Street Fighter 5 Tier List: Best To Worst Characters

In our Updated Street Fighter 5 tier list, we are going to rank all the characters from best to worst to help you choose the right ones.

Street Fighter 5 is one of the most popular fighting games played by millions of players every month. The game gives players the luxury to choose from over 40 characters, and each one has its advantages. Some characters offer amazing combos, some have powerful attacks, while others are just too good at defending themselves. In any case, to help you choose the right characters for the fight, we are going to write down a Street Fighter 5 tier list in which we will rank all characters from best to worst.

Our Tier List Picks

Street Fighter 5 Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
Tiers Characters 
S-Tier Akira Kazama, Dhalsim, Luke, Poison, Akuma, Rashid, Cammy, M.Bison, Urien 
A-Tier G, Rose, Zeku, Karin, Chun-Li, Seth, Kolin, Gulie, Cody
B-Tier Necalli, Menat, Kage, Abigail, Zangeif, Birdie, E.Honda, Oro
C-Tier R.Mika, Dan Hibiki, Ryu, Ibuki, Ed, Balrog
D-Tier Laura, Falke, Ken, F.A.N.G, Alex, Sagat, Gill, Sakura
F-Tier Vega, Lucia, Blanka, Nash

All Street Fighter 5 Fights Comparison

Complete info on the best and worst characters in SF5: 

CharacterTier Health (10)Power (10)V-Skill IV-Skill II
Akira KazamaS8.010.0HungabeeC'mon Spare Tire
DhalsimS8.010.0Yoga FloatYoga Deep Breath
LukeS8.010.0Hard ShotSuppressor
PoisonS8.010.0Perfume SwingCartwheel
RashidS7.05.0Front Flip, Rolling AssaultWing Stroke
CammyS5.06.0Quick Spin KnuckleSpinning Attack
M.BisonS6.09.0Psycho ReflectHell's Warp
UrienS9.09.0Metallic AuraIndignant Thunder
GA6.07.0G BarrierG Protection
RoseA7.07.0Soul FortuneSoul Satellite
ZekuA7.08.0Fukuro (old form), Tenpo Kari (new form)Kuchiyose - Shii (old form), Kuchiyose - Bii (new form)
KarinA5.07.0Easy to master.Low health.
SethA5.05.0Tanden EngineTanden Booster
KolinA5.08.0Inside SlashGlacier Through
GulieA7.09.0Sonic BladeDive Sonic
CodyA5.07.0Double KickCrime Sway
NecalliB9.09.0Culminated PowerCrawling Beast
MenatB4.05.0Soul Reflect: Kamal/StellaSoul Spiral
KageB3.08.0Senha KassatsuSekieiken
AbigailB8.010.0HungabeeC'mon Spare Tire
ZangeifB10.010.0Iron Muscle, Mucle WalkSuper Russian Kick
BirdieB9.09.0Break TimeChewing Time
E.HondaB9.09.0Neko DamashiSumo Spirit
R.MikaC6.07.0Mic PerformancePumped Up!
Dan HibikiC4.05.0Saikyo-Style Buraiten no KamaeSaikyo-Style Otokoboe
RyuC6.07.0Mind's EyeThrust Strike
EdC6.06.0Psycho SnatcherPsycho Swing, Psycho Swing
LauraD6.05.0Volty Line, Linear MomentVolty Sprink
FalkeD4.05.0Psycho TrombePsycho Mine
KenD6.06.0Quick StepRyusenkyaku
SagatD7.09.0Angry ChargeHanuman Charge
GillD7.07.0Divine CometBlocking
SakuraD4.05.0Haru KazeHaru Hayate
VegaF5.06.0Matador TurnMatador Flip
LuciaF4.05.0Tap-KickArrest Heel
BlankaF7.07.0Coward CrouchShout of Earth
NashF6.07.0Bullet ClearSilent Sharpness

S-Tier Characters

Street Fighter 5 Tier List

S-Tier characters are the strongest characters in Street Fighter 5. They offer some of the best combos and attacks. These are the characters that can help you win every match. 

Akira Kazama Versatile character with powerful combos and high damage potential, despite poor range.
Dhalsim Known for his zoning capabilities and long-range attacks, making him difficult to deal with.
Luke The protagonist of Street Fighter 6, excelling in pressure and easy combos with fast sand projectiles.
Poison Recently buffed to become one of the best characters in the game, with strong EX attacks and overall powerful kit.
Akuma Known for his hard-hitting attacks and excellent power, though he suffers from poor range.
Rashid A fast-paced fighter with quick attacks and decent mobility, though he lacks in range.
Cammy An expert in close-ranged combat with remarkable mobility, though she has low health and range.
M.Bison Offers some of the best combos in the game with aggressive gameplay, though his defense is poor.
Urien Known for his excellent health and power, as well as mobility, though he can be difficult to master.

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A-Tier Characters

Street Fighter 5 Tier List

A-Tier characters are some of the most powerful characters in the entire game. They have combos and attacks that are useful in multiple situations. 

G Powerful and unique combos with good mobility, though suffers from low range.
Rose Fast-paced with great combo potential and pressure, though has low health.
Zeku Complex character with powerful attacks, high mobility, and great combos, though difficult to master.
Karin Simple and easy to learn with good techniques and mobility, though has low health.
Chun-Li Popular and strong character with high mobility, average health, and power.
Seth Can steal moves from opponents, decent health, power, and mobility, with good range.
Kolin Deals high damage with deadly combos, decent health, power, and range, though low health.
Guile Easy to master with extremely high power, good range, and health, though low mobility.
Cody Versatile character with amazing combos, though suffers from low health.

B-Tier Characters

Street Fighter 5 Tier List

B-Tier characters are not as powerful as S and A-tier characters, but they are still some of the best ones to use in the game. They can hold their ground firmly against powerful opponents. 

Necalli Balanced character with high power and health, though suffers from low range.
Menat Complex zoning character with high range and decent mobility, but low health and power.
Kage Evil variant of Ryu with excellent combos and power, but low health.
Abigail Dominant with high health and power, but vulnerable to counters and V-Shift.
Zangief Powerful with extremely high health and power, but limited mobility for close-range combat.
Birdie Strong with high health and power, but suffers from poor mobility.
E.Honda Underrated with extremely high health and power, but lacks mobility.
Oro Improved over time with decent power and high potential, but suffers from low health.

C-Tier Characters

Street Fighter 5 Tier List

C-Tier characters have decent stats and they are neither too powerful nor too strong. If in the right hands, these characters can perform pretty well. 

R.Mika Decent defense but struggles with offense due to poor mobility and range.
Dan Hibiki Joke character with limited power but can surprise opponents in the right hands.
Ryu Main character with good power but lacks unique skills and suffers from low mobility.
Ibuki Assassin with high mobility and combos, but low power and health.
Ed Decent fighter with unique combos but struggles to make comebacks when cornered.
Balrog Former boxer with high health and power, but limited range and mobility.

D-Tier Characters

Street Fighter 5 Tier List

These characters are some of the weakest characters in Street Fighter 5. They cannot perform well against strong opponents. 

Laura Laura offers high mobility but suffers from low power, placing her in the D-Tier.
Falke Falke has controlled movement and high range but struggles with low health and power.
Ken Ken has decent stats but lacks powerful combos, making him less effective compared to other characters.
F.A.N.G F.A.N.G has good offensive capabilities but struggles to defend himself, with low power and health.
Alex Alex boasts high health and decent power but suffers from poor mobility and range.
Sagat Sagat has amazing power but struggles with low mobility, making him less effective in the current meta.
Gill Gill has high range but lacks mobility, and despite decent combos, struggles to perform well in combat.
Sakura Sakura can perform well in skilled hands but has low health and power, making her less reliable for most players.

F-Tier Characters

Street Fighter 5 Tier List

These are the weakest characters in Street Fighter 5. There isn’t any reason for you to choose them. 

Vega Vega has high mobility but suffers from low health and power, making him weak in combat situations.
Lucia Lucia’s basic attacks are easily countered, and she lacks power, making her ineffective against strong opponents.
Blanka Blanka’s potential remains undiscovered, with good stats but no standout features or combos.
Nash Nash’s once-strong combos have been nerfed, leaving him with basic attacks and reduced effectiveness.

This was all regarding our Street Fighter 5 tier list. We hope that it will help you choose the right characters for the fight. Before you leave, make sure to check out our For Honor tier list and Langrisser tier list as well. 

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