Dragon Ball Legends Tier List: Best Characters Ranked [2022]

Dragon Ball Legends is a mobile game that is legendary in what it has done. From the graphical point of view having over 400 characters with unique animations, the story in the game is solid. The game deserves a lot of praises for what it has pulled on mobile phones. The game is so vast that we felt that a Dragon Ball Legends Tier List was long overdue for our audience, and finally, we made one after playing the game for months in 2021.

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DB Legends Tier List Criteria 

The cards in the game shouldn’t fool you into thinking that you are playing a card game, like Pokemon. This is a fighting game full of action. Like Street Fighter 5 tier list, the characters in this game are also not equal and vary in their performance. Some are stronger than others, while others are weaker in stats but have special abilities.

This will confuse people who are new to the game, and even if you are a Dragon Ball fan, you might have issues, as the developers have not done justice to a few characters in the game who were very powerful in the anime. But don’t worry, our tier list will clear all your confusion and set you on the right path, but before that, you need to be aware of the Gacha System.

LF/LL Characters In DB Legends

LF or LL are two different abbreviations for the same thing. LF is the abbreviation of “Legendary Finish” while LL is the abbreviation for “Legend Limited”. These are rare characters in the game are important in the Gacha system of the game as they can be exchanged for the legends tickets, which you can use very well. On the other hand, battles have a high SP with an emission rate equal to or less than 1%.

The Gacha System

You need to be aware of the Gacha System to grasp our Dragon Ball Legend Tier List fully. In the game, you will need Chrono crystals for acquiring new characters. The best and worst characters exist in all games, and this game is no exception, so you do need a spark of luck to unlock the upper-tier characters besides these invaluable Chrono crystals to acquire them.

Let’s assume you have 2000 Chrono crystals. With these 2000 crystals, you can have 20 chances to unlock characters. The game is very lenient in this regard in comparison to other games, and you can fairly easily unlock the upper-tier characters.

Per month you get around 10000 crystals so your chances of getting an upper-tier character are boosted, and even if you fail to land one; you get valuable things like equipment but remember one thing, the super upper tier characters or the LF characters in this game, who you have a shot at but remember this shot hitting the target has a less than 0.5% chance. If you are a hardcore player and are aware of the banners, they rarely appear on the banners and you can grab them from there.

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Dragon Ball Legends Tier List 

Before starting, we would like to give a disclaimer. The tier lists that we have might not be 100% in line with what you perceived after playing the game, and the character placement may differ from your ideal list. This is totally based on our experiences while playing the game, though we would love to see your opinion and constructive feedback in the comment section down below.


Z-tier fighters DB
Z Tier Characters

The Z Tier consists of unmatchable characters in the game, and sometimes they have unfair advantages. They give a lot of freedom to the player as they are in line with the core game mechanics, with boosted stats, and how hard they are to land, these are legendary characters.

UL Super GogetaBlue
Sp Super Saiyan God SS Goku and VegetaPurple
SP Super Saiyan 4 GogetaGreen
SP LL Super Saiyan Trunks (Adult)Blue


S-Tier Fighters DB
S Tier Characters

The S Tier List contains the most powerful characters from the game that is rare in nature; they are also known as the LF characters in the game. To unlock them, you need to be very passionate about the game, understand the patterns of the characters appearing on the banners, and be part of the game’s online community. If you are a casual gamer, then it will be hard for you to keep up and get these characters. Youn needs to invest good hours daily to be able to get these characters, but it is worth it, as these are the most powerful characters in the game and are thus part of the S tier of our Dragon Ball Legends Tier List.

SP Super VegitoPurple
SP LL Super GohanYellow
SP Zamasu: Goku Black (Assist)Green
SP Super Saiyan Gohan (Youth)Purple
SP Super Saiyan BardockBlue
SP MajubbYellow
SP Fusion ZamasuPurple
SP Super Saiyan 2 KeflaGreen
SP Android 18Yellow
SP Super Saiyan 3 GokuPurple
SP Perfect Form Cell – RevivedRed
SP Android 16Green
SP Goten – KidYellow
SP Trunks – KidGreen
EX GogetaRed
SP Fusion ZamasuPurple


Dragon Ball Legends Tier List
A Tier characters

This is the tier where you will find ultra characters that are not rare like the LF characters, and you can get them fairly easily, of course not that often but still very easily because of the generosity of Bandai Namco in giving the Chrono Crystals in good amounts each month. They are very powerful characters that can help you with their special moves, and in the battle, by using them quickly, efficiently, and effectively, you can transform them and make a losing cause turn into a victory for you in no time.

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Sp Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta (Future)Purple
SP Super Saiyan 2 Youth GohanRed
SP Angry GokuBlue
SP Super Saiyan God SS Evolved VegetaYellow
EX GokuaBlue
SP Demon King PiccoloYellow
SP Super Saiyan 4 GokuPurple
SP Super Saiyan Goku (Bird)Yellow
SP LL  Final Form Frieza: Full PowerYellow
SP BoujackRed
UL Omega ShenronRed
SP BrolyGreen
SP Half Corrupted Fusion ZamasuRed
SP God of Destruction ToppoGreen
SP Super Saiyan 3 GokuGreen
SP PiccoloYellow
SP 1st Form FriezaPurple
SP Majin Buu (Good)Green
Ex NappaRed
SP LavenderPurple
EX VidelRed
HE World Champion HerculeBlue
SP LL VegetaRed


Dragon Ball Legends Tier List
B Tier

These are secondary choice characters after the A tier. They are below the characters in the A tier, but that doesn’t mean they are useless and are not up to the mark. Statistically, they are very good characters that can give a tough time to characters from the upper-tier considering they having already low health.

SP Demon King Piccolo (Aged)Purple
SP NappaBlue
SP Super Saiyan VagetaYellow
SP Super Saiyan Rose Goku BlackPurple
UL Super Saiyan GokuRed
SP CoolerPurple
Ex Android 14Blue
EX WhisRed
SP TurlesYellow
SP GohanGreen
SP God of Destruction BeerusGreen
Ex RibiranneYellow
SP ToppoBlue
SP HitPurple
EX YajirobePurple
SP Super BrolyPurple
SP GogetaBlue
SP Super Saiyan Caulifla: Kale (Assist Card)Yellow
SP Android 21: GoodGreen
SP Super JanembaPurple
SP Ultra Instinct-Sign-GokuPurple
SP JirenGreen


C-Tier Fighters DB
C-Tier Characters

These characters are weak and not something you will be confident enough in while competing in a competitive environment. They can be easily defeated and thus are part of the 3rd tier of our Dragon Ball Legends Tier List, but it doesn’t mean they are completely useless, and at every step, they must be discarded. These characte4rs in the initial levels can be a great asset, and also, they can be upgraded to be somehow used as secondary or tertiary characters.

SP Super 17Green
SP VegetaPurple
SP Ultimate Gohan Absorbed Buu (Super)Green
SP Goku BlackPurple
SP Fusion Android 13Red
SP Final Form FriezaYellow
SP Final Form CoolerBlue
SP Final Form Frieza: DBSRed
SP Fused with Kami PiccoloBlue
SP BergamoRed
SP Perfect Form Cell (Revived)Red
SP Super Saiyan 2 KeflaRed
UL VegetaPurple
SP VegetaRed
SP Super Saiyan God VagetaYellow
SP Legendary Super Saiyan BrolyPurple
SP LL Majin VegetaBlue
SP Nuova ShenronYellow
SP Eis ShenronBlue
SP Hero TapionRed
SP Android 17Purple
SP MaiGreen


Dragon Ball Legends Tier List
D Tier

These are almost skilless and are not the best bet in the games. These characters are not to be used competitively at any cost but are suitable for a casual gamer.

SP HitYellow
SP KakunsaPurple
SP 1st Form CellGreen
SP GokuGreen
SP Super Saiyan GokuRed
SP Young NappaPurple
SP Buu (Super)Purple
SP Super Saiyan God VegetaYellow
SP Android 15Purple
SP ChilledPurple
SP Super JanembaPurple
SP Super Saiyan Teen GohanBlue
SP Otherworld Super Saiyan GokuYellow
SP Super Saiyan Kid GokuGreen
SP 1st Form FriezaBlue
SP Super Saiyan God GokuRed
SP Legendary Super Saiyan BrolyGreen
SP Super Saiyan GotenksPurple


E-Tier Fighters DB
E-Tier Characters

The worst players in the game are in this tier, and they mainly support cards with little to no resistance and minimal offense. They are in a symbiotic relationship with other characters, and using them as standalone characters is suicide.

SP Great Saiyaman 2Red
SP Hyper Meta-RildoRed
SP Broly (Fury)Red
SP Ultimate GohanGreen
SP Youth Bunny Girl BulmaGreen
SP Super Saiyan 2 CauliflaPurple
SP ZamasuRed
SP Metal CoolerRed
SP TurlesPurple
SP GotenksGreen
SP PikkonRed
Sp Fused with Kami PiccoloBlue
SP PaikuhanYellow
SP BardockGreen
SP Android 18Blue
SP PanBlue
SP KrillinBlue
SP GokuPurple
SP GokuBlue
SP Super TrunksGreen
SP King of the Demon Realm DaburaBlue
SP GokuBlue

Dragon Ball Legends Overview

Dragon Ball Legends Tier List
Brief Overiew of Dragon Ball Legends

As we said earlier, this game has taken the mobile industry by storm, and with each passing day, they are bringing groundbreaking changes into the game. Even though the game is not made on console and many games on mobile are not console-worthy, in fact, they are cash grab and pay to win, but with this game, you will see the trend change. Bandai Namco has hit the fans with love with this game by bringing sweet little details from the anime itself. You will see in our Dragon Ball Legends Tier List the diversity of this game.

Upgrading Characters

You need to upgrade the characters in the game and boost their equipment quite often. The process for this has been made very easy by the developers of the game unlike all the other mobile games, and it will take less than 10 minutes for anyone who is into mobile games to get used to this. The game does have an energy system that refreshes every 3 hours; it is a little frustrating, but after all, it is a free game, and you have to tolerate that.

Story And Characters

The game’s story is excellent; yes, it is not driven by 3d animations or voiceovers, but it is a mobile game after all, and you have to rely on text, but it doesn’t mean it is terrible. The characters from the famous anime are all there, like Goku, Bulma, Beerus, Cabba, Trunks, Gohan, etc. The secondary characters in the anime that didn’t get much limelight are given special attention in the video game and have been an integral part of the story, and you will see in our Dragon Ball Legends Tier List about their importance. We didn’t expect such a well-developed story enhanced with each update with the laser focus on character development, a big round of applause for the person responsible for writing such an amazing story.


One can be easily fooled by looking at the screenshots or the gameplay videos of the game on youtube and might be inclined towards thinking wrongly about the game being a boring card-based game. The initial learning curve is not that steep but mastering the game is not an easy task. There is an active need for your input in the game during fight scenes where you have to attack, dodge, activate the spe4cial abilities of your character to transform them in the battles, and above all the switching of characters (in each battle, you can have a maximum of 3 characters). The three characters can drop combos, and for that, you need to be very good at anticipation.

Game Modes

There is a story mode that we have touched upon earlier, but the game has fun multiplayer modes. The first multiplayer mode is just a match button for casual players but for the big-time fans and players who are also part of the ever-growing online community of the game are fond of battling with each other in 3v3 battles to get ranked.

There is also a co-op mode in this game, but it becomes very repetitive and may lead to boredom. If you are someone who is looking for a co-op experience online with someone, then don’t go into this game. 


This game is state of the art in the mobile gaming scene and is very appreciable for the way it has been taken care of. The community, the developers, and the publishers haven’t treated it as a mobile game and have constantly improved it.

In order to be successful, you need to use the characters from the Dragon Ball Legends Tier list in a shrewd manner because understanding the skills and nature of the characters is vital. Some characters are good on their own, while others are to be used symbiotically with other characters.

DB Legends Tier List - FAQs

Who is the strongest character in DB legends?

SP Super Saiyan 2 Youth Gohan (Red) is the strongest character in DB Legends.

Who is the most balanced character in DB Legends?

UL Super Gogeta is the most balanced character in DB Legends.

Who is the most fun to play character in DB Legends?

SP LL Super Gohan is the most fun to play character in DB Legends.

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