Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List [All Characters Ranked]

Our Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list entails the best characters and what makes them strong.

There is a clear hierarchy in DBFZ when it comes to the strength of each character, that is why Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier Lists exist. While the overall game is very well-balanced, some Top Tier characters just take the edge over the rest of the cast. These differences in character strength may only matter at the highest level of play- but it is a good idea to keep them in mind as you start your journey to be the strongest fighter. 

We have updated our Tier List to perfectly align with the latest character changes in Update 1.33.

Key Highlights
  • The tier list will rate characters based on not just individual strength, but also their assists, positions, and comeback factor.
  • S+ tier characters are undisputed best in DBFZ, with little to no weaknesses.
  • A-tier characters can still be viable at a high-level but have several weaknesses that hold them back.
  • The characters in B-tier have major flaws that make them not worth playing at a high level.
  • You should play characters you enjoy the most at the beginning and not focus on character strength.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Comparison

Before you go through our rankings, here is how each DBZ FighterZ character fare against each other in comparison:

FighterTierPowerSpeedReachTechniqueEnergyEase of Use
Android 21 (Lab Coat)S+BASSBS
Zamasu (Fused)S+SSASSSB
Gohan (Adult)SASASBS
Android 18SAABAAS
Android 17SASBAAS
Vegeta (Base)SAABSBS
Android 21SBASSBS
Goku (Base)SBAAAAS
Super Baby 2SSASSSS
Gohan (Teen)SSSSCBAS
Goku (Ultra Instinct)SSSSSASSSSA
Goku (Super Saiyan)ABAAAAS
Captain GinyuASBASBA
Android 16ASCSBAS
Master RoshiBBAASAB
Vegeta (Super Saiyan)BAABASSS

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List Ranking Table:

S+ Tier

dbfz tier list
S+ tier | Credit: Exputer

The characters in this tier are undisputed, you often see them appear in high-level tournaments and played by top players. The characters in this tier alone plague the entire balance of the game and are a league above the entire cast. They are all very easy to use and dish out massive amounts of damage.  

Android 21 (Lab Coat) Considered the best character in the game, excels in all 3 positions on a team, versatile toolkit, massive damage output.
Gogeta (SSGSS) Best point character, high usage in top-level tournaments, versatile toolkit, lacks performance compared to Android 21 (Lab Coat) in anchor and mid positions.
Vegito (SSGSS) Strong overall character with top-tier assist, fast neutral game with potential for massive damage, weaknesses hold him back but his assist compensates, fits well on many teams.
Gogeta (SS4) Well-rounded character, commonly used as a point character but can function as anchor, possesses an instant kill ultimate move, may struggle in mid position.
Zamasu (Fused) High damage output, particularly effective in North America, capable of killing characters without using Spark, strong mix-ups with level 1 knockdown, falls short as an anchor and less versatile.

S Tier

dragon ball fighterz tier list
S tier | Image: Exputer 

The characters in the S tier are still at the top of the game but do not quite reach the S+ tier. They all have tools comparable to S+ tier characters but end up having some sort of weakness that holds them back. 

Gohan (Adult) Close to S+ tier, incredibly strong after reaching level 3, fast anti-air assist, gains additional abilities as he levels up.
Goku (SSGSS) Focuses on damage and grabs, mix-ups are difficult to react to, falls short compared to Gogeta Blue, high-execution combos, scary in skilled hands.
Janemba Exceptional anchor character, strong neutral and down Light moves, staggering moves maintain pressure, unique aerial down heavy, powerful anti-air options, only character with this property.
Android 18 Frustrating to face due to barrier ability, barrier allows her to control neutral effectively, strong mix-ups after level 3 knockdown, weaknesses in normal moves’ range and recovery.
Hit Unique character with slow low and fast overhead, possesses one of the strongest assists, invincible stances for mix-ups, requires specific team composition, challenging match-up for opponents, less versatile.
Jiren Focuses on defensive counterplay and high damage, comparable damage output to top characters, Light attack deals same damage as a Medium attack, invincible counter, shuts off assists, makes neutral one-sided.
Android 17 Popular anchor character with strong barrier assist, built-in blast in barrier, excellent sparking usage and meter build, fits well with Vegito and Gogeta Blue shell, versatile utility.
Vegeta (Base) Strong neutral game with fast ki blasts, built-in mix-ups with disk supported by assists, countered by S+ tier characters, still powerful but overshadowed by top characters.
Krillin Underused character with healing ability, can heal himself and team with Senzu Beans, mastery required for full potential, counters invincible moves effectively.
Android 21 Not as broken as Lab Coat variant but still strong, grab allows stealing opponent’s moves, weak level 3 knockdown, meter required for sliding knockdown.
Goku (Base) Excellent anchor with high damage potential, relies on grabs for opening opponents, requires high execution for optimal damage, countered by S+ tier characters, strong neutral game.
Super Baby 2 Best zoning character with returning ki blasts, lockdown potential in blockstrings, struggles with mix-ups, combos require high execution, strong zoning presence but limited mix-up options.
Broly Former anchor king, overwhelms with ki blasts, armored moves cause frustration, ki blasts nerfed in recent patch, less versatile than before.
Tien Superb anchor with high damage potential, Neo Tri Beam leads to death from medium hits, invincible frames on grab for reversal, high-low mix-ups with overhead moves, limited range on some normal moves, health loss on super attacks.
Gohan (Teen) Point character focused on mix-ups and damage, most damaging level 1 super attack, guard cancelable mix-ups, outclassed by Gogeta Blue, some top players still master him.
Goku (Ultra Instinct) Former top character with strong tools, amazing normal attacks and neutral control, lacks damage and mediocre assists post-nerf, requires skilled execution, weakened compared to previous state.
Beerus Underrated character with orb control, high-low mix-ups without assists, massive damage potential, challenging to master and team synergy, less versatile and harder to fit in teams.
Nappa Obscure character with unique Saibamen mechanics, plants Saibamen for neutral control and mix-ups, Saibamen persist even when Nappa is hit, difficult to remove without melee attacks, ki blasts ineffective against Saibamen, mastery required for optimal usage.

A Tier 

definitive dragon ball fighterz tier list
A tier | Image credits: Exputer

The A tier characters are still viable at the highest level. These characters still have some very strong tools, unlike the S tier characters, those tools cannot compete with the S+ tier characters. These characters also have some weaknesses on top of not having the strongest tools.

Kefla Strong neutral game with good ki blasts and lariats, lacks tools to compete with S+ tier characters, excels in neutral control.
Goku (GT) Former top character in season 2, currently lacks tools to compete at top level, strong B assist, overshadowed by current meta.
Vegeta (SSGSS) Historically weak character with strong mix-ups, lacks strong normal attacks, excels in mix-up potential.
Bardock Former top character with well-rounded tools, fast lariat and staggers, weak assists, not convincing to play.
Videl Underexplored character with potential for S tier, obscure toolset and mix-ups, requires specific team composition, needs further exploration.
Cooler Recently discovered mix-up potential with air down heavy, lacks combo potential and neutral game, not the best assists.
Piccolo Strong all-around character with excellent assists, best air light attack and mix-ups, falls short of top tier, versatile toolset.
Majin Buu Obscure character with strong mix-ups and anti-air moves, lacks in normal attacks and neutral light attack, underused potential.
Kid Buu Former top character with unrelenting mix-ups, control over neutral pace, countered by current meta, strong but power crept.
Gotenks Strong mix-up and neutral potential, plagued by bugs hindering stagger potential, still viable despite bugs.
Goku (Super Saiyan) Solid anchor character with high damage potential, buffed staggers and mix-ups, strong down medium attack, overshadowed by better choices.
Captain Ginyu Chaotic character with entire Ginyu force at disposal, high damage and broken gimmicks, under-explored potential, needs further investigation.
Frieza Rarely seen anchor character with frustrating zoning, underutilized Golden transformation, lackluster toolset outside of zoning.
Android 16 Scary grappler with full-screen and anti-air grabs, lacks team compatibility and strong normals, limited in versatility.
Cell Powerful character with broken anti-air moves, left-right mix-ups with level 3, weak assists and limited mix-ups by himself, strong but lacking in assist utility.
Broly (DBS) Heavy hitter with high solo damage, struggles with opening up defensive players and staggers, weak neutral light attack, dependent on landing hits for damage.

B Tier

tier list dbfz best characters
B Tier | Image by Exputer

The B Tier characters all have major weaknesses and struggle at the highest level way too much. They may only have a few things going for them but have too many flaws for it to be worth putting time and effort into them. 

Trunks Trunks suffers from multiple flaws including bad assists, normals, specials, and air attacks, along with low damage and high execution on mix-ups, struggles to perform at high level except in specific teams.
Master Roshi Unable to Superdash or float, tiny and horrible normal attacks, mediocre specials, nerfed assist, movement limitations hinder performance at high level.
Goku Black Historically bad character with horrible normals, lackluster mix-ups, and bad assists, limited strengths in cool combos and decent special attacks.
Vegeta (Super Saiyan) Considerably fallen off since season 1, possesses some of the worst normals, horrible assists, and lacks damage, maintains decent mix-up potential.
Yamcha Finally, we have Yamcha, he has been consistently one of the worst characters ever since season 2 of DBFZ. His neutral is severely lacking with high recovery on his Wolf Fang Fist Flash special move. His normal attacks also remain lackluster. And lastly, when it comes to mix-ups, yamcha’s offense can often be dealt with using option selects.


With that, we wrap-up our Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list. Remember, character strength and tiers only matter at the highest level. We recommend you play whoever you enjoy playing the most as a beginner. And for those of you aiming for the top level, DBFZ is balanced well enough that you can compete at the highest level with any character, provided your team has synergy. In that case, it is a good idea to go over this tier list and understand the meta and what makes a character good.


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