Smite Tier List: All Characters Ranked & Compared

In our tier list, we are going to rank all the characters in the game to help you choose the right ones and avoid bad ones.

At the moment, there exist more than 100 characters for players to choose from in Smite. To help you select the right characters, we will write down a Smite tier list in which we will be ranking all characters from best to worst. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Smite game packs more than 100 playable units that are ranked based on overall performance and base stats. 
  • Smite characters that will push you straight toward triumph include Freya, Arachne, Nemesis, Amaterasu, Cupid, Ratatoskr, Bakasura, Heimdallr, and Jing Wei. They make up the most substantial part of the entire cast and are irreplaceable.
  • Fortunately, there are only a few Smite characters that can be called the weakest of the horde. They are Bastet, Osiris, and Loki only. They show a restrictive overall fighting capability and minimal to zero potencies required for winning.

Smite All Characters Comparison

To put things into perspective, here is how all the characters in Smite compare to each other based on their stats:

Arachne SAssassin623(+83)210(+41)375.012.01(+2%)38(+2.2)
Nemesis SAssassin685(+80)210(+38)375.012.01(+2.16%)39(+2.25)
Amaterasu SWarrior672(+89)220(+35)375.012.01(+1.4%)29(+2)
Olorun SMage630(+79)240(+58)370.055.01.05(+1.5%)40(+2.38)
Tsukuyomi SAssassin 637(+82)205(+35)375.012.01(+1.3%)35(+2.4)
Cupid SHunter623(+76)230(+39)365.055.00.95(+1.8%)30(+2.3)
Ratatoskr SAssassin 588(+77)240(+41)375.012.01(+2%)39(+2.25)
Bakasura SAssassin 637(+82)200(+39)370.012.01(+1.6%)38(+2.2)
Heimdallr SHunter672(+84)230(+34)365.056.50.96(+1.5%)30(+3)
Jing Wei SHunter623(+82)205(+36)370.055.01(+1.4%)33(+2.7)
Eset SMage511(+71)280(+51)360.055.01.035(+1.5)
Ullr SHunter672(+84)230(+40)360.055.00.95(+1.5%)33(+2.4)
Yemoja SGuardian696(+100)0.0365.055.01(+1.2%)34(+1.5)
Hercules SWarrior686(+93)205(+32)375.012.01(+1%)39(+2)
Thor SAssassin 665(+79)240(+38)370.012.01(+1.45%)39(+2.4)
Vamana SWarrior686(+92)200(+39)375.012.01(+1.4%)37(+2)
Hera SMage532(+71)265(+45)365.055.00.9(+1%)34(+1.45)
Cthulhu SGuardian700(+100)210(+38)370.016.00.9(+1.2%)38(+1.5)
Poseidon SMage532(+70)245(+40)360.055.00.87(+1.2%)35(+1.5)
Anhur AHunter644(+82)220(+35)365.055.00.9(+1.7%)35(+2.5)
Ao Kuang AMage560(+86)240(+38)375.012.01(+1.95%)35(+2.5)
Izanami AHunter630(+81)210(+35)365.052.00.92(+1.7%)31(+2.4)
ArtioAGuardian 700(+100)210(+39)365.012.01(+1.2%)38(+1.8)
AresAGuardian 679(+95)200(+37)365.012.00.9(+1.25%)38(+1.55)
Baba YagaAMage560(+77)280(+50)365.055.00.95(+1%)35(+1.5)
Anubis AMage532(+74)280(+58)360.055.00.86(+0.99%)35(+1.5)
KaliAAssassin 658(+78)225(+34)375.012.01(+2.16%)37(+2.32)
Change AMage650(+88)310(+48)355.055.01(+0.95%)31(+1.45)
Camazotz AAssassin616(+82)240(+35)375.012.01(+2%)39(+2.3)
Cabrakan AGuardian686(+95)200(+38)365.012.00.9(+1.2%)38(+1.5)
Chiron AHunter644(+79)225(+40)380.055.01(+1.4%)32(+2.35)
Raijin AMage539(+84)255(+43)335.055.00.87(+0.9%)34(+1.5)
Pele AAssassin644(+81)240(+40)375.012.01(+2%)39(+2.25)
Vulcan AMage532(+75)245(+40)360.055.00.9(+1.1%)34(+1.5)
Mulan AWarrior686(+88)220(+38)375.012.01(+1%)39(+2.2)
Zhong KuiAMage630(+89)250(+47)360.055.00.86(+1%)33(+1.5)
Athena AGuardian700(+105)190(+34)365.012.01(+1.2%)35(+1.5)
Achilles AWarrior665(+89)205(+35)370.016.00.95(+1.25%)80(+2)
Xbalanque AHunter637(+79)220(+37)365.055.00.95(+1.5%)35(+2.5)
Baron SamediAMage532(+84)300(+44)360.055.00.9(+0.8%)34(+1.5)
Rama AHunter644(+79)204(+34)370.055.00.9(+1.7%)35(+2.5)
Terra AGuardian700(+100)200(+35)365.012.00.9(+1.4%)38(+1.55)
Tiamat AMage560(+81)300(+55)360.055.00.88(+1%)34(+1.5)
Kukulkan AMage532(+79)265(+45)360.055.00.87(+0.91%)34(+1.45)
Susano AAssassin609(+80)225(+38)370.012.01(+2.16%)38(+2.2)
Thoth BMage665(+79)240(+38)370.012.01(+1.45%)39(+2.4)
Danzaburou BHunter644(+82)230(+38)370.055.01(+1.4%)35(+2.6)
Ravana BAssassin560(+79)230(+35)370.012.01(+1.7%)39(+2.2)
Cu Chulainn BWarrior672(+89)100.0370.016.01(+1.25%)39(+2)
Persephone BMage518(+79)280(+55)360.055.00.95(+0.95%)34(+1.7)
Ne ZhaBAssassin560(+79)200(+35)375.012.01(+2.1%)39(+2.2)
Agni BMage504(+75)255(+45)355.055.01(+1.2%)34(+1.5)
Kuzenbo BGuardian700(+105)200(+34)365.012.01(+1.2%)38(+1.5)
Janus BMage560(+74)350(+58)360.055.01(+0.8%)34(+1.45)
Ganesha BGuardian693(+100)200(+40)360.012.01(+1.2%)38(+1.55)
Apollo BHunter630(+81)225(+40)365.055.00.95(+1.7%)35(+2.6)
Kumbhakarna BGuardian686(+105)200(+34)365.012.01(+1.2%)38(+1.5)
Da JiBAssassin616(+80)210(+40)375.012.01(+2%)39(+2.25)
Hou YiBHunter672(+82)240(+38)370.055.00.95(+1.2%)35(+2.8)
Discordia BMage518(+71)280(+51)360.055.00.9(+1%)34(+1.5)
Geb BGuardian714(+95)190(+34)360.012.01(+1.2%)38(+1.5)
Erlang ShenBWarrior679(+89)220(+35)375.012.01(+1%)39(+2)
Hun BatzBAssassin644(+79)220(+38)370.012.01(+1.89%)38(+2.16)
Hel BMage574(+70)300(+57)355.055.00.86(+0.9%)33(+1.5)
Artemis BHunter630(+79)205(+34)365.055.00.95(+1.7%)30(+2.5)
Sun Wukong BWarrior672(+89)205(+35)370.012.01(+0.9%)39(+2)
Medusa CHunter658(+81)220(+34)365.055.00.95(+1.4%)35(+2.6)
Scylla CMage511(+79)298(+56)355.055.01(+0.8%)34(+1.45)
Chronos CMage560(+79)240(+42)360.055.01(+1.5%)40(+1.5)
Odin CWarrior658(+87)200(+35)370.012.01(+1.1%)38(+2)
Sol CMage560(+79)300(+57)370.055.01(+1.8%)34(+1.45)
Ymir CGuardian714(+109)200(+32)370.012.00.87(+1.2%)38(+1.55)
Sylvanus CGuardian714(+95)190(+34)370.040.00.9(+0.8%)38(+1.5)
Mercury CAssassin 560(+79)200(+40)381.012.01(+2.4%)38(+2.13)
Bacchus CGuardian693(+90)200(+40)365.012.00.99(+1%)37(+1.5)
Bellona CWarrior686(+92)220(+35)375.012.01(+1.2%)36(+2)
Neith CHunter640(+79)230(+39)365.055.01(+1.6%)33(+2.5)
Ra CMage539(+71)255(+48)365.055.00.88(+1%)34(+1.5)
Sobek CGuardian686(+100)210(+35)360.012.00.85(+1.4%)38(+1.5)
Horus CWarrior379(+88)230(+37)370.012.01(+1.2%)37(+2.1)
Khepri CGuardian686(+95)190(+34)365.012.01(+1.2%)38(+1.5)
Awilix CAssassin 665(+81)240(+38)370.016.01(+1.89%)38(+2.16)
Chernobog CHunter630(+84)220(+38)365.055.00.95(+1.7%)31(+2.6)
Cernunnos CHunter672(+84)220(+37)365.055.01(+1.4%)32(+2.5)
Merlin CMage518(+79)250(+55)355.058.01(+0.8%)34(+1.5)
He BoCMage560(+75)298(+56)360.055.00.86(+0.9%)34(+1.45)
Hachiman CHunter637(+81)230(+36)365.055.01(+1.3%)31(+2.5)
Ah PuchDMage630(+79)265(+55)365.055.00.86(+0.95%)35(+1.5)
Chaac DWarrior686(+92)205(+35)375.012.01(+1.2%)39(+2.1)
Ah Muzen CabDHunter630(+82)230(+40)365.055.00.95(+1.7%)33(+2.5)
Jormungandr DGuardian 693(+105)190(+40)370.035.01(+1%)11.2(+0.96)
Skadi DHunter658(+82)220(+35)375.055.00.95(+1.6%)30(+2.5)
Tyr DWarrior679(+87)230(+40)375.012.01(+0.9%)29(+2)
Fenrir DAssassin 637(+82)230(+35)370.012.01(+1.7%)38(+2.3)
Fafnir DGuardian 693(+95)200(+40)365.012.00.9(+1.2%)37(+1.55)
Serqet DAssassin 560(+78)240(+40)370.012.01(+2.16%)39(+2.25)
Set DAssassin 609(+79)210(+38)375.012.01(+1.9%)39(+2.3)
The Morrigan DMage560(+79)250(+38)365.055.00.87(+1%)34(+2.4)
King ArthurDWarrior679(+87)230(+40)370.016.01.039(+2)
Guan YuDWarrior672(+91)220(+39)375.012.01(+1.2%)37(+2)
Nu WaDMage560(+79)265(+43)335.055.01(+1.7%)35(+1.5)
Xing TianDGuardian 693(+95)200(+40)360.012.00.9(+1.2%)35(+1.55)
Hades DMage665(+89)265(+53)365.055.00.95(+1.05%)32(+1.5)
Nike DWarrior672(+87)220(+38)375.012.01(+1.2%)37(+2)
Zeus DMage532(+75)245(+44)360.055.00.95(+0.95%)35(+1.5)
ThanatosDAssassin 546(+79)240(+38)370.012.01(+1.7%)39(+2.3)
Nox DMage511(+79)250(+38)360.055.01(+0.8%)34(+1.5)
Bastet FAssassin 581(+84)230(+39)375.012.01(+1.98%)37(+2.21)
Osiris FWarrior679(+92)230(+40)375.012.01(+1.4%)39(+2.25)
Loki FAssassin 553(+79)210(+35)375.012.01(+1.9%)38(+2.4)

Tier List Picks

In our Smite god tier list, we are going to divide the characters into different tiers. For each character, we will give you a little glimpse of what they are capable of doing. Here is the summary:

Smite Tier List Characters Ranking Table
Tier Characters 
S-Tier  Freya (Norse/Mage), Arachne (Greek/Assassin), Nemesis (Greek/Assassin), Amaterasu (Japanese/Warrior), Olorun (Yoruba/Mage), Tsukuyomi (Japanese/Assassin), Cupid (Roman/Hunter), Ratatoskr (Norse/Assassin), Bakasura (Hindu/Assassin), Heimdallr (Norse/Hunter), Jing Wei (Chinese/Hunter), Eset (Egyptian/Mage), Ullr (Norse/Hunter), Yemoja (Yoruba/Guardian), Hercules (Roman/Warrior), Thor (Norse/Assassin), Vamana (Hindu/Warrior), Hera (Greek/Mage), Cthulhu (Great Old Ones/Guardian), Poseidon (Greek/Mage)
A-Tier  Anhur (Egyptian/Hunter), Ao Kuang (Chinese/Mage), Izanami (Japanese/Hunter), Artio (Celtic/Guardian), Ares (Greek/Guardian), Baba Yaga (Slavic/Mage), Anubis (Egyptian/Mage), Kali (Hindu/Assassin), Change (Chinese/Mage), Camazotz (Maya/Assassin), Cabrakan (Maya/Guardian), Chiron (Greek/Hunter), Raijin (Japanese/Mage), Pele (Polynesian/Assassin), Vulcan (Roman/Mage), Mulan (Chinese/Warrior), Zhong Kui (Chinese/Mage), Athena (Greek/Guardian), Achilles (Greek/Warrior), Xbalanque (Maya/Hunter), Baron Samedi (Voodoo/Mage), Rama (Hindu/Hunter), Terra (Roman/Guardian), Tiamat (Babylonian/Mage), Kukulkan (Maya/Mage), Susano (Japaneese/Assassin) 
B-Tier  Thoth (Egyptian/Mage), Danzaburou (Japanese/Hunter), Ravana (Hindu/Assassin), Cu Chulainn (Celtic/Warrior), Persephone (Greek/Mage), Ne Zha (Chinese/Assassin), Agni (Hindu/Mage), Kuzenbo (Japanese/Guardian), Janus (Roman/Mage), Ganesha (Hindu/Guardian), Apollo (Greek/Hunter), Kumbhakarna (Hindu/Guardian), Da Ji (Chinese/Assassin), Hou Yi (Chinese/Hunter), Discordia (Roman/Mage), Geb (Egyptian/Guardian), Erlang Shen (Chinese/Warrior), Hun Batz (Maya/Assassin), Hel (Norse/Mage), Artemis (Greek/Hunter), Sun Wukong (Chinese/Warrior)
C-Tier  Medusa (Greek/Hunter), Scylla (Greek/Mage), Chronos (Greek/Mage), Aphrodite(Greek/Mage), Odin (Norse/Warrior), Sol (Norse/Mage), Ymir (Norse/Guardian), Sylvanus (Roman/Guardian), Mercury (Roman/Assassin), Bacchus (Roman/Guardian), Bellona (Roman/Warrior), Neith (Egyptian/Hunter), Ra (Egyptian/Mage), Sobek (Egyptian/Guardian), Horus (Egyptian/Warrior), Khepri (Egyptian/Guardian), Awilix (Maya/Assassin), Chernobog (Slavic/Hunter), Cernunnos (Celtic/Hunter), Merlin (Arthurian/Mage), He Bo (Chinese/Mage), Hachiman (Japanese/Hunter) 
D-Tier  Ah Puch (Maya/Mage), Chaac (Maya/Warrior), Ah Muzen Cab (Maya/Hunter), Jormungandr (Norse/Guardian), Skadi (Norse/Hunter), Tyr (Norse/Warrior), Fenrir (Norse/Assassin), Fafnir (Norse/Guardian), Serqet (Egyptian/Assassin), Set (Egyptian/Assassin), The Morrigan (Celtic/Mage), King Arthur (Arthurian/Warrior), Guan Yu (Chinese/Warrior), Nu Wa (Chinese/Mage), Xing Tian (Chinese/Guardian), Hades (Greek/Mage), Nike (Greek/Warrior), Zeus (Greek/Mage), Thanatos(Greek/Assassin), Nox (Roman/Mage)
F-Tier Bastet (Egyptian/Assassin), Osiris (Egyptian/Warrior), Loki (Norse/Assassin)

S-Tier List 

The strongest characters in Smite. No other character is better than them. 

Smite Tier List
Freya A fantastic warrior capable of flying above the battlefield using her Ultimate ability.
Arachne Offers various powerful attacks, with a Passive ability boosting the physical damage of her basic attacks by 1.5%.
Nemesis Capable of performing a dash that damages enemies in its path and reducing the health and movement speed of a single enemy god.
Amaterasu Can illuminate enemies with basic attacks and silence them using her sacred blade.
Olorun Fires an energy orb dealing significant damage after a brief charge-up time.
Tsukuyomi Wields Shingetsu and Mangetsu, empowering attacks upon hitting enemies.
Cupid Utilizes Heart Bomb to slow and damage enemies and can increase ally movement speed.
Ratatoskr Deals damage and slows enemies with abilities, also reducing their Physical Protection.
Bakasura Passive increases attack and movement speed per enemy takedown, gains Physical Power through abilities.
Heimdallr Throws his sword to highlight enemies and can stun with his Ultimate ability.
Jing Wei Creates a gust of wind dealing damage to enemies, especially effective against groups.
Eset Shares additional HP5 and MP5 with nearby allies through her Passive and increases movement speed with abilities.
Ullr Throws Bladed Arrow in a straight line, passing through enemies to clear paths.
Yemoja Summons waves of water and creates damaging rings, effective against groups.
Hercules Passive boosts physical power when damaged, capable of damaging enemies with shockwaves.
Thor Passive grants additional physical power near enemy gods, throws hammer to damage enemies.
Vamana Clears the path by sprinting forward and knocking enemies into the air with his umbrella.
Hera Calls down Argus to attack nearby enemies, capable of controlling his movements.
Cthulhu Passive breaks down enemy gods’ mental fortitude, sends out powerful energy blasts.
Poseidon Passive increases movement speed, sends out giant water waves to damage enemies.


The smite arena tier list characters we have mentioned in our A-tier are extremely powerful and are some of the best characters to use in Smite. 

Smite Tier List
Ares Throws out multiple chains damaging enemies and improves defense for himself and nearby teammates.
Artio Passive decomposes enemies hit by her damaging abilities, aiding in quick takedowns.
Izanami Passive transforms her into a powerful warrior when close to death, and her Ultimate summons a dark portal.
Ao Kuang Can enter stealth with Water Illusion and remain invisible until attacking.
Anhur Passive reduces enemy physical protection, Ultimate pierces through enemies.
Baba Yaga Ultimate calls down a crashing cabin, providing a protective shield while dealing damage.
Chang’e Passive allows her to buy and sell items anywhere with the help of her Jade Rabbit.
Kali Lash ability throws blades causing bleed, perfect for sustained damage.
Anubis Can summon locusts to attack enemies, effective in group situations.
Camazotz Can send out a sound wave damaging enemies in its path.
Cabrakan Passive reduces damage for himself and teammates, Ultimate causes earthquake.
Raijin Calls down lightning bolt from the sky to damage enemies.
Chiron Can charge forward and mark enemies for increased damage.
Pele Passive grants additional physical power when health is low, Ultimate shoots magma orb for heavy damage.
Zhong Kui Marks enemies with cards, causing damage over time and reducing movement speed.
Mulan Strikes enemies twice with her sword, increasing attack speed.
Vulcan Passive grants increased movement speed after hitting enemy gods, can throw explosive bombs.
Xbalanque Gains stacks of Dead of Night to increase physical power, Ultimate boosts basic attack damage.
Achilles Passive provides additional health and protection, capable of devastating attacks.
Athena Can taunt enemy gods with a shockwave from her shield, capable of summoning Athenian warriors.
Cerberus Passive grants him 50% of healed health from nearby enemy gods, capable of reducing damage taken.
Baron Samedi Ultimate grants immunity to Crowd Control and reduces damage taken.
Terra Passive creates Standing Stones that increase damage dealt and grant immunity to Knockup.
Rama Increases attack speed significantly with an ability, Ultimate allows him to jump into the air and attack with powerful arrows.
Tiamat Passive grants extra health from nearby allies, gains health when enemy is eliminated.
Susano Ultimate summons a hurricane pulling enemies towards it and dealing massive damage.
Kukulkan Passive increases Magical Power, capable of firing projectile breath attacks.


The characters we have listed in our B-rank smite duel tier list are a tad bit more underwhelming than the two tiers we have mentioned above. Still, B-Tier characters offer some of the best abilities in Smite. 

Smite Tier List
Danzaburou Passive allows him to store gold and gain bonus gold, Ultimate sends out money bags to attack enemies.
Thoth Ultimate summons four glyphs to damage enemies, effective against groups.
Cu Chulainn Can throw a spear to damage enemies in front of him, stunning weaker minions.
Ravana Passive enhances Combo Chain, gaining shield and increased movement speed, capable of devastating attacks.
Ne Zha Can increase attack speed and critical strike chance, Ultimate targets the first enemy god in its path.
Persephone Can summon a skeleton warrior to fight enemies, strong against enemy gods.
Kuzenbo Can extend spikes to damage nearby enemies, capable of silencing enemy minions.
Agni Passive grants Combustion stacks, can send out noxious gas cloud to damage enemies.
Ganesha Passive credits nearby friendly god for kills, only gets credited for assisting kills.
Janus Can create portals for quick movement, can use portals as traps.
Kumbhakarna Passive allows him to fall asleep instead of dying, waking up with health after 8 seconds.
Apollo Ultimate allows him to fly into the air and deal damage to enemies.
Hou Yi Passive prevents multiple critical hits for a few seconds after being hit, allowing for escape.
Da Ji Can cause bleed effect with basic attacks, can burn enemies with heated claws.
Geb Passive reduces damage taken from critical hits, good for front line combat.
Discordia Can throw a Golden Apple of Discord to damage enemies, effective against groups.
Hun Batz Passive increases basic attack damage after using abilities, can send a monkey to attack enemies.
Erlang Shen His dog attacks with him, can analyze enemy strengths and weaknesses.
Sun Wukong Passive grants increased physical power and protection when health is low.
Artemis Deals increased damage to enemies under Crowd Control effects.
Hel Abilities have various additional effects, such as increasing Magical Power and Protection.


C-Tier characters In our tier list are not that powerful but can still hold their ground firmly in combat. 

Smite Tier List
Aphrodite Passive boosts her protections when near gods, has a learning curve.
Bellona Can summon a scourge that damages enemies in a line and prevents them from basic attacking.
Odin Can summon a wall of spears to block enemy movement and reduce their power, also prevents healing.
Awilix Can mount her panther Suku for increased movement speed, useful for mobility.
Cernunnos Passive ability boosts basic attack damage with his Glaive.
Chernobog Ultimate summons shadows at enemy locations to perform attacks.
Chronos Can create a rift in time to damage enemies within range.
Bacchus Abilities centered around drinking, grants buffs with Chug ability.
Neith Ultimate shoots arrows that pierce through obstacles, can place Broken Weave for additional effects.
Merlin Passive grants stack of Overload for casting spells, enhances basic attacks.
Hachiman Laijutsu ability allows him to dash forward and pass through enemies.
Ra Passive increases movement speed after using abilities, can attack with a beam of light.
Mercury Abilities have added effects such as increasing movement and attack speed.
Scylla Can send hounds toward targets for damage and reduce enemy movement speed.
Sylvanus Passive prevents enemies from basic melee attacking her, chance to Root if they do.
Sobek Gains protection with basic attacks on enemies, more hits means more protection.
Sol Stellar Burst creates an explosion after basic attack, dealing damage in a shockwave.
Horus Passive grants stack of Resolute when attacked, Ultimate creates a copy of himself in the sky to assist in searching.
He Bo Passive increases magical power with ability use, can send out burst of water for damage.
Medusa Viper Shot increases attack speed for quicker takedowns.
Khepri Ultimate removes Crowd Control effects from allies and increases movement speed.
Ymir Can create an ice wall to block enemy movement.


D-Tier Smiter characters should only be chosen when you are unable to choose a character from the above-mentioned tiers. 

Smite Tier List
Ah Muzen Cab Can summon a swarm of bees to attack enemies, dealing significant damage.
Chaac Passive reduces cooldown on every sixth basic attack, can throw axe at enemies.
Fafnir Passive grants bonus gold on kills and assists, helpful for gold generation.
Fenrir Ultimate transforms him into a giant, gaining increased movement speed and immunity to Crowd Control.
Set Passive grants stacks of Relentless when damaging enemies, can summon a damaging sandstorm with Ultimate ability.
Tyr Passive protects him from certain effects like Stuns, Taunts, Fears, and more, lasting for one second.
Skadi Passive grants different effects in Beast and Elemental forms, can deal and receive damage accordingly.
Serqet Can apply Deathbane Poison to enemies, deals damage with sharp blades.
King Arthur Gains stacks of Steadfast with attacks, increasing energy and reducing damage taken.
The Morrigan Can send out a wave of dark magic and create a decoy phantom of herself.
Xing Tian Gains stacks of Smouldering Rage with attacks, increasing HP.
Nu Wa Passive roots enemies after sixth basic attack, can summon Clay Soldiers to attack.
Thanatos Ultimate allows flight for five seconds, increasing movement speed and granting immunity to attacks.
Jormungandr Passive grants immunity to Hard Displacement, can attack with noxious spit.
Zeus Can attack with lightning bolt and summon a lightning storm over enemies.
Guan Yu Passive provides stacks with damage, can slice enemies with abilities.
Ah Puch Can summon corpses to charge forward and explode on enemies.
Nox Can silence enemies with darkness, dash forward to deal damage.
Nike Passive boosts strength, can jump into the air and crash down on enemies.
Hades Ultimate creates a vortex pulling enemies toward him, dealing damage over time.


F-Tier characters are the weakest characters in Smite. There is no reason for you to choose them.

Smite Tier List


Loki’s Passive allows him to deal more damage to his opponents but only when he attacks them from behind.


Osiris has an ability that allows him to throw his Sickle toward his target. The attack also slows the movement of the target.


Finally, we have Bastet. She has a Passive ability called Tracking Scent which marks the enemy she hits, but only for a short period of time.

Before you leave, make sure to check out our Brawlhalla Tier List and King of Fighters All Star tier list as well. 

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