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Key to Success is a task in Escape from Tarkov and is the fifteenth task you get from the dealer Ragman. The entirety of the quest takes place in Tarkov’s Interchange location. Moreover, this is probably one of the simpler Ragman tasks you’ll come across in the game. It involves collecting and handing in both parts of a Clothes design handbook, and can net you some currency, experience points, as well as some nice face wear. So, suit up – it’s time to drop into Interchange and complete the task in Escape from Tarkov!

Key Takeaways
  • Key to Success is the fifteenth overall task that is received from the dealer Ragman.
  • You need a minimum of level 26 to do the mission and the rewards for completing it are immense. 
  • The rewards include; 15.6K EXP, +0.03 Ragman Reputation, 2 Ghost balaclava Face covers, and up to 69K Roubles.
  • You will need to give Ragman part one and two of the clothes design handbook to complete the quest.
  • To find the items, you will need to go to Tarkov’s Interchange location. 
  • You will find part 1 of the clothes design handbook on the first floor, with part 2 being located on the second floor.
  • Once this task is completed, you can move on to more tasks given to you by Ragman, like the stylish one, no fuss needed, and finally, the Supervisor.


  • A minimum of Level 26


  • Obtain and hand over the Clothes design handbook (Part 1 and Part 2)


  • 15,600 EXP
  • +0.03 Ragman Reputation
  • 60,000 Roubles (63,000 with Intelligence Center Level 1, and 69,000 with Intelligence Center Level 2)
  • 2 Ghost Balaclava Face covers


See, Ragman needs a special book on clothing design for ‘business’ purposes, and we better not ask any questions. Get your gear, and drop into the Tarkov’s Interchange location for the task to begin. On the first floor, next to a central four-pillared structure endowed in blue light, is a store with a black and orange banner. Go inside, take a right, and go to the third bookshelf. You’ll find the first part of the required Clothes design handbook.

Afterward, go up to the second floor and find the Urban Clothes hallway. Subsequently, proceed to the end of the hallway where you’ll find a store with a name in black and red. Once you’re here, go inside through the left entrance, take a right, and go ahead until you come across the first bookshelf. You will find the second part of the required handbook in a pile of books in front of the bookshelf.

That’s the short story of Ragman’s task in Escape from Tarkov. Read on for the complete step-by-step guide with pictures.

Key to Success Complete Procedure

This Ragman task requires you to find two different parts of the Clothes design handbook in Tarkov’s Interchange. If you want to take a more risk-free approach, you can first collect and hand over one part, and then collect the other in a separate raid before handing that over. Do note, however, that the handbooks will only spawn if the task is active before you commence your raid in Interchange.

We will go through instructions for finding each of the two parts of the handbook. However, if you’re familiar with the place, you can take a look at the locations marked on the map. Otherwise, follow our directions and we’ll lead you straight to the prize.

First Part of the Handbook

Key to Success Tarkov Ragman Task Interchange
Map location of the first handbook part

The first part of the handbook for Key to Success in Escape from Tarkov is found in a store on the first (or ground) floor of Interchange. Firstly, make your way to the hallway that contains the Mantis and Kostin stores opposite each other.

Key to Success Tarkov Ragman Task Interchange
Hallway containing Mantis and Kostin shops

Once you’re there, proceed to the cool-looking blue structure surrounded by benches.

Blue center structure
The central blue structure

You will subsequently see a store at the far-right end of the blue structure with a black and orange banner and a name that can’t really be written in English.

Key to Success Tarkov Ragman Task Interchange
The shop for the first handbook part

Enter the store, and walk up to the third bookshelf. Take a look at the bottom shelf, and you’ll find the first part of the Clothes design handbook.

Key to Success Tarkov Ragman Task Interchange
The first part of  the Clothes design handbook

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Second Part of the Handbook

Map location of second handbook part
Map location of the second handbook part

The second part will be in a store on the second floor. For this, initially get up to the second floor, and find the Urban Clothes store. You can find this opposite the Techlight store within a span of a few shops.

Key to Success Tarkov Ragman Task Interchange
Hallway containing the Urban Clothes store

As you reach there, go down the Urban clothes hallway away from the Techlight store. Right at the end of this hallway, you’ll see another store with a Russian name displayed in black and red.

Key to Success Tarkov Ragman Task Interchange
The shop for the second handbook part

Following this, go inside the store using the left entrance. Then, immediately take a right and walk up to the first bookshelf you see.

First bookshelf in the store
First bookshelf on the right in the store

As soon as you get to this bookshelf, you should see a messy pile of books on the floor. Within this pile lies your second and final piece of the task puzzle in Escape from Tarkov.

Key to Success Tarkov Ragman Task Interchange
The second part of the Clothes design handbook

In the end, all you’ve got to do to finish this Tarkov task is safely extract and hand over both parts of the handbook to Ragman.

What’s next after Key to Success?

Now that you’ve successfully complete the Key to Success in Interchange, you can move on to other tasks given by Ragman in Escape from Tarkov. The next tasks you can go for include The stylish one, No fuss needed, and Supervisor. The last of the bunch requires a minimum level of 40, so you have some grinding to do!

If you were able to exfil safely after completing the Key to Success, let us know how you enjoyed this small yet fruitful task in the Interchange. Did Ragman make it worth your while? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below. Also, before you leave, be sure to check out our guide on the Lend Lease quests in Escape from Tarkov, as well as our settings guide for the best performance in Escape from Tarkov!

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