How To Access Flying Cars in Cyberpunk 2077

Hovercraft Can Be Found In A Very Specific Area

Although hovercraft plays an essential role in the lore of the Cyberpunk universe, it was actually revealed well before the launch of Cyberpunk 2077. These would not be present in the game as drivable vehicles.

They still appear in the game, though, both as a key part of some world events and even in some quests that use them as a means of transportation for the players.

Key Highlights
  • It was revealed well before the release, that flying cars would not be drivable vehicles in the game, but since they are present, we can use a trick to ride on top of them.
  • You’ll need to get to a Ripperdoc and get Reinforced Tendons cyberware, allowing you to double jump.
  • You’ll have to attempt to double jump from the top of a large vehicle onto one of the flying vehicles landing at the seaside docks west of the Little China sub-district of Watson.
flying cars cyberpunk 2077
Corpo-Rat Mission.

And because they exist as physical objects in the world, players can use a cool little trick to ride on top of them whenever they want.

Finding Flying Cars In Cyberpunk 2077

To access them, players first need to go to a ripperdoc location on the map and have them install the Reinforced Tendons cyberware in their legs. This will allow you to perform a double jump while in the air.

Now fast travel to the riot station in the Little China sub-district of Watson, then start heading west on the road until you reach traffic lights with Brookland’s name on a street sign.

flying cars cyberpunk 2077
Hovercraft Platforms.

Now take the left turn here, down the stairs into the seaside docks with four different platforms where hovercraft regularly land and take off.

Next, you’ll have to get your hands on a large vehicle of some sort, preferably one of the cargo trucks with a container loaded on the back. Back it up against one of these platforms, then climb on top of the flying car.

The platforms themselves are blocked off by invisible walls that prevent the player from crossing into them, but all you have to do is wait for one of the flying vehicles to land on them.

Then, when the vehicles are taking off again, double jump into their launch path, and you should be able to climb onto them. This might take you a few tries.

flying cars cyberpunk 2077
Double Jump Onto The Vehicles.

Now, you can ride these flying vehicles on their paths through Night City.

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