King of Fighters All Star Tier List [All Characters Ranked]

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King of Fighters All-Star is a beat’em up mobile game that shares in-game mechanics similar to a role-playing game. There are fighter cards for each character in the game; therefore, each fighter comes in multiple incarnations. If we were to rank every single fighter of the game in our King of Fighters all-star tier list, this list would have included nearly 150-plus entries. Such a lengthy tier list would surely cover all the fighters, but it will lose its essence in the process.

Key Highlights
  • King of Fighters All Star offers over 150 playing options, and our tier list focuses on the top 50 characters.
  • Rankings are based on overall efficiency in various modes: PvE, PvP, Epic Quest, and Time Attack.
  • Top characters include Jin Hoodie, Kazuya, Terry 03, Mukai 03, Orochi 97, Xmas Elisabeth, Geese XIV, Omega Rugal 98, Nameless 02.
  • Halloween Yashiro, Heavy D 94, Takuma 98, Chizuru 96, Heidern 94, and Maxima 99 excel in specific modes but lack all-around performance.
  • For specialized performance: Orochi 97 for PvP, Jin Classic for PvE, Orochi Iori 97 for Time Attack, and Orochi Zero 01 for Epic Quest.

Here’s a summary of King of Fighters All Star Tier List Rankings:

King of Fighters All-Star Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers Fighters
S-Tier Jin Hoodie, Kazuya, Terry 03, Mukai 03, Orochi 97, Xmas Elisabeth, Geese XIV, Omega Rugal 98, and Nameless 02
A-Tier Orochi Zero 01, Igniz 01, Krizalid 99, Orochi Leona 97, Orochi Shermie 97, Lady Chang, Haohmaru, Paul, Jin Classic, Ash Crimson 03, Nests Kyo XIII, Sentai Clark, Ling, and Orochi Iori 97
B-Tier Orochi Yashiro 97, Orochi Chris, Mai 95, Kyo Kusanagi 95, King 94, Yuri in Wonderland, False Advent Orochi, Ling School Girl, Zero Clone 00, K’99, and Whip 99
C-Tier Kensou 99, Brian 98, Shermie 97, Mature 96, Ryo 95, Ramon 00, Andy 98, Swimsuit Kula, Armor King, and Sentai Ralf
D-Tier Halloween Yashiro, Heavy D 94, Takuma 98, Chizuru 96, Heidern 94, and Maxima 99

Moving on, let’s have a look at the statistical comparison between these Fighters:

FightersTierAttributeRarityTypeHPOffensive PowerDefensive Power
Orochi 97SPurpleFestivalBalanced99507.06367.03716.0
Mukai 03SBlue FestivalOffense71011.08144.01383.0
Terry 03SYellowFestivalBalanced87675.06565.05205.0
KazuyaSYellow5 StarBalanced87870.05930.03132.0
Jin HoodieSBlue 5 StarDefensive90785.05204.07030.0
Nameless 02SPurpleFestivalDefense88383.05275.08071.0
Omega Rugal 98SRedFestivalOffense52958.08023.01339.0
Geese XIVSRedFestivalOffense70114.08447.01370.0
Xmas ElisabethSGreenFestivalDefense91902.05535.07456.0
Orochi Shermie 97AGreenFestivalOffense72721.08180.01366.0
Orochi Leona 97ABlueFestivalBalanced93807.06315.03547.0
Krizalid 99ARedFestivalBalanced93751.06232.04768.0
Igniz 01APurpleFestivalOffense72986.08829.01434.0
Orochi Zero 01ABlue FestivalOffense78302.08043.01399.0
Ash Crimson 03AGreenFestivalDefense88146.05695.07705.0
Jin ClassicAGreen5 StarBalanced89663.05712.0285.0
PaulAGreen5 StarOffense67610.07807.01003.0
HaohmaruARed5 StarOffense---
Lady ChangAYellowFestivalDefense88963.05445.06142.0
Orochi Iori 97AYellowFestivalOffense73125.08147.01366.0
LingAYellow5 StarOffense67548.07612.01003.0
Sentai ClarkABlue 5 StarOffense---
Nests Kyo XIIIARedFestivalBalanced82096.06091.05184.0
King 94BRed5 StarBalanced75330.05593.04223.0
Kyo Kusanagi 95BBlue 5 StarOffense96858.09422.01927.0
Mai 95BRed5 StarOffense65912.07052.0899.0
Orochi ChrisBYellowFestivalBalanced84025.05979.05124.0
Orochi Yashiro 97BBlue FestivalDefense101818.05124.07497.0
K’99BRed5 StarOffense93376.09383.01743.0
Zero Clone 00BRedFestivalDefense98538.05498.07325.0
Ling School GirlBPurple5 StarDefense93769.04104.07355.0
False Advent OrochiBGreen5 StarBalanced81379.06451.03813.0
Yuri in WonderlandBBlue 5 StarDefense86115.05738.07344.0
Whip 99BBlue 5 StarDefense---
Ryo 95CRed5 StarDefense93359.04519.05311.0
Mature 96CGreen5 StarDefense108174.06164.07807.0
Shermie 97CPurple5 StarDefense---
Brian 98CYellow5 StarDefense---
Kensou 99CGreen5 StarOffense---
Armor KingCRed5 StarDefense93923.04104.07355.0
Sentai RalfCRed5 StarDefense---
Swimsuit KulaCBlue 5 StarOffense---
Andy 98CGreen5 StarDefense93285.04925.07366.0
Ramon 00CYellow5 StarBalanced88584.06191.03749.0
Heidern 94DBlue 5 StarBalanced77751.04616.04134.0
Chizuru 96DYellow5 StarDefense121137.05801.07238.0
Takuma 98DYellow5 StarOffense---
Heavy D 94DYellow3 StarOffense43041.05560.0677.0
Halloween YashiroDGreen5 StarDefense82693.03892.07226.0
Maxima 99DYellow5 StarOffense105080.08815.01717.0

King Of Fighters All Star Tier List

King of fighters all star tier list

As mentioned above, we have narrowed down our radar for the sake of our tier list and found these top 50 players. They are remarkable and offer good value in the game. Many of these characters are suited for select in-game modes, and only a few perform exceptionally well in PvP, PvE, Time Attack, and Epic Quest.

NOTE: The tier list is not final. The characters in this list are subject to change whenever they receive a buff or Nerf through a game update.

S-Tier List

Orochi 97 The top-tier variant of Orochi with exceptional stats, perfect for both PVP and PVE fights in King of Fighters 97.
Mukai 03 A powerful version of Mukai from King of Fighters 2003, excelling in both offense and defense, with devastating combos and petrifying abilities.
Terry 03 Terry’s 2003 version, a heavy hitter with slow but impactful attacks, capable of dealing bonus damage with a charged power gauge, ideal for strategic play in battles.
Kazuya A versatile fighter from Tekken, excelling in solo combat and providing buffs to other Tekken characters, with fast power charge rate and devastating combo potential.
Jin Hoodie Balanced for both PVP and PVE encounters, Jin Hoodie delivers serious damage with strong defensive capabilities, offering damage immunity and stacking skills for extra impact.
Nameless 02 Taken from King of Fighters 2002, Nameless is a powerful PVP fighter with long-range disabling abilities, preventing opponents from using skills and rolling, dominating the battlefield.
Omega Rugal 98 A reliable and balanced fighter from King of Fighters 98, Omega Rugal excels in both PVP and PVE with chain attacks, ranged abilities, and damage immunity, making him a formidable opponent.
Geese XIV A high-offensive variant from King of Fighters XIV, Geese XIV delivers high-damage attacks with shock damage, ideal for aggressive playstyle and overwhelming opponents.
Xmas Elisabeth With a self-healing ability, Xmas Elisabeth offers sustainability in battles, healing a portion of her health when above 50%, making her a durable contender in King of Fighters all-star.

A-Tier List

Orochi Shermie 97 Balanced for PvP fights with ranged stun attacks, Orochi Shermie 97 is a formidable contender in King of Fighters all-star, offering versatility and effectiveness in combat.
Orochi Leona 97 With balanced attack and defense stats and the ability to execute devastating combos, Orochi Leona 97 dominates PvP battles, making her a top pick for competitive gameplay in King of Fighters all-star.
Krizalid 99 Possessing super armor and a devastating grab attack, Krizalid 99 excels in PvP battles, delivering unmatched power and control on the battlefield, making him a formidable force in King of Fighters all-star.
Igniz 01 Effective in both PvP and PvE encounters, Igniz 01 offers range attacks and shock damage, providing versatility and strategic advantage in various combat situations.
Orochi Zero 01 Orochi Zero 01 shines in PvP battles with ranged skill attacks and unblockable combos, offering unmatched versatility and effectiveness in competitive gameplay.
Ash Crimson 03 With a plethora of passive abilities and bonus armor and damage boost mechanics, Ash Crimson 03 is a strategic powerhouse, offering versatility and resilience in battles.
Jin Classic Unparalleled in PvP combat, Jin Classic dominates with infinite combos and stunning abilities, making him a force to be reckoned with in King of Fighters all-star, especially when cornering opponents against the wall.
Paul Centered around PvP encounters, Paul offers super armor, heavy damage, and unblockable attacks, providing both defense and offense capabilities in battles.
Haohmaru As a red affinity attack type fighter, Haohmaru boosts all fighters’ attacks and inflicts status effects, offering strategic advantages and devastating power in battles.
Lady Chang Enhancing attack power for female fighters and immune to stun attacks, Lady Chang is a valuable asset in team compositions, providing essential buffs and resilience.
Orochi Iori 97 Dealing massive damage in PvE fights, Orochi Iori 97 becomes enraged to increase attack at the cost of defense, making him a fearsome attacker , especially in challenging encounters.
Ling Offering healing bursts, super armor, stun, and disabling abilities, Ling is a versatile attacker capable of executing infinite combos, providing both offense and defense capabilities in battles.
Sentai Clark Specializing in grab attacks and boasting damage immunity and unblockable abilities, Sentai Clark is a formidable fighter, offering both control and power in battles.
Nests Kyo XIII A fire-wielding fighter specializing in burn damage, Nests Kyo XIII excels in dealing maximum damage in both PvP and PvE encounters, making him a valuable asset in battles.

B-Tier List

King 94 A great fighter and support character with kick attacks dealing significant damage, with an S3 that offers stun for setting up combos.
Kyo Kusanagi 95 Provides a 50% bonus attack for blue element fighters in the team, excelling in Time Attack with explosive animations and raw damage output.
Mai 95 Considered one of the best offensive characters in the B-tier list, offering a 25% attack per HP boost on many attack types and capable of executing infinite combos with precise timing.
Orochi Chris 97 Recently overhauled skillsets make him a solid pick for PvE and PvP encounters, dealing burn damage and balanced stats, although lacking extraordinary team utility.
Orochi Yashiro 97 Possesses above-average defense and health regeneration but lacks brute force as an attacker, with the need to sacrifice defense for increased attack power, which can be inefficient.
K’99 Grants leader skill to other red affinity players, suitable for Time Attack but prone to missing combos in PvE and PvP due to bugs.
Zero Clone 00 With low attack damage attributes, he’s mainly suitable for defense and lacks damage-dealing attacks, although providing health recovery below 30% HP and serving as a support player in PvP encounters.
Ling School Girl Offers advantages in PvP and PvE fights with various active and passive abilities, but still placed in B-tier due to modest attack damage stats.
False Advent Orochi Despite dealing significant damage, repetitive attack patterns and lack of variety hold him back, with petrify as a passive skillset being a notable feature.
Yuri in Wonderland Grants a 60% bonus attack damage to defense-type teammates at the cost of her own HP, with freezing enemies and boosting stats for a limited time, although her S3 and striker skills offer little in fights.
Whip 99 Provides a 60% extra attack damage buff to other defense-type fighters, offering great team synergy but reducing her own defense points, making her a valuable addition for defensive team compositions.

C-Tier List

Ryo 95 As a defense/support character, Ryo 95 offers HP buffs to red elemental teammates and effective close combat skills, making him a valuable asset for defense-oriented strategies.
Mature 96 Mature 96 enhances overall team performance with attack and HP buffs, while her slashing attacks deliver consistent damage in battles, providing both support and offensive capabilities.
Shermie 97 With the ability to boost attack power under certain conditions and high-damage skills, Shermie 97 is a solid choice for offense-focused strategies, despite the HP condition for her buff.
Brian 98 Brian 98 supports yellow elemental teammates with attack and HP buffs and delivers powerful attacks, including a leaping strike with super armor, making him versatile in various situations.
Kensou 99 Kensou 99 provides attack bonuses and defense tactics against yellow elemental enemies, offering versatility and resilience in battles with his high-damage leaping punch and spinning kick.
Armor King While lacking offensive prowess, Armor King supports Tekken fighters with power charge rate and attack bonuses, and his super armor skills provide crucial defense in challenging encounters.
Sentai Ralf Teaming up well with Clark, Sentai Ralf offers attack and HP bonuses and consistent damage output, making him a reliable choice for defense-oriented strategies in King of Fighters all-star.
Swimsuit Kula Despite lacking unique features, Swimsuit Kula’s freeze status effect and attack bonuses for blue elemental fighters offer some utility in battles, making her a decent choice for strategic teams.
Andy 98 Andy 98 enhances green elemental team performance with attack and bleed damage buffs, although he lacks offensive skills, his bleed effects and debuffs add strategic depth to battles.
Ramon 00 Specializing in grab attacks and offering critical hit rate and damage bonuses, Ramon 00 provides consistent damage output and utility in battles, making him a versatile choice for various teams.

D-Tier List

Heidern 94 Despite being from an early game, Heidern’s high skill cooldown and weak striker skill make him less effective in battles compared to other fighters, limiting his utility and impact on the team.
Chizuru 96 Chizuru’s flawed striker skill, which reduces the team’s damage output, significantly hinders her effectiveness in both PvE and PvP encounters, outweighing any potential benefits she may offer as a defense fighter.
Takuma 98 Takuma’s limited leadership and striker skills, which benefit only specific character types, diminish his overall effectiveness in battles, making him less appealing compared to other fighters with broader utility.
Heavy D 94 Despite offering critical rate bonuses to all fighters, Heavy D 94’s underwhelming skills and lack of impactful abilities relegate him to a lower tier, limiting his viability in both PvE and PvP scenarios.
Halloween Yashiro Halloween Yashiro’s reliance on Takuma 98 and short stun duration on his skills detract from his effectiveness in battles, placing him below other fighters with more versatile and impactful abilities.
Maxima 99 Maxima’s lackluster attack types, absence of buffs for teammates, and high skill cooldowns diminish his overall utility and effectiveness in battles, relegating him to a lower tier compared to other fighters.

Which one is the best fighter in the game?

There is no single fighter in our King of Fighters all-star tier list who ticks all boxes. Each fighter is unique and distinctive and plays differently in each mode. In any case, here is our take on the best fighters for the following modes.

  • For PvP: Orochi 97
  • For PvE: Jin Classic
  • Time Attack: Orochi Iori 97
  • Epic Quest: Orochi Zero 01

This was eXputer KOF Tier List Guide, for more Tier Lists; head down below.

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