Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List

Our Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list guides you in picking up the best fighters in the game to win matches one after the other In 2021.

Dragon Ball FighterZ features a diverse roster of 24 fighters in the base game, while the DLC content brought 19 additional characters to the game. The three versus three tag-team feature is the most cherished addition by the fans for the game. It essentially allows you to call upon your teammates in the midst of a fight and switch fighters on the fly should the need arise for an overwhelming force.

However, not every tag can prove helpful. There is a proper way to become better at Dragon Ball FighterZ. Moreover, some warriors are outright devastating from the get-go, whereas on the other hand, there are a few characters who are a mishmash of unbalanced offense and defense attributes.

In any case, our Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list guides you to the number of fighters you should pick and ignore the few handful ones.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers Fighters
Tier-SVegito (SSGSS), Frieza, Cell, Kid Buu, Gohan (Teen), Goku (SS)
Tier-AAndroid 18, Android 21, Goku (GT), Vegeta (SSGSS), Bardock, Yamcha, Android 16, Tien, Piccolo, Gotenks, Gohan (Adult), Cooler, Goku (SSGSS), Jiren, Vegeta (SS) 
Tier-BTrunks, Goku Black, Goku, Vegeta, Gogeta (SSGSS), Majin Buu, Goku (Ultra Instinct), Zamasu (Fused), Captain Ginyu
Tier-CHit, Android 17, Janemba, Broly, Videl, Gogeta (SS4)
Tier-DBroly (DBS), Master Roshi, Nappa, Krillin, Beerus, Super Baby 2, Kefla


Fighters belonging to this fighterz tier list are ridiculously overpowered. They are well-balanced, and mastering them does not require gigantic effort. If you need a character who can win fights one after another, an S-tier fighter will not disappoint you.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List
S-Tier – Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List
S.NoName of FighterDescription
01Goku (SS)What merit does a Dragon Ball game has if Goku does not get to be the best fighter?

Well, people who love to play with Goku (SS) version will be stoked to know that he is by far the best fighter in the game. He ranks extraordinarily well in all five character attributes.

02Vegito (SSGSS)A direct rival of Goku, who oozes with power and stands the competition with a menacing face in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Vegito (SSGSS) is the perfect counter for players who like to beat Goku (SS) in the game.

His combos and overall power are over the top, and mastering the fighter is relatively easy as well.

03CellThe bio-android mutant returns in DB FighterZ with a bang!

He is yet again another character who ticks all boxes and wreaks havoc in the arena. Picking up Cell guarantees that you will win the match effortlessly.

04Gohan (Teen)A proud fighter of Saiyan lineage, Gohan (Teen), is an apex fighter in the game. His speed, combos, and overall power are the best in the class. He comes very close in dethroning Goku (SS), and hands down, he is one the best fighter you should learn to master in the game.
05Kid BuuThe smallest yet deadliest form of Majin Buu reserves a perfect fighter spot in our Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list.

Kid Buu is dead serious a lethal fighter you should play with. He has the highest power rivaling Goku and Vegeta, and his speed and combo versatility will throw off even the veteran fighters in the game.

06FriezaFrieza is fast, ferocious, fascinating, and meticulous about his offense and defense characteristics.

He has the ability to wipe out an entire team. Frieza has power that parallels Goku and Vegeta, but we still think something is lacking in him.


Characters falling under our Dragon Ball FighterZ A Tier List are an absolute beast. Their offense and defense attributes are tweaked to touch near perfection. However, fighters from this tier list have at least one drawback which is holding them back. Don’t get us wrong; you will still win fights and devastate opponents quickly. It’s just that these are not the top-of-line characters in the game.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List
A-Tier List – Dragon Ball FighterZ
S.NoName of FighterDescription
07Vegeta (SSGSS)


The blue-haired super saiyan comes at top in our A-tier list. Partly, because he did not make it to S-tier list after not having enough movement speed.

Nevertheless, picking up Vegeta (SSGSS) is a wise choice to present a tough competition in online or offline fights.

08Goku (GT)


The incarnated Goku returns as a kid and he still ranks one of the best characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Don’t mind his size, he sure look small like a kid, but in reality is a mirror image of his grownup version. He hits like a truck and moves like a breeze.

09Android 21Android 21 shares many traits from Android 18. She is slightly a better fighter than most Android characters in the game.

However, she is still far from coming closer to Saiyan fighters and legendary nemesis of the Dragon Ball saga, such as Cell and Majin Buu.

10BardockGoku’s father, Bardock is also a formidable fighter. He has impressive agility and can take enemies by surprise due to his dynamic combo attacks.

The great thing about him is that most of his attacks are unblockable if he corners an opponent. With all these merits, he still lacks balance in offense and defense attacks. Still, Bardock is not a bad fighter by any stretch

11Android 18Doctor Gero’s marvelous yet devastating invention Android 18, is by far the top-tier well-balanced fighter worthy of a spot in our A-ranking Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list. She has her downsides, but she can be a fierce fighter if you master her combos
12Android 16Android 16 is another creation of Doctor Gero, who comes very close to Android 18 in attack, combos, power, and usability.

The only downside is the overall movement speed. Having a bulky body sure slows Android 16, but his attacks are still ravaging on opponents

13TienThis three-eyed fighter is a good pick for team support and releasing the ridiculous amount of burst damage in a fight. Tien delivers punchy attacks and has a lot of power.

Unfortunately, all the muscle comes at the expense of Ki, as most of his attacks drain the energy quickly

14PiccoloWhen it comes to confusing opponents, there is no match other than Piccolo in our A-tier list. Most fighters will think before opening offense on him.

He dodges quickly and lands powerful punches and kicks instantly. He is a great fighter to pick if agility is what you are looking for.

15GotenksGotenks is the master of close combat. This half-human half-Saiyan fighter is a menace if he gets too close to his opponent. Other than that, he is best at doing assists and is a great team player. Not the best fighter in the game, but still, you can count on Gotenks
16YamchaThe bandit-turned warrior Yamcha is an excellent pick for team assistance and saving the entire team in last-minute moments. His attacks are fast, but they severely lack power making him a balanced fighter
17CoolerCooler is the hot-headed brother of Frieza, and like him, he knows no bounds when it comes to unleashing wrath on opponents.

Overall, his attacks are strong, and the combo has a lot of variety. However, having a large body mass slows him down and is a significant disadvantage if Cooler faces an agile opponent

18Goku (SSGSS)The blue-haired Super Saiyan God version of Goku should have been the best fighter in-game, but unfortunately, he is slow.

Other than that, regardless of any form, Goku is the best when it comes to hitting opponents like a truck.

19JirenLike his rock-solid build, Jiren is quite a tough fighter and probably the only one in our tier list who is not shaken by attacks. He is literally like a wall who can take hits after hits. Still, he is not the best fighter in the game and sits in our A-rank tier
20Vegeta (SS)Vegeta is the kind of fighter who will attract the attention of players who want a lone wolf and a great support character at the same time.

He is packed with an arsenal of ranged attacks and knows all the best moves to be the last man standing in a fight. However, he does not have enough power in this form.

21Gohan (Adult)This grownup version of Gohan knows how to break opponents’ defense and is an excellent asset in teamwork. Unlike his teen version, who had great agility, the adult Gohan is slow.

However, he makes it up by consuming a lot of ki, granting himself extraordinary speed and power.


Our ranked fighters from this tier list have significant flaws in at least three out of five character attributes. It does not make the fighters useless, but winning matches while playing with them is a challenge. Also, they are suited for players who like to master every single character in the game.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List
B-Tier – Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List
S.NoName of FighterDescription


Goku BlackGoku Black is nowhere near Goku (SS) or any other of his variant, for that matter.

The only remarkable thing about him is that he offers many punch and kick combos, making him the dynamic fighter ranking in the B-category of our Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list.

23GokuThis version of Goku predates before he became a super Saiyan. Don’t get us wrong, Goku is still an excellent fighter but not the best in this basic version.

He does not have much flair when it comes to mixing punches with kicks. Also, the agility is on the downside.

24VegetaThe standard version of Vegeta may not seem to be a perfect attacker but make no mistake he is still a formidable fighter in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

However, being in his basic form does not guarantee spectacular power and punchy attacks. Still, he is a reliable warrior.

25Gogeta (SSGSS)Gogeta joined the roster as a DLC fighter. He was supposed to outsmart a lot of fighters, but sadly, he is outright disappointing.

His combos, even though they are dynamic and agile, they lack power. He consumes a lot of ki and does not even provide an edge in the fight. He needs serious balancing.

26TrunksSon of Vegeta, Trunks, is a fighter whom you should not mess with. He is ridiculously agile in moving around an opponent and attacking by surprise.

He should have been great at doing damage, but sadly that is not the case this time around.

27Majin BuuMajin Buu is the fat manifestation of the menacing Kid Buu. He is very slow but has significant ranged attacks. Unfortunately, he is poor in close combat and does not offer good value when it comes to team assist.
28Zamasu (Fused)Part Kaioshin and part Saiyan, Zamasu, is probably the only fighter ranking in our B-category of Dragon Ball Fighter Z, who packs a lot of power.

However, besides this, he does not have any good attributes that make a great fighter in the game.

29Captain GinyuThe ferocious elite fighter of Frieza’s force did not receive the love he should get in Dragon Ball Fighter Z. He is a terrible fighter in the game but has excellent dodge and defense attributes only
30Goku (Ultra Instinct)Goku ultra instinct is by the best fighter when it comes to the highest movement speed and quick attack patterns.

There is no rival of him in this department. But, unfortunately, he is not a better pick in landing damage in Dragon Ball FighterZ game


Fighters ranking in our C-tier are a mixed bag. They sometimes prove pretty useful and while at other times, are straight-up useless. They are not the worst and certainly not average as well – they come somewhere in between. It is why we ranked their mixed bag of performance in C-tier.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List
C-Tier – Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List
S.NoName of FighterDescription
31Android 17The rouge Android 17 is a below-average fighter ranking in the C-category of our Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list. He does not have much to offer except that if other teammates are android, he assists well
32JanembaOnce again, a DLC fighter should add value to the already fantastic roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Unfortunately, however, that is not the case with Janemba. Except for his good usability, all other attributes are below par.

33VidelVidel is great at landing martial arts attacks, but she is outright inferior in landing offensive damage that requires the usage of ki. In addition, she is by far the only female fighter who does not utilize her energy meter well and lacks ranged attacks
34BrolyBroly is a tricky player to play with. For starters, all of his combos will deal reasonable damage if combined correctly.

However, his play style and combo diversity are poor, making him the most complex fighter to master all attack patterns.

35HitHit is a mixed bag of a fighter. At times he plays out brilliantly, whereas at other times, he is outright a trash fighter in the game. His combos are hard to master, and he does not offer much team effort.
36Gogeta (SS4)As powerful Gogeta is supposed to be, he is a mess in the game’s current state. His attack patterns are all over the place. As a result, he has below-average power, and he consumes a ridiculous amount of Ki without offering much in return.


All fighters of this tier list have serious problems when it comes to the five-character attributes we mentioned here below. Championing with any one of them is extremely hard.

Not only are they useless in fights, but their appearance in the game is outright questionable. What exactly is the point of introducing characters in the game if they are not appropriately balanced?

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List
D-Tier – Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List
S.NoName of FighterDescription
37Master RoshiMaster Roshi is a poor fighter to pick and compete in online and offline fights. Every single of his combos is hard to execute and remember. Furthermore, there is a total lack of agility and raw power.
38NappaUnlike his muscular build, Nappa’s unsatisfactory attack power, hard-to-learn combos, and slow body movements make him the worst Saiyan in the game.
39KrillinLike Videl, Krillin lacks in ranged and energy attacks in totality. However, he is even a worse fighter than her, and therefore we ranked Krillin in our D-rank category of Dragon ball FighterZ tier list
40BeerusOnce again, Beerus is another worst contender from a different universe who is an awful fighter.

Most of his attacks are broken in that they do not form good combos

41Broly (DBS)This incarnation of the great ape Broly performs quite the opposite of the real one. His muscular build is only for the show as he lacks serious damage-dealing attacks and combos.
42KeflaAs a super Saiyan female fighter, Kefla performs poorly in Dragon Ball FighterZ. As a result, she is a terrible choice.
43Super Baby 2The last survivor of the Tuffle race makes it to D-ranking of our tier list.

In the current state of the game, his attacks are super weak, and agility is even worse, making him a hard choice to pick.

Now that you know five critical attributes on which we ranked all 43 characters in our Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list, which one are you picking first to master? Let us know more about it in the comments section below.

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