place for the first time. This quest takes place pretty early on in the game. So it is clear that Lizzie’s bar is a location that is unmissable on the map of Cyberpunk 2077.

Quests Connected With Lizzie’s Bar

There are only two noteworthy quests associated with Lizzie’s club; in particular, the two quests are called “The Information” and “Automatic Love” which are both vital for the main progression. The former is rather early and does not pose much of a problem, but the latter takes place later on in the game. But I will explain each one in short detail so let’s check these quests out.

The Information

Cyberpunk 2077 Evelyn parker
Evelyn Parker in “The Information” Main quest

This is the main game quest that is given to you by the NPC Dexter Deshawn. The quest itself is pretty straightforward as it involves you getting introduced to Braindance sequences. During this quest, you will also get introduced to Evelyn Parker and Judy Alvarez, who are the main characters of this quest.

You will get well familiarized with the layout of the entire club and its minor NPCs like the bouncer Rita and Mateo. There isn’t too much complexity going on in this mission, so don’t worry about anything missable. This will also be your first interaction with Judy Alvarez, who is a romanceable character in the game.

Automatic Love

Automatic Love Cyberpunk 2077
Requesting audience with a doll in Clouds for Evelyn’s whereabouts

The quest involving Evelyn’s disappearance is given by Goro Takemura during Act 2. The objective is to locate Evelyn, who has gone missing. Initially, players are prompted to contact Judy and visit Lizzie’s Bar for more information. However, Judy is unable to provide details and suggests visiting the dollhouse Clouds, where Evelyn used to work.

  • Navigating Clouds proves challenging due to Tyger Claws presence and the requirement of a VIP card to access a Doll.
  • Players need to gather information from a Doll about Evelyn’s disappearance and then proceed to interrogate or confront Woodman, the club’s manager.
  • Woodman can be questioned about Evelyn’s whereabouts, or players can opt for a more aggressive approach and extract information from his office computer.

It’s worth noting that certain Ability points may unlock unique mechanics during the mission, such as accessing a VIP doll room for additional information about Evelyn. Additionally, having specific Ability points may offer advantages in the interrogation section with Woodman. This open-ended quest allows for creative freedom in how players choose to handle the investigation.

Hidden Weapons To Find In Lizzie’s Bar

lizzie gun location
Image-by-image guide to obtaining the secret weapon “Lizzie” in Lizzie’s Bar

The weapon called Lizzie can be found in Lizzie’s bar. It is a secret weapon that is only available after you have completed the quest “The Information,” which I have talked about in this guide. By following the image-by-image guide I have provided, you can find it with relative ease. Once you enter the Club, go to the basement area by entering the dressing room in the back area of the club instead of going into Judy’s Braindance operating room.

Swing a right from the red-lit server area to enter a room with a Zebra striped carpet interior. You will find the weapon sitting on the table, ready to be used. While you’re at it, consider reading The Best Operating System In Cyberpunk 2077 guide. 

The Lizzie is a tech pistol that can be charged to fire off more bursts, thus increasing its DPS. It has two customizable mod slots available. I suggest you save this weapon until you reach midgame or Act 2 because the weapon damage scales with your level once you discover it. Obtaining it later can then aid you for the rest of the game. It has good damage potential, and I advise you to slot a recoil mod to control the kickback of the weapon.

This concludes my in-depth look at Lizzie’s Bar in Cyberpunk 2077. I hope this guide will help you how to reach this place during the game to tackle the quests or hunt down the secret weapon. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments and let me know if I missed anything else worth pointing out about Lizzie’s Bar.

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