King’s Raid Tier List: Ranking All Heroes [Best To Worst]

Do you know the best & worst heroes in King's Raid? No? Check our tier list & learn about peak performers & underwhelming heroes.

King’s Raid is a side-scrolling mobile RPG with 3D graphics, a big roster, PvE, PvP, and raid mode. The playable characters in the game are also called ‘Heroes.’ Since King’s Raid offers diverse game modes, all heroes perform differently. To get hold of the best heroes and sideline the worse or underperformers in the game, we have curated the King’s Raid tier list for the new and seasoned players. Our tier list focuses on ranking all characters for PvE game mode.  

Key Highlights
  • King’s Raid has 101 characters for both of its modes–PvE and PvP. 
  • Characters are spread across seven classes: Mechanic, Archer, Assassin, Knight, Warrior, Wizard, and Priest. 
  • The ranking is based solely on each character’s overall performance and the unique abilities and roles they possess.
  • The best characters of King’s Raid are Neraxis, Erze, Artemia, Cleo, and Zafir. 
  • The Worst Characters include Leo, Crow, Mitra, Lewisia, and Baudouin. 

There are currently 101 heroes in the game. Due to the extensive roster and diverse in-game modes to immerse yourself in King’s Raid. Our tier ranking is based on how we think each character holds up with their performance in the game. Here are our picks for the tier list:

Heroes Ranking Table 

Tiers Heroes
S-Tier Zafir, Cleo, Artemia, Erze, Neraxis, Glenwys, Clause, Talisha, Cecilia, and Pansirone
A-Tier Loman, Jane, Theo, Phillop, Viska, Epis, Mirianne, Luna, Requina, Miruru, Lakrak, Maria, Nyx, Rephy, Mediana, Xerah, and Yuria
B-Tier Priscilla, Chase, Ezekiel, Gladi, Arch, Chrisha, Annette, Laias, Pavel, Ophelia, Frey, Juno, and Hilda
C-Tier Aselica, Sonia, Seria, Naila, Tanya, Scarlet, Reina, Nia, Shamilla, Oddy, Selene, Kara, Lorraine, Lilia, Shea, Esker, Lucias, Laudia, Kaulah, Lavril, and Isolet
D-Tier Dosarta, Demia, Morrah, Kasel, Roi, Dimael, Rodina, Veronica, May, Aisha, and Cassandra
F-Tier Fluss, Ricardo, Mitra, Yanne, Crow, Lewisia, Leo, and Baudouin

By all accounts, the categorization we came up with entirely depends on our perceptions and preferences of how each character fits into a particular tier ranking. For the sake of simplification, we have also included a brief description of each hero, emphasizing the strongest abilities and damage numbers.

King’s Raid All Heroes Comparison

CharactersTierClassRole Attack Type
ZafirSArcherArea of EffectPhysical
ErzeSAssassinArea of EffectPhysical
CeciliaSMechanicMain DPS/Sub DPS/ CCPhycial
LomanAKnightHealer, Support, TankPhycial
JaneAKnightMagic Damage Amp/ TankMagical
TheoAWarriorDPS, Debuffer, BufferMagical
PhillopAKnightPhysical damage amp/ TankPhysical
ViskaAWarriorBurst DPS, DebufferMagical
EpisAAssassinMain DPS/ AmpMagical
MirianneAAssassinDPS/ SupportMagical
RequinaAArcherSub- dpsPhysical
MiruruAMechanicDPS, Debuffer, AoEPhysical
LakrakAMechanicMain DPS/ Sub DPSPhysical
MariaAWizardSub DPS/ CC/ Magic ampMagical
NyxAWizardMain DPSPhysical
MedianaAPriestHealer/ BufferPhysical
YuriaAArcherBurst Damage, DPSMagical
PriscillaBWarriorTank/ sub DPS/Amp/ BufferPhysical
ChaseBWarriorCrowd ControlPhycial
EzekielBAssassinBreaker DebufferMagical
GladiBAssassinDPS, SupportPhysical
ArchBMagicalSub DPS/ Buffer/ AmpMagical
ChrishaBMechanicSupport, DPS, AoEMagical
AnnetteBMechanicSub-Healer/ Utility/ AmpMagical
LaiasBPriestHealer/ Mana BatteryMagical
PavelBWizardStatus Attack, DPS, AoEMAgical
OpheliaBWizardSub Dps/ Main DPSMagical
FreyBPriestHealer/ BufferMagical
AselicaCKnightTank/ Sub CCMagical
SoniaCKnightTank/ Magic damage ampMagical
NailaCWarriorTank/ Amp/CCPhysical
TanyaCAssassinDPS, Status AttackPhysical
ScarletCWarriorTank/ Sub DPSPhysical
ShamillaCArcherDPS, SupportMagical
SeleneCArcherMain DPSPhysical
KaraCMechanicMain DPS/ Sub DPSMagical
LorraineCWizardMain DPS/ Sub DPS/CCMagical
LiliaCWizardDPS, SupportPhysical
EskerCWizardSupport, DPS, AoEMagical
KaulahCPriestHealer/ Buffer/ CCMagical
IsoletCWizardDPS, SupportPhysical
MorrahDKnightTank/CC/ Sub DPSMagical
KaselDWarriorMain DPSPhysical
RoiDAssassinMain DPSPhysical
DimaelDArcherMain DPS/ CCMagical
RodinaDMechanicMain DPSPhysical
MayDPriestHealer, SupportMagical
AishaDWizardMain DPSMagical
CassandraDPriestSupport, Status AttackMagical
RicardoFKnightTank, Status AttackPhysical
YanneFArcherMain DPSPhysical
CrowFMechanicDPS, AoEPhysical
LeoFPriestHealer/ Silencer/ Dispeller/ AmpPhysical
BaudouinFPriestHealer/ Sheilder/ AmpMagical


These are some of the best heroes you should play within the King’s Raid. Make teams comprising of these heroes, and you will keep on winning in the game.

King's Raid Tier List
King’s Raid S-Tier List
Hero Class WHY S TIER?
Zafir Archer Deals wide-range physical damage with low cooldown
Cleo Wizard Deals high magical damage with skills like Fire Needle and Fire Ball
Artemia Wizard Expert in AoE damage with low cooldowns
Erze Assassin Excellent at fighting multiple enemies, removes debuffs and grants immunity with Sweet Blood skill
Neraxis Knight Very tanky with crowd control abilities, provides huge attack and defense boosts to teammates
Glenwys Knight Deals high physical damage with skills like I Will Not Stay My Hand and That is It
Clause Knight Low skill cost, short casting times, leaps to deal physical damage, short cooldown
Talisha Archer Deals pure magic damage with Radiance of Cimatis, provides AoE damage and magic damage with Dance of Luberry
Cecilia Mechanic Marks and reduces attack speed of the farthest enemy, deals additional physical damage after, serves as Main DPS/Sub DPS/CC
Pansirone Mechanic Deals multiple physical damage attacks, causes enemies to take extra physical damage with Eternal Blaze


The heroes falling under this tier are not the best, but they will still get the job done and not disappoint you.

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King's Raid Tier List
King’s Raid A-Tier List
Hero Class WHY A TIER?
Loman Knight Deals physical damage, knocks down enemies, and increases their physical weaknesses
Jane Knight Self-healing tank, buffs team’s magic damage
Theo Warrior Deals massive magical damage with Final Crash skill, increases damage on critical strikes
Phillop Knight Damage scales with health, self-healing ability
Viska Warrior Deals magic damage with AoE attacks, causes stun damage to enemies
Epis Assassin Excellent magic damage dealer with strong AoE attacks
Mirianne Assassin Effective against single-target bosses and in PvP modes, shields and grants immunity to self and allies
Luna Archer Excellent AoE character, reduces critical attacks from enemies
Requina Archer Low cooldown, deals AoE damage with Tears of Python skill, applies poison effect to targets
Miruru Mechanic AoE damage-focused, deals significant physical damage with Baaaam skill
Lakrak Mechanic Decent AoE damage, high critical chance, low mana costs, explodes bombs for damage with Glue Bomb skill
Maria Wizard Critical chance on every skill, gathers enemies for AoE damage, deals magical damage with Raven Storm skill
Nyx Wizard Excellent against multiple enemies, removes debuffs, deals physical damage with Dimension Blade skill
Rephy Priest Unparalleled healing over time, amplifies both magic and physical damage, heals four allies simultaneously with Healing Soul skill
Mediana Priest Deals damage to enemies, offers decent healing, excels in Dragon Raids and World Bosses, heals all allies and grants immunity with Healing Slave skill
Xerah Wizard Hurls orbs of darkness at targets for magic damage, damage increased significantly in awakened state
Yuria Archer Reduces enemies’ mana and deals magic damage with Binding Karma skill, deals magic damage and increases potency of magic damage with Circle of Fate skill


All heroes coming under this tier listing are not perfect, and they have a few flaws. You can use these heroes and turn the tide if you are good with the King’s Raid’s mechanics and have a better understanding of the game.

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King's Raid Tier List
B-Tier List
Hero Class WHY B TIER?
Priscilla Warrior Buffs overall DPS, amplifies magic and physical damage, stuns head-on enemies with Vital Strike skill
Chase Warrior High damage dealer, prevents target from buffing, deals physical damage with I’ll Break You skill
Ezekiel Assassin High damage output in fury mode, low cooldowns, dashes at enemy with highest attack, deals magical damage with Dawning Despair skill
Gladi Assassin Strikes target multiple times, increases target’s physical damage taken, deals physical damage with Quick Strikes skill
Arch Archer Excellent for arena, deals magical damage and knocks back enemies with Celestial Arrow skill, chains attack to multiple enemies
Chrisha Mechanic Deals magical damage, ignores defense, induces stun damage, additional magic damage to non-hero enemies with Light of Annihilation skill
Annette Mechanic Immune to crowd control, removes debuffs, heals allies, great for Raids with Emergency Treatment skill
Laias Priest Heals all allies, provides CC immunity with shield, used as mana battery, reliable in Story mode, Dragon Raid, and Arena with her skills
Pavel Wizard Induces freeze effect, deals magical damage with Wedge of Cold Snap skill
Ophelia Wizard Passive skill boosts attacks and Crit chance, increases attack damage and mana regeneration, supports allies with buffs
Frey Priest Grants CC immunity, shields, provides strong healing, amplifies allies’ attack, excels as healer/buffer in various game modes
Juno Priest Removes debuffs, heals allies over time, increases defense, provides support with Best Dish skill
Hilda Warrior Deals magic damage with Void Whirlwind skill, reduces enemies’ mana, suitable for dealing damage in various scenarios


The heroes falling under this tier list perform closely to the B-tier ones. However, they have more than just one flaw that weighs them down. Still, they can perform exceptionally well in certain situations.

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King's Raid Tier List
King’s raid C-Tier List
Hero Class WHY C TIER?
Aselica Knight Deals magic AoE damage, stuns target, buffs allies’ attack for 15 seconds with Sword of the Sun skill
Sonia Knight High DPS among knights, amplifies magic damage, causes mini-stuns on enemy team
Seria Warrior Deals magic damage to a narrow range, activates follow-up skill within 5 seconds with Mysterious Sword-Falling Petals skill
Naila Warrior Good DPS, dashes forward, deals physical damage, second attack targets enemy with highest attack
Tanya Assassin High crit and dodge chance in stealth mode, targets enemy with lowest physical defense, increases physical damage taken
Scarlet Warrior Self-heals, AoE CC, removes negative effects, nullifies buffs, low mana cost for healing, decent PvE damage
Reina Assassin High physical damage, low mana cost on skills, suitable for single-target damage
Nia Assassin Deals physical damage, dashes forward, knocks down enemies, reduces their mana, suitable for breaking enemy formation
Shamilla Archer Deals magic damage, reduces enemy’s attack speed, petrifies enemy for 3 seconds with Curse of Petrification skill
Oddy Mechanic Petrifies target, deals magical damage, attacks random enemies, low mana cost for skills
Selene Archer Shoots arrows at random enemies, deals physical damage, strong single-target damage, excels in the arena
Kara Mechanic High single-target damage, fires anti-personnel laser, high CC bar reduction
Lorraine Wizard Good crowd control, decent attack output, deals magical damage, has AoE-like effect with Thornbush Forest skill
Lilia Wizard Fast mana regen, summons aqua tempest, deals physical damage to random enemy, suitable for sustained damage
Shea Priest Decent mana regen, heals allies multiple times, amplifies attack, reduces damage taken, effective healer and buffer
Esker Wizard Randomly reduces cooldown or increases damage, attacks all enemies, deals magic damage, versatile skills
Lucias Priest Heals allies, reduces physical damage taken, affects four allies, strong healer
Laudia Assassin Deals magic damage, reduces block and critical chances, stuns target, suitable for single-target damage
Kaulah Priest Strong Crit chance, offers party healing, grants immunity to CC, effective healer, buffer, and crowd controller
Lavril Priest Forms bond with ally, grants mana regen and attack buff, supports allies effectively
Isolet Wizard Sets target on fire, deals physical damage, reduces healing rate, versatile in dealing damage and supporting allies


These heroes are below-average, and playing with them is a challenge.

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King's Raid Tier List
C-Tier List
Hero Class WHY D TIER?
Dosarta Knight Removes all allies’ debuffs, increases physical defense
Demia Knight Debuffs enemies’ attacks, increases allies’ physical block chance and defense
Morrah Knight Increases allies’ magic defense, amplifies magic damage, increases magic block chance and magic defense
Kasel Warrior Immune to CC with third skill, relies heavily on high mana consumption
Roi Assassin Self-buff, amplifies physical damage, relies heavily on Crit, dodges physical attacks
Dimael Archer High magic amp, CC, relies heavily on UW, deals magical damage
Rodina Mechanic Good for handling 1-2 enemies, deals physical damage in a straight line, knocks back enemies
Veronica Wizard Increases damage allies do on bosses, increases attack of allies
May Priest Stuns enemies, deals magic damage, has a chance to increase stun duration or damage
Aisha Wizard Handles one enemy at a time, decent AoE damage, reduces skills’ cooldown on critical strikes, deals magic damage
Cassandra Priest Reduces mana cost, stuns enemies, deals magic damage


All the heroes that come under this tier listing are weak and do not offer a good enough strategic advantage.

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King's Raid Tier List
King’s raid  F-Tier List
Hero Class WHY F TIER?
Fluss Assassin Deals physical damage over three strikes, additional damage to non-hero targets
Ricardo Knight Integrated CC immunity, increases allies’ magic defense, knocks enemies back and deals physical damage
Mitra Mechanic Good for handling single enemies, decent attack speed
Yanne Archer Deals additional damage against dragons, highest DPS against dragonics, great for Chapter 8
Crow Mechanic Fast mana gain, buffs party damage, unaffected by enemies’ attack speed, but cannot buff his own attack speed, casts take time
Lewisia Wizard Increases magic damage the target takes, deals magic damage over time
Leo Priest Reduces target’s physical defense, lasts for eight seconds
Baudouin Priest Offers invincibility and CC immunity, heals allies but not as strong as other healers, “Holy Nova” heals health points

Changes Due To Recent Updates

Here we discuss the recent nerfs and buffs the King’s Raid game has seen over the year and how they may impact our character tier list or your final decision. To make the most of the tier ranking, carefully review the hero adjustments mentioned below and do not miss out on anything.

  • Developers have taken a down ride and have reduced the 1 Level ability values compared to the former original. This includes some level of reduction in the attack power, 1/20 in HP, and 5/2 in defense.
  • Every King’s Raid Hero’s skill characteristics are reorganized.
  • Each Level’s growth value has been revamped, and the ability value is swelled by about 4% for each level.
  • Magic Powers of all heroes will now be restored every second. When attacking, the amount of magic power restored is 50% less than the former amount.
  • Awakening attack and HP can now influence growth value change: 100% with 1 awakening, 115% with 2 awakenings, 135% with 3 awakenings, 165% with 4 awakenings, and 200 % with 5 awakenings.

Now that you know the overall ranking of all heroes in the game, you may have a few questions on your mind. You might wonder who in King’s Raid game is the best attack hero. Or which hero offers the most healing? Well, we are here to give you the answers to the top four most searched questions concerning King’s Raid heroes on the internet.

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